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Holiday Homecoming


Finals were finally over and I was heading home. My freshman year was now officially half way through and I felt good about that. Pretty sure I did well my first semester in school. I better, because I literally gave up any semblance of a social life in order to keep my grades up. I was anxious to get home and meet up with friends. It was time to relax, let down my hair, and have a little fun. I had earned it.

It was cool outside, but still nice for November, especially for Ohio. It was actually 70 during the afternoon and it was still around 60 at 8:00 PM as I pulled into the parking lot at Snuffy's Tavern.

Snuffy's is the lounge that every neighborhood seems to have. It serves the high school kids drinks, readily accepting even the worst imaginable fake IDs. I had my first drink there at 16. It was also the place where most of the college kids would go when they got home on break. It was just outside the small Jewish neighborhood I grew up in. My dad is Jewish, but my mom is Catholic and from Denmark. Quite a mix if I have to say. I guess I was really neither. I did seem to inherit most of my Mom's fair features (the light blond hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion)

I was meeting a good friend of mine from high school tonight, Jordan. She was also home from college. Jordan and I really look like sisters. She was also from a "mixed marriage", except her mom was the one who was Jewish. Jordan was about 5"5" and weighed about 110. Her hair was darker than mine, more of a dishwater blond. I guess we both favored our gentile parent.

Both of us had been a bit wild in high school, but in a small town sorta of way. I only slept with one guy in high school, Ryan. Ryan was a good looking guy, but he was a little on the nerdy side. But he was always nice to me, we got along well, and we spent a lot of time together growing up. Jordan was a little more active than I was, but I'm guessing her experience with fucking was limited to less than 5 guys.

Though Ryan was the only guy I had sex with in high school, what I lacked in the variety of sex partners, I definitely made up for with my oral skills. I think my last two years in high school I had oral sex with 10 different guys. They were, of course, all nice Jewish kids who, quite frankly, were a little more gifted at math than pleasing a woman. But I enjoyed doing it for them, and of course not a one of them ever complained!

Ryan was pretty typical of the guys in my high school. He was about 5'7" and weighed around 140 pounds, which was fine for me. I mean, I'm only about 5'4"and 105 pounds. So we were a pretty good fit as a couple.

Snuffy's looked pretty dead for the night before Thanksgiving. I seemed to remember it being much more crowded in years past. I glanced in my mirror as I parked my car and saw Jordan pull in right beside me.

"Hi Heather," Jordan yelled as she got out of her car. "What's up?"

Jordan was wearing a short jean skirt and a t-shirt. Her typical CFM (come fuck me) look. Of course, I had on my CFM outfit too, a short navy colored tennis skirt and a white silk blouse that hugged the contours of my breasts. It was readily apparent in the crisp fall air that neither of us was wearing a bra.

"Hi Jordan, you look appropriately slutty if I must say."

"Heather, from you, I take that as a compliment,' Jordan responded. "You look pretty hot too girl. Well let's get inside and see what's happening. It looks a little slow right now. Maybe we can shoot a little pool until it picks up" Jordan said.

We opened the door and walked in. It was very dark and smoky inside, darker than I remembered it being in the past. We sorta stumbled along the tables until we made it toward the back of the bar and slid into a booth.

"Damn girl, I can't see squat in here it's so dark" said Jordan.

"I think it's just our eyes haven't adjusted yet," I responded, "I think we'll be fine in a few minutes or so."

Snuffy's always played a wide variety of music and the Hip hop music was loud this evening. I'm not a big fan of hip hop, at least to listen to it. But it's good for dancing.

A slender black woman, probably in her mid 20's came up and asked us what we wanted. We told her two Corona's. She promptly told us that we were too young and had better get our lily white asses out of there. Jordan defiantly showed her fake ID and said her lily white ass was staying right there. The waitress stared at her for a minute and then walked away.

"That worked well Jordan" I sneered.

"What the fuck," Jordan responded, "we never had any trouble getting a beer in here when we were in high school, we sure to hell shouldn't have any trouble now."

Our eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness. There appeared to be about 5 or 6 men at the bar and several others at the tables. I think they were all black. Jordan and I had been in Snuffy's quite a few times in high school, and it was a pretty rare occasion for any blacks to patronize Snuffy's. Jewish kids with fake IDs, yes, black folks, no.

"What is it you ladies want?" The deep voice came from behind us and it startled both of us.

"A beer," stammered Jordan.

"With those IDs, you'll be lucky to get bubble gum" he laughed.

Jordan and I were both speechless. The voice was coming from what had to be one of the largest men either of us had ever seen. He looked to be 6'5" and I would guess he was in his mid to late 20's. He appeared to be pretty solid too.

"I'm Marcus. I'm the new owner of Snuffys. Bought it this fall when they lost their liquor license for selling to minors."

At that point I figured we didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of scoring a drink in Snuffys. We stood up to leave and Marcus leaned over and said, "Why don't you go ahead and sit back down. I'll have DeShawndra bring you girls a drink."

We sat down again and watched as Marcus walked back to the bar. We saw him talking with the black waitress. A few minutes later DeShawndra came over with two drinks. She placed them on the table and left without saying a word. They weren't beers, but I don't think either one of us really wanted to say anything that our waitress might take wrong. She had the look that clearly said - don't fuck with me.

"What the hell do you think this drink is" Jordan said. I sipped mine, and told her it tasted like an ice tea with some alcohol in it.

"Oh Heather, you are so dumb," Jordan said, "It is an Ice Tea and it has like a bizillion shots of stuff in it. Cheers," Jordan said as she took a big gulp.

"Fine" I said, "lets drink this down and get out of here before Deshawndra, or whatever her name is, decides she wants to kick our 'lily white' asses."

We both laughed and started to enjoy our drinks. That's when we noticed 3 black guys slowly walk over to our booth. It was comical, in as much as their pants were almost falling off and they all had their hands on their crotches. I think we both thought, oh God, what stereo types!

The first one to the table said, "Yo, Yo, Ho's what up."

The second one echoed, "You fine ladies looking for some action, you came to the right place."

The third one, not to be outdone, chimed in "You got that right bitches."

It was like something out of a stupid video you would see on BET when surfing channels. You know that attitude is out there, but you can't really believe that people that ignorant really exist. Yet here it was, hanging right over us (in our CFM outfits no less).

About that time we heard a voice say "Ok little man, you heading out the front door or the back door?" We thought the voice came from Marcus, but it actually from a guy who was even bigger.

There was a moment of tension in the air but our three new "friends" began to back toward the exit. After a brief stare down, they turned and shuffled away cursing under their breath. We turned and saw Marcus had joined the other man.

"Sorry ladies, usually the thugs don't make it in until much later," said Marcus. "This is my business partner, Ray. " As you can see, most folks don't mess with Ray." Ray looked to be about two inches taller than Marcus and he also appeared to be pretty solid. We could see that Marcus was definitely right about Ray.

Then Jordan surprised me when she said, "Ray, would you like to join us for a drink? Marcus, I'm sure Heather wouldn't mind if you join us too. After all, it's the least we can do."

Ray slid in next to Jordan. Damn he was a big man. Marcus slid in next to me; he was a big man too. They both had a beer with them already.

"Ok," Jordan said, "Are you guys pro basketball players or what?"

Ray and Marcus both laughed. Marcus said, "Ray and I played football together in high school. We went to different colleges, but ended up on the same team in the NFL. Neither of us was able to stick though. I played a couple years as a backup linebacker. Ray was a defensive end and actually started for part of his first year, but he blew out his knee and got cut. So here we are, serving beer and chasing out punks in our own little dive bar."

Jordan and I laughed. We talked to Marcus and Ray for an hour. They were both charming and couldn't have been nicer to us. Jordan asked and discovered that Ray was 6'6" and weighed 240, while Marcus was 6"4" and weighed 235. I can attest that they both had bodies that looked like they were chiseled out of concrete.

Ray had got up and brought back a 2nd round of drinks for all of us. I don't know about Jordan, but I was starting to feel quite a buzz from the drinks.

Jordan and Ray were in deep conversation. I really wasn't watching them, as Marcus was asking me about college and how I was doing. He was a very engaging person and he made me feel totally at ease.

When I finally glanced over at Jordan I noticed she was almost sitting on Ray's lap and he had his arm around her.

"Jordan," I said, "I'm going to the little girls room, want to go?" "Sure," Jordan said. Before Ray could get up though she had quickly slid onto his lap and then she slowly slid off his lap and out of the booth.

Marcus had already stood and I was able to slide out of the booth in a much less seductive manner. When Jordan and I got to the bathroom, she was almost breathless.

"My God, Heather, he is hung like a horse."

"What? How the heck..."

"I had my hand on his leg in the booth and when I moved it just a bit I swear I felt the head of his cock almost down to his knee."

"Yeah, right," I said.

"Laugh if you want Heather, but when I slid across his lap, well, lets just say that verified it for me."

We primped a little in the mirror in a bit of awkward silence. Both of us, I think, were realizing that we really had pretty limited experience with men, yet here we were with these two giant of men, both of whom were giving obvious signs that they were interested. I'm not sure either of us really was really sure if we wanted to move forward or not.

Jordan went into the stall while I continued to primp. She came out just a moment later and dropped her underwear in the trash can as she pulled her short jean skirt back down.

"Jordan, what are you doing," I stammered.

"Well hell, I was probably going to hook up with someone anyway tonight. Might as well see what happens here. I mean, it's not like we can't leave if we want. You going to dump yours in here too?"

"Nah," I said, "Heck, I just have on a thong anyway." We laughed and left to head back to our booth.

Jordan got to the booth first. As Ray started to move out of the booth she sat on his lap again. This time she didn't slide off. Marcus wasn't in the booth so I was able to slide in easily.

As I sipped on my ice tea, Jordan was giggling as Ray was saying something to her. She slowly slid off his lap and he leaned over and kissed her. And what started out as a light kiss quickly heated up.

I felt something warm next to me. It was Marcus. I guess I was so taken by what was going on in front of me that I wasn't even aware he returned. He moved in close to me and placed his hand on my leg. His hand was huge. It literally went from my knee to half way up my leg.

"Hell, I'm gone for 5 minutes and look what happens," he laughed, referring to the sudden intimacy between Ray and Jordan. Ray pulled away from his embrace with Jordan and she laid her head against his chest and cuddled even closer.

"Yeah," Ray smiled, "I think she is trying to take advantage of me. We all laughed.

As Marcus continued to chat, his hand slowly moved higher up my leg. I have to admit, I was like totally distracted and I really wasn't conscious of the conversation anymore. I was, however, very aware of his huge hand moving closer and closer to my pussy. Which, between watching Jordan make out with Ray and the heat of Marcus next to me, was starting to get pretty moist.

Marcus leaned over close to me and asked softly, "Are you ok?"

"Huh, oh yeah, I'm fine," I managed to stutter. He smiled and moved his hand a little further up my leg. I shifted a little and slowly parted my legs slightly. I think Marcus was aware that he was beginning to break my resistance some. His hand felt good on my leg.

I glanced over at Jordan. She was now intently looking down. Not sure what she was staring at, but she seemed almost in a trance.

Ray broke the silence and said, "Hey Marcus, why don't we take the ladies outside to the patio we're working on. It will be a lot quieter and more comfortable."

"Damn Ray," said Marcus, "That's a hell of an idea. We've been working on the patio for the last month. It's not open yet, but we are almost done. Ready girls?"

Before I could say anything, Ray and Jordan were up and heading outside. I felt Marcus's big hand grasp mine and pull me toward the back exit of the bar. We followed Jordan and Ray to the back door. Ray unlocked the door and we all went out into the crisp night.

I glanced over at Jordan. The cold air caused her nipples to pop right through her t-shirt. Looking down, I saw that mine were doing the same. Ray and Marcus were surely enjoying the view. Marcus closed the door and locked it discreetly behind him.

"Girls, don't worry, we'll get the fire pit warmed up," said Ray. He reached over and flipped a switch on the wall which turned on the gas flame in the fire pit. The pit had nice padded benches surrounding it. Jordan and I moved closer to the fire in the pit to warm up, while Ray and Marcus sat on opposite benches surrounding the fire pit.

The patio was dark, lit only by the fire pit. It had a 10 foot wood fence around it, making it very secluded and private.

"Jordan, come sit next to me and I'll warm you up quicker than the fire," laughed Ray. And before I could blink, Jordan was next to Ray. I followed her lead and sat down next to Marcus. The fire was nice, but I think the warmth I felt was coming as much from anticipation as it was from the fire.

Both Ray and Marcus had on shorts that extended just below their knees. As I was warming up next to Marcus, I saw Jordan slide her hand up under Ray's shorts. Ray's head was tilted back and his eyes were shut. He did have a big smile.

The fire pit really put out a lot of heat. Even though it was no more than 50 degrees outside now, the ambient temperature by the fire pit was quite warm. The darkness of the patio was pierced by the light of the fire. I could see Jordan and Ray very clearly through the flames which illuminated their bodies on the other side of the pit.

Jordan's hand was moving up and down under Ray's shorts. He had spread his legs allowing her easier access. I swear that I could see the head of his cock every time her hand moved up. If the flames were not distorting the image, it was huge.

I jumped as I felt something warm on my leg. I was so wrapped up in watching Jordan; I didn't realize Marcus had moved his hand almost all the way up my leg. It was resting just inches away from my neatly trimmed pussy. My hair is very blond (I take after my mother's Danish ancestors) and I always leave a little landing strip of hair down there. I've always been proud of the fact that I'm just as blond down there as I am on my head.

"I'm sorry," said Marcus, "I didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh, you didn't, I mean I wasn't, uh." Oh hell, all I could do was stutter. Marcus smiled and I finally managed to say he hadn't scared me. I leaned over and rested my head against his chest. It was massive. Subconsciously, my legs parted slightly allowing his hand to rest comfortably right next to my moist pussy.

As we cuddled on the bench, Ray and Jordan were going at it hot and heavy. Jordan had reached over and pulled Ray's t-shirt off. He had a very nice chest. I think I gasped at the next thing I saw. Jordan had pulled Ray's shorts up to allow her to get both hands on his cock. My God, it was the largest one I have ever seen. It was at least twice as big as Ryan's, and probably twice as thick too.

Jordan had both hands wrapped around it stroking it up and down. Ray had her nipple in his mouth and had his hand completely under her skirt, no doubt finger banging her as she was moving her hips up and down to the thrust of his arm. I wasn't aware of it, but Marcus was enjoying watching me watch Jordan and Ray - probably as much as I was enjoying watching them.

Marcus slowly moved his huge hand and lightly brushed against my pussy. I know he had to feel the heat and moistness coming from me. I think my thong was already wet to touch. Watching Ray and Jordan had me so hot I could hardly contain myself.

Marcus slowly moved his fingers around my hot cunt, never quite touching me there, but always staying dangerously close. He did this for several minutes as I watched Jordan and Ray. Ray had stood up and turned toward Jordan. I saw Jordan unsnap his shorts and watched as they dropped to the ground. Ray was naked and he had the body of a Greek God. His back was turned to me now and I could not see Jordan at all, but I'm certain she was sucking his big hard black cock as I watched his firm ass thrusting forward. Watching them go at it right on the other side of the fire pit was making me incredibly hot.

"Oh God," I gasped.

Marcus had quit teasing me and his long fingers had slid under my thong and they were gently gliding up and down my slit. I was already so wet that his finger easily slid right in my tight pussy. I spread my legs to allow him better access. Marcus then knelt down in front of me. I spread my legs more and he pulled my thong off.

"Your pussy is beautiful," he said, "I don't know if I have seen one this pink before."

And with that he gently leaned over and began to lick my pussy with his tongue. He gently ran his tongue all around my wet opening and then he started working my clit with his mouth. As he sucked on my clit, he slid his long finger up into my pussy and began rubbing my G-spot. Between Marcus sucking my clit and rubbing my G spot, while I was watching Jordan suck Ray's big cock, I felt my juices flowing and just exploded. I don't think I ever had an orgasm that intense before. I think I actually squirted I came so hard.

As my eyes rolled back to their normal position and my eyelids opened I saw that Jordan and Ray were now both naked. I could see Ray sitting on the bench with Jordan kneeling between his legs, sucking his cock. The fire dancing in front of me created an intense image as Jordan's head dancing up and down on Ray's cock through the shadows of the flames. Ray stood, pulled Jordan up and laid her on the bench. He moved on top of her as Jordan wrapped her legs around his powerful torso. I could see Ray teasing Jordan with his huge cock as he rubbed it up and down her pussy. I could see Jordan arching her back trying to snag his cock with her pussy, but Ray was adroitly and teasingly avoiding making entry.

The next think I was aware of was Marcus standing in front of me. I couldn't see Ray and Jordan anymore. Marcus' waist was right at my eye level now. He leaned over and pulled my blouse over my head.

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