tagAnalHis Secret Destination

His Secret Destination


It seemed like it had been deathly quiet for ages until she finally spoke. The only thing I could see in that position was the tiny, blonde hairs on her ear lobe. They were silky and fine. They waved ever so slightly every time I exhaled. Why hadn't I ever noticed them before? The skin around my mouth was dry and tight. I could smell her dried cunt juice even though it was no longer moist and now tightened my skin.

"Ever heard about the Jackass penguin?"

That was an odd question for her to whisper. But right now, in this situation, odd was perfectly normal. Her breath was hot in my ear. Like opening an oven and the heat blasts you in the face, causing you to back off quickly. I couldn't back off, though. Even if I wanted to.

"Poor animal, getting stuck with a name like that..."

I think I tried to nod. I'm not sure. I was acutely aware of her hand gripping a thick lock of hair at the back of my neck. Tight but not too tight. Firm. That's the word. Holding my head firmly in place as she hissed these strange, hot words in my ear.

"Know what they discovered about this Jackass penguin? They have journeys mapped out in their central nervous system. You know, for their migrations..."

I had to shift a little. The position was intense but it was awkward. It was a subtle shift but it had two direct effects. One: It caused me to moan into her ear. No... more of a whimper. Two: It caused her to grunt – a loud, sharp sound borne on a rush of hot air.

She tightened her grip on the hair at the back of my head. Sparks of pain speared my brain but quickly subsided. She was telling me not to do that again. I understood. She continued.

"The point is, they know where they're going before they know. They're programmed. They're destined. Their journey is inevitable. A given. They're heading for their destination even before they know they've left."

Kind of like her story. I knew where she was going with it before I knew. She was unbelievably well-spoken for a 20-year old, but I knew that already. I sensed movement behind me and my breath caught in my throat. I strained to listen, desperate to try and hear, in order to prepare. In order to brace myself.

"Your destination is approaching. Your whole life you've been moving towards this moment. Right here. Right now. You've been restless, haven't you? You felt like your life was incomplete. You're a Jackass penguin. It's mapped out for you and now you're ready to arrive..."

I was still holding my breath. Listening to her words. Straining to make out what was happening behind me. I could sense her tongue before I felt it. It was hotter than her breath. It snaked out and sucked my earlobe into her mouth. She suckled gently at it. Nibbled it. It was now silent behind me.

Suddenly she bucked her hips. Just a little. An abrupt movement which triggered a sharp groan from my lips. No, from deep within me. I don't know – I'll never know – if my eyes rolled back in my head just then. The abrupt bucking was almost enough to make me pass out.

Strange reaction, you're probably thinking. Unless, of course, you knew that my cock was firmly, deeply, buried inside her cunt. I was laying on top of her. Her body heat searing my skin. Her round, firm breasts pressing hard against my chest. Her hip bones digging into mine. I don't know how long we had been lying like that. Time had ceased to exist. My future consisted only of my destiny.

When she bucked her hips she electrocuted every nerve in my erect cock. I hadn't forgotten I was deep inside her, not at all. I was acutely aware of it. But that movement caused fireworks in my cock, in my body, in my brain.

She lay still again. Perfectly still. Only her hot breath continued to flow into my ear. She knew what she was doing. She knew where she had me. She knew my destination.

She let me come down off the sudden rush of ecstasy, even easing up slightly on her grip on my hair. I repressed a long series of moans, whimpers, grunts and concentrated on trying to stop my body from quivering.

"Do you remember when I first moved in? A Tuesday. At the beginning of the summer. I was wearing that little summer dress you love, the one with the flowers. And under that those orange knickers. I remember you trying to catch a glimpse of them when I bent down to pick up my keys when they fell... remember?"

I nodded ever so slightly, knowing that she didn't want me to speak. I nodded because I remembered. Every detail. Every fucking mind-numbing detail...

The ad in the local paper had been small and brief:

'Room for rent in large villa. 50 metres to private beach. Pool. June-August. 300 euros/month.' Followed by a telephone number.

I did that every year. It was usually young people - looking for a base from which to exploit all the glories of summer on the Cote d'Azur – who answered the ad.

A forty-year old man like me, comfortably off, enjoying life, liked having a bit of life in the house. Little did I know.

"You were adorable. That first week you did everything you could to catch glimpses of my knickers, my tits, my ass... didn't you? I know you remember..."

Indeed, she had caught me off guard from the word go. In the summer in this part of the world lithe, sexy, young things wearing next to nothing were commonplace. It was glorious. But this one... this one was quite different. Body: Perfect. Chiselled by the gods, lithe, toned, youthful. Breasts and ass: Both round, firm, glorious. Hair: Raven and flowing with bouncing curls. Eyes: Teasing. Knowing. Name: Milla.

This was only Milla's twentieth summer but she was worldly-wise far beyond her years. She took my breath away and, along with it, any semblance of reason.

I was obsessed by catching glimpses of her. Yes. She was right about that. Although she didn't make it difficult for me. She knew the game. She knew which buttons to push. Her thighs were always open just right, to let me catch glimpses of her tiny cotton knickers, always two sizes too small. The dresses she wore were always just loose enough to reveal a round breast when she sat just right and their length was perfect - she excelled at bending over at the right angles, allowing me to see the tiny strings of her g-strings disappear in the crack of her toned, tanned ass.

"And I could hear you moaning – or trying to stifle your moans – as you jacked your cock in the shower. You took a lot of fucking showers..."

Milla laughed softly. Sweetly. Her stomach muscles twitched as she did so, causing another wave of unbearably exquisite sensations in my cock. I felt my ass constrict, as though signalling my brain to start fucking her. I quelled that instinct, forcing myself to lie there, prone, ass exposed, between her long legs.

Funny, I didn't feel like a dirty old man back when she arrived. I could see she was a champion flirt and tease so I obliged her. It was a waltz of the mind, even if she was leading from the start.

"You kept your little secret hidden from me for a long time, though. I'll give you that much. Few men have been able to do that. Especially when I knew that you were out in the hall outside my room at night when I was 'entertaining'..."

She was good at 'entertaining'. She did little to conceal her vocal enrapturement in her bedroom as she 'entertained' a long line of young men in the first couple of weeks after her arrival. She reeked of sex and sensuality and she did what she could to whet her appetite. Even then, at the beginning of the summer, I tasted the bitter bile of jealousy as I peered into her room from the hall each and every night. Jealous with an erect cock in my shorts. Furious but envious. Bitter but meek.

"How many cocks did you see fucking me? Eight? Ten? And how many times did you jerk your fat cock each time? Three? Four? Let's just round it up, shall we? Forty times. Jerking your cock in the shower, in your bed, probably in your car, too. Until your hot cum spurted out of your cock and dribbled down over your fingers..."

Fifty was more like it. Sixty, even. Who fucking knew. I had to suffer through the erotic images of Milla getting fucked by other men for two weeks... Right up until...

"I knew from the first moment that I saw you, that I'd let you crawl between my legs and hunch over my body while you fucked my hot cunt and filled me with that hot cum. I just wanted to make you want it. And you wanted it, didn't you?"

God, how I had wanted it. Typically, Milla gave no clues of what was to come. I was on the terrace in the morning sun. She came out wearing a thin, silk bathrobe. Too short, of course. She stood next to me, drank my orange juice while she stared me in the eye and they straddled me. Without ceremony. I was stunned to say the least. She just opened her bathrobe and exposed her tits and cunt for me. I knew them both well. I knew her whole fucking body. I had see it so many times, albeit in brief episodes, but I had pieced it all together in my mind.

Milla's eyes were on fire. Challenging, encouraging, daring, teasing. All at once. I looked her up and down, amazed at the moment, but my eyes always went back up to meet hers. She leaned over, undid my shorts. My cock, needless to say, was hard as nails and jutted straight up.

Her hand snaked down her stomach between her legs, making a beeline for her hairless cunt. With a fluent, deft movement she thrust three fingers up inside herself without blinking. They came away glistening with her cuntjuice. They continued down to my cock. She lathered my cockhead in with her juice, took a firm hold of my shaft, shifted slightly, positioned my cockhead just right and promptly lowered herself. With one, steady movement, she was impaled on my cock.

Although I had no mirror to peer into, I'll never forget my own face. Eyes widened almost to the point of popping, mouth opened in awe and disbelief, unable even to moan – it was an act of god and it was a moment of reverence.

Hot, slick, tight. Classic adjectives, I know, but such was her cunt. Once settled firmly onto my cock, she smiled. As though knowing the worth of the gift she had decided to give me. Her fingers slid round the back of my head, pulled it forward and forced me to bury my face in her perfect tits – or rather, to pray at the alter of her beauty.

Milla was aware at that moment of her power over me. Typically, I became aware of it much later. Much too late.

"I could feel your thick cock inside me as I straddled you. And your tongue slid out to suckle at my tits. I knew you wanted it. Just like I know now how it must have felt for you to feel your cock explode inside my hot, little cunt..."

I wanted it, yes, and there she was, sitting on my cock, letting me have it. My face pressed against her tits, my tongue indeed seeking out her tits, her nipples, anything... Her hips started to rotate ever so subtly in my lap, on my cock. And despite the fact that I had already jacked off twice that morning, to images of her in my head, yes, well... my cock did explode inside her 'hot, little cunt'. I felt like a teenager with no self-control. I think I even blushed after the implosion of my orgasm. She just smiled sweetly at me. In complete control.

After that episode, she let me fuck her often. Not often enough – it never is often enough – but it kept me worshiping at the altar. Funny how, in retrospect, I never realised that she didn't pay any rent. Only later did I realise that this was part of her game. I would bet that she had never paid for anything in her young life.

Despite the fact that she was appeared to enjoy having sex with me, I sensed then – as I knew now – that she was in complete control over my mind and tag-a-long body. Did I care? Did I fuck. I was getting my cock wet in her heavenly cunt. Like many a man, I wasn't capable of seeing past this fact.

"It was fun fucking you... I liked it. But it still amazes me how you kept your little secret hidden from me. I think I first realised it in the shower that day. You remember the day, don't you? Of course, you do.

I don't think I had consciously tried to keep this 'secret' from her. I suppose the secret hadn't really developed yet. I think that the moment that Milla realised it, I realised it myself. It was part of a journey that was mapped out in advance. She was right. I'm a Jackass penguin.

After a day on the beach we were in the shower. She had been insistent from the word go, pushing me down on my knees to suck at her cunt. She was like a cathedral, with many separate altars to worship at. Her cunt, her tits, her ass, to name the major saints.

I loved the taste of her cunt. Lying there, with my face nuzzled against her neck, I inhaled to smell her dried cunt juices on my face. Inhaling slowly, careful not to move, as I remembered that day.

I looked up past her impossibly flat stomach and impossibly round breasts as I suckled hungrily at her shaved, smooth cunt. Watching her face, wanting only to please her and make her cum. In awe, as ever, of her beauty. Cool water flowed down her body from the shower as her head rolled from side to side on her journey to orgasm.

It didn't take her long - she was hornier than normal - and I was soon standing up and kissing her, letting her lick her juices off my face. Her hand was stroking my cock and I was looking forward to taking her up against the tiles of the shower. From the front or back, no matter. Just needing to be inside of her. Milla, however, had other ideas and her ideas were invariably good.

With a wink she turned me around, lathered her hands up with soap, and reached around to jack my cock slowly and luxuriously. I let my head rest against the tiles and soaked up this new variation on the theme. Her other roamed up and toyed with my nipples, down to tug teasingly at my balls. It was all going royally.

I thought nothing of it when her hand slid around my back, slick with soap. Every nerve ending was alive and eager to be caressed. Not even when she started massaging my ass did I have any other thoughts than the pure pleasure I was receiving.

Only when her finger delved between my ass cheeks did I start to falter. Her finger knew where it was going before I did. Straight down to my asshole, lingering there for a moment, spinning in tiny circles, before she thrust it steadily into my asshole.

There had been many implosions and explosions in the course of our little affair, but I was quite shocked and surprised by this one. As her finger muscled it's way into my ass, her other hand gripped my cock more firmly and started jacking it hard.

Boom. Fireworks in my head as I caught myself shoving my ass backwards onto her finger, wanting more of her finger. Needing it. She withdrew for a brief moment, only to reinsert two fingers in my ass. I think I came as close as I ever have to screaming. At least it was a loud, long shouting moan.

Before I knew what hit me, before I could respond, my cum was spurting out onto the tiles, onto her fingers, onto the floor.

She eased up her cock-jacking but her fingers remained firmly inside my ass. Well after my orgasm faded away. Well, it didn't really fade away. It kept on going somehow. Just slightly. Just enough to keep me from speaking or moving or doing anything at all.

"That's when I knew. You couldn't hide it from me anymore from that moment... and what's more, you couldn't hide it from yourself... And that's why we're here today..."

Here. Today. I no longer knew what day it was. Only that it was today. Which was on the sharp edge, teetering towards tomorrow and the lifetime that represented. Here. I only knew that it was my bed on which we were lying. I knew there were walls around me that held up the roof, but I couldn't see them and therefore doubted they existed. I didn't need walls right then. I needed only doors, open doors.

If you had walked past my window at that moment and peered in, you wouldn't have been surprised at what you saw. More than likely you would have been aroused. It was a Mediterranean night. Almost a full moon, but not quite, but light enough to illuminate the scene through the open windows.

A man on a bed. Forty-years old but trim and fit. Lying between the long, delicious legs of a 20-year old beauty propped up on a pillow. Her knees up. Feet resting on the bed. The man's face buried in her neck. The young woman's hand holding a lock of hair on the back of the man's head. Her other hand on his back, fingers idly caressing his skin. You'd see that in that position, his cock was inside her. But no movement. None whatsoever. Except for her full lips, whispering into the man's ear. You wouldn't have been able to make it out, but you'd wish you could.

Looking around the room, you'd make out another figure in the shadows. In silhouette. Few visual details would have been available to you. A slim, fit body, sure. But you'd receive confusing visual signals as to who it was. Here, however, there was movement. A hand between thighs. Slowly arousing the figure in question. Silence, but movement.

"And you why we're here today, don't you?... We're here for you. To help you find your destination. All three of us. Because we wouldn't be here without Eva, now would we?..."

Eva. Again I strained to hear any movement behind me. Any noise at all. Just give me any indication... please...


Only the sound of my own breathing.

Eva. In the midst of our fucking period, Milla pulled out a joker and slapped it loudly and tauntingly on the table. She announced the imminent arrival of a 'friend'. A friend with whom she spent time every summer. A 'partner in crime', she said laughingly.

The jealousy welled up in me on a wave of nausea. Just when I thought things had reached a glorious status quo, I realised that I may have dropped the ball. But then men can never see the end of the tunnel, especially when their dick is buried deep inside a tight, wet one.

Milla loved fucking with my head for the three days between her telling me about it and the arrival of this 'friend'. You have already been given the privilege of knowing that the friend's name is Eva. That important bit of information was not revealed to me. I had in my mind's eye an image of young, far too handsome, far too cocky, far too well-hung... man.

The relief and surprise when Eva sauntered down the driveway towards my house one hot, sticky morning is difficult to describe. She was cocky, of that there is little doubt, but she was all woman.

Eva was, and is, just as exquisite as Milla but in so many different ways. If you see them together you'd probably think they were sisters. Almost twins, but not quite. Eva's hair was just as raven and wavy as Milla's, although it was cut much shorter, much more boyish. She was just as lithe and slim as Milla, but not as curvy – her hips were thinner, her breasts, while firm, round and delicious, were smaller. Her eyes were just as teasing and knowing. The two of them could, with a single exchanged glance, relay volumes of information to each other. Most of it, it seemed, relating to sex.

That morning, Eva walked up to me like she owned the house and I was a mere houseguest. "You must be Mr Beauvais. I've heard a lot about you." Her voice was husky, almost masculine, like the best female radio stars. She even made that corny opening line sound good. Before I could reply, she kissed me on both cheeks with those luscious lips of hers.

Milla came running out and the two friends embraced and squealed enthusiastically, as young girls do. Followed by a long, passionate kiss that took my breath away. Their hands were all over each other's bodies and the temperature, already over 30 in the shade, rose considerably.

"You had no idea what was in store then, did you?"

Milla's words jolted me back to my senses in the present position.

"You feared the worst, hoped for the ultimate. I loved watching your face as you wondered..."

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