tagLoving WivesHolly's Night Out Ch. 02

Holly's Night Out Ch. 02


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the start:

The next morning, I woke up ten minutes before my alarm clock went off. The day was young and I wasn't really interested in starting it just yet. Luckily for me, I could smell the coffee brewing. To my thinking, there is nothing like taking some time to process last night's events and it would only be a couple more moments before today's busy agenda would fill my mind. In some ways, I'm in shock about last night; in some other ways, I'm glad that we did it. As I recalled all that had gone on, I had so many questions for my wife, but Holly was still sleeping.

A moment later, the alarm clock went off. Holly rolled over onto her back and I could see her staring at the ceiling. Holly didn't say a word and I was too chicken to speak first. Normally, Holly is the first one up as she's always anxious to start the day, while I'm just the opposite: I hate starting the day and do most of my best work at night.

After a few silent moments, Holly rolled over to face me; she smiled, gave me a kiss and said, "Wow, what a night. Did we do all that?"

"Yep," was all I could say. Imagines of last night raced through my mind and I wanted to talk things over with Holly. There were no regrets on my part and I hoped that she was comfortable with how things had turned out. Granted, last night she seemed to enjoy herself but women are more complicated then men.

Instead of discussing last evening with me, Holly intoned, "Oh crap, I have a meeting in forty minutes, I have to get going."

What could I say? Was there a chance that Holly didn't respect me after last night? Let's just say that I was too embarrassed to bring the subject up, but my cock wasn't shy. Maybe I woke up with a morning woody, or maybe part of me really enjoyed last night's events?

I wasn't sure if Holly wanted to talk about what we had done. Then again, I wasn't sure about the night. I can't believe that I did what I did! However, thinking about Holly with him got me rock hard. Just as I was about to move on top of her Holly got out of bed, maybe she didn't see me coming over to her side of the bed. 1

Holly turned the shower on hot then went over by the toilet. While she was taking care of her business, I went to get us coffee. Personally I love waking up to a fresh cup of hot coffee. Is there any better way to begin the day? In a way, that first cup of hot coffee makes the trauma of morning less formidable.

When I returned, I noticed that Holly had shaved her pussy completely which caused my cock to come to life, "Baby you shaved?" Quickly and carefully I set the cups down and tossed off my boxers.

"Yeah, a couple of my friends said that their husbands love the look and I see so do you! Is that for me?"

"Yeah, I'm stunned but wow that is hot!" I walked into the shower making sure to press my hard cock into her soft skin. I wondered what else the girls talk about; if only I could be a fly on the wall during those conversations!

"Well, Big Boy, you will have to wait till I get home. Sorry but I don't have time for a quickie." Holly stepped out of the shower and immediately started to dry off.

In a way, it felt as if I had been rejected even though I knew she usually had morning meetings. It's a funny thing but, when it comes to sex, I take it personally every time she isn't in the mood. Let's face it: women are different then guys, we get hard every time the wind blows but women: well, let's just say not as often.

"Baby, I have a meeting in thirty minutes. Sorry I forgot about it and overslept. Promise that I will take care of that tonight."

Holly blew me a kiss and I did my best to settle down, even though part of me wanted to take care of myself in the shower. I knew that she would want sex tonight and, personally, I would rather wait and enjoy Holly than jack off alone in the shower. Looking down at my other brain, told him quietly that he will just have to wait.

Once out of the shower, I started to watch Holly dress. She had already finished her hair and make up. One of the real perks of living in Florida is that women don't have to put layers of makeup on every day.

Her choice in work attire was kind of curious. Maybe Holly was feeling good about herself as her skirt selection was pretty short. Not that it bothered me as I've been trying to get her to dress sexier for some time.

One of the things that I've always wanted her to do is to leave her panties behind as she leaves for work. I'm not sure why this is something that I want her to do. It's just that the thought her sexy body could be exposed in a second really turns me on. I've always wanted her to flash other guys as I want other men to be jealous of my hot wife.

Luckily, with my job, I get to spend some quality time at a couple law offices and banks. I love how the women dress in those professions. There is something so sexy about a woman in a short sexy power suit and stockings and I love watching them walk. I am nearly mesmerized by the way their calf muscles flex.

One my of my fantasies is to meet Holly at one of my client's offices; to have her in a short skirt, black stockings, and when she sits the slit in her skirt reveals the tops of her thigh-highs. Crap, I better stop thinking about that or I'll get another erection.

Holly was getting ready to leave. I walked over and gave her a quick hug, dropped to my knees and quickly pulled down her thong before she could react, saying, "I want to keep these."

"You dog! Come on, Baby, I have to go. Please give me my panties back?"

"Nope." I walked away.

"Fine, but you will pay, Mister!"

I could hear the garage door opening and her car door slamming shut. A moment later, she started her SUV and off to work she went. Fear and arousal flowed through my body. I was aroused that my wife's pussy was freshly shaved and afraid that she was in an aroused state of mind, herself. My feelings were all made worse by the fact that I was holding her panties.

Now was no time to think about those things. Aware that my cock was semi-hard, I grabbed my brief case and went left for the office.

Luckily for me my, erection finally went down as I pulled into my work parking lot.

After such an exciting morning, my day was pretty dull, thankfully. In my present state of mind I wasn't able to concentrate on anything other than my wife. I wondered if any of her coworkers had realized she wasn't wearing panties.

Other thoughts filled my kinky mind: Will any of the men in her office notice she isn't wearing panties? Would she flash anyone today at work? I wondered if Holly would masturbate at her desk if she became overly aroused.

As I drove to work I started to think about what might happen if Holly accidentally flashed some guy and caught him looking? Holly has a great body and I think once she got over the "good girl" issues she would enjoy flashing. I know that she would turn many heads and make a couple stand tall! Well at least stand tall in their pants. Then, I could take her home and enjoy her womanly charms.

Even though my body was in my office, my mind was at with Holly. All I could think about was last night. Did we really do that? Where would things go from there? Then I started to wonder: what if she saw him again? Mike was a good looking man and in great shape. We had had an exciting time last night and hopefully we will see more of him in the near future. I should have gone home as, in this state of mental disarray, there was no hope of accomplishing anything.

Around three my cell rang. When I looked, Holly appeared in the caller i.d. window. I answered, "Hey, Baby, what's up?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm just sitting here at working and was thinking about you."

"Yeah? You've been on my mind all day." I had so many questions to ask her.

"Do tell! All good, I hope?"

All I could think about was sex but that was to rude to say, "Yes, and I'm so horny right now."

"Oh baby, that's so kinky. Exactly what are you thinking about?"

Taking a deep breath, I put it out there, "All that we did last night."

"Did you have fun?"

Her voice sounded positive so I asked, "Yes, very much so. Did you?"

"Yes! That was one of the best nights of my life! I thoroughly enjoyed last night and would love to do it again, if you were up to it?"

"Oh, hell yes! I'm up to it. I've wanted to ask you that all day." That was true. I'd wanted to ask her that all day.

"Do you have any regrets?" Holly asked.

"None! Do you?"

There was a long pause from Holly, "No, but I do have something to tell you."

My heart sunk, "What's that?"

Holly took a deep breath, "Mike just walked into my office."

Now I was curious, "Oh?"

"Yeah, he just wrote on a piece of paper that he wanted to see how we were doing. He was worried that things went too far between us last night."

Taking a deep breath, I relaxed a little, "No, not at all. Well I don't think so; do you?

"No, I wanted you to be happy."

My cock was throbbing as I thought about Holly being attracted to Mike sexually, "Baby, that was so erotic, I've never done something like that before. Do you want to do it again?"

"Yeah." That was Holly's way of telling me she wanted to do it again.

"Talk dirty to me, Baby."

Holly had never enjoyed dirty talk but this was a little different. He was there. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Why was it that he could enjoy her but I had to suffer at my office?

Then it dawned on me: I had taken Holly's panties before she left this morning. There she was at work, wearing her little skirt and no panties. "Does Mike have a clue that you're not wearing panties?"

"No. Should I show him?" she asked, in almost a childlike voice.

The way that Holly had asked me told me that she was aroused, so I had to encourage her to play. "Yes." Immediately, I thought: I can't believe I said that. It must be that I have a kinky subconscious and had been thinking of her showing someone her newly bald pussy.

"Mike, please stand up," she said in a firm voice. "Baby, I just took my shoes off. Now my legs are on my desk. Tell me what to do next."

In a firm voice, I ordered her, "Open your legs." I moaned while thinking about my wife sitting at her desk. She was about to show this man her shaved pussy.

"Baby, if I do that, he will see how aroused I am. Tell me what you want."

My cock was now rock hard, "Open your legs for him."

"Okay, Lover, his eyes are totally focused on my crotch. Oh, Baby. Do you mind that Mike is able to see your wife's crotch?"

"No, Baby, I find it erotic." Now my cock was rock hard.

"Well, I think Mike likes what he sees. There seems to be something growing in his pants. What should I do?"

Talk about a strange situation to be in: what if someone walked into Holly's office? "Have him come over to you and make him stand in front of you."

"Mike, walk over here and kneel in front of my chair." Holly tried her best to sound firm and in control.

Before I could tell her what to do next, she interrupted me, "Oh Baby, he just put his finger in me. Should I stop him?"

I blurted, "No, allow him!" I can't believe that my wife was telling me this. This was so surreal and unbelievable. There she was at work, with her legs open and this guy between them with his face lapping up my wife's pussy.

Holly moaned, "Oh, it feels so good. Oh, oh, I'm going to cum."

Things were happening pretty quickly as if Holly surrendered herself to him. Then again, she was never a dominating personality as she always wanted me to be in control.

"Oh, Baby, he put a second finger in me. Oh, his fingers are so thick. Yes, Mike, that's it." Her voice started to sound a little desperate.

In my mind I pictured what they were doing. "Oh, you're so naughty. Can you feel his fingers in you?"

"Yes, Honey, I told him that I like to cum with something in me." Holly moaned, "Oh my God, oh, oh Baby, I'm going to cum."

I could only imagine what Mike was doing to my wife in her office. The thought that her legs were spread for him really turned me on. How desperate I had become as I wanted to watch this man licking my wife's clit.

"Do you want me to tell you what's happening?" Holly asked.

I had to know what was happening. "Yes, blow by blow. You have to tell me!"

"Baby, Mike is standing up. He's unzipping his pants. Oh, Baby, his cock looks so beautiful. He just stepped out of his boxers. Baby, you should see his cock. He's walking closer to me. Baby, he's holding his cock! Jim, he's between my legs. He's guiding his cock into me. Oh, oh, Baby."

I had to ask, "Did he enter you?"

"Not yet, he's smiling but rubbing his cock over my lips to lubricate his thick cock."

I wasn't sure who was more excited, my wife or myself. "Do you want him to fuck you?"

"Oh, I really need that cock in me. Are you okay with that? I really need Mike's cock. Talk to me, Baby!"

Holly's voice sounded a little desperate and I knew that nothing was going to stop her from getting off. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Who would I be kidding if I didn't feel their sexual attraction?

"Baby, I think he's going to enter me. Oh, he is! I can feel the tip enter me. Jim, he's so thick! Oh, you feel so good in me, Mike. Deeper! Oh, I missed your cock."

Missed? What was she talking about she just had him last night.

"Jim, oh my God, Jim! Jim, Mike's working all of his cock into me. Baby, I'm taking him, all of him. Oh, if only you could see this. Jim, all of Mike is in me. Oh, Jim, my body is stretching to accommodate him."

Holly screamed, "He just lifted me up. Jim, his cock is in me, balls deep, and he's carrying me to my desk. Every time he takes a step, oh, Jim, it's amazing! Don't be upset, Jim. I'm going to cum, again. Jim, I'm cumming. Oh, it's so tight. Jim, I'm cumming!"

It sounded like Holly dropped her phone. From the sound of things, Holly was in the midst of a major orgasm. A moment or two later, it sounded like she was reaching for her phone.

After some muffled noises, her voice came over the phone almost breathlessly, "Jim, are you there?"

I was dying to watch them, "Yes, Baby, I'm here." My own cock was throbbing and it would only take one quick touch to get me to cum. I needed some relief badly.

"I'm sorry for dropping the phone. Oh, Baby, it was so intense."

"How are you feeling?"

Holly took a deep breath, "Oh, I'm feeling so good."

I had to know, "Is he still in you?"


Her tone confirmed to me that she enjoyed Mike as her lover, "What's he doing?"

He's using my, my body for his pleasure. Jim you should see his face. He's really giving it to me good baby. I know he's just thinking about his own pleasure. Oh, Jim, it's so tight! His cock is so thick. I'm, oh, Jim, I'm going to cum again.

Holly shouted out in urgency, "Hold off baby! I want to cum with you!"

"I'm trying to cum, Mike, you stud. You fuck that pussy! Fuck that pussy as if you own it! Baby, can you hear me? He's really giving it to me. Tell me, Baby that you're okay?"

"I'm very much okay. I just want to watch." I had to be honest with her.

"Oh, Baby, I can see it on his face. Yeah, Baby, cum for me. I want to feel you cum in me! Come on, lover boy, give it to me. Jim, Baby, he's going to cum. Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm so freaking close. That's it, Lover, do me! Oh, yeah, I'm cumming!"

Holly dropped the phone again. I could hear Mike grunting and those sounds told me that he was cumming in my wife.

I asked Holly, "So, Baby, did you want to invite Mike over for dinner tonight?"

"Mike, would you like to come over for dinner?"

I waited a second and could hear Mike speak but he wasn't close enough to the phone for me to hear. Then Holly came back, "Mike would love to come over for dinner. What time are you taking off?"

"Now, I'm just not in a work mood." This was so true as I just wasn't in the mood for work at all.

"Great, I'll take off too. Mike can follow me to our home."

I shut down my computer and did a quick look over on my desk. There really wasn't anything pressing other than my own hard cock against my pants. Knowing that neither of us would be in the mood to cook, I took the liberties of ordering a pizza on my way out.

My drive home was the longest ride ever, and there wasn't even any traffic. Right on cue, the pizza guy showed up. As I was paying for the pizza, I headed the garage door open, then a car parked in the street which must have been Mike. He got out and walked up to our home.

The pizza guy left just as Mike walked up. Mike offered me his hand and we shook. It is kind of strange when you think about it. I'm sure my wife's arousal was still on his fingers. Maybe he had washed his hands, but I could still smell her scent on him. I closed the door just in time. My cock had come back to life.

Holly made a smart ass comment and we settled down. Mike and I grabbed a couple of beers as we went into the family room to enjoy the pizza and discuses the events.



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