tagSci-Fi & FantasyHold Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me


Agent James Cane sits at his desk reviewing the evidence collected so far, a simple police investigation has led to exposure on the main terrorism finance network worldwide. Millions may be saved by chopping the head off the snake.

It would seem that somehow, the brightest minds had been contracted by her to create some form of mind control in order to subdue and have thousands of terrorists under her control. Needless to say she had them murdered soon after the project was completed. Her arrogance would be the key to bringing her down.

Rumours suggest that all terrorists take their orders from her, they have all been brainwashed. Other rumours would suggest that if the she is killed all under her control would follow suit as the cybernetics would implode haemorrhaging their brains, subsequently killing them.

Agent Cane was a suave and sophisticated man, and as luck would have this woman, Anna Von Clausewitz, is a nymphomaniac. It is also rumoured any man whom enters her bed chambers never leaves alive and is never found again dead or alive. It would seem the rumours of mind control have some corroborating evidence.

His phone rings he answers it.


"We need a secure line,"

Cane plugs his phone into the scrambler and puts it on speaker.

"The line is secure, go ahead,"

"We have news on Von Clausewitz."

"Don't fuck about what is it."

"We have hard evidence on her mind control and violent tendencies."

"Send it to me I need to know."

"Sending to you now."

"Thank You, Cane out."

Cane then hung up the phone and opened up his laptop and got into a secure line. The evidence then appeared before him. All the rumours were true; it is not known how many she has killed. It would appear any innocents are killed without any mind control. All those willing are brainwashed before received the cybernetic implants which link to her brain directly.

"I need a way in," Cane thought to himself.

It had been all night, he had not slept and now the sun was rising. Cane picked up his phone and keys and exited the safe house, a luxury apartment in Prague. He hopped into his car, a black McLaren MP4-12C. He drove to the coffee shop and stopped outside, his door swung opened and he stepped out. He went inside, sat down, and had his usual espresso had his usual espresso. He perused the newspapers and surveyed his surroundings. He now had some clarity and decided to head back to the apartment and plan his next move.

He rounded the corner which led him onto the street of his apartment. He was slowing in order to turn into the parking lot when an explosion ripped through his apartment. He quickly turned the car around and raced away from the scene, no doubt his killers would be awaiting his body to exit the apartment building in a black bag.

A few streets back Cane past a fire truck heading to his apartment. Cane got out of the city near the coast; he found a secluded spot and parked the car. His briefcase lay on the passenger seat; he opened it up and hooked his phone up to the secure line. He dialled headquarters.

His superior General Sarah Harding, his boss, soon got on the line with him.

"What is it Agent?"

"Prague safe house has been compromised, explosion."

"Are you ok agent?"

"No worse for wear General, I'm afraid it seems Von Clausewitz mind control stems beyond terrorists, we may have a leak."

"That bitch, she has to die."

"Understood General, anything else?"

"Yes, we need to infiltrate and find out everything we can about this woman. We may have something, a lead in Nassau, one of Von Clausewitz's lieutenants. That will be all agent, good luck."

Cane started his car up and drove to the airport, a private jet, a Boeing 737 BBJ 2, was waiting, and he got inside and awaited take-off. The stewardess came over; she was a foxy little thing.

"Anything before take-off?"

"Whisky on the rocks."

"Right away sir."

The stewardess then returned with his whisky and handed it to him. Cane was intrigued by her and as such called her to sit with him for some light conversation.

"What's your name?"

"It's Sasha Dimitrios sir, and I know who you are Mr Cane."

"Please, call me James."


She smiled a little, fumbling through her hair, showing all the signs of physical attraction. James leaned and kissed her on the neck. He continued to kiss her moving to her lips and locking tongues with her. She then pulled off her grey jacket and James began unbuttoning her shirt. Her luscious tits then popped out which were being fondled and nipped on by James.

Sasha than stood up and unzipped her skirt on the side and it dropped to the floor, she then hooked her thumbs on the side of her sheer black lace panties and pulled them down. James pulled off his shirt and Sasha tugged down his pants.

She then began to massage his balls and cock and proceeded to lick them. She then placed his cock inside her mouth; it was rather sizeable and made her gag as it hit the back of her throat. James proceeded to ram his cock in her mouth over and over again. She took it all in time and time again.

Cane gently pulled her head back, lifted her to her feet, and led her into the bedroom, on the plane. He laid her down and then positioned himself over her and slid his cock into her, she gasped a little at the size of it penetrating her but she enjoyed it. He continued to fuck her missionary and make her moan.

After a while he pulled out and with her still lying on her back he lifted her legs up. She then grasped then with her arms and propped her pussy out for him to penetrate her once again. He the plugged it inside her and she continued to let it moans of pleasure.

"Oh yes fuck me," she said whilst gasping.

"As you wish Sasha," Cane replied.

He continued to fuck her with her arms grasped around her legs. She moaned and screamed in delight. He then pulled out and she moved to the edge of the bed and moved slowly backwards over the edge of the bed. She then lay on the floor slightly curled with her pussy facing up at the same level as the bed.

Cane then moved along and positioned his cock over her pussy. She took it in, slightly curled up, with her pussy in the air being fucked by Cane. She was rather literally head over heels. She took his cock in her pussy and her loud moans continued to indicate her pleasure. It soon boiled over when whilst in the same position and orgasm ripped through her body. He then pulled out and walked around her and grasped her legs and gently flipped her onto the floor.

She then turned herself over and James then positioned himself in the 69 position and began to lick her like a turkey dinner. All the while his cock was buried in her mouth; to Sasha it felt as though it has penetrated the back of her mouth. They continued in this manner for a while longer when Sasha wanted his cum all over her face.

She then sat up and propped herself up against the bed, and pointed her eyes to his cock and awaited his jizz to splatter all over her face. James came and then shot his load on her face. She was then covered in jizz and went to shower it all off. Cane got dressed and heard a beep from his phone. He opened it up and found a text message.

"Dimitrios, mind control, eliminate."

James then pulled out his .45 calibre handgun and screwed the suppressor onto it. He slowly moved to the bathroom, the door was ajar. Sasha was in the shower, facing away from him. The steam had slightly fogged up the clear glass doors. Cane aimed his gun at her as she slowly started to turn around.

Sasha realised she had been discovered, she then screamed "You will not stop us!"

A look of knowing appeared on her face just before he pulled the trigger shattering the shower doors and hitting her in the chest. Cane made certain no bullets hit anything else except her. Cane then headed over to the cockpit; knocked and entered.

"Agent Cane, pleasure to meet you."

"The feeling is mutual, Mr Anderson."

"I presume you've taken care of our little "stowaway" Harding sent me the same text."

"In shower, five slugs in the chest."

Cane sent an encoded text back to HQ confirming the kill. Five minutes later he receives a call on his secure phone.

"Cane, bloody good job."

"Sorry we didn't check deep enough into her background."

"I went deep and found out what she was about."

"I'm certain you did. I have the head of the Russian intelligence with me, seems you have taken care of a mutual problem of both England and Russia."

"Agent Cane, very well done. That bitch had to die."

"Glad to help sir."

"Thank you again Cane."

Harding came back on the phone and said "proceed as usual, over and out agent."

Cane retired to his chair as landing was imminent. It was a sunny day as always in Bahamas. Cane stepped off the plane being greeted by American agents.

"Agent, we are here to collect the body of one Sasha Dimitrios."

"In the bathroom."

"A job well done sir."

James then headed into the car provided for him a red BMW 650i. He hopped in and fired up the engine, he then drove off to the rendezvous point at a lavish hotel with many beach front chalets. He checked in and opened up his laptop on the desk and logged into the secure network.

He decided to prowl for his next target Von Clausewitz's engineer and scientist, Diane West, a vile women in all but looks, a Medusa of sorts, except she is not a gorgon nor does she turn men to stone. She had red hair but only covering half her head, the other half of hair was pitch black.

An eccentric and peculiar woman, she would take her lead from the world of Hollywood except she wouldn't get caught falling from grace like the movies would have people believe. A beach party would provide cover in order to assassinate her.

The party soon arrived and Cane put on a white shirt and cargo shorts. This kill would be hands on, and plan was to eliminate her and hand her over to a local agent whom would accompany the coroner. Cane knew he could never know anything but only suspect. So he expected the unexpected.

The party was at a rather secluded point on the beach and a few guests were in attendance. The usual mass murderers, mercenaries, and other terrorists were among those in attendance. Drinks were being served by waitresses all covered in nothing but paint, elaborate drawings on their skin. Drinks were a plenty and were being drunk in vast quantities.

Everybody was in casual attire or swimwear, West was in the latter. A shiny blue bikini was all that clung to her body. Her beauty seemed to mesmerise everybody in the room and as such everyone was hanging on to her every word.

"Friends welcome, tonight we celebrate as we ensure the continued order out of the chaos that is this world."

Everyone cheered at West's words, all but Cane, he saw right through the façade and knew her real intentions. Cane mingled in and amongst the other patrons. They seemed unaware of his real profession or intentions that very evening. Soon enough Diane West strutted over to Cane.

She seemed to let off a vibe of lust as if she was a bitch in heat.

"Hello Stranger" West said to Cane.

"Hello yourself, I must say you throw quite a party."

"I never introduced myself."

"You don't have to let's not attach any strings to whatever may happen later tonight"

"What makes you say that?"

"A gut feeling I suppose, it would seem from the expression on your face that you may in fact share my viewpoint."

"Well seems you are perceptive."

"Well I try to be, it's what makes life a little interesting."

"Listen this party will take care of itself, come with me and we'll go somewhere a little quieter."

"Let's do that."

They went off into some bushes and West stripped off the little bikini which was adorning her body to reveal something even more tantalising her naked body. A man without a strong will most certainly fall victim to her charms.

Vague lights came from the sight of the party and moon reflected of the ocean. West dropped to her knees and began to tug at Cane's shorts to reveal his cock standing at attention. She slowly licked and lubricated his cock with the tip of her tongue. She kissed the tip of his cock and slid the head of the shaft inside her mouth. She then proceeded to lick the tip of his shaft as it was inside her mouth. She then inched her way to the base of his shaft and began to build a rhythm as she went up and down the length of his shaft with her mouth and skilled tongue.

Cane removed his shirt as West was down on her knees with his cock buried inside her mouth. She continued for a while longer and then she got onto her knees facing away from him and bent over raising her ass in the air. He then positioned his cock in front of her pussy and plunged it inside he soon fucked away at a steady and constant pace. He pumped away as her moans continued to voice her approval of Cane's actions.

Cane then grasped his hands around her waist and got onto his side and then rolled onto his back with her on top of him. West lifted herself up and removed Cane's cock from her pussy and positioned it in front of her ass and slid it inside. She gasped when Cane's cock slide deep inside her ass. She slid herself up and down its length and loved every minute of it.

Cane caught the sight of her bikini top out of the corner of her eye. He knew this was his opportunity to end West. He very quickly grabbed it and draped it around her neck. She was too deep in lust to notice. Then West lying on top of him and his cock inside her ass. He slid the material around her neck and gripped tight with both hands and began to choke. West struggled and tried to prise the material from her neck but to no avail.

She soon ceased breathing Cane kept tugging for a little while longer to make sure she was dead. He lifted her off his cock and rolled her to one side. He looked toward the party to ensure no one had noticed. He got up and got dressed. He grabbed her naked body and grabbed her bikini.

He moved her body further down the beach and laid it down. He pulled out his phone and made a call. He then moved her body and noticed an ambulance arriving. The lights were off and little attention was drawn to it. Out stepped the coroner and a member of the local intelligence a gorgeous Caucasian woman.

"Agent Cane, I'm Agent Caroline Dalos."

"Nice to meet you, Agent Dalos."

The coroner wheeled over a gurney with an open body bag on top of it. Cane placed West's body inside of the body bag and the coroner zipped it up.

"Agent Dalos, I think this will fit you, not to worry she removed them herself."

"Much appreciated Agent Cane; do you give all women you meet for the first time gifts?"

"If time permits."

"I would invite you for a drink but I'm afraid your people have new orders for you, an additional target."

"A quick kill?"

"No they want this one alive, Its Von Clausewitz's daughter."

"Who is she?"

"Everything you need to know is in this docket, there is a plane waiting for you at the airfield. I'll give you a lift?"

Cane took the docket form her and walked with her to the hotel parking lot which was not far from where they met with West's body. They walked over to Dalos' car a blue Jaguar XKR convertible. The sounds of the night were disrupted when the engine was fired up. As they drove a squadron of police cars and a SWAT van raced past.

Soon they had arrived at the airport.

"A pleasure working with you Agent Cane."

"The feeling is mutual Agent Dalos."

With that they went their separate ways and Cane got onto the plane, the same pilot as before was on the plane. There was no air hostess, not that Cane had minded in any case. Cane began to peruse the docket Agent Dalos had handed him. Diane Von Clausewitz was conceived through artificial insemination. She was engineered, everything about her; her looks, her intelligence and genetically enhanced physique all from the will of her diabolical mother.

It seems though she had her cryogenically frozen once when turned eighteen which was three years prior to the day. A redheaded vixen, her cryo chamber is supposedly being kept underneath a plush Mansion somewhere near the Apennine Mountains in the Italian country side. However three targets stood between Cane and the overall objective.

The next target was Emma Gold, the name a pseudonym most likely. Has a penchant for drowning her enemies in molten gold. An entirely wasteful and over costly exercise but she seems to want to make a point. She is Von Clausewitz's financier; her money funding the mind control system which was ascertained to be a neural control hub. It isolates the brain from the rest of the body only allowing connections, and therefore actions, that the operator on the other end deemed worthy aside from those needed for primal survival.

The target was in Wales, secluded in an old Celtic castle. After another uneventful flight on the corporate jet Cane landed at Cardiff airport and was greeted with a windy and rainy day which was in stark contrast to the blues skies and sunshine of the Bahamas. Cane hopped into a Range Rover and headed off to the castle. It also operated as a historical centre showing guests Welsh history.

Cane joined the tour group, deliberately moving within the middle of the tour group to throw of the camera. Gold was well aware of the demise of Dimitiros; however no leaks of West's elimination had surfaced. Still Cane felt that she would be on her guard and as such was taking no chances. He had another agent ready to cut the power and buy him about thirty seconds to enter the restricted section of the museum. However, a complication hit, Cane was tapped on the shoulder a large member of the security staff, took to one side and told that he had been chosen to meet the curator of the museum whom he had known to be Gold. Cane followed the man but was unsure if he had been discovered.

The guard swiped the door and Cane followed him inside. Cane walked down two flights of stairs and found himself in a sophisticated high tech underground bunker of sorts. He walked over the door the security man pointed out and walked inside a rather plush bedroom of sorts. He saw a frosted glass door in the corner and heard a shower going. He proceeded to take a seat and analysed his surroundings still unsure if he would have to fight his way out.

The frosted glass door slide open and then stepped out Emma Gold clad in only a short black silk robe which she had loosely tied together.

"Hello there stranger, Emma Gold," she said to me with an outstretched hand.

"Adam Marx, Ms Gold, what can I do for you?" I replied whilst shaking her hand.

"You can fuck me."

"It would be a pleasure, Ms Gold."

She reached down to the knot holding her skimpy gown closed. She slowly tugged and pulled it until it became loose and then her gown parted revealing her gorgeous body, slim stomach and beautiful shaved pussy. The fabric of her gown rested on her rather sizeable breasts. Cane reached for her gown slowly slipped it off and allowed it to drop to the floor.

She then proceeded to undress James and soon enough he was just as nude. The embraced and kissed and then slowly made their way to the bed where James sat down and Emma got onto her knees and began to stroke and fondle his cock and balls. The fondling soon led to sucking as Emma first licked the tip of his cock before slowly inserting it inside her mouth and taking it all the way to the base. She used a free hand and fondled his balls whilst she sucked on and lubricated his cock.

She sucked, went up and down all the while continuing her fondling of his balls until she stood herself up and turned around and sat down on my cock. She first eased it inside and then went all the way to the bottom. The power of the lust which saturated her room was more than palpable.

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