tagIncest/TabooHis Wife's Sister

His Wife's Sister


Mark Levine sat on his couch, flipping through the television channels absentmindedly. It was going to be a lazy Saturday for him, the first one in a while. The 32-year old car salesman had been working six days a week for the past four weeks. He had almost forgotten what a Saturday off felt like. He reveled in the morning quiet. His wife, Loren, had been out of town on a business trip since Thursday. She was returning later that night, but this was the first time since she had left that Mark was able to really enjoy her absence. Not that he disliked his wife, but after almost four years of marriage, it was nice to have the house to himself once in a while.

As morning turned into afternoon, Mark started to become bored. After watching Sportscenter for the second time that day, he grabbed the remote and began surfing. He contemplated taking a shower before his favorite college team played their afternoon football game, but having a few hours until then, there was no real need to hurry. He leaned back and untied the pajama bottems he was wearing to be more comfortable. He continued searching the television channels for something good, but wasn't having much luck. Maybe he'd watch a movie. It had been a few months since he had seen a new movie and he could just order one on Pay-Per-View. He checked the list to see if there was anything worth paying to see. There really wasn't. A few chick flicks, a few generic action movies, and some docu-dramas were the only new movies available. Mark sat back disappointed.

Then his eyes caught the "Adult" section on the movie menu. A quick thought filled his mind. The house to himself. His wife away. Nothing to do for a few hours. Why not rent a porno? He perused the Adult film menu, intrigued by the thought. Like most men, Mark used to watch porn when he was younger, but hadn't done so since before he was married. The idea of watching one now, in his own house while his wife was out of town, excited him a little. It was a bit naughty. His wife would probably disapprove if she found out. It wasn't that she was a prude, just that she would most likely be jealous that Mark was looking at another naked woman, even one in a movie that he'd have no chance of ever meeting. Some women just didn't like that idea. Ok, most women. But his wife wasn't there and she wouldn't even be back till much later that night. Mark paid the cable bill, so she most likely would never even find out. He decided to do it.

As he went through the options, Mark decided on a University-themed movie. Nothing like hot college girls, he thought. He chose one titled "The U of N" which apparently was short for The University of Naughty. A tacky title for a humorous, and hot, hour and a half movie. Mark always did like the tacky themed-based pornos. He clicked on the "Buy" button, agreed to the $12.99 price, and the movie began. It was apparently themed around a foreign exchange student, a nasty little Italian coed named Monica, and all of her proceeding "adventures" at her new University. It was actually pretty hot.

About halfway through the movie, while Monica was engaged in her first lesbian orgy, Mark's libido reached it's peak. His dick was straining against his flimsy cotton pajama bottems and so, with no one around he pulled them down, allowing his rock hard cock to spring free. He removed his t-shirt and leaned back onto his couch, enjoying the freedom to sit naked in his house while watching a porno. As Monica moved on to her next scene in the locker room with the football team, Mark began to stroke his hard on. The trickle of pre-cum flowing from his cock head lubricated his hand as he slowly spread it over his whole dick. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations, the sound of Monica's anal encounter with the captain of the football team filling his ears.

What didn't fill his ears, however, was the sound of the front door opening. Mark was completely unaware of anyone else's presence in the room until he opened his eyes. Standing there, in front of him, was his wife's little sister, Amy. After graduating college, the 22-year old had moved back in with her and Loren's parents not far from Mark and Loren's house. Unknown to Mark, she had just stopped by to drop off some punch bowls for an upcoming party and had let herself in with the spare key Loren had given her. She frequently let herself into their house, but obviously Mark hadn't expected her to do it right at that moment.

He froze in horror as his wife's sister stood in front of him. Amy didn't say a word. She stood quietly for what seemed like an eternity, staring at her naked brother-in-law, hard cock in hand. Mark was too afraid to move. His mind raced for words, but none were coming. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He had no idea what to do. He just sat there with his mouth open. Then, Amy did something entirely unexpected. She slowly dropped down on the floor in front of him.

Mark sat, stunned, as his wife's sister knelt in front of him. Without a word, she slowly bent forward and took his swollen dick into her mouth. Mark moaned as her warm mouth engulfed the head of his cock. The feeling was unbelievable. Amy slowly circled the head of his cock with her tongue and Mark moaned again. He couldn't believe this was happening. Was it happening? Was this real? He looked up to the television as Monica was receiving a huge load of cum onto her big breasts. Mark blinked hard, trying to discern reality. He looked back down at his sister-in-law who was hungrily slobbering on his throbbing cock. It felt real to him. It felt amazing.

Words nor thoughts had no place, as Mark's mind struggled to grasp reality. All logical thought was gone at this point, replaced with pure, unadulterated pleasure as Amy stroked and sucked his engorged cock. She looked up at him for the first time, and their eyes met. Her gorgeous green eyes transfixed him. She was a beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. She pulled her mouth away from his cock and stood up. Mark began to think this experience...this wonderful, horrifying experience...was over as Amy stood silently in front of him. He again struggled for words, and again found none. He didn't know what to expect next. Then, Amy quickly reached down to the bottom of her white tank top and pulled it off. She wasn't wearing a bra. Mark's eyes widened at the sight of those glorious twenty-two year old breasts. She was at least a medium C-cup, and her young body was firm and taut. She had played soccer and vollyball for her college, and her body was still well toned and tan. He thought she looked like a swimsuit model. Without a word, Amy dropped to the floor again and continued the blowjob. Mark's mind was blown. Any remaining semblance of rational thought left his head as he stared down at that beautiful young body. Amy's tits bounced slowly up and down as her head bobbed over his cock. Her tight ass looked round and perfect from the angle he was seeing it as it strained against her tight gym shorts. And boy, was she going to town on his cock.

Mark never really thought about Amy in any sexual way before. He had known her since she was 17, when he started dating Loren. She was a beautiful girl with a great body, but Mark had never really noticed just how great it was until now. She was athletic and toned, and her body showed it. At 22, Mark assumed she had some sexual experience. He just didn't know she had this much! She bobbed her head up and down on his thick shaft, allowing the mixture of spit and pre-cum to pour out of the sides of her mouth, covering his penis with thick saliva. Her tongue danced around the head of his cock, making it twitch with pleasure. Her thick blonde hair tickled his inner thighs and stomach as she continued her sloppy assault on his stiff manhood. She was the picture of perfection. And her sucking skills were nothing short of it as well.

Mark noticed that one of her hands had slipped down between her legs, and that she was gently rubbing her pussy as she sucked him. Mark suddenly felt guilty. Not because he was getting a blowjob from his wife's sister; that guilt was thoroughly suppressed by pleasure. Instead, he felt guilty because he was on the receiving end of such pleasure. He felt that Amy deserved some too.

Mark slowly put his hand on Amy's head and softly pulled her head back, away from his wet cock. Her eyes filled with confusion as she looked up at him. He slowly stood up, pulling her to her feet as well. There, standing naked in front of his half naked sister-in-law, lost in ecstacy, his raging cock stiff as a board, Mark gazed passionately into Amy's eyes before devouring her mouth in a steamy kiss. Their mouths hungrily sought each other as their tongues met. Mark grabbed Amy's waist and pulled her into him as their tongues danced with one another. A small moan left her mouth and entered his as he held her tight, his stiff penis pressed into her stomach; her breasts pushed into his chest. Slowly he pulled his mouth from hers. He looked into her eyes again before dropping to his knees in front of her. He slowly pulled the gym shorts down her hips and let them fall to the floor. She was wearing a simple, cotton G-string. Mark could see a small wet spot on the front of the white panties. His cock got even harder.

Slowly he pulled the G-string down, revealing her moist mound. She had a beautiful pussy. Completely shaved, he took it all in, admiring the almost perfect almond shaped mound of her swollen labia. He hungrily devoured it with his mouth, and Amy elicited another small moan. Mark squeezed her firm ass as he pulled her into his mouth. He greedily lapped her pussy slit, tasting for the first time her warm juices. Amy's hands fell on Mark's head as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his hot tongue inside of her.

From his knees, Mark maneuvered her in a circle until her back was towards the couch. Then he softly pushed her backwards. She got the idea and sat down on the couch. Mark took the opportunity to drink her all in. The lithe 22-year old leaned back on the couch. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders, encircling her pretty face. Her melon shaped breasts were perky and her nipples were hard as ice. She played with them with one of her hands. Her toned legs were spread wide, and her other hand was softly fondling her clit. With the sounds of the porno still emanating from the television behind him, Mark thought that Amy could easily have been one of the actresses in that film. She looked perfect to him.

Mark leaned towards her once again. He tenderly kissed her inner thighs, moving from one to the other. He moved to her stomach and began placing soft kisses on it as well. As he kissed all around her pussy, she squirmed under him. He knew that she was enjoying this teasing and that she wanted his mouth on her pussy again. He began to lick around the top of her pussy, then down one side and up the other. Each time he did, Amy moaned and squirmed a little more.

Mark knew she would soon be begging for him to attack her pussy again as he continued to tease her with light licks and kisses all around her swollen mound. He looked up at her pretty face. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. She bucked her hips and looked at him as he moved away from her again. Their eyes locked and, without words, each could see the passion in the other's eyes. There were no thoughts here about anything other than what was going on right now between the two of them. Mark pulled himself up on top of her and kissed her passionately again. Their tongues swirled in a combination of his and her's cum and saliva. He moved his lips to her neck. His tongue traced circles on the small of her neck. Her shallow breathing filled his ear as he continued to move his lips down her neck. He kissed her collarbone before moving his mouth to her breast. He slowly circled her nipple with his tongue as she moaned and squirmed beneath him. He took her nipple into his mouth, sucking on it, pulling at it lightly with his teeth, and flicking it repeatedly with his tongue.

"Oh god, yes," she muttered, the first words either of them had spoken. Mark smiled at her exclamation, pleased he could give her such joy. He moved to her other nipple, and repeated the same routine. Her hands were on his head, her fingers twisting in his hair as he sucked on her nipples. He sensuously moved his mouth from her breast to her stomach, lightly kissing and licking as he continued to move further down her body. He kissed her belly button, licking a circle around it before moving his face between her legs once more. He exhaled a deep, warm breath over her glistening pussy. She let out a low "ooo" sound as he did. He smiled again. He also noticed a small stream of cum oozing from her pussy, forming a wet spot on the couch beneath her. Mark's cock stiffened to fullness again.

With a ravenous hunger, he dove his mouth into her pussy. He engulfed her clit, sucking at it and flicking it with his tongue, just as he had done to her nipples.

"Oh yes!" she groaned through gritted teeth. Mark released her clit and began lapping at her pussy with his tongue like a cat lapping up warm milk. He penetrated her lips with his tongue, inserting it into her pussy as deep as it would go. He moved it in little circular motions, moving it up, down, side to side. He could feel the flow of juices increasing as he lapped at her warm slit. He moved again to her clit, licking and sucking it.

"Oh yes...oh yes...oh," Amy kept repeating as Mark teased her clit again and again. He moved his hand to her pussy and inserted first one, then two fingers. Her moans became louder and her hips bucked wildly as he fucked her pussy with his tongue and fingers. He moved his fingers inside her faster and faster as he sucked at her clit with his mouth. He felt her pussy get wetter as he did, and soon his hand was covered in her pussy juices. The suction sound of his fingers moving rapidly inside of her sloppy wet pussy mingled with her moans as she grew closer to climax. Mark worked hard to keep teasing her clit with his tongue and mouth as he fingered her pussy. His other hand had moved to her breast, twisting her nipple. Her one hand guided his as he played with her nipple, the other was firmly on the back of his head, holding him in place between her legs. Her hips were squirming beneath him as she continually bucked her pussy into his face.

"Oh please don't stop. Please don't stop. Please! Please! Please!" Amy moaned. Her hips bucked hard into him and he knew she was close. He flicked her clit wildly with his tongue. Her legs closed around Mark's head as the orgasm rushed over her.

"OH GOD YESSSS!" she screamed as her orgasm exploded deep within her. Her pussy filled with juice and she bucked into Mark's mouth again and again. Both of her hands held his head tight to her pussy as she came into his hot mouth. Mark eagerly lapped up the burst of cum that flowed from between her legs. Her body shook with her orgasm and she collapsed back onto the couch, finally releasing Mark's head from her grasp. He continued to lick at her pussy as her breathing returned to normal. Her eyes were closed and she threw her head back in a contented manner. She quickly opened them and looked down at Mark, a small smile playing on her lips. Mark smiled back. She had gotten what she deserved.

Suddenly, Amy jumped up from the couch, and threw her arms around Mark's neck. She kissed him hard and deep, tasting herself in his mouth. Then just as suddenly, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She grasped his still hard cock in her hands and began stroking it. She lowered her mouth over his cock head once again. Still stroking the shaft, she took his cock into her mouth deeper with each bob of her head. After three or four times, she had his entire manhood in her mouth. She deep throated him again and again, taking in all of his dick and then pulling it all the way out again. She gagged a few times as his cock hit the back of her throat, but it didn't stop her or even slow her down. She just kept taking all of his cock in her warm, wet mouth over and over. The saliva dripped from his cock each time she pulled back. It covered her chin and began to stream down her body. Mark watched in delight as it soon covered her breasts and flowed down her stomach towards her pussy. Each time she pulled back a new burst of saliva poured from her mouth down her body. She began to hum as she took his cock in, the vibration flowing through his body. She repeated this again and again until Mark could no longer stand it.

"I'm gonna cum," Mark breathlessly moaned. Amy deep throated him one more time, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock as she pulled back. She dove her mouth onto his cock once more, rapidly flicking the underside of it with her tongue as she did. Mark moaned loudly as he felt the cum spurt out from his cock while still in Amy's mouth. She sucked on his dick like it was a straw while he ejaculated in her mouth. Cum began to flow out the sides of her mouth as he filled it, dripping down her chin. He held her head tight against his cock as his orgasm bucked him into her mouth, much like she had just done to him. When the waves subsided, Mark released her head, and Amy pulled his cock from her mouth. Cum dripped from her chin and down her body as she licked his cock clean. She looked up at him with those luscious green eyes as she licked the tip of his cock one last time. She was gorgeous, covered in spit and cum. It dripped off of her breasts and pooled on the floor under her pussy. She stood up, and they looked into each other's eyes. Neither of them could come up with any words to say, and both seemed to understand that. Mark didn't know whether to hold her or push her away. Now that his libido was slated, he began to fully realize what had just happened. Amy also seemed to be in the same boat. She quickly picked up her clothes from off the floor and walked to the bathroom. Mark sat back down on the couch, unable to wrap his mind around what just took place. In a few minutes Amy returned, fully dressed and cleaned up. Mark was still naked. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Mark noticed her glance at his cock, still glistening with her saliva. He thought he noticed a small smile on her face. Then she turned around and rapidly walked out of the house.

Mark got up in a daze. He gathered up his clothes and walked to the bathroom like a zombie. He tried to think, but it was as if rational thought just wouldn't come. He tried to sort his thoughts. His wife's sister had just given him a blowjob. He had eaten her out. He had cum in her mouth. The images of her kneeling on the floor in front of him, covered in spit and cum, flooded his mind. Had that really just happened? Could it have?

Mark showered and got dressed, then returned to the scene of the crime. There were still spots of cum on the floor, and a small wet spot on the couch. He wiped up the wood floor, and considered spraying the couch to clean it, but he realized that would cause a bigger wet spot, and he didn't want to have to try to explain it to his wife. He could lie, but he figured he would be lying to her enough in the coming days. In the end, he just left it, hoping it was too small for anyone to notice.

That night his wife returned from her trip. They shared a late dinner as she described her last few days to him. He tried to concentrate as she poured over the excruciating minutiae of her business conference, but his mind just couldn't focus. He felt knots in his stomach as he re-lived that afternoon's affair in his head. He tried to put it out of his mind. He figured it would be best if he just forgot that it had ever happened.

"So what about you," Loren asked him, "did you do anything exciting on your day off?"

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