HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02


And worshipping was definitely the right word for it.

The Billion Dollar Princess was licking and sucking Trish's pussy like she had been in the desert for weeks and Trish's cunt was freshly found water.

From the way she was eating Trish's pussy it seemed as if Stephanie had been a huge cunt craving dyke her entire life but Trish knew better.

Stephanie may have had the odd fantasy about being with another woman before but would have probably be sickened by the idea of actually going through with it, but now thanks to Trish the Billion Dollar Princess was a cunt loving queer girl who just couldn't get enough pussy.

Luckily for Stephanie her new Mistress planned on giving her all the pussy a cunt hungry lesbian whore like her could handle and then some along with enough butt poundings to more than satisfy Stephanie's newly found anal needs.

Trish's mind became lost in imagining all the nasty little things she planned to do to Stephanie now she was her bitch to the point where her orgasm completely caught her by surprise.

Normally Trish like to fight her orgasms so she could enjoy the sexual pleasure she was receiving for longer but by the time she realised she was cumming it was too late.

Caught up in her orgasm Trish went with it and began face fucking Stephanie with her cunt even more brutally than before, determined to squeeze as many climaxes as she possibly could from Stephanie's mouth as her own body shook violently and her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

Stephanie of course saw none of the physical effects Trish's orgasms were having on her but she certainly felt it as the blonde used her face as a fuck pad and heard the verbal abuse spewing from her Mistress's mouth.

The physical and verbal abuse she received only drove Stephanie onwards, bringing Trish to as many orgasms as possible, the whole time worshipping Trish's cunt like a good little bitch.

It was incredibly hard to concentrate on Trish's pussy due to the fact that from the blonde's first climax the most delicious thing Stephanie had ever tasted slided into her mouth and down her throat, changing her life forever.

From that moment on Stephanie knew she would be a girl cum hungry slut for the rest of her life, desperate for the taste of creamy girl cum, especially the creamy girl cum of her beautiful Mistress Trish Stratus.

Unfortunately due to Stephanie's inexperience most of her Mistress's cum ended up covering her face, a fact she hated herself for and secretly hoped her new owner would punish her for wasting even a drop of such a precious liquid.

Luckily for Stephanie she was given another chance with each orgasm, the broken bitch happily eating her Mistress to orgasm after orgasm until finally an exhausted Trish pushed her away.

"Did I... did I do something wrong Mistress?" Stephanie asked nervously, desperately trying to think what she could have done wrong.

"No, that was great, you're a natural born pussy eater Steph, I've just got something else I'd like you to eat." Trish said, flipping over onto all fours and sticking her ass out at her bitch.

Stephanie smiled widely and then buried her face in Trish's magnificent ass, covering that big booty in soft pecks at first before her kisses became longer and wetter.

"Mmmmm, that's it bitch, kiss my ass! Renew your membership to the Trish Stratus kiss my ass club you brown nosing whore! You know how much your Mistress likes to feel your lips on her ass so you better do a good fucking job of it! Yes, that's it Stephanie, prove you're nothing but an ass kissing bitch! My ass kissing bitch!" Trish ordered, enjoying the feeling of her former rival's lips worshipping her ass for a few minutes before telling her bitch, "Good, now slowly kiss your way to my ass hole and start rimming me you ass kissing whore!"

Doing as she was told Stephanie slowly kissed her way to the valley between Trish's meaty cheeks and slid her tongue up and down the blonde's ass crack, just the way she knew her Mistress liked, before turning her attention to her owner's ass hole.

Pressing her lips against Trish's butt hole in a gentle peck Stephanie started out slow, literally kissing Trish's ass hole for a few long moments before sliding her tongue out and gently against the blonde's puckered rosebud. Stephanie swirled her tongue around that hole for a little while before applying force and slowly pushing her tongue into Trish's ass hole.

Trish gasped, and then moaned in pleasure as her ass hole was invaded by Stephanie's soft tongue, the blonde's fingers making their way to her clit so she could maximise the pleasure she was feeling from this.

Without needing to be told Trish's bitch quickly began twirling her tongue inside her ass hole as she slid it through her rectum, Stephanie deeply cleaning the inside of Trish's bowels with her tongue just as she had been trained to do.

Trish had clearly taught her slut well and now she was definitely enjoying the benefits, the Canadian sliding her fingers into her pussy as she rubbed her clit, determined to cum with her bitch's tongue in her ass.

Stephanie was disappointed that she wasn't getting the chance to finger her Mistress. After all, it was her purpose in life now to bring Trish pleasure so Trish fingering herself just seemed wrong. But if Trish wanted Stephanie to finger her she would have told her to do so, and as a broken bitch Stephanie was helpless to do anything but kneel there with her tongue in Trish's ass hole, desperately wanting to give her Mistress the best rim job possible.

Redoubling her efforts Stephanie pressed her face as deep into the blonde's butt cheeks as she could and began greedily sucking and slurping at Trish's ass hole in between thrusting her tongue in and out of that tight anal ring.

Over the last 24 hours Stephanie must have been made to kiss Trish's ass at least half a dozen times and every long session of ass kissing had always led to Stephanie's tongue firmly up Trish's butt, the Billion Dollar Princess learning very quickly how to please her new owner with her tongue in her ass hole. Stephanie happily used all those tricks she had learned from worshipping Trish's ass to give her Mistress all the pleasure she could possibly get from a back door cleaning.

Moaning loudly Trish thrust her ass backwards in time with the thrusts of Stephanie's tongue while reaching back and forcing Stephanie's face even deeper into her ass, making sure her bitch was as deep up her butt as she possibly could be.

To achieve this Trish had to lean forward so that she was pressing her own face against the couch while still sticking her ass up in the air for her tamed bitch to lick and suck on, her hands otherwise busy with the back of Stephanie's head and her own pussy.

Trish pounded her pussy with her fingers, driving herself closer and closer to orgasm with every thrust as she made the once high and mighty Stephanie McMahon thoroughly clean out her ass hole.

Unlike last time Trish was concentrating on her approaching climax so she was able to keep it at bay for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of having Stephanie's tongue deep within her bowels for what felt like hours until she finally allowed herself to cum.

"Oh my God, that's it, tongue my ass hole bitch! Twirl your tongue around inside my ass hole you fucking butt licking whore! Rim me! Rim my fucking rectum out bitch! That's it! So good, that feels so good, eat my ass, eat my fucking ass hole out! Oh, I'm going to... I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum with your tongue up my fucking ass Stephanie! I'm going to cum with you licking my ass hole out! I'm going to cum while you're renewing your membership to the Trish Stratus kiss my ass club bitch!" Trish said just before she finally went over the edge and came.

When her orgasm hit her Trish's scream was deafening and her body shook violently, but like a good little bitch Stephanie kept tongue fucking Trish's ass until the blonde's climax had died down and she told her to stop.

For the next few hours Trish made Stephanie eat out her pussy and ass hole, stopping only occasionally to make her whore suck on her tits and kiss her feet.

Trish's bitch brought her to orgasm after orgasm until there was a banging on the door telling them that it was after midnight and everybody had to leave the arena.

After hearing this, and after Stephanie had brought her Mistress to another couple of orgasms, Trish and Stephanie finally left the locker room only to return to Trish's hotel room for another long night of HLA.

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