His Fuck Pig


It all started from feedback I received on my stories on Literotica. I knew by the first email I received I wanted to know more about the man that wrote it, so I responded. I came to find out, his name was Matthew and that he enjoyed the same sexual style as myself, rough and nasty. We emailed each other for a few days talking about all the things we were both into. I thought he might just the man that can give me what I need, so when he asked for my phone number I happily gave it to him. I then found out that he lived in Florida but he did say he comes to NYC all the time so I figured to give it a shot.


That's when the nasty texts back and forth began to happen. Texting about what he would do to me, and how he would own me. All the things I love to hear, and he knew just what to say to get me going. After a few weeks he said he would be coming to NYC for a few weeks and expected to see me. At first I was shocked, but then so excited I was finally going to meet the man that wanted to own me. I had three days to prepare, which sounds like a lot of time but two hours before we were due to meet, I still couldn't figure out what to wear. He did say to dress casual, so I settled on jeans and a t-shirt, and of course my Nikes. I finished doing my hair and headed to the subway so I could take the train to Manhattan.

We decided to meet at the bar in the lobby of the hotel he was staying in. As the cab pulled up in front of the hotel, I was so nervous I almost told the cab driver to take me back. Instead I paid the driver, and walked into the hotel and headed for the bar. I saw him the minute I stepped into the bar, and he was exactly like his picture, gorgeous. He got up from the barstool when he saw me approaching, and had a big smile on his face. We kissed on the cheek and sat down, and he ordered us drinks. As soon as we started talking we couldn't stop, we talked about everything and anything. The night seemed to be going fantastic, and I was so happy. He decided we should talk more in his room, and of course I knew what that meant but acted innocent anyway.

As soon as we were in the room, he was grabbing my hair and roughly pushing me face first against the wall. He knew just how I liked it, and this was hot! He whispered in my ear how he has been looking for a whore like me for a long time, and will use me any way he wanted. I knew it turned him on to hear me say no, and please stop so that's exactly what I did.

"No please no!" I screamed.

"Shut the fuck up pig, and get on your knees and suck my cock!" he demanded, as he pulled out his cock from his jeans.

Of course I could tell by the tone of his voice he was serious, so I dropped to my knees, and took his cock in my mouth. He tasted so good, and I sucked his cock like the greedy fuck whore I am. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to take his whole cock in my mouth, of course causing me to gag and choke. That only seemed to fuel his sadistic side, and he forced harder, and told me what a filthy whore I was going to be for him.

He raped my mouth like that for about twenty minutes, and seemed somewhat satisfied to see me drooling all over my tits. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and then started smacking my tits, and face calling me a his fuck pig.

"You will worship me and my cock at all times, is that understood fuck pig?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, anything you want Sir," I answered.

He then grabbed me by my hair again, and threw me onto the bed, and ordered me to get on all fours like the pig I was. I did as I was told, and then the spanking started.

"Does the fuck pig like to have her ass spanked?" he asked.

"Oh yes Sir, please harder!" I begged.

"I own you pig, all your holes are mine!" he yelled.

"Yes Sir, all yours to use any way you choose!" I yelled back.

When he was satisfied with the shade of red he had made my ass, he came up behind me and rammed his cock deep in my cunt, making me scream.

"You're cunt is so wet you dirty fuck pig!" he exclaimed.

"Oh yes, you have my cunt dripping wet Sir, please don't stop!" I continued to beg.

"I think it's time for the fuck pig to take my cock up her ass, what do you think pig?" he asked.

Without waiting for an answer he rammed his hard cock deep in my fat ass, pumping me while I screamed and begged for him to stop.

"Please no it hurts!" I screamed.

"Tough shit cunt, I own you and you will take my cock anywhere I want to put it!" he screamed back at me.

He pounded into my ass commenting about how tight it was, and how he would be stretching it every day now for the rest of my life. He said I was his personal property, and he only came to NYC to claim his whore. Talking like that while his cock filled me up pushed me over the edge, and I had the most amazing orgasm ever. When he realized I came without permission he began to beat my ass while he fucked me.

"Listen fuck pig, you are not to cum unless I say it's ok, is that understood pig?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry I couldn't help it" I sadly said.

"I guess I will just have to beat it into that you are owned now, and need permission to do anything" he said.

"Yes Sir," I screamed, as he dropped his first load in his pig's ass.

When he was done, he pushed me onto the bed and said "Go get cleaned up, I'm not done with you yet pig,"

I got up off the bed, and headed for the bathroom hoping that he is serious and really wanted to own me. He would be perfect for me, and I would worship him and his cock just the way he deserves, and be the pig he has always wanted.

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