tagChain StoriesHollyquirk Studios: Week 01

Hollyquirk Studios: Week 01


Reese Willingfunck walked into the trailer after hearing the quiet, "Come in." She ran her fingers through her long brown curls and plastered a smile on her face. "Mister Longslide?" she asked, her green eyes looking imploringly at the fifty something, salt and pepper, slightly balding Cinematographer.

"Miss Willingfunck," Anthony said, rising and extending his hand, "A pleasure to see you again." He meant it too. The beautiful and semi-talented woman was pleasing to look at as well as polite. He saw star potential in the twenty-two-year-old and was a bit sadden by the fact she wasn't the Lead Actress on the set, but just the underling, or Supporting Actress as the professional title deemed her.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mister Longslide," Reese answered, taking his hand in hers and gently squeezing it. Her long lashes framed her bright eyes and the make-up artist had definitely found a way to accent her features.

"Please, call me Tony," Anthony said, as he cleared out a spot on his small love seat, and offering it to her.

Reese smiled softly and took the offered spot on the tattered cushion. "Then please feel free to call me Reese."

"Delighted," Anthony told her and took a moment to study her as she crossed her legs. Her skirt rode high up on her thigh and he could see the garter strap in place. "I see you're dressed for the Night Club scene."

She grinned and tugged gently on her skirt. "Yes, I am. I only wish I wasn't standing in the corner watching the couple dance. I'm an excellent dancer, but I guess that's my lot in life at the moment. A bit of camera time here and there."

Anthony nodded his head, bringing his fingers up to his lips and forming a steeple. "You're not giving yourself enough credit there Miss. . .I mean Reese. After all, it's your job to make her look good. That's why you're 'supporting' her."

Reese sighed, crossing her arms under her breasts, forcing the round globes to mesh together. "I know, it's just dancing... I really can dance." She stood up and sauntered over to Anthony. Her eyes dragging slowly down his body. "I mean, I'm sure that if you saw how perfect I was for the club scene, you'd want to focus more of the shots my way. After all... the better the scene, the better the feedback, which means more jobs and more dollar signs for you."

Anthony scooted his chair back and smirked. He read her face, the way her body moved in a soft swiveling action and knew who would get most of the camera time this morning. His hands moved to her hips and then down to rub along her thighs. His fingers skimmed the edge of her skirt. His nails grazed her skin as he pushed the soft material up higher. He dragged his fingertips across the bands of her garter straps and then hooked them. With a smirk, he pulled and released the elastic and was rewarded with Reese's giggle.

"Dance for me, Reese," Anthony cooed as his fingers moved to grope her ass.

"Yes, baby," she purred back, and stood with her feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Reese drew a circle with her hips, arching her back. Her hands moved up her torso, slowly easing their way under the silk top and lifting it from her pert tits.

"Damn," Anthony groaned. His hand moved to his trousers where he quickly released the button and drew down the zipper. His boxers jutted out, the hard shaft of his aroused state poked through the slit in the fabric.

"You want me to dance on that, Tony?" Reese purred as her fingers released the front clasp of her bra. Her boobs popped free and her hands moved to cup both globes and squeeze them hard. All the while her hips moved seductively and her knees bent so she was thrusting her body forward in a slow erotic dance of sin.

"You'll get the best shots this week, if you do," Anthony promised. He pulled his dick out, and his balls. The velvet sack was soon in one of his hands and his cock was gripped firmly in the other.

Reese smiled and rose up from her bent knee position. She licked her lips and slid her hands up her skirt, and showed Anthony she had removed her panties before entering his trailer. Her sex glistened in the morning light that streamed through the small windows. She slid a finger inside, gathered some juice and then painted the tips of her breasts with the tangy confection.

"Get over here," Anthony groaned out, pulling her toward him and cupping her ass with his hands.

Reese moaned and straddled his hips. The head of his cock rubbed against her clit and she hissed as she continued to dance. Her stomach muscles tightened and her breath became ragged as she slid her pussy up and down his rod. She felt the hairs of his balls mingle in the juices of her sex and pushed firmly down, coating his sack with her honey.

Anthony hissed and ran his hands up and down her ass, feeling the tight buttocks and squeezing the round spheres as she pumped up and down on his dick. He rolled his hips, urging his dick to slide further between her folds. "Fuck baby," he muttered and then cursed when she rubbed her breasts against his face.

"Suck my nipples, Tony. Both of them at the same time," Reese begged, pushing her glorious boobs together and offering them too him.

Anthony grabbed them and held them firmly in his grasp, lifted them higher and captured both pearls between his hungry teeth. He gnawed and suckled, pulled and tormented the twins as she placed her hands on his shoulders and rocked her hips.

"Put me inside, Reese," Anthony growled out, then returned paying homage to her flesh.

One of her hands left his shoulder and wrapped expertly around his shaft. She teased her clit with the spongy head, lifted her hips and then pushed the rod back to the opening of her pussy. "Ooh damn, you're so hot," Anthony hissed out. He released her nipples and leaned his head back.

Reese grinned and lowered her body down to his cock, gripping the shaft's length as she settled the full length inside her slippery home. She bit her lower lip and held herself still, allowing him a moment to enjoy the heat of her sex as her juices melted around him.

Eventually they both moved, each one knowing it was time to continue the dance she'd offered. Reese ground her body onto his dick and then lifted herself up and plunged herself down. Over and over she repeated the move, slowly riding her way to a climax, only to stall and wait for it to recede.

Anthony watched in awe as their bodies mated. He glanced up at her face and saw the thrill of the moment written all over her beautiful features. "Sooo fuckin' hot," he hissed, lifting her tits and going back to admiring them with his tongue and teeth.

"Mmm...harder baby. Suck my nipples harder. Bite them. I want them to feel like your ripping them off," Reese grunted, grinding deeper into his pubes.

Anthony was more than willing to oblige the hot little number on his lap. He just found it hard to concentrate as her pussy constricted around his meat, milking the blood that flowed through his stiff rod.

Reese felt the spongy head of his cock slide lazily along the spot where her fingers often had to stretch uncomfortably to reach. She muttered a curse and pushed down on him again, angling her body so the head pressed continuously against that precious point. "Faster," she commanded in a voice full of need. She lifted and fell, increasing her speed and encouraging him to buck up with her.

Anthony felt as if his world was tilting to one side as he increased the rhythm. Soon both of them were covered in a thin sheen of sweat as their bodies worked in a frenzied fuck to bring them closer to the point of no return.

Reese knew Anthony was about to come, and she also knew she wasn't about to be a pregnant co-star, so she jumped off his lap and covered his dick with her mouth. She sucked hard, only mildly annoyed her orgasm was now on hold.

"Oohh fuck yeah " Anthony said as he watched the brunette suck his pussy-covered shaft. He pushed her head down deeper, tangling his fingers in her curls. Anthony fucked her face, lifting his hips and forcing her to take the full length down her throat. He heard her gag, but felt her nails dig into his thighs, the points marking his body through his slacks. He took that as a sign to keep up the hard thrusting and the forceful downward hold he had on her.

Reese felt his seed shoot into her throat and she swallowed quickly; the second shot didn't catch her off guard like the first one did, so she savored the taste, swallowing just as the third sprayed out. She kept her mouth on his tool, milking a few drops and then wrapping her tongue around it so she could properly cleanse his dick.

"Mmm...nice baby," Anthony whispered as she popped off his dick and grinned wide. "Now, it's my turn to return the favor."

Reese squealed with happiness and moved to sit on the love seat, her legs spread wide. Anthony advanced and the heard the sound of footsteps on his trailer stairs. "Fuck," he grunted out, tucking his cock into his pants and zipping up, just as a hard knock was rapped out on his door.

"Who is it?" he shouted, opening the door at the same time.

"Hey Tony," Alexia said with a smile. "I was wondering if you've seen Reese, I need to freshen her make-up, before the next shot. It's almost her time."

"I'm right here," Reese said, peeking her head out from behind Anthony. "I'm ready, just checking what angles would work best for Anthony. I want to do my best." Reese grinned like a school girl as she scooted around Anthony and bounded down the steps.

He shook his head, wondering how women managed to dress so fast when they needed too, and undress so slowly when they were supposed to be stripped fast. He closed the door to the trailer and picked up his phone. Within a few seconds he had called his underlings and arranged to have several shots aimed at Reese and the lighting to flood haphazardly on the Lead, knowing not many shots of the Leading Actress would make it into the scene, but instead litter the cutting room floor.

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