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Holiday Rules


Sally tossed and turned but sleep eluded her. With a sigh of resignation she sat up in bed and frowned as she tried to figure out why. Normally, after she and Dave had done the sort of things they had, neither of them had any trouble sleeping soundly until morning. But this time, after only an hour or two of dozing, she felt wide awake. Maybe it was the heat; maybe it was the result of the long and frustrating journey they'd had. Maybe there had been something suspect about the meal they had enjoyed earlier; maybe it was because she wasn't used to the bed. Whatever the reason, or reasons, she knew she would be awake for some time.

She looked at Dave sleeping quietly beside her and wondered whether or not to wake him. She didn't think he'd mind, especially if she woke him the way she reserved for special occasions -- like his birthday, or Christmas Day. Then she would carefully slither down the bed until her face was level with his thighs. She would blow on his cock, gently at first and then harder until it would twitch and stir. Leaning over him carefully, she would lightly run her tongue over it, enjoying watching it start to swell and stiffen. Once he was half-way erect, she would suck the end of it into her mouth, continuing to lick as it reached its full length and girth.

By then, of course, he would be awake (but pretending not to be) and she would be wet with anticipation. After that, it was simply a matter of straddling him and impaling herself. His hands would slide up her thighs to clasp the cheeks of her ass and she would ride him to a climax -- usually hers. His reward for staying hard would then be for her to ease herself off him and finish the job, as she had started it, with her mouth. She loved sucking him after he'd been deep inside her. The taste of her juices on his big, fat cock, always excited her. Somehow, the fact that it had been rooting about in her cunt before she took it in her mouth, made the act much more wicked and naughty than a normal blow-job and she invariably fingered herself to a second orgasm, timing it skilfully so that they both came at the same time.

However, even with the French windows wide open, the room remained hot and the air close. As such, she was still sweaty and sticky from their earlier lovemaking. What she needed to do first, she decided, was to make use of the pool that was less than ten metres away. The thought of a midnight skinny-dip, possibly followed by a nice, leisurely fuck became more appealing by the second and, her mind made up, she slipped carefully out from under the single sheet and padded out of the windows and onto the patio.

All the patio and pool lights were off, of course, but there was enough moonlight to see quite clearly and Sally eased herself slowly and quietly into the cool and silky water of the pool. It felt wonderful -- the more so because she was naked -- and invigorating and she sighed with satisfaction before taking a deep breath and jack-knifing down to the bottom. For several minutes she swam and dove and then she rested at the shallow end, trying to decide whether to stay a little longer or go in to rouse Dave.

About half the sex she and Dave had was spontaneous. The other half was planned because for Sally, anticipation was a powerful aphrodisiac. Knowing she was going to have a cock inside her before very long always put her on heat and Dave would keep her there and spice things up even more by whispering some of things he was going to do to her and by giving her sly little touches and gropes.

She could feel the familiar tingles starting now and couldn't resist giving herself a quick rub. As she did so, she told herself not to get too carried away, to save herself for Dave. When an amused voice asked if she was having a private party, or if it was open to anyone, she jumped and let out a little squeal of surprise.

Standing on the edge of the pool, just a few feet away from her was the silhouette of a man. She couldn't be sure, but she thought he was as naked as she was. Certainly he had nothing on his feet, which was partly why she hadn't heard him approach. If she hadn't been thinking so much about sex, she cursed herself, she felt sure she would have noticed him sooner.

'Er, no, of course not,' she stuttered, cringing at the realisation of what he must have seen. 'The pool's for everyone's use.'

'Then you won't mind if I join you?' he said, slipping in next to her.

'No, except that I was just about to get out.'

'It looked to me as though getting out was the last thing you were thinking about,' he grinned.

'I don't know what you mean!' Sally blustered, grateful that he wouldn't be able to see her blush.

'No? Perhaps I was wrong, but it seemed to me as though you were doing this to yourself.'

As he spoke, he slid his hand smoothly between Sally's open thighs, one finger finding her clit with unerring accuracy, another entering her cunt with ease, she was so aroused.


Sally was caught totally off balance. Not only was her mind trying to cope with the embarrassment of having been discovered playing with herself, but also with the signals of approval that her body was sending. Momentarily confused, she stood there like an idiot, making no attempt to stop this complete (but rather hunky, her mind found room to note) stranger from doing things that only Dave had been allowed to do since their marriage some five years previously.

'What?' she gabbled again.

'You have lovely breasts, you know?' the man said, his other hand cupping one and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Sally was dumfounded. She was also conscious of his erection. Standing as close as he was, the head of his cock was nudging her belly. For an instant she wondered how it compared to Harry's, before irritably brushing the thought aside. But the thought, however fleeting, served to slow up her reactions which allowed her molester to smile and inform her he was going to kiss her.

As he did so, part of Sally's mind was able to do some rapid evaluating. Firstly, she realised, the considerable skill with which this man was fingering her, was causing quite delicious shivers of sensation to radiate throughout her body. Secondly, the clever way he was able to fondle her breast and tweak the nipple at the same time, was adding to the sensation. Thirdly, she appeared to be kissing him back with some enthusiasm and, finally, the whole situation was so outrageous as to be wildly exciting.

It was like some fantasy come true -- a stranger appearing from nowhere, casually availing himself of her body as though her wishes and feelings were irrelevant. Except that Sally found herself wanting him to use her every bit as much as he appeared to want to. It was as though Dave and the rest of the real world had ceased to exist. The only thing that mattered at that moment was that the stranger, with his clever hands and avid mouth, filled her cunt with his cock.

It wouldn't count as cheating, she told herself. It wasn't as though she'd deliberately left her husband to meet her lover. She had left their bed in all innocence and then found herself in this novel situation. This man was taking advantage of her and she was scared that if she tried to resist he might hurt her. If she cried out and Dave came to see what was happening, he might get hurt too. No, the simplest and safest course of action would be to just let the man have his way with her.

Instinctively, she moved her feet further apart, ensuring that when he decided to take her -- as he surely must do -- she would be ready for him. She wondered if she ought to signify her acceptance, her submission to his advances, by reaching down to guide him, but quickly discarded the idea. He was in command, she merely had to wait for the inevitable and do nothing to either encourage or discourage him.

She let out a long sigh of relief when she felt his cock sliding smoothly into her cunt. It was too late to do anything about it now so she allowed her hands to slide down his back and grip his ass to pull him towards her until she felt their pubic bones grinding against each other.

She started cumming almost immediately and bit his shoulder to stop herself crying out and possibly waking Dave and anyone else in the vicinity. For what seemed an eternity but was probably only a few minutes, he thrust steadily and rhythmically and all the while Sally came and came and came. Then, with a grunt and a few quick, half thrusts, she felt a flood of heat deep inside her and knew that he too, had cum.

She sagged back against the side of the pool, only dimly aware that he had pulled out of her and was moving away. When her senses cleared and reality returned with a rush, she was alone, with only the glow in her cunt and a trail of wet footprints leading away from the pool as proof that the whole incident hadn't been a figment of her imagination.

She pulled herself out of the pool and stood on shaky legs, trying to come to terms with what she'd just allowed to happen. Remarkably, she felt no guilt or regret, just a sense of exhilaration at how naughty she had been. She remained standing in the warm night air until the feeling of her mystery lover's cum beginning to seep down the insides of her thighs brought her back to reality. Deciding she better go and clean up, she walked slowly back inside her bedroom. Pausing on the way to the bathroom, she looked down at her husband's sleeping form.

'Sorry, Dave,' she murmured. 'You almost got woken up and laid.'

Even as she spoke a wicked thought crept into her mind and she giggled softly to herself, the sense of exhilaration returning as she slipped under the sheet alongside him. He still could get woken up and laid. Wildly exciting and satisfying as the session in the pool had been, it had all happened too quickly. Sally was a girl who liked to savour sex. She wanted more, she realised. And how outrageous would it be to have her husband only minutes after she'd had a complete stranger? How wicked to fuck her husband with her cunt full of another man's cum? Without further hesitation, she carefully lifted the sheet away from Dave's body, leaned over him and began to blow on his dick with her hot breath.

'Huh?' he grunted sleepily, as her fingers curled around his prick.

'I've just had a really rude dream,' she told him softly. 'We were in the pool having a midnight swim...'

'And?' he asked, sounding almost fully awake.

'And you lifted me onto the side and started eating me...'


His dick was swelling and stiffening rapidly.

'And then you pulled me back in and, as I slithered down your body, this slid into me. I woke up feeling very horny and very wet and I want you inside me. Now.'

Sally pulled his unprotesting body over hers, guiding his now erect dick to where she wanted it. Once the head was nestling between her swollen lips she gave him a quick, hard kiss.

'Fuck me, Dave,' she whispered urgently -- and then moaned in pleasure as he did exactly that.

After ten minutes of slow and steady fucking -- during which time she came twice -- she felt him start to shiver.

'I'm cumming!' he groaned.

'Do it, Dave,' she urged. 'Cum inside me! Fill me with your hot cream.'

Her words -- and the finger she pushed into his ass -- had the desired effect and the feeling of him erupting inside her triggered her third orgasm.

'I love it when you do that,' she panted, a few minutes later. 'I love feeling you cum inside me.'

'I love doing it,' he laughed.

'Good. I hope you're gong to do it lots more this holiday.'

'First thing on the agenda when we wake up tomorrow,' he promised.

' I'd better go and clean up,' she sighed, 'or I'll be leaking cum all night.'

The next morning Sally and Dave decided to laze around the pool and so, once they had had some coffee they picked up towels, books and sun tan oil and stepped out into the glare of the morning sun. Sally was immediately aware of two people stretched out on sun beds on the other side of the pool. They raised their hands in greeting.

'Good morning!' the woman called, sitting up to calmly put on her bikini top. 'Just arrived?'

'Last night,' Dave replied. 'It should have been mid-afternoon but we had a string of delays.'

'At least you can relax now.' Respectably dressed, the woman stood up and stretched. 'And the pool's great!'

As she settled down on her own bed, Sally adjusted her sun glasses and surreptitiously studied the woman as she walked to the edge of the pool. She seemed to be about the same age as Dave and herself, with long, dark red hair, small, high breasts, slim hips and shapely legs. She knew, without looking, that Dave would be checking her out and guessed he would have been impressed -- especially once he noticed that the woman wasn't so much wearing bikini bottoms as a thong.

The woman dived neatly into the water and Sally switched her attention to the man. As they were both lying down it was difficult to see properly but, just as she was about to give up, he stood up to join his partner.

Sally's first thought was that there was something familiar about him and she frowned, wondering where on earth she might have seen him before. Then, with a guilty start -- and a sudden tingle between her thighs -- she realized she had indeed met the man previously. Not only had she met him, she had allowed him to fuck her! At least, she told herself as he dive-bombed his wife, he wasn't bad looking. It would have been galling to find her mystery lover was someone she would normally never have looked at twice.

She wondered if he recognized her and decided he must have done. After all, who else would have been using the pool at that time of night? As far as she could tell, the other villas were not occupied -- all their shutters were firmly closed -- and when they had booked their holiday the estate agent had said there was a good chance they would have the place to themselves as demand was still low as this particular time of year. Obviously, this other couple were also taking advantage of the low rates.

She was conscious of another twinge of excitement between her thighs. Despite the obvious attractions of his partner, the man was clearly not above seeking a little fun elsewhere. The question she had to consider now, was whether or not to allow anything else to happen? Of course, the unknown man could simply have taken advantage of a one-off situation and that would be the end of it. Then again, she had to ask herself if she wanted anything else to happen. It was one thing to accept and enjoy a crazy, almost fantastic incident, that happened in the middle of the night, but quite another to embark upon an affair right under Dave's nose.

She opened a bottle of oil and began coating herself. On the one hand there was her relationship with Dave to consider and, on the other, the almost forgotten thrill of taking on a new lover -- however briefly. If push came to shove, she knew she wouldn't rock the boat as far as she and Dave were concerned. However, having tasted forbidden fruit for the first time in over five years, the temptation to have another taste -- if not to gorge herself -- was becoming stronger by the minute. She sighed as she rubbed in the oil. She would just have to see how things worked out.

She sighed again as she noticed she had managed to smear some oil onto her bikini bottoms. One of the things she had been looking forward to, was the chance to sunbathe naked. That was before it turned out they would not have the little villa complex to themselves after all. Dave's voice broke in on her thoughts. She looked up to see he was in the pool with the other two.

'Sally? Come and meet Stuart and Lydia.'

This could be interesting, she thought as she slipped into the pool and waded towards them. Apart from a gleam of mischief in his eyes as he shook her hand, Stuart gave no sign that he recognized her, although he did give her hand a knowing squeeze before releasing it.

'I was just asking Stuart and Lydia where the nearest shops are,' Dave said, once the introductions had been made. 'We're going to need to lay in some food and drink.'

'You've left it a bit late,' Stuart remarked, glancing at his watch. 'By the time you get there they'll be closed for the afternoon. Won't open again until five.'

'Why not have lunch with us?' Lydia suggested with a friendly smile. 'We normally just have bread and salad right here by the pool and then go out for a proper meal in the evening.'

Things took on a momentum of their own after that. Stuart and Lydia were halfway through their fortnight's holiday and, as such, had had plenty of chance to find their way around. Before and during lunch -- by which time Dave had dragged his and Sally's sun beds round to join Stuart and Lydia - they shared the contents of a big jug of some fruity concoction of Stuart's. It was only when she felt her head beginning to spin, that Sally asked what was in it.

'Orange juice, lemonade, some bits of fruit and,' he paused with a grin, 'a splash of gin.'

'Stuart's idea of a splash would drown most people,' Lydia laughed.

'We're on holiday,' Stuart grinned expansively. 'If I want to spend the afternoon pissed by the pool, I will.'

'Stuart thinks the normal rules don't apply on holiday,' Lydia confided to Sally. 'Normally, we're both perfectly respectable solicitors, but I have to admit, I enjoy letting my hair down a little when the office is a thousand miles away.'

'And why not?' Dave agreed. 'Isn't that the whole point of getting away?'

Sally smiled and nodded and wondered if Lydia was aware of the extent to which Stuart felt he was allowed to break the rules.

The afternoon was spent in a pleasant, alcoholic haze, punctuated with frequent dips in the pool and interspersed with much laughter. Looking back, Sally couldn't quite remember when she dispensed with her bikini top, but she knew it was only after Lydia had removed her own. Naturally, the men approved.

'Before you guys arrived,' Stuart confided to Dave, 'we tended to sun bathe naked.'

'Hey, don't let us stop you,' Dave said immediately. 'It's something we were thinking of doing ourselves.'

'What do you think, Lyddie? Should we go 'au naturelle' again?' Stuart asked.

'If you do, we will too,' Dave chipped in. 'Won't we, Sal?'

'Sure,' Sally shrugged, feeling a fresh surge of excitement.

She was feeling too mellow to worry about something so trivial as a bikini bottom. She couldn't help giggling at the realisation that, of the four of them, only Lydia had yet to see her naked. She also liked the idea of being able to stretch out, naked, in the sun shine, feeling the hot, soothing rays reaching every inch of the body she was justifiably proud of. In circumstances such as these, she had no inhibitions about letting Stuart and Lydia see her naked and, if she was honest, she was curious as to what Stuart and Lydia looked like.

'Don't forget to put plenty of oil on the important bits,' Stuart laughed as he promptly pulled off his swimming shorts.

Dave's came off next, followed by Lydia's thong. Without a second thought, Sally pulled off her bottoms and relaxed against the back of her lounger with a sigh. Behind the safety of her sunglasses, she studied Stuart with interest. In many ways he was of similar build to Dave -- big and broad with perhaps just one or two pounds too many around the waist. Even his cock appeared to be of a similar size, lying like a pale, fat sausage on his belly. She tried to recall if it had felt noticeably different to Dave's, but couldn't remember - even though it had only been about twelve hours since it had been sliding in and out of her. She excused her lapse of memory on the unexpectedness of the situation and the raw excitement of it all.

Switching her covert attention to Lydia she felt a pang of envy at the sight of the red-head's breasts. Sally was proud of her own breasts. They were firm and full without being over-large. By comparison, Lydia's seemed small even though they were beautifully rounded and topped with remarkably large nipples. Sally couldn't help wondering just how big they would become when they were aroused. Her own tended to nearly double in size and, if Lydia's did the same, they would become truly spectacular.

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