tagSci-Fi & FantasyHis World - School Ch. 02

His World - School Ch. 02


Jake walked through the hallways of Northtown College and headed for his Literacy class. He drank a bottle of water, getting ready to piss again. He loved pissing on people, especially his sexy teachers. By the time he reached Room 207, hd had to piss really bad. He held it in, because he wanted to wait for the right time.

When he got in the room, he waved to Ms. Jalen. She was one of his sexiest teachers. She had 36DD tits and a 33' ass. Her face was beautiful and she had sexy legs. He sat down near the middle of the room and took out his laptop. As his teacher spoke, the computer recorded all she said. With the time he would of used taking notes, he did the next best thing - masturbate.

His piss levels went from red to DANGER. He masturbated slowly, just to make sure he didn't erupt right there and then. After a few minutes, he realized no one was speaking. He looked up and saw Ms. Jalen hovering over him, her deep blue eyes watching his hard cock.

"Well?" she asked. Jake didn't know what to do. Had his world backfired on him? Was he not king of the world now?

"Uhh..." he replied, thinking hard about an excuse to why he was jerking off. If he wasn't in his own world anymore, he was freaking screwed.

"Are you going to share that cock with the class or not?" THANK FUCKING GOD. He was safe!

"Sure. But I have to piss first." His teacher looked around the room.

"Anyone wanna be pissed on?" she asked.

"Wait. I have a secret."

"What is it?" she leaned over, coming closer, with her voluptuous chest hovering nearer and nearer to his dick.

"Closer." he said. The teacher was only millimeters away from his dick. His piss was about to come out.

"Just a bit closer..." Now his dick was hovering over the center of her boobs. Mission accomplished. He pissed straight into her tits, the clear water flowing like a fucking volcano. Her dress filled with piss, her tits soaked and shiny.

"Crap, secret's out." The teacher looked up at him, looking slightly aroused.

"Anymore?" she asked.

"A bit more, why?"

She leaned down and opened her mouth. "I'm thirsty, that's why."

He let out his gushing stream once more as he relieved her thirst. Her face was so erotic, her eyes begging for more.

Soon, his stream stopped. "All out." he shrugged. The teacher took off her now soaked top and played with her tits.

"Shall we?" she said.

"We shall." Jake stuffed his cock into her mouth and fucked it. Her tongue wrapped around his cock, and she apparently licked the taste. He came in her mouth and made sure she swallowed it all.

Next, his favorite part: tits. He grabbed her breasts in her hands and squeezed them. The piss had dripped off and her tits were nice and clean. He pulled on her nipples. They were so freaking hard, it was almost like they were begging him to suck on them. So he did as they wished. He sucked vigorously on her pink nipples. He stuck his tongue into his her nipple while he played with the other one. He felt the taste of milk he loved so much and drank the breast milk. The teacher moaned with delight. Once her lactating breasts were done leaking, he released the pink nipple from his mouth and placed his pulsing dick between her tits. Selena Jalen pressed her tits against his stomach and squeezed them against his dick. During the titfuck, she also sucked on the head of his dick.

Jake's head went back with the pleasure of the titfuck and looked around. Some of the males were sitting, reading a book as if nothing was happening. The females, on the other hand, were trying hard not to masturbate to this erotic scene. After all, Jake was the hottest guy in school. The other guys paled in comparison. Many girls had lost their battle with their horny feelings. Even Amy, the sexiest woman in all of Northtown, was red and playing with her huge tits.

Jake came all over Selena's tits and her face. Dear lord did he cum a lot. Selena wiped a bit of cum off of her cheek and licked her finger. "Delicious," she said.

Last, but certainly not the least, the ass. Her ass was a force to be reckoned with. Huge, round, beautiful. He couldn't wait to get a piece of that. He asshole begged for him to squeeze her huge ass cheeks and enter her butt.

He didn't start soft. He didn't go soft at all. He went all out. Fucked her ass like there was no tomorrow. Selena screamed with pleasure. He had found her weak spot. He was feeling the same pleasure she was. Her ass was so tight, it felt like heaven. He squeezed on her ass cheeks, which were soft ass hell. He couldn't take it anymore. He came more than he had ever came before. Her ass overflowed with his white love juices.

Suddenly, the bell rung. Third period, here we come. He french kissed Ms. Janet, rubbed his dick against her ass once more, squeezed her tits and left for art.

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