His Favorite Birthday: The Next Day


"Relax, nothing has happened, unfortunately," Ross reassured her. "She'll probably join us."

Sure enough, Kate was already in her bathing suit, carrying a cushion and her towel out to meet them at the end of the dock. "So Tonya, has Ross talked you into sunbathing topless yet? Have you told him how you have been lying out on your deck completely naked? You should show him your tan lines, or should I say, the lack thereof."

In response, Tonya laughed. "That's exactly what we had been talking about earlier. And yes, I have been lying out here topless, but your husband has been a perfect gentleman. So why don't you join us?"

Kate arranged her cushion and towel and sat on the edge of the dock. "I think I will. But first, I'm going to take a quick dip. And since I don't really like the feeling of a wet bathing suit against my skin as I'm lying around, I'm going to take it off before I jump in." she looked around and seeing no one nearby, she pulled off her one-piece suit and dove in. When she surfaced, she looked back at the dock and asked, "Why don't you both join me?"

Ross chuckled and quickly said, "OK, I'm in," but he didn't budge.

"C'mon, take off that suit and jump in with me," Kate persisted.

"OK, here I come," Ross said as he finally stood up. He quickly slid his trunks down and Tonya got a great close-up of his bare ass as he dove in. He swam straight to Kate and picked her up in his arms, keeping her floating in the water that came up just below his shoulders.

"C'mon Tonya, join us," Kate pleaded. "The water is wonderful."

But just then, a commotion back up on the deck signaled that Pat had made it back from his fishing excursion. Soon enough, he walked out on the dock and sat in Ross' chair next to Tonya.

"So, did you catch us some dinner?" Ross asked.

"No," Pat replied slowly. "I always do catch and release."

"Which means you didn't catch anything, right?" asked Tonya.

"That's right, not even a bite," Pat confessed. "But it was great just being out on the river. I can't imagine having a better time. What's been happening around here? Nothing much?"

Tonya was literally laughing, and at almost the same time that Pat realized Kate was completely naked in the water. "Holy shit, Kate's naked. Ross too?" Tonya nodded. "How long has this been going on? And Tonya, have you been participating?"

"I haven't gone in the water yet. They're trying to talk me into it, but I've been resisting."

A few seconds later, Pat said. "I'll do it if you do it." He looked around and said, "Nobody but us four for miles around. It'll be just like last night, right?" He took off his shirt, slipped off his shoes and slid quickly out of his pants and boxer shorts.

Standing naked in the sunlight, he offered his hand to Tonya to help her up out of the chair. As she stood up, he pulled her top up over her head, tossed in on her chair and pushed the bottoms down over her hips until they fell onto the dock.

They both looked at each other, surprised but inwardly pleased that they were actually standing naked together at the end of a dock in broad daylight. They lingered there, reveling in the freedom that only nudity can bestow.

Kate's eyes were riveted on Pat. He was quite a hunk, and she wished she was closer to him so she could see his body better. She had enjoyed looking him over last night after he had lost in the strip poker game. He was built like a tight end - tall and broad-shouldered, a big burly guy with a trademark bad boy smile. Most women would love to have him wrap his arms around them. Actually, most women would love to wrap their legs around him.

Another thing Kate found fascinating about Pat was his almost complete lack of body hair. He had a great head of hair, and Kate couldn't take her eyes off his thick patch of pubic hair, but his chest, arm, and legs almost looked like they were waxed or shaved.

By contrast, Ross had hair everywhere, and the older he got, the more it sprouted all over his body. It was even starting to bug Kate, and she had suggested that he look into laser treatment, especially for his back. But he'd have none of it, "At least I haven't started to go bald," was his response.

Pat dove in and rolled over, floating on his back, passing only a few feet from Ross and Kate. Tonya followed almost immediately, and the four friends frolicked in the refreshing water for almost a half hour. Not being shy, Kate spent more time talking to Pat, standing waist deep with her breasts well out of the water, completely exposed, nipples erect. Pat made no attempt to look anywhere but at her. Meanwhile, Tonya swam back and forth the hundred feet to the raft while Ross was making a futile effort to keep up a conversation.

When a boat was finally heard approaching, the girls ducked down in the water to prevent being spotted. After a day of unabashed nudity, the guys laughed at their attempts at modesty. The boat quickly passed a hundred yards offshore without so much as a look from its occupants.

But that was enough of a close call for Tonya. She swam back to the dock and climbed up the ladder and hurriedly wrapped herself in her towel. Pat chided her and threatened to swim to the dock and drag her back into the water. But Tonya refused, saying "Having you friends see me skinny-dipping is one thing, complete strangers is still another, at least for me. Plus, I'm getting chilled." Without so much as dropping her towel, she slid her suit back on and sat down in a chair.

"Oh c'mon Tonya, that's probably the only boat that will go by all afternoon," Kate yelled. "It's safe. Look, this is how secluded we are," and with that, Kate climbed up the ladder onto the raft, dancing around naked and yelling at the top of her lungs.

Pat quickly swam out to the raft and joined Kate, dancing and whooping, both completely naked. Everybody noticed Kate's large breasts as they bounced up and down as she danced and jumped. Even Tonya laughed, but she couldn't be talked back into the water.

Eventually, Kate and Pat lay down on the carpeted raft, enjoying the late afternoon sun. Ross swam and lolled in the shallow water for a few more minutes before he joined Tonya back on the dock. They both watched as Kate and Pat brazenly looked each other over. Kate lay on her side, her head propped up on her elbow, her other arm drawn up, playing with her hair. In this position, Kate's pendulous breasts were being pulled upward, displayed perfectly, featured just for Pat's enjoyment. And from only four feet away, Pat was loving the view. He would have liked to lay there all afternoon, looking over this gorgeous, naked woman. He didn't care if her husband and his own wife were watching from only about a hundred feet away. He only knew that the scenery out here on the raft was magnificent.

Kate was in her element. She felt so sexy. Here was this big hunk of a man, looking her over, all of her body exposed to his view and he was obviously enjoying himself. She loved being naked in front of such a wonderfully built specimen of manhood. The thought occurred to her that if she got to have sex with any man alive, even her own husband, she might just pick Pat. He was that good looking and desirable.

Kate rolled over to lie on her back while Pat shifted up onto one elbow. His eyes scanned her from head to toe. "God she has magnificent breasts," he thought to himself, "and what I wouldn't give to have one night with her". He thought of all the women he had fucked over the years, and they were legion, but this woman might be the one he'd like to have the most, at least today. She was so lively, free and uninhibited, almost a polar opposite from his wife Tonya.

Kate could feel his eyes as they ran over her. She realized he was staring mostly at her breasts, but that's exactly what she wanted him to do. She knew she had great tits, and she loved to show them off at every opportunity. She turned and looked down his body and was surprised to see that his penis was getting noticeably bigger. She felt proud that such a good looking guy was getting excited just by looking at her. She thought to herself, "I wonder if I would be satisfied if I fucked him just once, or would I want more? Could I ever get away with it? Probably not. Too complicated, and it probably wouldn't be worth all the risks. Nice to fantasize about though."

Kate and Pat lay on the raft talking for over an hour in the late afternoon sun. They were both completely dry by the time they looked back at the dock and realized that their spouses were both gone. "They must have gone back in the house. What do you think they're doing? Should you and I worry?" Kate asked, laughing.

Pat laughed back. "Knowing my wife, I can tell you one thing I'll bet they aren't doing."

"I don't know, she's been awfully risque this weekend. She might be taking it one step further," Kate responded.

"Nah, ain't gonna happen," Pat said. "And I'll also bet Ross is taking his afternoon nap, don't you think?"

Kate laughed, knowing her husband's second favorite afternoon activity was napping. Ross always said that a day couldn't possibly get any better if he got to take a nap after his first favorite activity, which of course was sex.

Kate and Pat were both laying on their sides, facing each other, heads propped up, their bodies only three feet away with nothing, not even clothing in between. Pat reached over and brushed his hand along Kate's breasts, his fingers sliding across her nipples. "You have absolutely magnificent breasts," he whispered, as if anybody besides Kate could hear him.

She shuddered, not recoiling, but rather enjoying his touch. She looked back at the dock, and seeing nobody, she looked back into his eyes and said, "Thank you. I truly appreciate the compliment. Maybe in another lifetime we could have done more than just lay out here. But that's all that can happen now. Too much is at stake." She rolled over onto her stomach in a futile attempt to hide. She looked back at Pat and saw that bad boy grin of his and could only think of how much she would like to do whatever he had in mind.

She felt his hand ran down the side of her body, curling up across her butt and slowly massaging the small of her back. She felt the wetness rising between her thighs and she breathed deeply, wanting exactly what he wanted. She looked down his body and could see he was hard as a rock. She wanted so much to reach down and hold him, take hold of his cock, stroke it and feel its firmness. She could only imagine how good he would feel sliding in and out of her wet pussy. But not here, not out in the open in broad daylight, not with their spouses so close by.

Pat's hand continued down her back, sliding in between her butt cheeks, finally plunging between the backs of her thighs. She felt his fingers probing the wetness between her legs, and she knew she couldn't stop him. She didn't want to stop him. At this point, he could have her right here on the raft, in broad daylight, no matter how easily they could be discovered by their spouses. It was as if she was paralyzed. The only thing she could do was spread her legs. She was his. He could do anything he wanted to her.

Suddenly, they both heard a sliding door, looked up and saw Tonya walking on the deck, headed back out to the dock.

"Uh oh, busted," Pat said quietly. He rolled off the raft into the water. He surfaced and looked back at Kate, saying, "Let's continue this discussion at a later date."

"Just in the nick of time," thought Kate. What would have happened if Tonya hadn't come outside? Did she see them? Why had she been unable to say 'no'? How much farther would they have gone out here on the raft in broad daylight? The answer to that question was very apparent to Kate - as far as Pete wanted to go.

She waited while Pat swam back to the dock before she slid into the water. He was talking to Tonya as she approached. Tonya confirmed that Ross was indeed napping, and she pointed out that it was getting time to think about dinner. The shopping trip would have to wait until tomorrow.

Kate took one last look at Pat as he toweled dry. Thankfully, she noted that the cool water had made his erection subside. Then she climbed out, letting Pat watch as she dried off. In spite of the long swim back into the dock, she still felt warm and wet between her thighs.

Both couples disappeared into their bedrooms for almost an hour. All four were smiling contentedly when they gathered for before-dinner cocktails.

The boys grilled the pork tenderloin and hung out on the deck while the women worked inside. "So you and Pat were out there on the raft quite a while," Tonya eventually noted. "When was the last time you spent that much time naked with another man other than your husband?"

Based on Tonya's tome of voice, Kate wasn't sure if she was upset. Did Tonya see Pat groping her? "I'm sorry Tonya, I hope that I didn't upset you. If so, please accept my apologies and I promise not to let it happen again. I hope it was OK. I mean, Pat missed all the fun this morning, so isn't he entitled to a little thrill this afternoon?"

"Don't worry, I'm just joking around," Tonya reassured her. "Sure, he gets to enjoy himself, and I know he did. Both Ross and I could tell he would have laid out there until he was burned to a crisp, just to look at you lying there."

"Well, I have to admit that he's fun to look at too," Kate confessed. "You're a lucky woman to get to sleep with that kind of man every night. Ross isn't bad, OK, he's pretty darn good, but I'll trade you any night you want. No, I don't mean that, really. But a girl can fantasize, can't she?"

Tonya laughed, "There are ups and downs to everything. Maybe I've just gotten used to it. Maybe I need to appreciate him more. He's always begging for more sex, but I just haven't been as interested as I was when we were younger. Except this weekend. Suddenly, it's all I can think about. When I came back out to the dock, I wanted to ask Pat to come upstairs to our bedroom so I could fuck his eyes out. That would have been something different for us. Afternoon delight - when was the last time you and Ross did that?"

"Truthfully? Before today? OK, it was last week," Kate answered. "Since he usually goes to bed well before I do, it's become our preferred time for lovemaking. I think he also likes to be able to see when we're having sex. He's kind of a 'lights on' guy. And I obviously have no problem with being seen, as you may have come to the conclusion this weekend."

Tonya was still laughing when the boys brought in the grilled pork.

The conversation at dinner was lively, fueled by multiple bottles of wine. Ross had picked out a pinot noir to pair with the pork, but Tonya had insisted on opening a bottle of her favorite - chilled pinot grigio. The pleasurable experiences of taste and smell added nicely to the sensual nature of the weekend.

Afterwards, Ross made his special Irish coffee, his secret ingredient being a heavy dose of Bailey's to go with the Jameson's. Ross always appreciated how Tonya would admire how he would put a cross of creme de menthe over the whipped cream, almost as if it was a difficult feat to master.

The four sat on the deck talking until just before sunset, when they moved out onto the dock to watch the colorful show. "It's beautiful," Ross said, looking at the glowing oranges and reds in the western sky. "But I have to be honest, it doesn't compare with you ladies. You are both infinitely more beautiful than even the best sunset."

"Oh thanks honey," Kate giggled. "But you're just saying that because you saw so much of us this weekend."

After the sun had gone down, the boys retired to the living room and found a baseball game on TV, irking the two women. "Damn, I was hoping the Red Sox wouldn't be on TV this weekend. Geez, we've shown them everything this weekend and they still want to watch baseball," Tonya complained.

"Don't worry, they're playing in Boston, so it will be over soon enough," Kate said, trying to lighten the mood. "At least the Tigers played this afternoon, so Ross isn't so interested in this game."

"Watch, with my luck, they'll go into extra innings and I'll be in bed before the game is over," Tonya groused. "Pat's going to miss his big chance - sex twice in one day."

"Well, why don't you just go in there and drag his big butt upstairs?" suggested Kate.

"If Pat's given the choice between the Red Sox and me, he'll pick the baseball game every time," Tonya whined. "And God help me if they lose. Why is that game so important to grown men?"

"So, let's take the night vision binoculars out on the dock and look at the Milky Way. Wanna do that?" Kate suggested. "I promise, it is amazing."

Kate grabbed the binoculars from the counter and the two ladies walked outside. The moon was still high in the western sky, and seeing their way along the dock was not difficult in the moonlight. The problem was that the brightness of the moon washed out the stars, making it tough to see anything but the brightest points of light in the sky, even with the night vision binoculars.

The women turned their attention to the landscape around them. Tonya looked at the neighbors' dock, and found that she could see an amazing amount of details. "I can read the nameplate on the side of their boat. It's as clear as day. My God, if they could see you and Ross as well as this, they got a great show. They must have seen everything. This would leave nothing to the imagination."

"By the time Ross and I were out here, the moon had set, so it was quite a bit darker," Kate explained. "Right now, it's just a bit earlier, and the moon goes down about an hour later each day. But is amazing looking through those things, isn't it?"

"Yes it is," Tonya agreed. She hesitated, but finally blurted out, "Were you really serious about coming out here with Ross this evening?"

"Sure. I'd do it. Do you think that would draw Pat away from the Red Sox game? And what about you? If we go first, would you be willing afterwards?" Kate asked. If she knew Pat was watching, she intended to put on quite a show. And at this point, Kate would do anything for a chance to see Pat in action.

"I'm not promising anything," Tonya insisted. "But I'm not ruling out anything either."

"Let's go back up to the deck and sit up there," Kate suggested. "You can see our dock perfectly from up there. It's even closer than the neighbors' dock, and the moon will be up for another hour or so. Are you sure? I don't want you to feel pressured. You've done more this weekend than I ever would have imagined."

"Yup, I'm sure," Tonya said. "Please never tell any of our friends I said this, but the thought really turns me on. Are you comfortable with this?"

"I am. Let's do it." Kate led the way back up to the deck. The two women sat down near the picnic table and looked down at the dock. The magnification of the binoculars was almost too much, and Kate showed Tonya how to dial it back. Then she called to Ross, "Hey honey, can you come out here for a minute? I need help with something."

Ross showed up almost immediately. "The game's getting boring. The Sox are way ahead. So, what's up?"

"Can you come down to the dock with me? I need a big strong man to help me with something," Kate said, stifling a laugh.

Ross was starting to get the feeling that something was up, but he dutifully followed his wife down the flagstone path and out onto the dock. "OK, what do you need? And does this involve something to do with Tonya having the night vision binoculars trained on us? Because I can see the little reddish infrared illumination light pointed this way. Are you being a naughty girl again? Tonya of all people is going to watch us twice in one day?"

"Just turn around and face her," Kate insisted, as she pivoted Ross towards the deck. She hugged him from behind, running her hands up and down the front of his body. From behind, she pulled his shirt off and twirled her fingers around his nipples, which grew hard in the cool air. "I want her to see what turns you on, and I know this does."

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