Hollywood After Dark Ch. 03


"What's this?" I asked, glancing down at the pile of noodles and beef that fit snugly inside the dish.

"When I was a little girl," Monica said. "My mother taught me that the best way to repay someone, especially a man, is to prepare them a rich and enjoyable meal. One that will leave them fat and happy after they eat, a small piece of bliss in edible form so to speak,"

I took a fork from the desk and prodded the contents. Until the smell had hit my nose, I had no idea I was as hungry as I really was. Monica saw me poking it and checking it out.

"It's a lasagna," she said. "I love to cook for my husband and family and I had some left from last night's meal so I thought I would give it to you as a sign of appreciation,"

"You didn't have to do this Monica,"

"Nonsense. This isn't even doing enough! If your film is as good as I think it is, and I have a pretty good sense of these things, my life will become infinitely better in the next few years. A dish of leftovers is the least I can do,"

I dug the fork in deeper and lifted out a bite. Normally I wouldn't eat pasta like this cold, but the scent was overpowering. I had to try it now.

Putting it into my mouth, the cheese practically melted on my tongue, my taste buds overwhelmed with the strength of the food. An edible piece of bliss had been exactly right, I thought to myself as I chewed the pasta and swallowed it. Monica watched me, a slight sense of desired approval in her eyes.

"Monica, it's delicious," I said, setting the fork down to look at her again. The flavors still tingled in my mouth, making a few of my taste buds water in anticipation of more to come.

She picked up a fork and took a bite out for herself. Closing her eyes, she savored the pasta as it touched her tongue. Swallowing gracefully, her long neck moving ever so slightly as it went down, Monica opened her eyes again and watched me.

"I hear you are leaving the film," she said, a slight look of disappointment in her eyes. How could she know so quick? Did word really travel that fast?

"I'm thinking about it, yes. They don't need me around anyways, getting myself into trouble," I replied, now eating the lasagna eagerly.

"But I need you," she said softly, her eyes now locked on me.

I swallowed hard. "You do? What could you possibly need a writer like me for?"

Monica laughed. "To keep me saying the right lines silly! If I know you are on set then I can feel comfortable that the master, the author, is right there with me when I say his beautiful dialog,"

I blushed slightly at such a strong compliment. Praise such as that doesn't come very often from a beautiful woman like Monica Bellucci.

"Like I said, I'm still thinking about it," I replied, setting my fork down. Monica however, plunged hers back in and scooped out a sizeable bite. Holding it out in front of her face, she leaned it across the desk towards me, the fork extended directly in front of her. I could smell her perfume and freshly washed hair, even over the spices of the lasagna, as I dutifully opened my mouth for her as she slid the fork in. The feeling of the steel of the fork and the bursting flavor from the pasta, coming from Monica's hand, was strangely arousing. I had never been one of those people who saw the erotic qualities of food, but as I chewed the pasta I began to reconsider my stance on the subject.

Monica pulled the fork away from my mouth but kept the same leaning position across the desk, her breasts pressing into the surface of the desk through her shirt.

"If there is anything I could maybe do to make you stay," Monica said, trailing off, her sexy voice now fading from her lips in a sultry whisper.

"Monica, I...I mean, I want to stay and help out with the movie," I said, my eyes locked on hers as she leaned further across the desk, her lips now just an agonizing few inches from my own. I didn't get to finish the last phrase of my sentence however, as she quickly leaned in across from me and pressed her soft lips against my own.

If our first screen kiss had been just that, something for the cameras, something devoid of much real passion, this second kiss was the exact opposite. I felt a spark of energy course through my body, as if Monica had transferred her sexuality somehow from her lips onto my own body, the river of arousal racing through every nerve in my body.

Our lips stayed locked together for another moment before I pulled away, part of my mind wondering if the current of passion would create a spark of some sort when our lips parted. It didn't materialize of course, but that didn't keep the moment from still feeling incredibly intense and heated, Monica licking her lips together seductively as we hovered inches away from each other yet again.

Monica smiled at me and pushed the food away from her, a slight jingle of the silverware sliding across the desk as the only noise to be heard. She lifted herself onto all fours on top of the desk, throwing her hair back over her shoulder as she leaned down to kiss me again. I stood up from my chair but Monica rose as well, lifting her body as our lips stayed together, her tongue now moving into my mouth as it explored across my lips and teeth. I responded equally, tasting the sweetness of her mouth - a delicious mix of the spices from the pasta and something else, something sweeter such as fruit. Our breathing now filled the room as I wrapped my arm around Monica's waist, pulling her closer to me. My hand caressed down her back to her ass, squeezing first one cheek and then the other as my fingers felt the soft roughness of the denim beneath it's tips. My thumb grazed across a patch of exposed skin between her hips and the bottom of her shirt, the warmth and heat radiating off her body incredible beneath my touch.

The back of my mind screamed loudly at me to consider why she was doing this, what was going on and whether or not she was being sincere or had just been sent here to do her job. But as loudly as it yelled, my instincts had taken over. There would be time later to analyze things, but giving into the weakness of her flesh at this very moment was something that I was willing to do, no matter what the costs later down the road.

I could feel Monica's breath heavy on my cheek as she exhaled, getting more excited by my roaming hands as they caressed her body, a finger sliding into her jeans as I touched the thin fabric of what had to be a pair of thong underwear separating her body from her jeans. Monica's hands were wrapped tightly around my back, her nails running across my shoulders and arms, giving me a tingling sensation each time she touched a new area. The bulge in my pants was impossible to hide now, but Monica didn't seem to notice (or mind) as she leaned forward into me, her pelvis pressing tightly against my body.

She moved her mouth from my lips and began to kiss down my neck towards my chest. Reaching her arms down away from my back, she pulled at the ends of my shirt, lifting it up and out from my belt and, in one quick motion, over my head and onto the floor. The cold air of the room rushed over me, adding to the tingling excitement I already was feeling, my heart thudding loudly in my chest. Monica lowered her head down my chest once again, this time kissing and licking my nipples as her tongue slid smoothly down my abs. She unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants to the floor, where they landed with a soft thud. I stood there in just my boxers now, admiring this gorgeous creature in front of me. A lock of her hair had fallen over one of her eyes, adding to the sultry look on her face. Still on her knees, Monica scooted forward towards me and dipped her upper body down below the level of the desk, so that her head was just a few inches away from my crotch.

I gasped in excitement as I felt her hand slide into my boxers and pull out my rock hard cock, her hand delicate and soft against my throbbing manhood. Monica pulled my aching prick out of my boxers and held it firmly in her hand, wasting no time as she lowered her luscious lips down onto it, her tongue and a drop of hot saliva falling out as she engulfed the head. Her lips sliding down the length of my shaft, Monica was clearly an expert in the "oral arts". Her ass swayed on the desk as she bobbed her head up and down on me, sucking gently along each vein and ridge of my dick, a slight smear of her lipstick staining my flesh. I moved my hand back onto her ass as I bent over her, slipping one hand beneath her waist to grasp the fly of her jeans. I unbuttoned the loose clasp and then hooked the edges with my thumbs as I pulled them down off her ass, her round and firm buttocks exposed to me, causing even greater arousal on my part.

Monica moved a hand down to my shaft as she sucked on me, oblivious to the undressing I was doing to her. Her cheeks billowed in and out as she devoured my cock, the warm fluids of her mouth making the blowjob incredibly intense, the feel of her hot mouth like a sauna of sexual pleasure. I groped and squeezed her ass cheeks now, my fingers dancing lightly over the navy blue, transparent thong she wore, the thin fabric cutting deeply into her ass between her cheeks. I slid a finger down further on her ass, stretching my reach to the fullest, as I found her pussy, already slightly wet with arousal. I pushed the thong aside with a finger and then began to work the tip of my middle finger into her, feeling the softness of her womanhood beneath my touch. This just encouraged Monica as she groaned beneath me, sucking harder on my prick.

I lifted my hand from her snatch, my fingers wet with her juices and began to remove her shirt as best as possible (the position was admittedly a little awkward). Sliding the top over her smooth back and shoulders, it hung around her neck between her breasts, Monica not wanting to lift her mouth away long enough to remove the garment. Her bra was a black, lacy thing, straining against the size of her ample breasts, her tits swaying gently as she bobbed up and down, working her shoulders and neck completely. I felt my balls start to tingle as my orgasm grew near, but I didn't want to shoot my load into Monica's mouth - if I came, this might be the only time I ever got with Monica Bellucci and I wasn't going to be satisfied until I had sampled her undoubtedly wonderful pussy.

Reaching my hand to her head, feeling the soft curls of her hair against my fingers, I gently lifted Monica's mouth off of my prick. She raised her head and looked at me, lust in her eyes as she caught her breath slightly. Her lipstick was smeared and there was a slight hint of moisture against her upper lip as she watched me. I smiled at her and sat her upright - she had led the foreplay before but now I was going to take control.

Sitting there watching me, I ran my hand across Monica's cheek, her face following my touch as she kissed the back of my palm. Grazing over her shoulders and neck, I placed my hand beneath her breasts, grasping the hook in the front that held these delightful beauties in places. With a soft snap, the hook opened and the garment parted, sagging slightly on her chest (though her breasts were doing anything BUT sagging). I moved my hand to her left breast and pushed the bra aside, cupping her tit in my hand as my thumb stroked her nipple. Monica sighed happily at me as I teased her hardening nub, the darkened areola of which grew flush beneath my touch. I placed my other hand on the opposite breast and pushed the bra aside, allowing the strapless thing to fall off of her body and onto my desk. Slowly moving my hand up her neck, I grasped onto her shirt and pulled it over her head, Monica shaking her head slightly as her long locks fell against her shoulders.

She was topless now as I took Monica by the hand and stood her up on the floor, her body a sexy sight that I couldn't drink in enough as she stood there in her damp thong and a pair of sneakers. Sitting down into the chair, I slid my boxers off and onto the floor beneath the desk as I held Monica's hand in my own, touching her fingers. Monica again smiled at me as she moved her hand away from mine and to her hips, seductively sliding her last real piece of clothing from her body. She did a little turn for me as she moved, bending over at the waist slightly so that I could see her snatch as it became exposed to me, the fabric of her panties coming down her legs and thighs before she stepped out of them on the floor.

Reaching my hand out, I grazed my finger tips across her belly, feeling the indentation of her belly button, damp ever so slightly from the growing perspiration on her skin. I laid my full palm on her stomach and held it there for a second, feeling her body churn and move beneath me, so alive and so sensual. Sliding downward, my fingers made contact with her neatly trimmed hair, cut in a very thin strip above her opening, the wiry feel even hotter to the touch than the rest of her body. I let my hand fall away as Monica turned towards me, rotating her firm, trim body as she sat down on me in reverse, her ass lowering onto my crotch, my shaft resting firmly between her cheeks.

Monica rocked slowly up and down me, my cock hard and blazing with heat as it brushed against her sex. The feeling was wonderful as the moisture between her legs coated me from base to tip, her soft outer lips parting slightly as my prick slid between them, so agonizingly close to being inside her. Neither one of us used our hands for this seduction - not using them at all, but simply letting our bodies grind and respond to one another was more than enough. Monica settled back against me, her back against my chest as she parted her legs more widely now, the angle of my dick just enough to allow the head to catch between her lips, pressing hard against her opening, begging to be let in. She paused for a moment, feeling this slight pulling and the sexual tension between us reach it's peak, both of us enjoying the feeling of the pressure, the moment before the storm broke into a full on gale.

With a slight moving of her hips, I slid into her, each inch burrowing further into her cunt as I watched between her legs while my cock disappeared into her. It stood straight up now as Monica slowly raised herself off of my lap, only an inch or so, to allow for the fully penetrating effect to take place. Within a moment I was inside of her to the hilt, the head of my shaft nestled softly against the inner walls of her pussy. I felt her inner walls contract involuntarily and we both shuddered as we stayed perfectly still, the fullness of her snatch for her and the tightness for me like a moment frozen in time.

I moved my hands to Monica's thighs as I slowly slid them up and down her, creating a heated friction between our bodies, my palms moving from just above her knees down to her opening, where the thumbs of my hands met again with the soft heat between her thighs. Daringly I slid my hands further between her legs, the wetness of her body now completely evident as she spread her legs as wide as possible to allow my roaming hands to feel the outer skin of her form. I placed my hands beneath her thighs now and began to lift her off of me slightly, Monica's head back against my chest as she aided me in my maneuvering.

Careful not to move too much for fear of breaking the incredible seal between our bodies, her outer lips I could now see stretched out around the three inches of girth of my manhood, I began to rock her body up and down on my legs, a grunt from my lips and a moan from hers now the only noises of the room, save the distant sound of the AC unit. My ass stuck slightly to the seat, the sweat and juices of our bodies creating a suction sound as I thrust my hips forward, anxious to feel the deepness of her pussy around my shaft as deep as possible. Flexing the head of my dick, I felt the edges expand and brush against her inner wall, causing Monica to moan louder as our flesh became one again inside of her body.

Moving one hand away from her thigh, I placed it at the small of her back and moved it upward, gently pushing Monica forward so that her body responded to my touch, her head lowering down towards the desk. She was like putty in my hands, responding to every push and pull I gave her as I continued my slow thrust inside of her, feeling the smooth skin of her back beneath my hand as it came to rest against her neck, holding her down slightly against the desk, Monica's hands reaching out to grip onto the desk tightly as I held her forward, my hips now thrusting into her at a better angle. She lowered her forehead to the desk, holding it there as I could see her eyes closed, her lips parted in a frozen gasp of pleasure, hot breath escaping from them.

We continued like that for what felt like an eternity, Monica bent over slightly at the waist as my dick slid in and out of her halfway, rocking up and down along her crevice, the base of my shaft brushing her clit occasionally, making her body tense up above me. She knew that the torrent of sexual release was coming quickly for her, the slowness of our love making not enough to stop the inevitable tide of arousal that was destined to come.

Keeping my hand where it was against her neck, a finger touching a stray lock of hair that had fallen around her neck, feeling the softness between my spread fingers as I held it firm, I moved my other hand to her tummy, wrapping my forearm around her waist as I continued to raise her up and down off of me. Monica was lost to her sexual inhibitions now, her body simply responding as her mind was racked with pleasure. I couldn't claim much better, as every hair on my body seemed to be swaying and moving to the touch of her soft skin, the firmness of her stomach and the bottom of her breasts that occasionally would brush against the back of my hand, their soft flesh cresting and falling against me on our circular rhythm of love making. I held her like this for a moment longer, increasing the pace slightly as Monica finally lifted her head from the desk, her hair falling over her eyes as she looked back at me, no words being said at all as we committed this act of adultery for her, cheating for me. Where we were from, the fact that she was from a completely different country and a completely different culture made no difference on the simple fact that we were two people enjoying the most intimate of feelings with one another.

Monica pushed her ass hard against me as I released half of my dick from her tightly grasping pussy, her body begging for more as it strove to reach it's own tidal opening. I allowed her this simple pleasure as she bucked the back of her body against me with all the might she could muster after the slowly sapped strength of her body, feeling the hard nub between her legs held hard and firm against my shaft. She thrust backwards once more as she finally achieved her bliss, her knuckles whitening on the desk that she held so tightly to, a lone "Unnggghh" escaping from her lips before fading away in the soft falling of her voice.

She grinded her hips against me, savoring the feeling of my touch all over her body as I felt goose bumps arrive for a few seconds, the pinnacle of her orgasm, before they too crested off, the moment of bliss passing away from her body after a long and slow build up, the after shocking waves still giving her a radiating strength that ensured that my own orgasm would not go without the proper attention being paid. Monica held firmly to the desk still, her fingernails digging deep into the blotter and wood of the desk, the rest of her body still as she grasped and held onto me as firmly as possible. She finally began to move and stir, beginning to respond to my now aching balls and the release that I wanted to achieve so badly, though I was certainly torn at having to end at such a pleasurable place, the current grasping and build up more than enough pleasure for any one man.

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