tagChain StoriesHollyquirk Studios: Week 05

Hollyquirk Studios: Week 05


Reese tossed her hair and smiled at the camera as she ran her tongue across Susan's belly and made her way toward the woman's breasts. Once their she glanced up to her "lover" and sighed wistfully. To everyone looking Reese was the epitome of a woman deeply in love with the older woman beneath her. To Susan, the woman who lay under the young nubile body, the green orbs spoke of hate and restrained venom.

"And cut!"

"About fuckin' time," Reese hissed as she leapt off Susan and demanded a bottle of water. "Jesus fuckin' christ! I told you not to wear that vile crap you call lotion!" She sucked on the sparkling confection, gurgled and then spit the contents of her mouth out onto the set's concrete floor. Susan's laughter could be heard as she made her way off the set. Reese spun around and started after her. A firm grip on her arm brought her up short and she turned to glare hotly at her real lover, Anthony Longslide, the production teams Head Cinematographer. "What?!" she hissed, jerking her arm away.

"You need to take a chill pill, Reese. Susan's just looking for ways to make you look bad on film. She'll paint herself with skunk oil if it makes your face contort on camera. Settle down," Anthony demanded, once more grabbing her arm with one hand and handing her a robe with the other. Before she had the sash tied he was leading her off the set and toward his trailer. "Do this for me. . .if you aren't going to do it for yourself."

Reese sighed, her shoulders slumped in defeat and her lower lip trembled. "But Tony. . .she tasted really nasty."

Anthony rolled his eyes. He highly doubted the famous Susan Swansong "tasted really nasty." If anything she was probably one hell of a lover; Age had a way of doing that to a person and if it wasn't for the fact he liked the image of fucking a young uprising star like Reese, he'd have tried to bang Susan too.

Once they reached Anthony's trailer, Reese was in his arms. He kissed her hard, pushing her against the door and running his hands up and down her slim torso till he was ready to cup her breasts and mash them together. Her fingers came up, curled around his shirt and much to his surprise, she pushed him away.

"Not now," Reese said, her voice dropping to a tone that spoke of sorrow and disappointment. "We need to talk."

Anthony frowned, dropped his hands and stepped away. He knew this conversation was coming, but he didn't want to deal with it. He wanted to simply keep fucking Reese senseless and deal with the whole camera time behind the scenes. More and more it was becoming apparent that someone, probably Max, had stepped in and started demanding that Susan get the better shots. His deal with Reese was unraveling and he was at a loss as to how to make her shots more noteworthy than Susan's.

"Susan's too good, Anthony. . .and not in the way you think." She rolled her eyes, tied the sash to her robe and plopped down on the couch. "She's getting the best lighting, the best shots, the best lines. . .How many people do I need to fuck to get a head in this film?" Her lips formed a pout that belied the real rage that was boiling under the surface.

"Are you fucking others?" Anthony asked. His fingers curled against the edge of his desk as he thought of all the times he and Reese had been screwing and if she'd come to him after giving her goods to someone else on the set. Susan didn't count. . .it was business. Besides, he benefited from the sex scenes Susan and Reese did. Reese may not admit it, but by the time the director called "cut" Reese was hot and bothered.

"No," Reese answered truthfully. "I wouldn't know who to screw. I mean. . .do you know who would be best to fuck? I know you can't control everyone, but surely you can do a little more. Can't you? For me?" Her lashes fluttered as she opened her legs and ran her fingers up and down her thighs.

Just as Anthony was about to lurch forward a knock sounded on the door. "What?" he shouted back, his eyes never leaving the path of sin that Reese's fingers were traveling.

"Dad. I got that footage you wanted," a call came back through the metal of the door.

Anthony rolled his eyes toward the Heaven's and shook his head. He stepped toward the door and opened it. At the same time, Reese rested her hands on her lap, her robe now demurely closed.

Brandon Longslide walked in and glanced at the actress on the couch. Immediately his face grew red and his voice cracked. "Hello Miss Willingfuck."

"Brandon," Reese said with a smile. She stood up and walked toward him. The lapels of her room dipped suggestively lower with each graceful move she made. "What footage do you have? And why? I thought you were working with the caterer."

"Dad got me a job as a camera guy. Nothing major. I don't get to take shots of the action, but I do get to take some still shots of scenery and shit," he licked his lips, "umm excuse me. Scenery and other things."

Reese giggled and wrapped her arm around Brandon's waist, pulling him toward the couch. "Brandon, I've heard curse words before. I'm young, but I'm not a prude like some people in this movie. So you're working the camera now?" She glanced at Anthony and lifted one brow. He answered back with a firm shake of disapproval. Reese only shrugged as she pressed her palm against Brandon's chest. "Are you any good?" she asked, her gaze shifting from son to father.

"That's what the footage is for. Dad said he'd move me to the action scenes if I delivered some quality shi. . stuff for him."

"Well, Daddy," Reese emphasized the title, "is Brandon any good?" She snickered at the pun as she slipped to the couch and nestled close to Brandon.

Anthony muttered a low curse. He knew what was going to happen and he also knew he had to accept it or he'd loose his young fuck. He pursed his lips. "I've got no doubt at all that Brandon's good; he is his father's son."

"Thanks," Brandon squeaked out as he felt Reese's breast press against his arm. He swallowed the lump in his throat and felt his slacks growing tighter than they had been upon entering the trailer.

"Good. Perhaps then we should discuss what shots Brandon would benefit from the most," Reese suggested as she ran one finger along the young man's jaw.

Anthony sighed. "Brandon, you're about to be introduced to the behind the screen practices that make a movie run smoothly."

Brandon's brows furrowed, but then rose as Reese stood up and removed her robe. "Uh. . .I've huh. . .well. . ."

"Shut up Brandon," Anthony muttered as he watched Reese kneel in front of his son and begin to unbutton the man's pants. "She's ours to use if we give her the best shots as well as arrange the lighting. Do that and well. . .Reese will teach you all sorts of things."

Reese giggled and then plunged her mouth down onto Brandon's full cock. She sucked hard, forcing Brandon to grip the couch cushions for stability. His hips instinctively lifted and Reese continued to go down on him. Her vigorous appetite for stardom drove her onward and her tongue wrapped around the head of Brandon's dick.

Anthony watched her bob up and down his son's tool. His own package was thickening and his hand rubbed mindlessly at his crotch. "Not bad is it, son?" he asked. His voice was growing thick with lust as Reese's moans vibrated around the room. He knew what his son was feeling. He'd been rewarded with those muscles of Reese several times. He was very much aware of how her teeth grazed the sides of a dick with just the right amount of pressure. The way she sucked the full length of a man's cock down made his balls jump in anticipation.

"No, Dad. Not bad at all," Brandon grunted out. One of his hands left the couch and went into Reese's hair. He petted it and then moaned as she hummed a tune around his shaft. "Ffffucckk."

Reese shifted her position, never once losing the hold on Brandon's cock. She used her dancer's body to bend over and lift her ass into the air. Her rear wiggled and one of her hands went to her pussy, where it became lost in the slick folds of her sex.

Anthony needed no other invitation. Reese's mouth was preoccupied. Her pussy was full of long, slim digits and that meant there was only one place that Anthony needed to fill. He reached in his desk drawer and pulled out the warming lubricant. Soon his pants and boxers were around his ankles and his cock was glistening with oily dew. He squirted a liberal amount of Reese's anus and pushed in some of the goo into the tight entrance.

Brandon's eyes were fluttering close, but widened when he realized what his Dad was about to do. He licked his lips and blinked as he watched his Father open Reese's cheeks. The sounds coming from the woman sucking him off changed. Her moans grew lower and longer, and were followed by what Brandon assumed were short gasps of both pleasure and pain. In time she seemed to relax and Brandon knew his Father was now buried deep inside the woman's dark cavity.

Soon the three of them were moving in a natural rhythm. Reese sucked with passion as she toyed with her pussy and pushed back to welcome every inch of Anthony's cock. Anthony was holding her hips and drawing himself in and out, letting her feel his head try and free itself from her tight hole, only to be plunged in again. Brandon was on a cloud. His hips were rolling, grinding, and thrusting into the Supporting Actress's mouth.

Brandon exploded first. His head lolled to the side as his body jerked and his balls emptied. His throaty growl was the only noise he made as he felt Reese's lips tighten further and her muscles contract around him. The sensation of her creating a perfect seal only added to his pleasure and he emptied a second volley into her mouth. When a shout of triumph echoed through the trailer, Brandon's eyes opened and he watched his Father's face grow rigid as well as his body. He heard and felt Reese moan in delight. Easily he put one and one together, came up with two, and knew his Dad was filling the young woman's ass with cream.

Reese clenched the cock buried deep inside her with the strength of a dancer's hard formed muscles and pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. She clenched her eyes tight as stars shattered apart behind her lids. Her scream was muffled as liquid silk flowed down her pussy and cascaded around her palm, sliding down her arm and dripping to the floor. She shuddered several times, before gliding her mouth from Brandon's dick and releasing the vise like grip on his Dad's cock.

The three of them relaxed and breathed deep the aroma of sex. Brandon gazed at Reese as she crawled onto the couch and nuzzled his neck. His Father staggered to his desk chair and plopped down on it.

A soft knock on the door, stirred Anthony from the reclined position and he zipped up, lifted his hand to his lips, signaling that the others were to be extremely still and quiet. "I'll get rid of them," he assured his son and their lover.

Anthony gave himself a mental shake, tucked in his shirt and opened the door, just enough so he could peer out. "Heather," he said, staring at one of the camera operators. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for Brandon," she admitted. "I thought I saw him come in here awhile ago, but I left and I'm not sure if he's still here or not, but I can't find him. I was going to help him with some tricks of the trade."

Suddenly Reese was pushing Anthony away from the door, her robe tied loosely. "Heather Cummingham, right?" she asked.

"Yes," Heather answered, "Sorry if I've disturbed you and Mister Longslide. I was just. . ."

"You work with the cameras right?" Reese asked.

"Yes," the young woman answered.

Anthony stared down at Reese's face and shook his head. "Come in, Miss Cummingham," and for the second time that day Anthony said, "you're about to be introduced to the behind the screen practices that make a movie run smoothly."

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