His Seduction


Mike entered with a bottle of beer in each hand and a grin on his face. “Hey, you’re not going to sleep yet are you? It’s only,” a quick look at his watch, “three in the morning. The sun isn’t even close to rising yet, so it’s still early!”

Keith laughed and took one of the beers Mike offered him, scooting over on the bed as Mike sat next to him. Though his nerves jumped at the thought of being alone with Mike, Keith shrugged it off. If Mike wasn’t going to make a big deal about it, than neither would he.

Mike took a swing on his beer. “You’d better drink that. You wont be allowed to have anymore until your next birthday.”

“Yes, Dad,” Keith laughed sarcastically.

“So, how does it feel to be twenty now? You feel any different?”

Keith put his unopened beer on the night table and flopped back on the bed, his hands behind his head staring at the small glow-in-the-dark stars he had put there several months ago. His roommates often teased him about them, but those stars let him dream, so he kept them up. “No, I don’t feel very different. How did you feel when you turned twenty?”

“Oh, that was way too long ago to remember. I can’t remember much of what happened two days ago, much less what happened two years ago.” Mike put his own beer down and looked at Keith. Keith had closed his eyes, a pleased smile on his face as he talked about some stupid thing Jason had been doing a little earlier at the party. After all his grumbling about having to go to the party, it looked like he had really enjoyed himself. His black hair fell over his forehead and Mike’s fingers itched to brush it back. Knowing he wouldn’t have a better chance than this he leaned down, held onto Keith’s wrists and kissed him.

Keith’s eyes went wide. A whimper rose in his throat as Mike’s tongue invaded his mouth. The kiss was demanding, yet surprisingly gentle. Keith soon found himself kissing Mike back with just as much need instead of trying to turn his head away, feeling himself growing hard at the possession in the kiss. He lost himself in the moment, feeling Mike’s tongue make love to his own, never knowing that such a simple kiss could be so pleasurable. He felt Mike’s body cover his, Mike’s hips slowly grinding down onto him.

When Mike came up for air, Keith’s eyes were wide and uncertain, his breathing uneven. He couldn’t seem to meet Mike’s blue gaze, so he stared over his shoulder instead. How was he supposed to react? He knew he wasn’t gay, but his cock had never been harder than it was at this moment. Licking his lips, he panted, “M-Mike?”

Mike kissed the tip of Keith’s chin, breathing hard. “Don’t fight it, Keith.”

“I-I don’t understand, is this another joke? If so, I’m not finding this very funny.” Desperately trying to comprehend what was happening to him, Keith struggled against Mike’s iron grip, his hips coming off the bed in an attempted to free himself and dislodge Mike. He needed to stand up, to put some distance in between them so he could breath, so he could think, but Mike’s grip was to strong to break! Keith decided he really needed to start going to the gym! Panic was rising in him at an alarming rate. This wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be. But if it wasn’t, why the hell was he so turned on?

“No it’s not a joke, far from it.” Mike groaned as Keith moved his hips again. “Please stop wiggling around, Keith, you’re killing me.”

Realizing that he could feel Mike’s hard-on against his thigh, Keith did as he was told and stopped moving. Was Mike turned on?

Mike looked into Keith’s uncertain eyes and smiled. “I’m not going to hurt you, Keith, I promise, but I need you very badly right now and I’m not going to be taking no for an answer. It hasn’t been easy keeping my hands off of you this last week, you know.”

“But you’re not gay! I hear all the girls you have in your room! And I’m not gay . . . am I? No, no, I’m not.”

Mike gave a low, dark laugh. “I’ve been bi-sexual for quite sometime. And, like it or not, so are you or you wouldn’t be throbbing right now the way you are.”

Keith blushed and looked away, trying to will his erection away to no avail. Damn treacherous body!

“Please, just give me tonight to hold you, let me teach you all the things your body craves. Anything beyond tonight is totally up to you, but let me have this night with you.” Knowing that he couldn’t simply force his best friend into it, he let go of Keith’s wrists. When Keith didn’t struggle, but looked at him with uncertain and pleading eyes, Mike grinned and started to kiss his way down Keith’s jaw and down throat.

Keith gasped as Mike took one of his hardened nipples into his mouth, lightly nipping on it with his teeth. His tongue swirled around the sensitive nub until he made Keith groan, then moved on to the next. Mike’s hands found the front of Keith’s pants and soon had them undone and was slowly pulling them down with his boxers, his mouth never stopping its ministrations to Keith’s nipples when Keith’s hands stopped him.

“Mike, I don’t know how to, um,” he stuttered, not sure how to verbalize his distress. Could this situation get any worse? Not only was he a novice, but now he had to point it out! “That is I never, um-“

Mike gave another low throaty laugh as he looked into Keith’s worried eyes. “If you are anything at all in here like you were out there on the dance floor with my sister, believe me, you have nothing to worry about.”

“You were watching me?”

“I couldn’t take my eyes away from you.” Looking deep into Keith’s eyes, he whispered with a smile, “I’m sure you’ll learn this quicker than you do that damn business class. And I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it more.”

As Mike began sliding down his pants, Keith’s face heated and he closed his eyes, gripping the bedspread with clenched fists. He was embarrassed at how hard he’d become. Never having compared his cock with friends in high school, he wasn’t real sure whether it was a good size or not. What if it was too thin? Or too thick? What if he came too soon? Would Mike be disappointed? Would he laugh at him? Why hadn’t anyone told him sex would be so fucking stressful?????

Afraid he was going to hyperventilate, Keith took a deep, shaking breath.

He felt his pants slide off, heard them thud to the floor. Then a deafening silence fell about the room, as he lay there naked in front of his best friend. He held his breath, waiting for Mike’s ridicule, but it never came. Taking a chance, he slowly opened his eyes to find Mike grinning at him. “What?”

Mike let out a light laugh. “This might be a lot more pleasant for both of us if you relaxed a little. Don’t be so nervous.”


When Keith didn’t relax in the slightest, Mike laughed again and began prying the bedspread from the death grip Keith had on it.

“Oh.” Keith let go of the bedspread and concentrated on breathing. Breathing was good, he had to remember that.

Mike sat up and took off his own shirt, his broad muscular chest smooth. Leaning down on his elbow, he let his fingers slowly trail down Keith’s ribcage and stomach, delighting in feeling the muscles jump at his touch. He let his hand play in the small amount of coarse dark hair surrounding Keith’s cock. It was long and hard at a wonderful eight inches, uncut. Precum leaked out of the tip, the clear fluid running down the side. “Your cock is beautiful, you know that?”

Keith blushed, wondering whether he should respond in kind. No! Of course not! He hadn’t even seen Mike’s cock yet, how could he say he had a beautiful one too?

He felt Mike move on the bed, but didn’t have the courage to see what he was doing. Before he knew it, Mike’s mouth had wrapped its self around Keith’s cock.

“SHIT!” Keith gasped and came to a sitting position as electricity shot through his body. He’d never had such wonderful sensations on his cock before! Not even when masturbating. Mike’s mouth seemed to suck it in, his tongue playing around the tip. Then sliding down the length, taking it farther into his mouth. Keith nearly shot his load right then and there when Mike took him into his throat!

Mike’s free hand came up and fondled Keith’s balls, rolling them around. Sometimes he would take his mouth off just long enough to take one of them into his mouth, his hand stroking slowly up and down Keith’s length. Occasionally, he would reach his finger down into Keith’s ass, moving it around slowly, Keith nearly passing out with the pleasures that created!

Within a few minutes, Keith knew he couldn’t hold off. “Mike, I’m – I’m going to cum!”

Mike began sucking harder.

Keith couldn’t hold it in. He came harder than he’d ever cum in his life, and Mike never missed a drop. Keith grew dizzy and light headed, flopping back on the bed.

Mike came up in front of him smiling, his lips glistening. “Mmm, that was nice.”

When Keith finally caught his breath again, he grinned as well. “I’ve never felt anything that felt that good before.”

“And we’re just getting started.” Mike leaned down and kissed him again. Keith could taste his cum on Mike’s lips and tongue and found himself growing hard again. “It’s going to be a long night, Keith. I hope you're up for it.”

Keith’s grin widened. With Mike, he was up for anything.

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