Holly's Seductive Toes Ch. 02


A lot of what Holly spoke of, I had fantasized about numerous times, but never had names for them, never knew what they were called. Holly knew all the terminology, knew the title and description of every deviant sex act one could imagine. But she focused on the things that she personally enjoyed, and those involved her being dominant and ordering men around, having them cater to her desires, no matter how absurd or flighty they might seem.

She especially enjoyed humbling men, forcing them to service her in embarrassing, humiliating ways. She got excited if she entrapped a man into light bondage, but severe bondage was a turn off for her. She preferred body worship, having men drool and slobber over every inch of her ...and being unable to resist her charms, doing whatever she told them to just to be near her. That was something she just loved...using every part of her body to make a man crawl and worship her and then beg for more. And it wasn't just her feet. She was willing to use any fetish a man had to get him down there on his knees adoring her unconditionally like a loyal puppy. And that, she explained, was exactly what she had done with me. She used my foot fetish to bind me to her sexually. And when she found out how much I enjoyed giving her pleasure orally, well, it was another nail in my coffin.

As the conversation progressed, Holly told me of her future plans for me. She again spoke of things I'd never heard of, but she said she wanted to try. The entire meal was punctuated with talk of things like smothering, face sitting, trampling, 69 (and though I knew what that was, Holly's version, as I was not shocked to discover, had a twist to it), total body worship (she insisted that EVERY inch of her body deserved equal worship...with NO exceptions), human footstools, collaring, body servitude and even, surprisingly enough, hot, raw, straight sex and oral lovemaking. It seemed Holly expected to try EVERYTHING known to man (or woman) before she left this mortal coil. By the time she was done telling me about her desires and needs - and her plans for me in that context - my head was spinning (Well, the upper one was...the lower one was throbbing). I couldn't believe a woman could speak so openly and unashamedly about such kinky, perverse things. My respect, and desire, for her grew a hundredfold in that one incredible, informative hour. And she knew it, too, just from the look of awe on my face. If I hadn't truly worshipped and adored her before, I most certainly did at the conclusion of her verbal foray into kinky dalliances. And throughout every titillating word, between quick bites of food, my hands faithfully pampered her nylon-clad feet.

Dessert was light, and we sat there quietly. Holly was drained from her various erotic disclosures. I was just trying to absorb all that she'd told me. The only thing Holly asked of me as we split a large slice of cheesecake, was that I continue to massage her feet. She enjoyed the squishy feeling of the still moist stockings being kneaded into her toes. I didn't even consider arguing. Besides knowing it was futile to even think of denying her, I was more in awe of her than ever, and wanted to do anything I could to make her smile.

Holly saw that look of awe -and yes, worship - in my eyes and knew she had me exactly where she wanted me. She knew I was the perfect clay to mold as she saw fit. And that wicked look crept back into her eyes yet again. That grin that set fire to my groin slunk lasciviously across her lush lips. The twisted glimmer in her eyes would've made the Marquis de Sade proud.

As I obediently massaged her right foot, her left slowly slid off my thigh to my groin. Her silken toes found the hardness there and her grin, if even possible, widened. With pure evil in her eyes, she used those toes to knead and stroke my swollen member. I sighed. My eyelids fluttered, as if all strength had left them, all the blood and energy feeding them had immediately left and made a beeline for my crotch.

Staring directly into my fluttering eyes, Holly stroked me with soles and toes. My brain had begun to leak. It sputtered and gasped, threatening to cease all thought processes. As it was, thinking was a chore at best.

"Foot boy," she said. It could've been as loud as the amplified notes at a rock concert for all I knew, because only my hands and penis were still working at peak performance.

"Umm...hmmmmm....yehhh?" I sighed.

"I'd like you to take that delicious cock out of your pants again." That was all she said. No explanation (as if one was needed). Just as matter-of-factly as you please.

When the "request" had fully sunk in, my eyes widened. A chill skateboarded down my back, caroming clumsily from vertebra to vertebra. I looked at Holly, sure that I must've misheard her. Again...silly me. Of course I hadn't.

"What? Here?" I bumbled.

"Yes. Right here, right now. While you rub one foot, I want to play with that throbbing sausage of yours with the other."

At first I expected her to ORDER me to do it, but she just stared intently into my eyes. Her gaze pierced my brain, jump starting it. I felt like I couldn't breathe. My whole body trembled, and I'm not sure if it was with fear or lust. I blinked my eyes a few times, then quickly glanced around the interior of the restaurant. I stammered, fumbled and fidgeted. I was amazed Holly would even conceive of such an act...in public! Visions of burly men in blue with shiny badges carting me off like a common pervert were dancing in my melted brain.

But...nonetheless....I lowered her foot to my thigh, released it from my hands...and unzipped my pants.

Holly heard the soft sound of the zipper and smiled, her eyes dancing with delight. "Now, like you did before, take that lovely cock out so I can play with it."

As if in a deep trance, I reached into my pants for the second time that night and pulled my swollen penis out of my jeans. I still had enough brain power to again scan the room. No more patrons...no waitress... no one looking. Thank God.

As if she could see under the table, Holly knew exactly when my cock was free. Her toes found it unerringly, and flicked it from side to side, amusing her no end. After flicking it about for several playful minutes, she settled back into rubbing and kneading it with her toes and sole. It was all I could do to remain conscious.

At some point, Holly saw that I wasn't going to be able to concentrate much on massaging her other foot, so she modified her plan drastically.

"Never mind rubbing my foot. I'm going to use both feet to play with your cock. You don't mind, do you, foot boy?" Her question reeked of sarcasm.

I mumbled something that was pretty much incoherent, to which she laughed. Before the sound of her laughter had even faded, I felt both her warm, nyloned feet rubbing and stroking my hardened tool. My brain seized again. I could feel sparks behind my eyes...not to mention between my legs. I could almost visualize my testicles contracting, gearing up for seminal expulsion. To Holly's credit, she was even able to get her persistent toes inside my unzipped pants to tease and jiggle my sack. How she managed to get her toes beyond and beneath the elastic waistband of my tight briefs in that limited space will always be one of the world's great mysteries. But if anyone was capable of it, Holly was.

She sat there mercilessly stroking my testicles and shaft with her feet for what seemed a gloriously long time. With her elbows on the table and her chin resting in the palms of her hands, she stared into my eyes, delighting in the lust brewing there. Up and down her nyloned feet stroked my cock, her toes squeezing and playing with the head. In and out of my pants went her teasing toes, slipping under my sack, toes gliding ever so slowly along its surface.

On those rare occasions when I could focus on Holly, I could see growing passion in her eyes as well. She had begun to lick her lips as she gave me a world class foot job. I knew that if she kept it up, not only would I have the dumbest looks on my raptured face, but I'd more than likely cream all over her silky hose. Even trying to focus my attention on the half eaten cheesecake wasn't helping a bit to stem the tide of careening hormones between my legs. Holly knew all of this, probably even more than I did.

"Mmm...you like Holly's feet on your cock, don't you, foot boy?" She snickered. "Should I let you come right here in the restaurant? Would you like that?" I fought hard to force intelligible words out of my mouth, not even sure how I wanted to answer that. It didn't matter, anyway. No matter how horny Holly was becoming, she definitely had her own agenda...and it didn't call for an embarrassing orgasm in the middle of the Boogaloo Crick Ale and Steak House.

Holly's eyes burned into mine. Her face had an erotic glow to it. She licked her lips and looked me up and down as if I was a piece of medium-well ribeye steak. She stroked my cock hard and fast, the silky feel of the nylon making me crazy. I surely would've let her give me an orgasm right then and there, but as I said, she had other plans. For her - for now - it was enough that she'd had her way with me, that I'd gone against my better judgment and taken my penis out of my pants in a fairly crowded restaurant to let her play with it like her personal toy. It fueled her fire, but, unlike myself, she'd kept herself just cool enough to know when to stop.

Suddenly, the silky stroking at my crotch stopped. Very far off in the distance, I heard the sound of Holly's shoes sliding around under the table. She was putting them back on. My penis, standing straight up and bobbing hopefully, was eager for more attention...attention that was not forthcoming..at least not for now. It was agony. But, slowly, without the constant attention, it began to deflate and dip downward. This allowed blood to return to my brain. That, in turn, led to my senses returning. And I was slowly able to focus on the Cheshire Cat sitting across from me in the booth.

I knew then that playtime was over...at least until we'd left this place. For a few minutes, we just sat and stared at each other, Holly beside herself with the power of her sexuality, and me trying to recover. Even before she said a word, I knew it was time to leave the Boogaloo Crick Ale and Steakhouse. And I was all to happy to do so. After the cock tease in the car and now again in this quaint little restaurant, I was frustrated to a degree that I'd never been frustrated to before in my life. I felt like running outside and hiding in the bushes to stroke myself to orgasm. It wouldn't have taken much to get me there, either.

Holly's voice shattered my run-and-stroke fantasy. "That was a wonderful meal, wasn't it?" she asked, her eyes and lips still grinning at me.

"Yes," was all I could say, staring at her like a moonstruck kindergarten lad, though a sexually frustrated one.

"How would you like more dessert, foot boy?" she asked, her eyes drilling into mine.

I knew in an instant what she meant. I smiled at her, sighing from my core, nodding and trying not to drool too heavily.

"All this sexy talk, and rubbing your cock with my feet, has gotten me so wet I'll probably drip all the way to the car. So, I think we need to leave here right now. We'll go to my place, and then I'll give you something even sweeter than cheesecake to eat. Would you like that, foot boy? And maybe I'll finish that nice foot job I was giving you. I'll bet you'd like that, too."

I nearly swooned at just the thought of my lucky face between Holly's legs again, and those soft feet stroking my primed cannon...this time all the way. The "Yes, Goddess" I stammered out was more sigh than words, but Holly knew how I felt. That was all that mattered...to either of us.

"Now, you'd better put that away again. It should be soft enough by now to get it back into your pants." Again she snickered, toying with me. "Zip yourself up for now and let's leave before I forget myself and stroke your brains out right here."

Holly signaled the waitress, asking for the check. When the waitress brought it, Holly, true to her word, gave her a generous tip. The two exchanged knowing smiles once again, and the waitress looked me up and down as she had earlier, as if pondering Holly's choice of boy toys. I had no idea if she approved or not, but didn't care. And somehow, knowing that another human being knew I was Holly's personal plaything, well, that was a huge turn on.

I wasn't the only one flushed a red color now. Holly was indeed horny. And I had every reason to believe that she was most certainly going to feed me a second dessert as soon as we got to her place, wherever that was.

Grabbing my hand tightly, Holly nearly dragged me out the door, not letting go of my hand until we got to the car. She didn't even wait for me to hold the door for her, but pointed to the passenger side door as she walked around the car to the driver's side, saying "Get in."

I was already seated by the time Holly got into the car. As she swung her legs in, she didn't stop them below the dashboard, but rather continued swinging them in their arc until they had swiveled in my direction. With a sharp snap of her ankles, she kicked off both shoes simultaneously, one shoe bouncing off my shoulder, the other landing in my lap after ricocheting off the passenger side window.

"Hold on to those," she said, "I'm too horny to bother with formalities right now. We're going to my place immediately. You ARE in the mood to bury your face in my pussy, aren't you?" Her eyes were as iron as her will. Even if she wasn't in the mood for so much as the slightest hint of refusal, I would never have refused that offer anyway.

"Yes, Goddess...I most certainly am!"

The iron stare was replaced by softening eyes, and a wide smile. "Good, because the way I'm feeling right now, you'll be licking me until your tongue needs a splint. And once that immediate need is taken care of, we'll get down to some...experimenting." She didn't look at me, but just focused on driving out of the parking lot and into traffic.

My whole body was like a raging lightning storm. Holly's look was intense as she drove out of the small lot. I could sense urgency in her. She seemed to be forcing herself to drive, her body tight and determined. She was chewing her bottom lip, squeezing the steering wheel as if she wanted to choke nonexistent life from it. And even through all the lip gnawing, her mouth was curled in a grin of expectation. She was about as horny as a woman could get without jumping the first long, hard object she came in close proximity to.

Just before she entered traffic, she slammed on the brakes. I wasn't prepared for it, and I flew forward from the force of the sudden stop. Holly's shoes escaped my lap, landing quietly on the carpeted floor. By the time I turned to look at Holly, she had already turned to me with that same intense look on her face. The only difference was that her mouth had hardened somewhat, the smile muted.

"I almost forgot," she said. She pointed to the glove compartment and continued, "Open that up. Put on the blindfold." Her words were devoid of emotion, sounding like a cybernetic command from some computer program. I stared at her blankly...blinking like a bewildered cartoon character. Slowly turning my attention to the glove box door, I popped it open and withdrew the soft, black blindfold. Again I stared dumbly. I sat there holding it in my hands, my blinking eyes as perplexed as my brain. After a second or two, I turned to look at Holly, my eyes now non-verbally questioning her.

"Oh, now, don't worry. I'm not going to kill you and dump you somewhere," she said, the smile coming back to her lips. "In fact, I'm protecting myself. You seem like a sweet boy, and you're deliciously submissive, but you could be the possessive type, or maybe even obsessive, and you might cause me problems down the road."

"Holly, I would never...." I began, shaking my head.

"Now, don't take it personally, Tom. But I've only known you what, two days now? If I'm going to take you to my house for some fun and games, I would rather you didn't know where I live right off...not until we've known each other a while and I can trust you. It's just a precaution. For now, you just can't know where I live."

"But, I'm not going to..." I protested.

"Tom...this is the way it's going to be, or this ends right here. It's not open for discussion. I'm just not willing to take that kind of risk. So, which is it? The blindfold...or back to McDonald's?"

One look into Holly's eyes told me resistance - as usual - was futile. With a heavy sigh, I tied the blindfold around my head, adjusting it over my eyes. Again I blinked, this time behind dark fabric, my eyelashes brushing the soft cloth. I sighed, resigned to this unusual turn of events.

"This is going to look very suspicious, if anyone should see me," I said, "And what if we pass a police car? Won't they think you're abducting me?" I couldn't help but smile as I added that last note.

Not one to be outdone, Holly replied, "If it comes to that...if a police car DOES happen by, I'll tell you to duck down immediately. So, listen closely while I drive in case you need to duck in a hurry. Understood?" Even through the blindfold, my mind's eye could see her no-nonsense glare.

I sighed again as I said, "Yes, ma'am." I just couldn't understand all the secrecy. Youth always seems to be nearsighted. I was going to make the point that someone blindfolded suddenly ducking as a patrol car passes by would appear even MORE suspicious, but thought better of it. Arguing the point wouldn't do any good at all...especially with Holly in her obviously amorous condition.

"Great," Holly said. "And if you're a good boy and duck quickly, I'll let you kiss my feet again while you're down there. How's that? A reward for quick response." My mind's eye now saw an arrogant smirk on that pretty face. Nothing unusual there.

I was about to reply that that would be fine, when the car lurched forward. It was the most unusual thing I'd ever experienced up to that point in my young life, riding in a car with a blindfold on. But, somehow it seemed perfectly normal and acceptable when dealing with Holly....not the least bit odd. That alone should've told me how firm her grip on me was. I was willing to accept almost anything to be with her and have her be a part of my life. In fact, the more unusual things got, the more I squirmed and looked forward to still other bizarre occurrences.

"I don't think you'll be having to duck much, anyway, my little foot boy. Once we get off this road, we'll mostly be traveling on back roads. I live out in the boonies, hon. Nice, big private house to play and play and play." Her ensuing sigh was so deep and loud that I could hear it even over the din of traffic. And I was willing to believe that if all outside noise ceased completely, I could've heard her heart beating at triple its usual pace, thundering against her chest. I knew she was as stoked as I was.

On the one hand I was myself sighing with relief at not having to play abductee as much as I'd initially feared, but on the other I felt a shiver down my spine at the thought of being alone with this woman out in the sticks where no one knew where I was. That shiver of fear, however, was thickly laced with growing anticipation. I had no idea what I was truly getting into, but if it included some of the things Holly spoke about at Boogaloo...well...it was no wonder my jeans had a firm, pounding puptent forming.

After driving for what seemed a half hour or so, Holly turned off the main road. For the next thirty minutes - give or take - I could tell we were traveling along smaller roads. Traffic became lighter and lighter the longer Holly drove. And for the final fifteen minutes there didn't seem to be any other cars around us at all. It was eerily quiet, in fact...which heightened the mystery and the delicious tingle of anticipation. I knew something amazing was in the offing.

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