I was a bit off the beaten track when I came across her. I was heading west along some back roads and there she was, wearing a big backpack and gamely trudging along. She turned when she heard me coming and stuck out a hopeful thumb.

I was bored and not averse to some company, especially company that was as young and shapely as the pretty little hitchhiker. Besides, it was a long way to the next town, the day was hot and getting hotter and traffic was scarce.

I pulled over and ran the window down. I immediately wished I hadn't as a blast of heat came through, over-riding the air-conditioned coolness I'd been enjoying. The young hiker came hurrying over and looked in and her face promptly fell.

I don't blame her. My face is the sort of face that Hollywood wants for their typical thugs. I looked mean, and when I smiled I looked even meaner. Don't blame me. Blame my parents.

The young woman dithered, plainly desperate for the ride but also plainly reluctant to get into the car with such an obvious thug. I sighed.

"Make up your mind, young lady. I've got a long way to go and you're letting in the heat. If you're worrying about me jumping you, may I point out I could do that here just as easily as further down the track, and I haven't. Too hot by far, I assure you. Either hop in or stand clear."

I slipped the car into gear, ready to drive on as soon as she stepped back, but she surprised me. She gave a small groan and opened the door. I figured she'd decided to take the chance just to get out of the heat for a while.

We drove off, AC working to reduce the heat to an acceptable level, and I coaxed a few words out of her. She was still as nervous as a kitten, but by paying strict attention to the road I was able to get her talking about herself. Everyone considers themselves to be a marvellous topic of conversation.

Her name was Gwendolen, Gwen to her friends. She was nineteen and still a student, studying computer sciences. Not a dill, obviously. She had no current boyfriend and was hiking around seeing something of the country during the long school break.

One subject I made sure to steer clear of was her sex life, if any. Bring that up and she'd probably be jumping out the car while it was still moving.

After about ten miles we came to a service station. I pulled in to top up and grab some cold drinks and something to eat during the next stretch. According to the maps it was nearly a hundred miles to any place of note, and most of that would be through what was practically desert.

I'd assumed that my reluctant passenger would abandon me at this point, but when I asked she wanted to know if she could catch a ride to the next town. I'll admit the service station wasn't my idea of a place to hang out while waiting for a ride. I just shrugged and agreed, assuming she knew what she was doing.

Two assumptions I got wrong out of two. Not only did she want to continue, but she had no idea where we actually were or how far it was to the next town or the countryside we'd be passing through.

We'd just driven off and she was starting to chatter again when we passed this sign. 'You have just passed the last food and fuel for 87 miles.'

She went dead quiet when she read that, finally twigging that she was heading into a lonely area with a stranger who resembled a mafia thug. A low class mafia thug.

As we drove, I could practically hear her nerves twanging. She was edging closer to the door until she was practically plastered against it, and quite frankly I was finding the whole thing irritating and insulting.

Topping one hill we came upon a stretch of road that seemed to run in a straight line to the horizon, and not another car could be seen on the full length of it. I put my foot down and we streaked along. I do like to drive fast occasionally. After five minutes we were in the middle of nowhere, nothing in front of us or behind us as far as we could see.

This was the ideal place to relieve my nervous passengers mind. I pulled over.

"Why are you stopping?" came the expected query.

I just held up a finger in a wait a moment sign and hopped out the car. I circled the car and opened her door.

"Out," I said.

She was pale but she got out. Before she could step away I spun her around so she was facing the car, pushing her head down and in so she was bent over the seat. I could feel her quivering with fright, but she was biting her lip and not saying anything. I reached around and flicked open the button off her shorts and with a quick jerk they came down, followed seconds later by her panties.

Leaning over her I whispered in her ear.

"Do you know what I'm going to do now?"

She gave a little sob and nodded.

"I doubt it. What I'm going to do is not rape you," I said. I gave her bottom a light swat. "I suggest you pull your panties up, sit down and stop panicking over nothing."

She spun around to face me, absolutely livid. To my amusement she was so angry she even forgot to pull up her pants first.

"If you weren't going to rape me, what was all this about, you callous bastard," she screamed at me. "I almost died when you pulled by pants down."

I looked pointedly at her pretty pussy, and she blushed red and hastily snatched at her panties.

"I was making the point that I could if I wanted to, but that I don't want to. You have no need to panic. You can sit in the car and relax."

"What do you mean you don't want to? What's wrong with me?"

If there had been a brick wall handy I probably would have started banging my head against it. Woman can be so contrary.

"There's nothing wrong with you. You're just not my type. Why don't you just get in the car so we can go."

"Oh. Are you gay? I'm sorry, I hadn't realised. I didn't mean to upset you."

Gay? How did not raping her equate with gay? What do they teach kids at college these days?

"I am not gay. I just prefer to have my fun with a woman who knows what she's doing. Not some scared teenager who thinks a guy is lucky if she lies back and thinks of England while she lets him poke her. Can we go?"

"I am not a scared teenager," came the protest. "What the hell gives you the right to judge me like that?"

"Jeez, girl," I snapped. "Do you want me to rape you?"

She glared at me, with a sulky look on her face.

"Of course not. I just feel you shouldn't make blanket judgements like that about teenagers."

"And you didn't make an instant judgement that I was gay because I didn't rape you?"

"That's different. I was half naked. Any real man would want to take a woman if she's half naked."

Ever noticed that women don't use logic to argue? They use emotion. If I'd raped her I'd be an animal and a brute. Not raping her meant I was gay or not a real man. I was ready to give up. I walked back over to her.

"You win," I told her. "Bend over the seat again."


"I said you win. I'll rape you. Now please turn around and bend over. You can demonstrate if you can do more than stand there while I poke you."

Taking her arm I turned her to face the car, repeating the pushing her head down and in so she was bent over the seat again. To my amusement her bottom was bare. She'd never got around to actually pulling her panties and shorts back on properly. Just tugged up the front of her panties to cover her pussy.

"You seem to be more familiar with what a man does when he rapes a woman than I am," I goaded her. "Would he just pull your panties down the way they are now, or would he completely strip you?"

She didn't answer, just turned her head to look behind her to try and see what I was doing. Happy to keep her informed I moved around slightly so she could see me unzipping and taking out my erection. Her eyes zeroed in on it, and then her head snapped round to face the front.

"I knew you were going to from the start," she muttered. "You've just been biding your time. You're a monster."

"If you knew I was going to, you should never have got in my car in the first place," I pointed out, which logic was ignored with a sniff of disdain.

It seemed to me that she was no longer scared as such, but expectant. Her fright had apparently been burnt out of her by my not raping her, and now that I was going to take her she was ready to handle it.

I started rubbing her pussy, massaging her lips, encouraging them to spread a little so I could also rub her internal lips and deeper. I could feel the heat of her, and my probing fingers found a nice slick surface, lubricated and ready. Easing her lips apart I pressed the head of my erection between them and gently pressed.

Her lips closed around me and clung. I paused there for a moment.

"Are you going to ask me to stop? Beg me not to do this?"

"I wouldn't give you the satisfaction," she snapped. "You're an animal, thinking of nothing but yourself."

I laughed and just pressed slightly harder against her, my cock slowly making its way into her. Gwen promptly started wriggling, twisting slightly from side to side, seeming to be looking for the position that would let me slide in quickest and deepest. It didn't take long and I was inside her, pumping out my frustrations.

Gwen seemed anxious to prove she wasn't some naïve teenager who would just lie there and let the man poke her. As I started to drive into her, her bottom started bobbing up and down as she pushed her pussy firmly against the thrusts I was delivering.

While I was pleasuring her I pushed up her top and unhooked her bra. My hands circled her and closed upon a very fine set of breasts. I squeezed them and then really started hammering out my frustrations on a body that seemed to be strangely pliant and eager for what was supposed to be a rape.

Gwen was squealing and bucking under me, so enthusiastic her reactions I was half afraid she'd buck me off. Happily I rode out the storm, letting her work off her own frustrations on my willing cock.

On I went, ravishing this tender young body, which responded with youthful resilience. Eventually I could feel myself moving to the point of no return. From the frantic squealing from Gwen, she was also at that point, so I was quite happy to just let loose and run with my feelings.

Gwen was screaming with abandon as she convulsed under me, her bottom grinding ferociously into my groin as she tried to take me even deeper into her while she climaxed.

Afterwards we stood there for a few moments, Gwen leaning heavily on her hands while I leaned on her, cock still inside her. Eventually I withdrew, and Gwen slowly straightened.

Before she could start on me I indicated the open door.

"If you care to take you seat," I said, "we can be on our way."

She gave me a dirty look and scanned the countryside. That showed there was nothing to see. The entire time we'd been stopped, no cars had passed, in either direction. She bent to pull up her shorts and panties before getting back in the car, but I put a hand on her arm, stopping her.

"Now that we've established that I'm a rapist who might pounce on you at any time and you're a helpless victim who will just stand still while I poke you, why don't you leave those off. That way if I feel an uncontrollable urge to leap on you again you'll be ready for the fun."

That earned me another filthy look and then Gwen settled back into the car. To my amusement she actually did leave her shorts and panties around her ankles, obviously expecting that somewhere along the way she would have to pay her dues again. I wondered how long she intended to travel with me.

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