tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHollywood Honeymoon

Hollywood Honeymoon


Mike and Katie had recently married in the small town where they had both grown up on the South coast of England. The couple had met at the University of Edinburgh while he was studying Mathematics and she Psychology. Katie had recently turned twenty-one and Mike was nearly twenty-four. Coming from reasonably well off families they were able to have a pretty lavish wedding and afford a decent honeymoon, thanks to their parents.

They were on their way back to their hotel in Hollywood, the Best Western on Franklin Avenue; the last night of their honeymoon, a three night stopover on their way back from six weeks in Australia. They had been celebrating the last night of their honeymoon and were both rather too drunk to be on their guard; oblivious to the dangers of walking at night in this infamous city. They were completely unaware of the four large black guys that had been trailing them at a distance for the last three blocks.

The gang of blacks were mostly in their late teens/early twenties and none of them were strangers to the police. All four of them had done time in juvenile and were testament to the fact it does not work. Steve, the oldest at twenty-nine, was the biggest of the gang, standing six foot five inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds. The others; Chuck, Willie and Jerome were all over six foot and well-built too.

As they neared their hotel the blacks separated and one of them, Willie came up behind the young couple and followed them into the lobby. They didn't notice him as they collected their key from reception and made their way to their room.

The reason they were being followed was simple; when Steve, the leader of the gang had seen the couple walking down the 'Walk of Fame' on Hollywood boulevard he could not believe how gorgeous Katie was. He simply had to fuck her. In Steve's world what he wanted he simply took. Whether she or her partner liked it was of no consequence to him; none whatsoever.

It has to be said that Katie was so beautiful she was always making men horny for her. She was quite small at five foot four inches, very slim and in perfect proportion. Some might say her breasts were a little too small but they were the perfect size and shape for Mike. Katie was one of those girls who didn't see her beauty as others did which seemed to make her all the more attractive.

Willie followed them upstairs and noted their room number before returning to the lobby and waiting till the receptionist was called away for a moment. He signalled to his friends who quickly sneaked in and up the stairs before the receptionist returned. The hotel was one of those where the rooms are arranged around the swimming pool and most of them were unoccupied on that level.

The first time the young couple were aware something was wrong was when they heard an urgent knock on their hotel room door. Mike went to answer it and was immediately knocked to the ground as Steve put his shoulder to the door and barged in. The other three quickly followed and locked the door behind them as Mike scrabbled to his feet.

"Get out you bastards, this is our room!" he shouted, trying hard to sober up. The blacks just smiled and Steve spoke "No little man, this ain't your room no more; it's ours, and so is everything in it, especially that little thing there!" he said, nodding toward Katie.

Katie was the most intoxicated of the two of them. Somewhat confused, she had been cowering, terrified on one of the double beds ever since the intrusion. She gave a little whimper as the nature of the intrusion became ever more apparent. Much as she always thought of Mike as her big strong protector it was obvious he was no match for any one of these thugs, let alone four of them together.

The blacks quickly sprung into action, they were well organised; they had clearly done this kind of thing before.

"Help, help, somebody help!" Katie yelled but Steve quickly grabbed her by her long blonde hair and put his massive hand over her mouth to stop her yelling while the other three pounced on Mike. They hauled him over onto the bed and forced him onto his back. They got some rope from one of their rucksacks and tied him down spread eagled with his head at the foot of the bed.

They had threatened him with a knife and Mike had gone very quiet, terrified what they were going to do to them. Katie could only look on with tears streaming down her face. She was terrified they were about to kill Mike and rape her beside his dead body.

In the haze of alcohol she tried to console herself with the thought that if they were going to kill him they wouldn't have tied him to the bed first, surely? On the other hand why had they? It wasn't long before the reason became clear.

The three younger blacks took the knife and proceeded to hack through Mikes expensive designer clothes until he lay there completely naked. "Oh man, look at that" they laughed, seeing Mikes fear shrivelled cock. "Your missus been missing out bro, does she know you bin short changing her?" said Willie "That ain't no good for fucking; it's pathetic!" Mike's face burned with shame at his mocking; he knew his five inch cock was smaller than most men's.

Willie then pulled off his belt and let his trousers slide to the floor before hauling his own meaty cock out of his boxer shorts. "Now this is more like it" he said lifting the weighty eight inches in his hand and displaying it for Katie. "What you called sister?" he said, slowly wanking his cock to full erection.

Steve took his hand from her mouth long enough for her to answer his friend. Terrified as she was she could hardly speak... "Katie" she managed to whimper.

"Well Katie, you looking forward to getting fucked by real men?" he taunted her. "How you like getting gang banged by Nigger cock?" Tears welled up in Katie's eyes again with the certain knowledge that she was going to be gang raped by all of them. Katie had very often found herself fantasising about being raped ever since she was a very young teenager. In her dreams it was very exciting but the reality was very, very different.

She went limp when Steve and the others started ripping her short blue summer dress from her, too terrified to fight back. When she was completely naked they stood back while Jerome held her and admired their 'catch'. Katie was even better looking naked; she was easily the best looking girl any of them had ever seen.

At Mike's suggestion Katie had got herself a Hollywood wax in a downtown salon just the day before. They were all treated to the mouth watering sight of her completely hairless little slit.

"Damn that's one hot piece of pussy" said Steve "The little slut shaves her cunt!"

Katie's face burned in shame at their words.

"Now baby you are going to give that little man of yours a real treat tonight, ain't that right boys? See you're gonna suck his little weenie while he gets to see what your pussy looks like with some decent sized cock inside it!"

They forced Katie down on top of Mike in the 'sixty-nine position' so that her legs were spread wide over his face and she could reach his cock with her mouth. They used their wide leather belts to secure her legs to either side of the bed, stretching them even wider so that her pussy came into contact with Mike's mouth. They then tied her wrists to Mike's legs so that she was completely helpless with the mouth of her pussy completely exposed to them at the foot of the bed, at just the right height to fuck her!

"Right little man, lick her sweet little pussy for her; get her nice and horny for us. She gonna need to be wet and ready when I feed her this!" taunted Willie, pointing his thick erection at her pussy. Mike could see the size of it now it was in full erection and close up. While it had not got much longer it was over two inches thick, a black and menacing implement of torture for both of them.

Chuck was on the bed near Katie's face, making her lick and suck Mikes cock. Slowly but surely, despite the circumstances his cock started to respond to her soft lips, sucking the head of his cock into her mouth. At the same time she could feel Mikes tongue kissing all around her little clit, then running his tongue over her inner lips, teasing her as he had done so many times before.

Both Mike and Katie instinctively knew that it would be in their best interests to do exactly what these brutes wanted; especially for Katie who they both realised her rape would be easier if she was able to get turned on. Despite the fact that she was about to get gang-raped Katie desperately tried to allow Mikes tongue to get her aroused.

The contradiction did not escape her; but she told herself that she had no choice. Besides, if she was to get aroused while being raped she would know it was because of what Mike was doing rather than what they were. That made it easier for her and with the help of some fantasising she felt herself getting wetter and increasingly aroused.

Willie watched Mike licking her pussy which soon started to glisten both from his saliva and her own secretions.

Katie's fantasising was rudely interrupted as she felt a thick finger easily penetrate her little cunt. Willie sawed his finger, slick with her juices back and forth inside her. This she realised was not too unpleasant and decided she would have to keep that idea in her head and try to find some pleasure in whatever they did to her.

So despite her trepidation at the size of Willie's cock she knew she would manage it better if she tried to want it. She thought back to the recent night in Australia when Mike had used a cucumber in her as a dildo. She had got very drunk that night and when they got back to their RV she felt as horny as hell.

She was so randy and hungry for cock she remembered thinking she would have happily fucked anything! Sensing her need to be completely filled Mike had got the large cucumber and she had actually taken it really easily. He had used it to fuck her until she came several times on it.

When she woke the next day she was really shocked at the size of the cucumber. It was not overly long but the thickness was the shock to her; the vegetable was easily two and a half inches thick! And she had actually accommodated it with no trouble at all she was so drunk and relaxed.

Katie kept that thought in her head as Willie's finger was withdrawn and she prepared herself for his cock.

'Relax, relax' she told herself in her mind 'you can do it; that cucumber was bigger than his cock'

She felt the hot blunt head of his cock positioned at her vagina and the slowly increasing pressure as she was impaled upon the cock of her rapist.

There was a sharp stab of pain as the thickest part of his shaft stretched her pussy then a strong sensation of fullness as he slid all the way insides her. Katie was moaning around Mikes cock in her mouth but it was not in pain. The constant attention Mike was paying to her clit and the size of the cock was actually really turning her on!

She continued to fantasise that she was back in Australia again and that the cock in her pussy was the cucumber that Mike was fucking her with. Willie started pumping his thick cock in and out of her dripping pussy, her thick creamy girl juices leaving a glistening sheen on his thick black shaft.

This was all too obvious to Mike who was treated to the sight of his beautiful little wife's cunt stretched tight around this monstrous cock. He too could see the creamy juices coating the young guys cock and was amazed at how much of it she was taking! Almost the entire length of his cock was coated in her juices which seemed to be flooding out of her now!

Willie started to fuck her pussy in earnest; having gotten most of his cock inside her he pumped it in and out with ever increasing speed. Mike watched in amazement that his petite young wife could take this large cock all the way inside her.

His face was getting splattered with girl juice but could not look away; he was mesmerized at the sight of her getting fucked like this. He couldn't take his eyes off her cock-filled cunt being battered into submission by this brutal rape.

In truth Mike was extremely turned on by it, not least because he was in no further doubt that Katie was equally aroused; the fact that his forehead was now completely covered in her pussy juice was proof of that!

Suddenly Willie gave a sound, a deep guttural sound and rapidly banged the whole length of his cock into Katie's pussy. "Oh fuck sister, you're gonna get it now, you want it? Fuck Yes! Aaghh!" He cried and pumped hot jet after jet of his cum deep inside her frantically clenching cunt.

Katie sucked lustily on Mikes cock as she was filled with her rapist's seed, trying to get herself off at the same time. It was all too much for Mike who with a ragged cry came too, filling Katie's mouth with his cum!

"Swallow it bitch!" Chuck ordered, grabbing her hair in his fist and working her head up and down on Mikes shrinking cock. Katie sucked greedily and swallowed it down, surprised at how easily she did it. She was not used to swallowing.

She was suddenly emptied, becoming aware that she was perversely glad that it was not over yet. She had been so close to coming but Willie had beaten her to it. But she knew there was going to be plenty more cock for her!

Looking up from Mike's crotch she had a shock; all the men were naked now and the sight terrified her! Although Chuck and Jerome's cocks were perhaps a little larger than Willie's, Steve's organ was monumental; a twelve inch giant that was much, much thicker than even the cucumber she had taken on holiday. The thought of having to stretch for that was making her shudder. She could hardly believe it was possible. She was convinced he was going to hurt her for sure.

But she was spared that torture for the moment as Chuck disappeared behind her and grasped her hips and speared her with his rock hard cock. She gave a gasp as he impaled her, rapidly assuming the motion of his predecessor. She could feel that Chuck was slightly thicker than Willie but not quite so long. She took all of him completely to the balls with ease, lubricated by Willie's come which drooled out of her onto Mikes face.

"Lick her pussy little man" Chuck ordered "I want to feel her come on my cock!"

Despite the fact that he was getting splattered with semen from her cunt he returned to licking Katie's clit in earnest, tasting the funky salty semen as it dripped from her pussy down over her clitoris and in his mouth.

Katie was grunting and moaning with the force of the fucking he was giving her; his hips banging hard against her arse with every stroke. Mike was doing his best to keep his tongue on her clit but it was hard with the battering she was taking. Despite the rather intermittent tonguing she was getting she was still getting ever more excited.

She felt so confused; she knew she was actually getting aroused by the treatment she was getting at the hands of her rapists. She knew it was the size of their cocks, the very fact of being raped, completely at their mercy, even the fact that her defilement was being witnessed by Mike seemed to be turning her on.

Much as she tried to tell herself otherwise she knew it to be true. She wanted to tell Mike she was okay and that she was getting aroused for him, not them. She just couldn't trust herself to say that believably, wisely choosing to say nothing. Her body, her moans and whimpers were already betraying her enough!

Chuck was fucking her with ever more vigour, his big wet balls slapping against Mike's forehead with every thrust. Mike couldn't keep his tongue on her clit she was being slammed back and forth so much by the pounding but it didn't matter; she was going to come anyway! She could feel it building and building inside her, despite the shame of it she was going to be made to come on a rapists cock!

Much as she hated the idea of that she was desperate for it too, eventually giving in to her urges, she decided she couldn't help it anyway; it wasn't her fault, they were going to force her to come whether she wanted to or not! Closer and closer he took her, both of them panting with the exertion until she was almost there, she could feel it, she knew he was going to make her come..

Without warning Chuck groaned out loud and suddenly came. Katie felt it, hot jets of come spurting inside her as she clenched herself on his thrusting cock, desperation tinged cries escaping her lips as she realised he too had beaten her to orgasm. She just didn't quite make it.

Panting loudly Katie felt her cunt unplugged, a stream of cum pouring out all over Mikes face. She could hear him spluttering as it went in his mouth and nose but she was so aroused she was beyond caring. She was desperate to be filled again and made to come. Despite her need, when she saw that it was Steve about to take her this time she still couldn't help a shudder. She both wanted and feared the impending invasion!

He went behind her and Katie did her best to prepare herself. She knew it would have to hurt her; it was inconceivable it would not. "Oh Jesus Christ no!" she moaned pitifully as she felt the huge cockhead touch her pussy lips and start to press into her.

To Katie's surprise Mikes cock started to get another erection and she quickly realised it was at the sight of her impalement; he was getting turned on by her rape too! She felt less guilty at that and determined to try and take her pleasure this time from this massive cock; to take it inside her and come on it, telling herself she would be doing it as much for Mike as herself.

As the pressure increased the massive cockhead wedged in her straining cunt muscles, she bore-down on it as if trying to push it out. He kept up a steady pressure and slowly forced her open until her poor pussy was stretched tight as a bowstring.

"No, ahhh, no more, I can't, AAhg! Oh God, its too big, AAAagghh!" she cried as the huge girth opened her completely and she felt him painfully slide deep up inside her! "OH God, please help me, you're hurting me! Oh shit!" she moaned. Her flinching pussy was on fire with the massive stretching of her little cunt, the protesting muscles spasming around the huge bulky shaft.

He left it wedged in there for what seemed like ages, allowing her to get used to it. Eventually Katie spoke "Fuck me then you bastard, you know there's nothing I can do about it, fuck me, go on, fuck me!"

Despite the initial pain of the invasion she soon realised it was easing off as he slowly started to pump her with it, long strokes that touched every nerve ending she had. Katie had never felt anything like it, it was all so intense. She also found it hugely thrilling to know she had managed to take it, strangely proud of herself; she felt more feminine at that moment than ever before.

She smiled at the sight of Mikes cock, straining stiffly skyward; she had never seen him so hard. He was evidently enjoying the view!

Despite himself, Mike was indeed enjoying the view of his tiny wife impaled on such an enormous cock. The little lips of her pussy were stretched tight by the vast girth of the thing. He could see them appearing and disappearing as the fucking motion picked up pace. Mike couldn't quite believe that Katie could be enjoying this but she quite clearly was; he could hear the familiar sounds her soft moans and little whimpers of arousal!

He felt her take his cock into her mouth and greedily start sucking him again but not for long... Impatient for his turn Jerome grabbed Katie's hair and lifting her mouth off of Mikes cock; fed her his own much larger tool! Katie struggled to get even the head into her mouth but with a little persistence she was taking the two large black cocks at once.

Mike, frustrated, could only watch in amazement at how much of Steve's cock she was accepting inside her. He could see the wetness coating all but the last three inches of his cock; she was taking the other nine inches inside her! And loving it! Despite the cock gagging her mouth Katie was groaning and moaning in delight!

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