tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHis Wife's Butt

His Wife's Butt


She said she didn't like nasty things but here she was bent over the kitchen counter. My dick pressed up against her butt. Her lunch still cooking off to the right on the stove. I'd asked to get something out of the cabinet in front of her and instead of moving out of the way she'd just leaned over the counter. So I went for it. We were the only ones in the house. She'd come home on lunch break from her office and found me there. It was her and her husbands house and my girlfriend lived there with them, which is why I was there and why I had my hard dick pressed up against that ass of hers.

She was twenty eight and ten years older than me. She had a skinny body and rough looking face. She wasn't ugly but wasn't particularly eye catching either. She wore glasses, square ones and had braces. Spoke with a nice spanish accent as she was Mexican and her husband a paisa. I think she must of had acne in her past because she really layered on her makeup. But her ass. That's what drew me to her. It didn't belong on her skinny frame. Her two cheeks popped up out of nowhere at the bottom of her small back. It stuck out obscenely from the tops of her thighs and the sides of her hips. Two firm and giggly cheeks that I stared holes into every time I saw her.

I'd been staring at her that day as soon as she walked into the house with her suit coat jacket and tight grey pants. My dick was hard the instant it touched the back of her pants. I think she thought I was going to move but I didn't. I kept it on her butt and pressed forward a little.

"Hey." She told me. Her short black hair fell on her neck and I could smell the shampoo she used. She tried to twist away a little but my hands went to her bony hips. She was married but I knew she wouldn't tell her husband. He was too jealous for her tell. Sure he'd try to kill me, but he'd go for her too and she was too submissive a wife to admit to him anything.

"Sorry." I whispered to her. I looked down between us. Between her shoulder blades to her butt sticking way too far out of her body. Saw the contact between us. "Relax." I said.

"Hey no." She twisted again but I held her firmly and pushed my dick harder into the soft flesh of her butt. I felt each cheek distinctly. "You can't do that."

My hand went down there and I might have fainted if I weren't so excited. Finally after months of staring and dreaming of her butt, here was my hand on it. My dick against it. I gave it a squeeze from the back and her flesh filled my palm.

"Feel that?" I asked her.

She stopped moving. I could see her hands at her sides, gripping the the counter with her fake rings and gold bracelet. I saw her wedding ring and put my hand over it. Feeling the diamond between my fingers. Her husband was a lucky man I thought.

"I don't like that." She said to me, but she wasn't fighting back, only speaking. The sound of her chicken frying in the pan the only sound in the kitchen.

I knew she didn't like anything sexual or x-rated. As soon as something comes on tv that has to do with sex she acts all grossed out. She blushes and says "eeew that's nasty." I don't know how she had a child the way she talk about sex. My girlfriend told me why she thought she acted like that and it's because when she was around my age, I guess she went somewhere with her sister and some guys. They went to a hotel and wouldn't let them out for a few hours. I don't know what went on but it turned her off of sex. I thought she must really be grossed out right now to have some other guy grabbing on her ass and shoving his hard cock against it.

"I can't help it. Your ass is so big Maria." I said.

"Stop. I'm married."

"I know. Hold on. Just let me enjoy it for a minute okay?"

She didn't answer and that excited me even more. I rubbed my dick against her. My hands went to her chest. To her small breasts. I could feel the hard wire of her bra under her silky shirt.

"You have a girlfriend too." She said as I found her nipples under her shirt. Her shirt was buttoned and I wanted to undo it. How far would I go with her? I began to wonder. I'd only wanted a feel of her butt. Just a squeeze to see what it felt like. Just a brush of my dick against it. But now...I couldn't stop.

"I know. We're not doing anything bad. Are we?"

"Yes. It's gross, please."

"Can I just feel your butt and I'll stop."

"No." I heard her spanish accent in that word and it drove me crazy.

"I won't tell your husband."

I tugged at her pants and they came down easier than I thought. They became stuck around her massive cheeks where they bulged out the most and I saw the silky red material of her panty's shine bright against her white skin. I gave them a tug and they went down. My hands were all over her ass. She didn't move a muscle as I felt her over. My fingers found the soft crack of her cheeks. The warmth that leaked out from it.

"Don't tell my husband." She said and I saw her head drop. Her hair hung forward now as I guess she submitted to her fate. I pulled my pants down and my cock sprung forward. I took one of her hands and put it behind her back so that she could feel it. Her fingers brushed against my shaft but she wouldn't touch it.

"Grab it." I told her. She didn't answer. I squeezed her butt hard and groaned.


"Grab it."

She did. Gently. Between her thumb and forefinger. I grabbed my dick and rubbed the tip of it over her ass cheeks. Starting with her left side I worked it over the skin and panty material. Over the arc of each cheek and down between her ass cheeks. Under the curve of her butt where her ass hung low and met her thighs in a crease of skin. I put the head of my dick under her right butt cheek, right where it met her leg and pushed up, lifting the entire cheek with my dick. It bounced. I did it to the other cheek. It bounced too. I out the head down low and center with her crack and pushed up and it slipped upwards lifting the cheeks for a second before it came up through the opening free. It was magnificent. All of it. I felt myself in a dream. I'd never had an ass like this before. Such a bulbous thing on a small body. My girlfriend had an ass, but she was thick all over and it didn't stick out and curve like this one.

Knowing she was married got me even more horny. Nobody would know about this. At least that's what I hoped.

"Is this gross to you?"

"Are you done?"

"No. Stick your butt towards me a little."

"No. My food it burning. I have to be back at the office soon."

"Your the manager you can be late. Besides you just got here."

I opened up her cheeks with two hands and let the tip of my dick find its way between her cheeks in the warmth and cushion of it all.

"Does your husband do this?"

"Don't talk about him while your doing this to me."

"Stick your butt out."

She didn't so I pulled her hips to me and pushed her back down a little.

"I can't cheat on him."

"What's cheating?"


I could still feel her ass cheeks on me. Heavy like sandbags on either side of my shaft. I dropped to my knees and her ass appeared right in front of my face. I began to kiss her ass cheeks. She wiggled, but I still had a firm grip on her hips. I let my tongue run its course over her cheeks. Over the silky red material caught in her cheeks. Down her crack and to the warmth of her. I pulled down her panty's and opened up her cheeks. There it was. The prize I'd been seeking. The center of my world at that moment uncovered. The pink little hole. Scrunched up and timid. I put my face there and let my tongue run over her ass hole. Felt the hardness of its rim. The softness of her cheeks on either side. Slowly I worked my tongue up her butt. She moaned. I heard her moan and it drove me crazy. Her ass squeezed my tongue as it someone were pinching it. When I pulled it out it popped out as her body expelled me. It didn't belong there and she knew and I knew it. Her body told me with its pressure. I pushed my nose and lips into her ass and squeezed her cheeks shut on my face on either side. Feeling the press of flesh on my face and cheeks.

My tongue found her hole again and I lined it over and over. Pushing in, then out. Slowly fucking that ass with my tongue. She'd move her hips and make a squeaking noise as I did it. I could smell her pussy too. Feel the heat coming from her. I put a finger to her vagina and couldn't believe how wet she'd become. My finger slipped into her tight pussy and felt the silk warmth of her insides. I pushed in and she groaned as if I'd pinched her. She raised herself up on her toes leaning away from me. Upwards to the counter and cabinets. I used that same finger to find that small ass hole. I felt the strength of her and pushed it into her ass. She screamed and turned away from me.

I stood up and put her back where she'd been before.

"Does your husband do that to you?"

"No, he doesn't."

I kissed her neck and tasted her perfume. She wore a necklace and I felt it with my tongue. This time she leaned her head back onto me. My fingers were still down there at her precious opening.

"Are you going to tell him what I did to you?"


"What did I do to you?"

"You touched me."

"Yes I did."

"I'm going to put my dick in you okay?"

"No. I'm married. You can't."

"Just for a little bit. He won't know. My girl won't know. It can be our secret. Here," I turned her around and kissed her. She kissed me back. Her mouth opening and I shoved my tongue in her as I did her ass hole. I let my hands find her small breasts and gave each nipple a run.

"They won't?" Her voice wavered as if she were on the verge of tears.


I put my hand on the back of her neck and leaned her down so that her head rested on the countered tile.

"Stay like that okay?"


I opened her ass cheeks and squeezed them again. Grabbed a hold of my throbbing dick and edged it to her pussy. Her lips stuck and grabbed onto my head. I could feel that she didn't shave and had a full bush. Slowly I pushed it in and my dick became encompassed it wet slippery warmth. She moaned. I began to to pump myself in her. Her ass shaking and slapping with the sound of me hitting her with my body. Her vagina was so tight and demanding. There seemed to be only one angle at which my cock could slide in. Her body shook with each thrust into her. I couldn't believe I was doing this to a woman ten years older than me and married. In her house--her husbands house. I looked around for a second and saw pictures of them together on the fridge. He doesn't even know what's happening to his wife right now, I thought as I felt her pussy sliding in my dick. Her pussy had a strong smell and soon it overwhelmed the chicken frying on the stove.

I pulled out and looked at my red dick. Her pussy had battered it. I adjusted myself so that it aimed at her ass hole this time. Pushed the wet dick head against the tight hot hole. It wouldn't go in.

"What are you doing?"


"Hey no. Not that."

"Does your husband ever do this?"

"No. Never."

"Well I do. Be a good girl and take it for me. No screaming. We don't want anyone to hear."

I let it slide in. It took a while but she opened up. I witnessed my dick head slowly disappear over her stretched hole and up and inside her butt. The head popped in and she screamed and turned her head so that her pitch black hair flew to one side then the other. Her rings clicked against the tiled counter top and she readjusted her footing as if it would help her. I gave her white cheek a squeeze and told myself this couldn't be happening. I was sodomizing this woman who I fantasized over. I'd done it. My dream had come true. Such an ass was mine now, not hers but mine for the moment. I had complete control over this married woman. Here she was getting fucked in the ass by a man not her husbands, and she was such a good wife. A good submissive wife.

It popped in and I felt as if her entire body weight was crashing down onto my head. As if there were forces inside of her body stronger than anything I could fathom. Everything pushed on my dick. I let it slide in more and felt the vibrant pain that came with squeezing into her backdoor. She cried out again and stopped. Giving her time to take it. Giving myself time to enjoy this moment. I wanted to savor every second of it. She didn't want it there but she was taking it either way.

I began to fuck her.

Nice easy strokes then punishing ones that I knew must have hurt her. She moaned loud but took it. Not saying anything but primordial sounds that meant more to me than anything she could have said. I kept at it. Thinking of all the tight pants I'd seen her wearing. All the times I wanted to grab a hold of her ass. Of what it must be like to have her bent over. I was doing it. Her ass was like a vice on me and she screamed finally. She'd had enough I suppose and turned away from the counter twisting to the doorway leaving the kitchen. My dick was till in her and I followed her with my dick in her, my hands on her hips. I brought her down gently. Her knees falling to the floor, her elbows afterwards.

I kept my motions in her. Kept my dick up her ass.

"Your having your ass fucked right now by me."

"I know."

"You know I've always fantasized about doing this."

"Ugh. Oh, who cares."

I shoved it into her then. She fell forward and her face landed on the floor. Not hard, but hard enough.

"Have you ever wanted anything with me?"

"No. I'm married. I don't even want this--ugh. Your too young anyways."

"Your happy with him?"

"Yes. Oh, this is so gross. So nasty. I can't believe you want to do this. Are you almost done, it hurts."

"Not yet."

"You won't tell my husband about this?"

"Not if you behave. Do what I say."

"What more do you want?"

"Have a threesome with me and my girlfriend."

"What? Ughh. Aghh." I really got it working, so that her ass loosened up a bit and it felt almost like her pussy. Her ass cheeks jiggled in ways I didn't think possible.

"No. This is it. The only thing you'll get from me."

"Then I might slip up and tell."


"Tell me your going to have a threesome with me then."


I pushed in hard and kept my dick buried in her. Leaning forward I began to kiss her neck and shoulders. Caressing her with my tongue. Her smells forging permanent memories into my mind. She turned and we kissed. I saw her eyes were watery.

"Is this the first time having someone in her ass?"


"Do you suck dick?"

"Shut up."

"Do you?"


"Have you?"


"On who your husband?"

"Yes. Oh my god, shut up...oww."

"Do you like it?"

"It's gross."

"Like this?"

"Yes. This is grosser though. Oh, oh, oh."

"When is the last time you had sex?'

"Hey you can't ask me that."

"My dick is in your ass. I can ask you anything. So a threesome?"


"I want you to wear a skirt tomorrow okay. Do it and I'll know we have something going on and that you don't want your husband to find out how bad you've been. How nasty you've been."

"No. Hurry and finish. Please."

I pulled her hip to me and thrust myself into her. Hard and fast. My dick slipped out a few times but it found its way back in with a scream and pop. Finally, with her ass up and her face down. Her bubble like cheeks shaking and the smell of her over wet pussy in the air I came. Large bursts into her ass hole. Into this married woman who never wanted it in her butt. Who never wanted to cheat on her husband. Who was on the floor of the kitchen with another mans cock in her butt, stretching it out, giving it up to him. I came into her. Nut after nut into her tight hole. I shoved in deep when I felt it coming and left it in her. Pushing all my weight onto that thrust so that she fell forward and her ass cheeks pushed into me like an overstuffed pillow, a speed bump on the kitchen floor. I held it there for a moment then pulled out. My dick was soaking wet and covered in white cum. It was red and looked battered. Some of the juices fell onto her swollen cheeks that had clenched tight after I left. She didn't move. But lay there as if she were passed out. I knew she was okay because she was breathing so hard. Her grey pants were wrinkled down at her ankles with her silk panty. Her white shirt lifted up a little over her white back. Her hair tossed as if she'd just woken.

"Ouch. You bastard." She got to her knees and groaned again. Turned and saw me then out of nowhere gave me a slap. Then another one, this time a punch. "You bastard. Cabron, puto. Who do you think you are?"

"Whoa. Stop. I just wanted you so bad. It's that ass."

She grabbed my hair and dug her nails into me. "Don't hurt me or my girl might start asking questions."

"And you don't think my husband will when he sees I can't sit down? Or the girls at work when they see I can't walk?"

"Your so stupid and gross."

She stood up and I saw her ass cheeks shake. She pulled up her panty's and pants and went to the bathroom. I turned off the stove and saw her burnt chicken. Then grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to sit on the couch. My dick hurt too. I could only imagine that swollen oversized butt of hers. Everything felt surreal now.

I heard her exit the bathroom and go to the kitchen. She grabbed something from the fridge. Grabbed her car keys and purse and went to the front door. Slamming it as she left.

I ran to the front window and watched her ass cheeks bounce with each step of heel the pavement. Her ass was just too big, her face a bit too ugly; but she was perfect. Sent from heaven just for me.


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