tagIncest/TabooHis Scheming Sister

His Scheming Sister


"I want to thank you so, so much for driving all the way out here at this time of night just to help me change a flat tire, big brother" Brooke Lynn said as she smiled at Dale. "It was incredibly kind of you. I can't believe how stupid I was, forgetting my jack like that."

"Oh, don't sweat it," Dale smiled at his kid sister. "These things happen and ... holy shit Brooke, what the hell do you think you're you doing?!"

Brooke smiled up at her older brother as she unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. "I have to thank you somehow, don't I? So I'm going to give you a blowjob and then, I'm going to let you fuck me! You'll be the very first to fuck me; I think that's a pretty nice thank you, don't you?"

Dale had no idea that his devious baby sister had set the whole thing up. Just a few short weeks earlier, the young girl had decided that when she turned eighteen, it would be her brother she wanted to be her first fuck. Her almost-ten years older brother had been her ideal for as long as she could remember. When their father and mother divorced, Dale had moved back home with his girlfriend – now his wife – and helped her and her mother put all of their affairs in order. He got a job in a local garage and worked hard and long hours. Now, Dale was an equal partner. He had always been there for his mom and younger sister. In fact, it had even been Dale who had helped his younger sister find and buy her 1969 Corvette for such a good price. He had done most of the restoration in his spare time. She owed him everything and it didn't hurt a bit that he was tall, with gorgeous dark hair and green eyes. He even had a cleft chin, like an old-time movie star. Even if it was just this one time, she was going to fuck him.

Brooke had concocted the "plan" of having some kind of car emergency. When a similar situation actually did happen to Casey, a girlfriend of hers, she had to be rescued by a mechanic friend of Dale's. Her friend was a bit smitten with Dale's friend and was now dating him on a regular basis. Brooke decided to try out her little scheme. She told her family she was going for a drive down by the lake and "accidentally" forgot her jack and spare tire. She let the air out of her back tire and called her brother. Fortunately, she got a cell phone signal and reached Dale or she would have had to walk home. She had not thought that part of her plan through. If she'd not got a signal, it would have been a ten mile walk in high heels.

His cock was beautiful and thick and stiffening in her mouth. Casey was right; sucking cock was a lot of fun. Her best friend had been the only one she had let in on her little scheme. Casey had always had a huge crush on Dale and she had not been disgusted by Brooke's incestuous desire for her older brother. "If that stud was my older brother, you're damned right I'd fuck him," Casey told the pretty ash-blonde. "Instead, I'm stuck with Devin for a brother."

"Devin's nice, he's good looking and quiet," Brooke had replied. "Tell you what, once I get my hands on Dale, maybe we can arrange some kind of deal. I wouldn't mind fucking Devin and it'd be cool to date a college guy. You could probably fuck Dale."

"Aren't you forgetting the fact that he's married?" Casey had answered.

"Pfft, you just wanna fuck the guy one time, not get engaged," Brooke countered. "Besides, I'm never sure if he and McKenzie do it anymore. She's gorgeous but she always acts so aloof, like being the wife of a mechanic is beneath her. Christ, he owns half the business."

"Maybe it's because she's the TV weathergirl and she has all those fans on the Internet," Casey laughed.

"They just want to see her with her clothes off," Brooke smiled. "It's not really a big deal." Brooke was fibbing j just a bit to her friend. McKenzie in a bikini was an eye-opener and you could tell why she had so many fans and why station KSFZ-TV had the highest rated weather forecast.

Casey was a very wild girl from a highly liberal family and considered herself a liberated girl. "I'd call myself a slut, but people would get the wrong idea," she said to Brooke. "I'm just a girl who likes to have sex as often as she can." Casey lent the younger girl a few of her sex toys to practice with. From the way that Dale's face was contorting, using the dildo to practice her cocksucking technique had been a great idea. She could hardly believe that his legs hadn't given out from under him. Brooke was really sucking his cock, although she kept Casey's advice in the back of her mind. Casey had cautioned her not to suck too hard or the guy would cum to soon. Or you might hurt him. Neither one was something the young blonde wanted to happen. She wasn't sure yet if she could handle having a man cum in her mouth or if she would like the taste of sperm.

"Stop Brooke, sis, we really shouldn't be ..."

Brooke was crushed because she thought her brother might be telling her to stop. When she saw the smile on his face, she knew that it wasn't the case at all. "You're going to get all scratched up, on your knees in the grass," Dale told his pretty kid sister. She bet that he wasn't thinking of her as a kid any longer. Nor did she feel like one. "I keep a blanket in the pickup for emergencies, let me go get it and we'll take a walk down closer to the lake, in case anyone drives by and sees us."

That was another part of her scheme that Brooke hadn't taken into consideration. She was normally a very meticulous young woman but common sense seemed to have taken a back seat to the incestuous desire she felt for her older brother. She was going to walk back to the truck with him when she heard someone approaching. "Dale?" A voice said. "I came to see if everything is all right, you've taken such a long time and ... oh, MY!"

Dale had brought their mother along with him? What had he been thinking? Brooke calmed herself. He had no idea what she had been planning and their mom had studied nursing. If Brooke had been hurt, it would have made sense. She would play it cool and Leslie would be none the wiser.

"I came to see what was keeping you but I guess I don't have to ask that, do I?" Leslie smiled at her son and daughter. She winked at them both and then Brooke looked over at her brother. He had forgotten to zip up and his semi-stiff cock was hanging loose! They were busted!

"Your brother had a very nice cock, doesn't he?" Leslie smiled, coming up behind Dale and giving him a hug. Brooke almost fainted on the spot.

"You and Dale ...?"

"I'm surprised you never figured it out," Leslie chuckled to her daughter. "After your father left, I need someone in my bed. Your handsome brother was only too happy to oblige, he's got the sex drive of a stallion."

"But McKenzie ..."

"She doesn't mind and sometimes, she even joins us," Leslie chuckled again. "There's a lot you don't know. Are you a virgin, sweetheart?"

Brooke nodded and said that yes, she was. This had all turned very weird and now, she had no idea where to take the next step. Fortunately for Brooke, her mother did.

"Why don't you two take the blanket and go down by the lake for some privacy?" Leslie suggested. "I'll drive one of the cars home and we can talk when you get there. There are a lot of things you need to know about, Brooke – a whole lot of things." She smiled at Dale and handed him the large fleece blanket. Brother and sister walked down the trail that was a short distance to the lake where they'd had many a summer vacation.

"You and mom?" Brooke said as she squeezed Dale's hand. "I never would have guessed it, not in a million years."

"There's a lot you don't know about," Dale told his sister as they approached a secluded, lakeside cove both of had known about for years. "We'll tell you all about it later. Are you sure that you really want to go through with this? It's kind of a big deal."

"So is sucking your brother's cock and I've done that," Brooke chuckled. They spread the blanket out on the warm sand and she wasted no time in undressing. She couldn't wait for her first fuck, all the more thrilled it would be with Dale. She was certain that it would be fabulous because Dale would make sure of that. She trusted her big brother to be a caring and giving lover.

"I love the lake this time of year," Brooke said to her brother as they found a secluded shady, spot under a large tree. It was a warm night and still early enough so that the sun was still shining brightly. The shade of the tree would be useful as neither sibling wanted to risk sunburn. Her handsome brother grinned sheepishly. "I am obviously not a virgin, but all this has taken me a bit by surprise. You've always been such a quiet kid, so what next?"

"What is going to happen next is that I am going to suck your cock again and then, you're going to fuck me and keep on fucking me until I ask you to stop, which I may not do," Brooke told her brother. "Don't always assume the quiet girls can't be wild, sometimes we just don't want to call attention to ourselves," she laughed.

Dale nodded and got on the blanket and let her suck his dick. He didn't know where she had been practicing, but she was damned good for a novice! Brooke had him hard within a few minutes and he looked at his kid sister as she stripped. He had no idea she had a body that sexy, although their mom was still incredible and fit in her mid-40's. "Do you want me to eat your pussy?" He asked her. She shook her head.

"I'm soaked through already," she told her brother. "Maybe later we can do all sorts of things, but right now, the only thing I want is your big cock deep inside of me, fucking my virginity away. I want it a bit rough, fuck me and pull my hair, fuck me like your personal whore!"

Dale was stunned, he saw that it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for. He got in behind his sister and slid his cock in. It met with only the slightest resistance and then he was inside of her. He swatted her ass a number of times and tugged on her hair as she had asked him to do. "You like it, little slut?" He grunted as he moved in and out, still not too hard as to hurt her. "You like having my cock inside of your slutty cunt?"

"Yeah, fuck me, oh yes, yes, YES, fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt," Brooke groaned. "God, I love fucking, love my brother fucking me, God, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Dale was doing just that. His sister had a body made for fucking, smooth and lean and he loved squeezing her gorgeous tits and roughing her up just a bit as they fucked. He was surprised by how flexible and supple she was and how much she seemed to be able to take. When he felt himself about to cum, he pulled out. No sooner did he do that, then Brooke's mouth was on his cock, demanding his sperm. She got all he had to offer. Dale suggested they go for a quick swim to help her clean up and Brooke agreed.

They were just lazing there when they heard a female voice calling to them. It was their mom. Brooke made no attempt to cover herself, as she saw no point because their mom knew what they had been doing. Dale didn't bother because Leslie had seen him naked almost as many times as his wife.

"I changed my mind and thought we'd make this a family thing?" Leslie stated / asked. Brooke nodded and smiled and her mom embraced her. The girls rolled into each other's arms while Dale decided he'd watch them for a while. He loved watching two women fuck. Brooke did have a lot to learn – about why his mom had kicked their dad out, about why he and McKenzie had such an unusual marriage and about why his wife didn't mind his fucking her mother-in-law. Now that he realized his little – well, not that little – sister could deal with it all, Dale figured his life was going to be a lot more interesting.

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Since everyone in the family is already retarded if he gets his sister pregnant they will probably have a 3 legged cyclops for a child.

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