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Sometimes we do things in life that surprise even us. Occasionally we take opportunities to fulfil long held dreams or fantasies -- fantasies we have not spoken of but have thought of a lot.

This story is about an experience my wife and I had fairly recently which changed our lives completely, fulfilling so much by it's surprise.

We had just purchased an apartment in Thailand and were taking a short break there. As is often the case in new developments half the site was still under construction. This construction was not an issue for us, as the nearest workers were about 50/60 metres away across the swimming pool. As is often the case in Asia though, these workers worked late into the night often until midnight. Not a noise problem - as no machines were in use after 6pm!

Our apartment faced the pool, and so looked out across the site, meaning we could see the workers who were over this side of the construction.

One night we had been out for a lovely Thai meal, had a few drinks at our favourite bar, and had returned home feeling rather sexy and turned on. We had both flirted a little with the girls in the bar and a couple of the western guys. We had danced and enjoyed the excitement of the warm balmy evenings, and the innuendo and induced temptation that goes with holiday destinations.

As we went into the bedroom I noticed that the blinds were open. I left it that way. My wife put on the bedside lamp and then she noticed the open blinds too.

" Maybe we should close those?" she said questioningly.

"Lets leave them open." I replied, smiling.

"What about those guys?" she said, looking across at the lights and the workers. Even though they were 50 or 60 metres away, they could still see clearly if they looked.

"What about them?" I asked

"You know full well!" she said, smiling. "They will see us making love."

"Then they will get a treat!" I replied , adding

".... and so will I, I have always secretly fantasised about being watched making love"

"Actually, so have I" she said demurely but confidently, "though I will feel better if we turn the light off -- I am sure they will still be able to see, its just that I will feel better."

I agreed and the light was turned off. The moon was bright and with the lights from the construction, I just knew that all would be visible if they chose to look.

We kissed and fondled and began to undress each other, not daring to look across the pool. We were so horny that soon we were both standing naked, hands stroking our bodies, lips engulfing each other, caressing everything making each begging for more, more, more.

I glanced across, not obviously I hoped, to see a couple of the guys standing watching intently. I whispered to my wife "they are watching."

At this she stiffened, and hesitated, but slowly turned her head towards the pool. As she saw the guys she gasped -- "oh my god, what shall we do?"

" Do you want to stop?" I said ... "close the blinds?"

" No" she whispered, "this is turning me on big time"

At this I turned her to face the pool, her back to me, stroking her constantly all over her - breasts, pussy, stomach, up and down between her legs. She was in full view now, although we were a couple of metres away from the window. I could tell she was enjoying this even though there was still a sense of hesitation in both of us. She began to groan and directed my hand between her legs. I obliged, stroking and feeling the wetness which was becoming more and more intense.

By now three others had joined the viewing, another guy and a couple of women. They didn't speak, they just watched. Both of us were getting so turned on it was becoming unbearable. I just knew she wanted more.

"Move to the window and spread your legs." I said.

Without hesitation she did. She rested her hands on the window ledge halfway up the full length glass and spread her legs wide.

We all knew what was to come next. I entered her and gently slid myself well into her welcoming body. She gasped.

She was being fucked in full view and loving it -- "God this is so erotic!"

She panted. She was gushing, I was rock hard. I could see the onlookers as I pumped her. She started to move her body with mine, gyrating her hips in tandem with my thrusting -- but not daring to look up. By now we were both so high on sexual adrenalin that nothing mattered, we were in the moment, and this moment was so enhanced by our audience.

We were getting closer and closer, she knew she was about to come, I could feel it too.

Suddenly she stood up, spread her arms out high onto the glass, pushing her body forward. Now she saw all of them, she saw their smiles, she saw the onlookers who were watching her make love - and they saw her eyes and her pleasure.

At this she pulsated with excitement, groaning and saying how erotic this all was ... "Oh please," she just kept on saying, "please, please, please."

Suddenly her whole body stiffened, she screamed, her face was pressing against the window, and she gyrated with such intensity that it felt like the world would explode.

That brought me on big time -- my semen rushed out like an exploding geyser and into her, mixing fluid with fluid. We both seized up, wanting to cement the pleasure, and just stood there salivating at what we had just done, not wanting to move, not wanting to spoil the moment. After what seemed like an eternity of erotic indulgence, we slid out of each other and lay on the bed, sated, totally indulged and perfectly at one with each other.

After a few minutes she turned to me and smiled

"That was wonderful." she said.

I smiled at her and kissed her gently.

We fell into a deep sleep, and were awakened by the morning light streaming in through the open blinds, reminding us of our amazing night of fantasy and passion. Life can be wonderful.

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