Holiday Romance


It was two days before our holiday to Prague that my girlfriend decided to leave me, it turned out that she'd been cheating on me for a while and had come to realise just now that she couldn't live with it on her conscience any longer. I was heartbroken, I had felt that we'd had a real connection and now I found out that she'd been deceiving me all along. I'd never really had much luck with women, I wasn't great looking and kind of shy and it had been something of an achievement to have got a girl like Suzanne in the first place. I had thought that we'd be together for always and that all my troubled and awkward efforts with women were over. How wrong I was. And what terrible timing she had. I had been looking forward to this trip for ages. My job didn't allow me a lot of time off, or enough money to really afford a decent holiday so I'd been saving for a long time to give Suzanne just the romantic trip she would love, just me and her in a beautiful European city for a whole week. I'd even thought about proposing if the trip was going well. Pretty deluded, I know, thinking like that, never realising that all this time she was screwing someone else behind my back. I just wanted to leave everything behind and clear my head and at least my week off provided me with just such an opportunity. It had taken a lot of effort and money to get that holiday and I was determined to take it and enjoy it even if I had to go alone. So, I packed my bags and moved out, flying to Prague that weekend and deciding to put my life on hold and just enjoy myself for the next week.

Well, it didn't exactly go like that. Even all the way across Europe, I couldn't stop thinking about Suzanne and our life together, I was miserable and all the sights and bars that the city had to offer weren't doing anything to cheer me up. Everything seemed to remind me of her and just made me more and more depressed. At least the beer was cheap and by the middle of the week I had taken to frequenting a different bar each afternoon and doing my best to drown my sorrows, hoping eventually I would drink enough to forget it all. It hadn't worked so far but tonight was a little different. I had sauntered into the bar at around three in the afternoon and as usual taken a table out of the way in the corner. It was a bar that had once hoped to be quite classy but the last few years had taken their toll on it a little, still it was a pleasant enough place to pass the afternoon. A few of the other tables were taken up by middle aged Czech men I assumed must be the regulars there and one table of very loud drunken Irish students clearly there just to get hammered although for very different reasons to me. I deliberately sat on the other side of the room to them and they didn't pay me any real attention. The barman was a man of about fifty, balding with that moustache that all eastern European men of a certain age seem to have. He seemed relatively pleased and welcoming to me, I probably made a welcome change as tourists go from the big group of drunk Irish, and like all bar tenders he could tell from my depressed appearance that I would be buying a lot from him. I ordered a Staropramen and took a look around. None of this was out of the ordinary and none of this accounted for why this afternoon my mind was able to drift for the first time from Suzanne and the holiday we should have had.

At the bar, directly opposite where I was sitting, sat the most gorgeous woman I had probably ever seen. She looked about 25, was elegant, slender and tall, almost 6' and over that in the spiky 6 inch heels on her feet. Heels that did a good job of enhancing the look of her bare long smooth legs as she sat on a high stool with her legs crossed. Her legs ended in a shapely round arse, the curve of her body well visible in the figure hugging short skirted black dress she wore as she leaned forward to drink from a straw, her scarlet lips wrapped sensually around it. As she leaned forward her breasts jutted out more. They were big but not enormous on her shapely, slender body, I guessed about a C-cup but the tightness of her dress pushed them up and together created an alluring cleavage that was further enhanced by the crucifix that hang around her neck. The way it pointed sensually down her dress suggested that it was worn for style reasons on this provocatively dressed woman rather than religious beliefs. Her hands were thin and delicate and expertly manicured with a dark red nail polish. She had cascades of jet black hair that moved in waves as she laughed at something the bar tender said to her. The sight of her red lips and open mouth laughing and the sensual sound of her laugh send shivers through me. Her soft, beautiful face had little makeup, just enough to enhance her natural beauty, but she did have some striking dark eyeshadow and long lashes that drew you into her dark eyes.

I couldn't take my eyes off her, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on anything else, I always found my attention drifting back to her long legs, her thighs barely covered by the skirt of her dress, so much so that I wondered if she bent over much if you could see her panties. I imagined them in my head, a lacy black thong with a tiny triangle of material that barely covered her shaved pussy, just thinking about her pussy made me get hard and I was glad I was tucked away in a corner with a table to hide my modesty and my mind free to roam, imagining her body stripped of that tight little dress, and her standing over me completely naked.. I shouldn't be thinking like this, I thought, I'm supposed to be miserable because of Suzanne. And I realised that for the first time all week I had stopped thinking about her for more than five minutes. Now my mind was entirely consumed by watching every little movement of the girl at the bar. She was holding the attention of the Irish guys as well, but she seemed oblivious to it, talking and laughing with the bar tender and a couple of regulars. I guess a girl that gorgeous must get stared at a lot. I know I couldn't help it, I tried to divert my attention to my drink but before I knew what was happening, my eyes kept straying back to those legs, imagining them wrapped around me as I fucked her tight little cunt. Now my cock was really hard and straining against my jeans. I wasn't even trying to hide the fact that I was staring at the hot woman now and so it came as something of a shock and an embarrassment when she turned around and saw me staring at her.

I blushed bright red and desperately tried to find something else to divert my attention to but could see her picking up her drink and walking over to my table. How was I going to explain myself to her? She probably didn't speak English and even if she did she'd probably just accuse me of being a perv, and could I really deny it, I was practically drooling over her and if she came too close she was sure to see the tent in my trousers. She stood over the table and looked down at me, towering above me in her high heels. She smiled a perfect white smile and spoke in perfect English but with a very strong Eastern European accent.

"I have seen you watching me," she said.

"No, no...I'm not...I mean I wasn't..." I stammered, trying to come up with an excuse.

"It's ok," she said, "I like the attention. Especially if it is coming from a nice looking man like you."

"Really?" I said, speechless, I didn't know what to say to that but this was going unusually well, "Would you like me to buy you a drink?"

"I would like that very much," she smiled and sat down opposite me, "I'm Milena," she stuck out her hand and I shook it, the touch of her skin was nice and soft, "It's always nice to meet new people in here".

Fortunately the shock of her discovering me and coming over like that had reduced the erection I'd got from watching her but still there was an embarrassing and awkward moment as I sat there and waited for it to go down enough for me to be able to get up and walk to the bar without anybody noticing. Anyway, I achieved this and brought another beer and a glass of wine for Milena. The bar tender gave me a funny look and said something in Czech that I didn't understand but he was smiling and indicating Milena so I assumed he was congratulating me on making some progress with her.

I came back over and sat back opposite her and we got to talking. Mostly about me, she didn't seem to want to say too much about herself, but I was more than willing to finally have someone to offload all my anger and misery over Suzanne to. Milena listened to my whole story with interest and sympathy, only interrupting to ask questions and offer her support. I could see that we were getting on quite well by now and was delighted by where this was going. This was a fantasy of a lot of guys, including me, going to Europe and being picked up by a hot girl, I couldn't believe it was happening to me. Milena was leaning over the table putting her soft hands on mine, showing off her cleavage. She was looking into my eyes and I was lost in the understanding and sympathetic look in her dark eyes as she looked back.

"I'm sure that we here can do something to help you forget all about your nasty Suzanne," she said, rubbing her hands across mine while under the table, her long smooth legs brushed against mine, my erection was growing up again, "I'm meeting my sister here," she continued, "Once she comes, then maybe you and me and her can go somewhere together, somewhere private," she said breathily in her ever so sexy Czech accent that was really turning me on.

Just then, all eyes turned to the doorway and in walked a woman that must be Milena's sister. She looked about three or four years younger, similarly tall (although not quite as much as her sister) and almost as sexy with long slender legs and little pert breasts. Her face was a little more angular and her black hair shorter. she was dressed in a denim mini-skirt and bright red halter top with three inch wedges on her feet. Unlike her sister, she was heavily and sluttily made up. She looked like a whore, a very hot whore but a whore none the less, where Milena looked rather more classy. She saw where Milena was sitting and gave a little wave coming over to our table and slotting herself in beside me, sitting so close that our bodies were pressed together in the tight space.

"This is my sister, Zelenka," Milena introduced her, "She doesn't speak such good English as me."

"I am please to meet you," Zelenka said to me, I offered her my hand but she leaned over and kissed my cheek, leaving a smudge of her red lipstick on my face.

She turned to her sister and chatted excitedly and rapidly in Czech, Milena talked back slower and more consideredly. Both seemed to be looking at me every so often and I began to realise that they were talking about me. Zelenka was asking her sister lots of questions and Milena was answering them, all the time I could feel her foot rubbing up and down my leg and Zelenka pressed close against me. I now had a hard-on that sitting so close to me, Zelenka was bound to see if she looked down. Finally, Milena and Zelenka finished talking and Zelenka turned to look at me. She leaned over, pressing her little breasts against me, running her tongue up my cheek until she was nibbling on my ear.

"My sister tell me, you, me and her are going to have some fun together," she said in broken English, her strong accent as alluring as her sister's, she was looking down at her crotch and her hand now ran across my erection, "I can see you like the idea as much as I do," she smiled as she felt it.

Milena got up and smiled at both of us, "Come on you two, save it for later," she said in English before saying something in Czech that caused Zelenka to giggle, "Let's go now."

The two hot Czech girls linked arms either side of me and guided me from the bar. The regulars turned and watched saying encouraging or joking things to each other in Czech. Even though I was a little embarrassed by my prominent erection, the jealousy on the faces of the Irish guys more than made up for it and made me feel great. They took me through the winding back streets of Prague and back to a little apartment in a slightly run down part of town. Inside, the apartment was pleasant but sparsely furnished, there was already another woman in there who began to talk excitedly with Zelenka when we came in.

"That's our roommate Svetlana," Milena explained, "You don't mind if she joins us do you? We like to share and you seem to need a lot of cheering up."

Well, how could I object to that, a foursome with three great looking Czech women? This day was just getting better and better, Suzanne was completely off my mind, so much so that I didn't know what Milena meant for a second when she said I needed cheering up, I was in heaven already. Svetlana came over and gave me a kiss on the lips. She was very sexy but quite the opposite of the sisters. Blonde and blue eyed where they were dark, short and busty where they were tall and slender. She was barely dressed at all, just wearing some very sexy lingerie. Her massive breasts practically spilled out over the top of a red satin bustier trimmed with black eyelash lace and a black ribbon lace up front. The black garters at the bottom of her bustier were attached to a pair of black lace top stockings over which she was wearing a pair of red and black satin panties. It was a very hot look and one I had long fantasised about. Suzanne didn't have any sexy lingerie, she'd said it was all for the guy's pleasure and didn't do anything for her. Obviously Svetlana thought differently.

Seeing the hot, busty blonde in her sexiest lingerie left me in little doubt about what was going to happen here between us, but any lingering doubts that I might have had were quickly erased as Milena began to kiss me. This was no gentle, friendly kind of kiss either. It was hot, passionate and sensual with the beautiful Czech girl taking complete control, holding me in a lingering embrace while our lips locked together and she ran her hands through my hair. Already this situation was beginning to get me aroused. As she locked lips with me, Milena was tugging at my shirt, breaking from the kiss only to pull it over my head.

Zelenka now walked over and pulled me into another kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Milena meanwhile dropped to her knees and continued to strip me. As I ran my hands over the soft, bare flesh of her sister's barely covered body, Milena undid my belt and was unzipping my trousers. My hands ran down to Zelenka's bare thighs, caressing the soft flesh, feeling up towards her little denim skirt. Svetlana had come up behind me and was rubbing up against my back, leaning over and planting kisses on my neck. Meanwhile, Milena had pulled my trousers down around my ankles. I was completely naked and surrounded by three beautiful women. Naturally my cock had become pretty hard.

Now, Zelenka stepped back away from me, looked down at my stiff member and grinned.

"This will be much fun," she said, smiling as she reached behind her head and unclasped her halter top, letting her perky breasts fall free. They were, quite simply, beautiful. Not too big but certainly not small either, nicely rounded mounds of flesh with small, pointy nipples, "You like what you see?" Zelenka smiled at me, casting her top aside so she was dressed in just that tiny denim skirt.

"Oh, Zelenka, you're gorgeous," I sighed, really meaning it.

"I hope you don't like her better than me," Milena laughed, her laugh enhancing the rich Eastern European tones of her accent.

Milena was still dressed in her sexy, figure hugging black dress and, as she stood up to kiss me again, I ran my hands along her feminine curves, feeling her body thrill to my touch through the fabric of her dress. In her tall, pointy heels, she stood above me, and certainly it felt like she was the one in control but I wasn't complaining. As I did this, she reached down and began to gently stroke my hard cock.

"Mmmm, I can feel just how hard me and my sister are making you," she moaned, "You like this very much, don't you?"

"Oh yes, Milena, you and your sister are such beautiful women, what more could I want?"

Zelenka now was on her knees, her pretty pink lips kissing my firm cock, making my body shiver with pleasure. I hadn't forgotten Svetlana either. The shorter girl was still behind me, running her hands over my arse. I loved the soft, sensual touch of so many female hands on my body. Zelenka opened her lips and swallowed part of my cock and, as she did this, Svetlana playfully inserted one of her fingers into my arse, which so surprised me that I almost leapt forward, shoving my dick further down Zelenka's throat. The pretty Czech girl didn't bat an eyelid however and simply swallowed my whole length like a pro. I had never had any girl play with my arse like this before but I have to admit I was really enjoying the double stimulation of Zelenka going down on my dick while Svetlana explored my arse with her finger, all the time while the most beautiful of the three, the tall, elegant Milena, continued to cover me with her soft kisses.

Svetlana leaned in close to me and whispered something in my ear, I couldn't understand a word of the Czech but her sensual Eastern European accent and gently teasing tone were a great turn-on. Overhearing whatever it was she said, Milena began to giggle to herself, showing a sexy, wide smile on her beautiful red lips.

I reached over and slowly unzipped Milena's little black dress. She did nothing to resist it and let the dress fall to the floor, revealing her beautiful curves in nothing but a black satin bra and matching panties. Her smooth, pale, soft body looked amazing, barely covered by the black satin. I could see the full length of those gorgeous long legs and the curve of her breasts held in by the soft satin bra. I stared open mouthed, drinking in every bit of her hot body. Meanwhile, her almost as hot sister, stopped sucking my cock just as I felt like I could nearly explode and stood up so both her and Milena were standing in front of me, one sister in just a satin bra and panties, the other with her nice tits exposed and pointy and nothing covering the rest of her modesty but a very short denim skirt.

As I watched, the two beautiful, tall, black haired Czech sisters took each other in their arms and began to make out, right in front of my eyes. It was perhaps the most erotic and arousing thing I had ever seen as these two gorgeous sisters began to caress each other's almost naked bodies as their lips pressed together. Milena began to stroke her sister's dark hair while Zelenka began to unfasten Milena's bra strap, letting her sister's delicious, round breasts spill out as they pushed their chests against each other, their soft skin melding together.

My attention was distracted from this hot incestuous make out session by the third girl in the room, the little, busty blonde in the very sexy lingerie. Svetlana stopped fingering my arse and now moved round to take the place formerly occupied by Zelenka, licking and sucking my rock hard member. Even though two very sexy sisters were french kissing and fondling each other's now naked breasts in front of me, I couldn't help but focus my gaze on the hot blonde as she eagerly licked along my dick. Her blue eyes sparkled with kinky thoughts and there was a pretty smile on her lips as she flicked her tongue gently across the head of my cock, making me quiver in anticipation. From where I was positioned, standing over her, I got a great look at those magnificent, huge breasts, seeing right down her impressive cleavage as her red bustier pushed them together.

While Svetlana now began to swallow my cock, the two sisters broke off their kisses and came over to me. They stood either side of me and both began to kiss me, so we were sharing a three way kiss, our tongues rubbing across each other's. As we kissed, I ran my hands over their bare chests, fondling one of their breasts with each hand. Gradually, my hand began to creep down Milena's body, I wanted to feel this beautiful, tall and still elegant girl's pussy, to feel how wet this arousing situation had got her. As my hand crossed her slender waist, she took it and moved it away. Milena and Zelenka stepped back and Svetlana, seeing this, let my cock slip from her mouth. She was still on her knees but all of her attention was now on her roommates and what they were about to do.

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