tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHolly and Jamie Ch. 03

Holly and Jamie Ch. 03


A couple of days later I was talking to Jamie and she told me that Tommy had asked her out. I responded excitedly, "Really, what did you say?"

She told me that she turned him down and explained that she enjoyed the four of us being friends and didn't want to ruin it by dating. When I heard that, I was kind of relieved, as I had been sort of thinking the same thing. I asked her about his response and she said that at first he was disappointed, but seemed to accept her reason.

The next night the four of us planned to go out to a movie. Jamie told me that they would be over around 9 to pick us up. Around 8:30, Jamie had already gotten showered and dressed and I was on my way in to shower when they knocked at our door. I told them that they were early and they were quick to offer that they'd wait. How graceful of them! It was surely convenient that they were probably going to get another chance to see me naked! Then I thought, "whatever, they've already seen all of me."

Jamie let them in and I headed for the bathroom. I started to close the door for my shower but Jamie stopped me. She told me that she was still getting ready and would need to come in and out several times, so I might as well leave it open. I rolled my eyes and mumbled, "Figures."

Now they were certainly going to see me naked again. With the door open they could see the entire shower from where they were sitting. The shower door was glass, with a simple design in it that would only partially obscure their view through the door.

I started the water, getting it to the right temperature. As I prepared to undress, the three of them were sitting in the main room, each with a good view into the bathroom. I undressed quickly, realizing that I had a long way to go before I would be covered again. I whipped off my shirt and jeans in about five seconds, and glanced over to see them watching me intently. I gave a slight scowl as I thought, "Haven't they seen me enough?"

Then I continued, unsnapping my bra and pulling down my panties. So there I was, completely naked in front of them again. Before getting in, I stepped over to the vanity and took out my contacts. I slid open the shower door and stepped in, very aware the entire time that these two guys were staring at me. It was real strange showering, knowing that two guys are watching your every move and gawking at your naked body. I did find it arousing, and couldn't help but slide my finger across my pussy a few more times than necessary. As I washed my breasts I wondered whether they enjoyed seeing me touch my tits. After several minutes, I was done and turned the water off.

I slid the door to one side to retrieve my towel. Doing so, gave them all an unobstructed full-frontal view again of my body. I became very aware that the cold air was making my nipples stick straight out. I couldn't really see them now without my contacts, but I was sure that they were still gawking. As I reached for the towel I heard a click and saw a flash of light, and realized that they had just taken another picture. I called out, "Remembered your camera this time, huh?" with a slight tone of disapproval.

Jake called back enthusiastically, "We sure did!"

I just thought, "Great, more pictures of me."

I realized that they now had a picture of not just my tits, but also my pussy, and were probably taking them while I showered too. As I dried myself off, several more pictures were taken. One of them even came up to the bathroom door to take a couple of close-up shots of me. The thought that they were going to have all of these pictures of my naked body was arousing and scary at the same time. Whenever they wanted they would be able to pull up the pictures to see my tits and pussy from a number of angles. Would they beat off to them? Would they show them to their friends? I was completely exposed, and they were taking pictures to record it forever.

Once I finished drying my body, I stepped over to the vanity to reclaim my vision. They couldn't see me where I standing, so I was relieved to have a brief moment to myself. I began to wrap the towel around me. It was, unfortunately, a bit small. I wondered if Jamie had changed it on me. Regardless, this is what I had. If the bottom just covered my ass and pussy, then the top was just below my nipples. There was just no way to cover all of the essential bits. I decided to just wrap it around my bottom as they were already quite familiar with my tits at this point. I still had to dry my hair, but given the circumstances, decided that I wanted to get dressed first to get the exposure over with.

I headed back into the main room, and had quite a shock. Without my contacts, I hadn't been able to see into the room since I had gotten into the shower. So I was surprised, to say the least, when there were three - not two - guys in our room, along with Jamie. They were, of course, all watching me as I stood in the door with just a towel covering my bottom half and my tits totally exposed. I recognized the other guy, Bill. He was also in our dorm, in a room next to Jake and Tommy. He had a digital camera. This was not a wimpy cell-phone camera, but some souped-up thing that could probably take high-quality pictures. He even had it resting on a tripod. He realized that I was confused by his presence, so he called out, "Hey!", and snapped a picture.

He was clearly excited and had a huge grin on his face. Jake and Tommy each took another picture as well. I realized that all of them were enjoying my reaction to all of this, so I tried to get a grip. I asked what Bill was doing here and Jamie told me that Jake and Tommy had invited him along. Obviously I hadn't heard him enter while I was in the shower. I asked why he had THAT, motioning towards the camera, and Jake explained with a smirk that he told Bill that there might be something worth taking a picture of. I responded, "Cute!" with mock disapproval.

Inside, I was rather flattered to have all of this attention on my body. I had to get dressed, so I just decided to not focus on their presence. The guys, now three of them, had clearly seen me completely naked and already had a bunch of pictures. There wasn't much reason to minimize my exposure to them now. I shook my head while trying not to smile and said "Alright!" conceding the exposure.

Jamie grinned and Jake cheered, "Woohoo!"

I pulled off the towel, held my arms out to the side and said, "There, happy?"

They were. The guys started complementing my body while I stood there on display for them. "Nice! You've got a great set of tits, Holly. Wonderful curves! Beautiful." were some of the things I heard. I'm sure that I was bright red, from both the embarrassment of standing there naked and being smothered in complements. When they asked me to turn around for them, I obliged.

While I stood there letting them gawk at my body more pictures were taken. At some point I realized that Bill had stopped taking pictures, which I thought was strange. Then I noticed that a red light was on, so I figured he was probably filming video instead. To this realization I could only smile and shake my head again. Pictures weren't enough - now there would be video too. Over and over, they would be able to watch me standing in front of them completely naked. I started to get pulled back into worrying about it again when I snapped myself out of my train of thought and reminded myself that there was nothing that I could do about it now.

I pulled my arms down to signal that I was done posing for them and started towel-drying my hair. My breasts bobbed from the drying action, eliciting a "Yeah, keep doing that!" from Tommy. Still working on my hair, I walked over to my dresser and started trying to figure out what to wear. I found it difficult to concentrate however, so it took me several minutes to pull out underwear and jeans. I also had to cross the floor a couple of times to get to the closet to try to find an appropriate shirt.

This whole time I was completely naked and the four of them watched me continuously. They got a good long view of every part of me, from all directions, and had taken plenty of pictures - not to mention video - of me walking around. I finally got all my clothes together and got dressed. Bill stopped videotaping me, and the snapping of pictures came to an end.

I didn't enjoy the movie very much as I found it difficult to concentrate on the storyline. My mind kept reviewing the events of the evening. In the bathroom I asked Jamie whether she had set that up. She acknowledged that she had suggested to them to come a bit early and that they might catch one of us in the shower, so yeah, she had set that up. She said that she didn't know anything about Bill however, that he just knocked on the door while I was in the shower. I started to get angry with her, but she could tell that I wasn't really serious. She knew that I had enjoyed it and that I had had plenty of opportunities to limit my exposure but failed to take them. I was still feigning being upset when she offered with a smile, "It's okay, you can get me back!"

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