tagErotic CouplingsHis Wife's Sister Does Him

His Wife's Sister Does Him


It was after 2:00 in the morning. Brian was surprised when his wife's sister appeared in the kitchen while he was rummaging around in the fridge. He was immediately uncomfortable because all he was wearing for pajamas was a baggy pair of cotton shorts. As Brian watched her, Stacey walked over to the kitchen island. She was in the process of going through her second divorce and her sister Linda had asked her to stay with them for a few days while her ex-husband was moving out.

"Hi Stace!...What brings you down here at this time of night?..."

Brian had always been attracted to his wife's older sister. She was a nurse and Brian had always lusted after her whenever he saw her in her crisp, white uniform. Unlike her smaller, blonde sister, Stacey was a tall, attractive red head. She also just happened to have a killer body which she was never shy to show off. Where his wife Linda was quiet and reserved, Stacey always exuded a smoldering sexuality that often made Brian uneasy.

Apparently she had been out late and had just come in, thrown off her dress and put on a nightshirt. She was wearing one of Brian's old dress shirts that Linda had lent her for a nightie. She still had on a pair of nylons and glossy high heels from her night out. Because she was so much more voluptuous than her sister, the shirt was stretched thrillingly across her bulging breasts and barely reached her thighs. Brian tried not to stare at the eraser sized nipples that jutted distinctly through the taut, thin fabric.

Stacey noticed Brian's eyes drifting nervously around. He was obviously having a hard time not staring at her tits and she found that amusing. She deliberately undid another button on her already open shirt. She leaned back on her elbows against the kitchen counter so that her half bared globes thrust out urgently towards her entranced brother-in-law.

"Late night with a creepy date!...He couldn't keep his hands to himself!...Thought I'd relax a little....How come you're not upstairs, snuggled up to my little sister?..." Stacey asked as she reached behind her into her purse and came out with a cigarette.

"I just got a little hungry Stace....You're not going to smoke in here are you?... Linda wouldn't like it!..."

Stacey eyed Brian with a careless smile as she lit up the cigarette and took a deep drag.

"I won't tell if you won't...She doesn't have to know everything does she?..." Stacey asked, hooking one foot under a counter stool and pulling it towards her. With her eyes staring steadily into Brian's, she bent her leg and rested one foot on the second rung of the stool.

Brian watched mesmerized as Stacey's little dress shirt rose up to her hip and parted, leaving her naked, bushy cunt clearly on display.

"Unnnn!...Stacey!....I should probably go up!....It's getting late!..." Brian stammered, his eyes now riveted to his sister-in-law's brazenly exposed pussy. His prick was stiffening up uncontrollably and he was terrified that Stacey would see it. But he was so mesmerized by his sexy sister-in-law that his feet were not responding to his brain's urgent suggestion to get the hell out of there.

Stacey had already noticed that Brian's cock was tenting the front of his shorts and she had no intention of letting him off the hook so easily. She took another long drag on her cigarette and said...

"You know Brian, I've always thought you were kind of cute!...My sister is a lucky girl!...I hope she's taking good care of you in the sack!...Are you getting enough at home Brian?... I'm just curious!...I mean is that big stiffie you've got there reserved for my little sister or are you open to offers?... "

Brian stared back at Stacey in desire and confusion. He couldn't believe that his wife's sister was hitting on him while Linda was sleeping just upstairs. As much as he lusted after the big titted red head, he couldn't take the risk of getting caught by his wife.

"Ahhhh!...Stacey!...Ummmm!...I know you've always enjoyed teasing me but...Uhhh!... I think this is carrying things a little too far!...I should go!..." Brian stammered as he started shuffling towards the stairs.

"I'm sorry baby!...I always thought you liked it when I teased you!...You always seemed so interested in these!..."

With her eyes smoldering into Brian's, Stacey reached into her open blouse, cupped one melon shaped tit in her hand and lifted it out. Slowly she raised the creamy orb up towards her mouth, tilted her head down and gave her nipple a long, lurid suck. Her sparkling eyes never left Brian's as he watched her lewd performance with open mouthed excitement.

"I'm bigger than Linda aren't I Brian?....And my nipples, they're bigger too aren't they?..." Stacey taunted, swiping her tongue slowly across her reddening breast.

Brian stopped in mid shuffle, his cock now peeking out urgently over the top of his cotton briefs.

"Mmmmmm!...My nipples are almost as hard as your cock baby!..." she purred. Her rigid nipple and crimson aureole were indeed dark and swollen against her saliva smeared breast.

"Come here lover!...You'd like a little lick too wouldn't you?..." Stacey taunted as she let the hand holding her cigarette drift down to her pussy where she idly toyed with her red haired mound.

Brian was irresistibly drawn to his slutty sister-in-law. He couldn't resist her lewd teasing.

As he came near, Stacey took another big drag from her cigarette. Then she reached out, took Brian's face in her hand and drew him to her. She put her mouth against his and used her tongue to part his lips.

Brian's excitement soared when he tasted his sister-in-law's smoky tongue sliding into his mouth.

Stacey held him tight with her hand. At the same time she nudged her nylon sheathed thigh up into his groin and ground it suggestively into his balls.

Brian gasped with arousal and Stacey exhaled the cigarette smoke into his mouth.

Brian tried to back away but Stacey held him firmly. After a minute longer she released him.

"Nnaaaa!...Stacey!...You know I don't smoke!...Linda would kill me!..." Brian gasped, as the unfamiliar cigarette smoke burned his throat.

"She'd kill you if she knew you wanted to fuck her sister! ...But you would if I let you, wouldn't you Brian?...You'd fuck me right here, right now, wouldn't you lover?..." Stacey teased as she took another big drag..." Now kiss me again!..."

Pulling her hesitant brother-in-law to her, she again parted his lips with hers and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She could tell that Brian was holding his breath. She leaned in closer, slipped her hand through his fly, cupped his balls in her long fingers and gave them a wanton squeeze.

"Unnnnnnn!.. " Brian gasped with amazed excitement as Stacey lasciviously fondled his drum taut testicles.

Stacey held him tight as she again exhaled her lungful of smoke into Brian's mouth. She remained kissing him, gently stretching his firm sac down towards the floor, making her timid brother-in-law squirm at her lewd touch.

"Unnnnn!....Unnnnn!....Ohhhhh!...." Brian moaned gutturally into Stacey's leeching mouth.

In another moment, Stacey released her lips from her gasping brother-in-law's. Looking deep into his eyes, she palmed his nuts up into his groin before releasing them and leanied back against the counter.

"Ahhhh!...My Goddddd!..." Brian moaned. His mind was racing from Stacey's wanton fondling and also from the unaccustomed cigarette smoke. The adrenaline and excitement were pumping wildly through his system. He tried to get the room to stop spinning as he eyed his voluptuous sister-in-law. He shuffled towards Stacey, reaching out to her.

Stacey batted his hands away and gripped him by the shoulders.

"A little flash of tit's got you all excited hasn't it baby?...Not so fast!..."

But Brian was so distracted he wasn't listening. He pushed Stacey's hands aside and grabbed at her heaving chest. Stacey just smiled at him and let him move in on her.

"You should always listen to me Brian!...I said, not yet!..." she murmured into Brian's ear. At the same time she swung her leg off the stool and drove her nylon sheathed thigh into Brian's balls hard enough to lift him up onto his toes.

"Mwahhhh!...Mmmmffff!..." Brian grunted, dropping to his knees like a stone when Stacey kneed his unsuspecting nuts. He stared in amazement at his sister-in-law as a wave of nausea washed over his lurching groin.

The sultry red head regarded her gasping brother-in-law with amusement.

"Maybe you'll get to play with them in a little bit!...But for now, why don't you show me how you eat my baby sister!..." she instructed, placing her bent leg back on the stool and leaning back against the counter. Coolly she reached into her night shirt and pulled out her other breast so that both creamy orbs were bared to her panting brother-in-law.

Brian rocked on his knees, his mouth only inches away from Stacey's inviting pussy. He looked up through pain filled eyes, past the gently heaving breasts looming over him into the eyes of the wickedly smiling red head.

"Eat me!..." she demanded, reaching down into her crotch and pulling apart her glistening pussy for Brian's rapt inspection.

"Don't be shy baby!...It won't bite!..." she purred, reaching out and taking Brian by the back of the head. She shimmied forward and with a chuckle thrust her cunt into her brother-in-law's gaping mouth.

"Mmmwaaaaa!...Mmmmm!..." Brian moaned gutturally as Stacey's writhing muff spread moistly against his face. Instinctively his mouth latched onto her swollen labia and his tongue lashed out into her drooling cunt.

"Ooohhhh!...Unnn Hnnnn!...That's it baby!... Lick up all that pussy juice and I'll give you more!....Unnnnn Hnnnn!...Unnnn!...Yessss!..." Stacey enthused as Brian toiled slavishly between her broadly parted thighs.

She pulled his face tight into her molten center as she settled down more heavily onto his face. She groaned at the feel of Brian's hot breath gusting into her seething cunt.

"MMmmmm!...Mmmmm Hmmmm!...Eat me baby!...Just like you eat my little sister!...Ohhhh!...That's it!...Stick your tongue in me as far as you can!....Ohhhh Godddd!... You're gonna make me come if you keep doing that!...Lick my clit baby!...Lick it!...Lick it now!...Yesss!...Ahhh!...Ahh Haaa!...Ohhh!..."

As Brian's eager mouthing made her cunt gush with arousal, Stacey locked one nylon clad leg around her brother-in-law's head. Holding his face tight against her, she frantically scrubbed her drooling pussy up and down over his mouth and his chin. She humped his face feverishly in lust filled excitement.

"Ahhhh!...You eat pussy good Brian!...I love it!...Ohhh!...That's it!...Yeahhh!...Eat me all up!...Yeahhh!...Faster!...More!...Unnn Hnnn!... Unnn Hnnnn!...Don't stop!... Don't!... I'm gonna come!...Ohhhh!...Cominggg!...Cominggg!...So goooodddd!....Yessss!... " Stacey was crying ever more loudly as her orgasm began to wrack her loins.


Brian's faint cries could barely be heard as Stacey smothered him with her pulsating pussy. Her cunt juice poured in a stream into Brian's face and his mouth as she came, practically drowning him as she held him tight to her convulsing loins.

Brian gasped and choked and could hardly breathe. His head began to spin and still he licked and gnawed frantically at his sister-in-law's heaving crotch. He was terrified that her rising cries would bring his wife down to find them in the kitchen. At the same time the excitement of having Stacey's cunt cream cascade over his face had him ready to burst with his own arousal. He ate at his sister-in-law's shuddering loins like it was his last meal.

"Mmmmm!...Oh my!....That's so good lover!...Unnn Hnnn!...Unnn!...Linda's trained you pretty well, I must say!..." Stacey moaned appreciatively as her spasms began to ease. She leaned back and away from her kneeling brother-in-law, releasing him from the clutch of her muscular thighs. Brian gasped frantically to regain his breath.

When she released Brian, his face was coated from his brow to his chin with her greasy girl goo. She smiled with amusement to see how red and puffy his cheeks and lips were from her roughly grinding pussy.

"You might want to sneak into the shower before you crawl back into bed with my baby sister!..." Stacey said with a laugh. She pulled on her night shirt to cover her breasts, refastened it with one button and reached for another cigarette.

"But Stacey!..." Brian pleaded ..."I thought!....You know...I thought you'd let me!...You know..." Brian stammered, lurching to his feet and shifting uncomfortably as his turgid cock thrust urgently over the top of his shorts.

"Oh poor baby!...Did Stacey get you all hot and bothered by letting you eat her little pussy?... Is that why you're so big and red?...Let me see!.." she said in her best little girl voice.

Stacey reached out, grabbed the waist of Brian's shorts and slowly drew it down until it was around his knees. His turgid cock was so rigid that it snapped out of his shorts and smacked his stomach with an audible slap.

"Goodness!...You really are excited aren't you lover?..." Stacey teased, taking a big drag on her cigarette as she looked at Brian's jutting prick with amusement.

"You didn't think I was going to let you fuck me with my sweet little sister sleeping just upstairs, did you sweetheart?..."

"She'll never know Stacey!...Just this once!...I need you so bad!..." Brian moaned, shuffling closer to Stacey, his stiff erection leading the way towards her come slimed pussy.

Stacey just stretched out her foot and centered her stiletto heel on Brian's already bruised nut sac.

"Not so fast lover!..." she said quietly, digging her heel sharply into Brian's balls and stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Naaaaaa!..." Brian moaned.

"I'll tell you what!...I'll let you fuck me!,,, But first you're going to let me jack you off!... Just for two minutes!...If you don't come, you can fuck me!...If you do, then you have to eat me again!...Wherever and whenever I want you to!...That sounds fair doesn't it?..."

Brian looked at his smiling sister-in-law for a moment in dismay. Then he said...

" You know I'd do anything if you'd let me fuck you!..."

"Then just do as I say and you'll have that big, hard cock of yours in my pussy in no time!... Now come over here!..."

Stacey instructed, stepping away from the counter.

Brian hesitantly stepped up to the counter and looked at Stacey.

"Turn around!...That's it!...Now put you arms on the counter and lean on your elbows!..."

While Brian was shuffling around to obey her, Stacey came up behind him.

"Step back a little further from the counter...That's it!...Now spread your legs so I can get in there!..." she told him, kicking his legs apart roughly with her leather heels.

"That's a good boy!...'

Brian was sort of stretched out over the counter, looking across the island at the kitchen window. In their reflection in the window over the sink, he could see Stacey's bright eyes smoldering into his as she snuggled up behind him.

"Just keep an eye on the clock baby!..." Stacey said, indicating the big clock next to the fridge.

Brian stifled a moan of excitement as his sister-in-law leaned into him from behind. Her shirt covered, melon shaped breasts dragged thrillingly across his back. She reached around his waist with one hand and fisted his engorged erection.

"Unnnnn!..." Brian gasped as Stacey gave his responsive organ a torrid squeeze..

"Easy lover!...We haven't even started yet! ..Wait 'til the second hand gets up to zero...."

The tall red head bent one knee and raised it up between Brian's legs from behind. She nudged his tender balls tantalizingly with her nylon sheathed thigh.

Brian groaned because the second hand had just swept past ten and he had almost a minute to wait for Stacey to start. Just the feel of her voluptuous curves rubbing against him had him quivering with anticipation. He was already beginning to have his doubts whether he could keep from coming once his sexy sister-in-law went to work on him.

Although she wasn't technically jacking him off, Stacey's little hand was gently squeezing and releasing Brian's rampant tool in the most provocative fashion. As she looked over his shoulder and watched the livid knob of his tool swell up like an overripe tomato above her lewdly clasping fist, she knew poor Brian didn't have a chance. His pre-come was trickling from his knob, running down his shaft and over her encircling hand. Grinding suggestively against him from behind, she bore down irresistibly on his seething cock flesh.

"How long does it take you to come when Linda does you?... " Stacey purred.

"Does she do it fast or slow?...Like in the car, if you pick her up after shopping and she jacks you off on the way home?...I like to do it slow in the car!..." she taunted, darting her moist tongue into Brian's ear.

"Or if you're over in the neighbor's pool and you get horny and you get her to do you there!...That's always fun!...The boys I know usually come pretty fast!...They just can't seem to hold it once I've got my hand in their trunks and their cock in my fist!..." she whispered, lewdly sliding her knee back and forth under Brian's excited testicles.

"How long does it usually take you to come when Linda does you?..." Stacey asked in a mischievous murmur.

"She doesn't!..." Brian groaned.

"She doesn't what baby?..."

"She doesn't do it for me like that!....I've asked her to but she says she only likes regular sex!...She says that's what married people do!.... She doesn't like to do it anywhere but in our bed!..." Brian whispered, his hips starting to hunch helplessly into Stacey's enticing fist.

"Just relax Brian!...You'll last longer!... You mean she never jacks you off!...Why that's so cruel!...I'll bet you must really miss it don't you sweetheart?... Well this is you're lucky night!...I'll do things for you your wife won't baby!...Wait 'til you see what I'm gonna do to you!..." Stacey purred as she took a big drag on her cigarette then reached around Brian and put her cigarette down on the edge of the counter in front of him.

As the second hand swept up towards zero, Stacey reached around him from behind and cupped Brian's drum taut balls in her free hand. She sank her sharp nails lightly into his tender nuggets while gently pulling his nut bag down and away from his groin.

"Nnnnaaaa!..." Brian hissed with excitement.

"Ready baby?..." Stacey asked as the second hand reached zero.

"Here we go!..." she said, sliding her fist up Brian's throbbing shaft until she had her closed hand just under his cock crown where she squeezed him hard. She writhed hotly against him as she leaned over his shoulder and watched his livid tool. She didn't start jacking him off at all but began gliding her thumb around and around, back and forth across his lividly swollen knob where she knew he was most sensitive.

"Naaaaa!...Oh Godddd!...Staceyyyy!....Unnnnnn!..." Brian cried. His pre-come began to bubble out thickly, lubricating Stacey's deftly cruising digit. The wanton red head smiled and picked up the pace of her already incendiary cock teasing.

"Snick!...Snick!...Snick!..." was the lewd sound that Stacey's thumb made as she insistently rubbed his cock crown, working his tender pee slit back and forth and stroking his distended helmet with practiced skill.

Brian's head snapped up and his buttocks clenched as he frantically tried to hold back his come that was already churning for release. The feel of his sister-in-law's thumb working around and around the bloated tip of his prick made his balls try to draw up into his groin. But Stacey continued to stretch them down towards the ground, making Brian dance with excitement in front this talented temptress.

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