tagErotic CouplingsHollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 09

Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 09


Before he was "Hollywood Jim" in Los Angeles, he was a geeky kid with a funny nickname in the Connecticut suburbs . And before he had numerous starlets as friends, he had various girlfriends. Here then are the "Adventures of Hollywood Jim-The Early Years"


The New Hampshire small town I was in that summer was definitely your typical small town. Their version of "downtown" was a blink and you'll miss it series of buildings consisting mostly of a gas station, post office and general store at a main crossroads. But it seemed to serve its purpose and I suppose it had its own homey charm. It was where everyone did their little shopping, any bigger trips required some travel.

The Cash Market was the log cabin-styled general store there. I'd ride my bike down there basically for something to do on days I wasn't at Bonnie's or Joey's. On one day I was there with my Mom and I heard her talking to someone excitedly.

"Maria, oh my when did you get into town?"

"Just yesterday, the rest of the family will be up this weekend."

Maria had what seemed like an Australian accent, quite exotic for this area.

"Jim, come over here." Mom called to me "This is Maria Jackson, you remember her from long ago?"

"Is this little Jimmy? Oh my, what a handsome lad he's become!" Maria said with a smile.

"Thanks, I'm not sure I remember you though." I replied.

"The last time I saw you it was maybe 5 or 10 years ago, you had this bicycle you used to do jumps on." She said with a laugh. "You were always trying to be some kind of daredevil."

I sheepishly looked down, I never get used to being reminded of my exploits as a kid. I liked to think that was my evil twin.

Maria looked very hot. She wore a bright blue t-shirt and white shorts, very summer-like. She had long black curly hair and exotically dark skin, not quite Latino, not quite black, but very exotic. And she had a rack that really got me thinking.

"You have to come up to the house for drinks, we've done a lot of work on the house." She said to us.

"Sounds great." Mom replied.

As we went back home I had to ask her about Maria. I vaguely remembered her from long ago. Maria did come from Australia, she'd married into the Tyler family (but kept her last name) who lived up the road from us in a large white Colonial-style house on a hill set far back from the street. I couldn't recall ever visiting the house, but now I was very curious. It seemed like the Tyler's were very much like the Baldwin's in that the families had some stature in town. The Tyler's had varied interests in the financial and real estate sectors and had developed many large properties around the country. It almost made me wonder if they were in some kind of competition with the Baldwin's.

Not long after we got home, the phone rang. Mom answered and was in a long conversation.

"Oh, I'm sure he'd love to." She said before calling me over and handing me the phone. "It's Maria Jackson."

"Hi, Jimmy...I was wondering if you could do me a big favor?"

"Uh, sure, I'll do what I can."

"Good, I don't know if you saw the grounds but it really could use a good mowing and I don't know how to use the lawn mower, it's rather old. Like to give it a go?" she said.

"Uh, sure I can do that."

"Wonderful! Can you come up tomorrow morning?"

"You got it, I'll be there."

Hey, any chance to make some extra cash was always good.

"That's great, luv. I'll see you in the morning. Oh, you might as well wear your swimsuit. It's supposed to be really hot tomorrow."

"Uh, sure, yes, I'll do that." I was a little confused

"You can use the pool once you're done."

"Oh! I didn't know you had one."

"Yes, we do. It's been a long time since you were up here, I know. You used to swim in it when you were younger."

"OK, then. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"See you then, luv."

With all the time I'd been working and then my time with Bonnie and Joey, I hadn't really looked through the stash of Playboy issues I'd accumulated while working at the Baldwin's. Late that night in my bedroom, I finally spent some time "way back when" looking at them. At least to get an idea of the dates, I'd only been looking at the covers. Man, the girls were hot back then, there was such a retro charm about them, knowing their tits were real, pussies a closely guarded secret then, but in full display later on. The fact I was in an old house, looking at issues from another time only added to the "retro charm" of it all. It was like I had a time capsule in my hands. And it might be a cliché' but I liked seeing the articles too, they were just as much of a retro trip as the girls were. I was looking at one issue from the late seventies that featured a pictorial called "The Girls from Down Under", all girls from Australia. Man, they had some nice ladies there. Tanned blonde beauties on the beaches, different size tits, nice. The last page showed one dark haired girl with beautiful tits kneeling in the surf, her hair matted down from the water, bright sun enveloping her body, her head thrown back and eyes closed, like she was in some kind of ecstasy. Wow, gorgeous tits. The caption said her name was "Maria Anne" and she was from Sydney. As I looked at her, I imagined being on that beach with her and how nice she must feel, how nice she'd make me feel. She was beckoning me to join her in the surf. Her naked body to be held in my arms. I was definitely turned on and my dick told me so. Bonnie was so good, man I needed her now. As I looked at Maria's photo as well as the others, I began to stroke my dick. I imagined Maria was here with me, naked, and she was feeling me all over, Letting me feel her all over, her body reacting to my every touch. My hand was actively stroking my dick as I stared at Maria Anne's photo, her smiling face looking at me, I could hear her voice urging me on, make her feel good, make myself feel good. And I did feel good at that moment. I imagined her touching me, inviting me to touch her breasts, feel her all over. Could hear her saying "Fuck me Jim...oh god fuck my pussy Jim!" My hand stroked faster, faster still, 'til I exploded into my hand, thankfully missing the magazine's pages.

That's it. I'll call Bonnie when I'm done at the Tyler's. What can happen up there? I'm just gonna mow their lawn. I'll be outta there in 2 hours, tops.

Maria was right, that morning it was already murderously humid as I rode my bike up the long winding hill to the Tyler house. I took her advice and wore my board shorts and a t-shirt. The large white colonial house looked great, immaculately maintained outside. In the driveway sat a white Volvo sedan with New York license plates, there were 3 other garage bays, doors closed though, I could only imagine what might be in there.

"Man, what a place." I said to myself as I rang the doorbell.

No answer.

I rang it again, and then looked around. I could hear what sounded like water running off to the side of the house. I walked over and could see a high fence but through some cracks knew that was where the pool was. I looked for a door and found it was open. I slowly opened it and peered around it. I saw what looked like Maria on a lounge chair. Not wanting to startle her, I closed the door.

"Hello?" I called out "Uh, Mrs. Jackson?"

"Come on in, Jim! The doors' open."

I entered and saw Maria stand up. She had on only a bright red bikini bottom. And she was topless. Oh, my god she looked awesome! Her tits were definitely big and beautiful. Even with just a quick glimpse.

"G'day, Jim! I was just working on my tan." She said as she put on a loose cover up "I hope the sun comes out later." She said looking up at the sky.

"Uh, yes. I do too." I stammered, trying not to look at the obvious. Seeing a lady topless like that first thing in the morning could shake up even the most jaded of us!

"Oh, I see now, didn't expect to see my boobs first thing in the morning. Aw, don't be embarrassed. Come on, let me show you what we have."

Maria led me to the garage and clicked on a door opener. The large door opened revealing an old John Deere riding mower parked next to a vintage white Porsche convertible from the 60's. In the far bay was an old Mercedes-Benz sedan, probably from the 60's as well. A more recent Jeep Cherokee sat on the end.

"Like the cars, huh?" she said "they belong to my in-laws. They haven't been driven in a long time. My brother in law has been trying to restore the Porsche. Not very successfully if you ask me." She said as she ran her finger across the dusty hood

I was watching Maria, her cover up was loosely buttoned and I was hoping to get another glimpse of those tits when she turned to her right.

"So, think you can handle the mower? Usually my husband takes care of things like this, I wouldn't know the first thing about them."

"Oh, shouldn't be any trouble. My dad has one just like this." I said as I climbed aboard. It sputtered at first, then came to life with a steady putt-putt sound.

"All right! You're on your way!" she said happily as I drove it out of the garage. "Just give it a good trim, Jimmy!" she said with a laugh.

I gave her a jaunty salute and I was off. My headphones were on and Van Halen provided the tunes on my Sony Walkman.

The lawn was about half the size of a football field and though the mower was old, it did its job. The path I mowed took me past the pool area so I tried to get another glimpse of a semi-naked Maria but it looked like she'd gone inside. Oh well, gotta keep a good work ethic.

Besides, I knew I'd call Bonnie as soon as I finished.

Two hours later I was finally finished. The heat and humidity, plus the dust and dirt of the lawn had really taken a lot out of me, and I felt like I'd sweated off a couple of pounds. I pulled the mower back into the garage, switched off the engine and took a quick look around the garage. The Porsche definitely was a work in progress. Its interior was pretty ratty and the tires were all very close to flat. The Benz was a different story. It looked like it just needed a trip through a good car wash. There were a few bicycles of different sizes hanging on the wall. And I thought I spotted a motorcycle in the corner.

I went back to the pool area but Maria was nowhere in sight.

"In here!" I heard her call from the kitchen.

The kitchen was straight out of the 50's. Maria had changed into a light colored sundress and was barefoot.

"My, you look like you could use a cool drink. I'm making iced tea, interested?"

"Yes, that'll be perfect."

Maria was moving about the kitchen getting things together. Her dress had thin straps that stood out against her dark skin. And it seemed like she wasn't wearing a bra, sexy!

"God, it must be so hot out there." She said "I'm glad you got that mower working. Usually we have this guy in town handle it with his sons. Real pros, they are."

"They couldn't make it?"

"No, they picked this week to all go fishing! Can you believe that?" she said with a mix of laughter and frustration.

"Sounds pretty typical for this area."

"Oh, why?"

"My Dad always has trouble getting contractors to work on the house when we need them. He says they're always slow coming and fast leaving."

Maria was looking around in the cabinets for something. The more I saw her move, the more I was getting turned on.

"So, are you out of school now, Jim?" she asked

"Yes, probably go to Community College in the fall, not sure what I'll do after that."

"Ha, I know what you mean. I hadn't the slightest idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. That was only a million years ago." She laughed

"Different options where you're from?"

"Well, a few. My Dad wanted me to go to business academy, maybe do something in finance, like he did."

"Is he like, uh, an accountant or something?"

"Bit more than that, luv. He was with the Australian Securities Exchange."

"Whoa, that's big time stuff."

"Could you reach the sugar for me? It's up on the top shelf."

"Oh, sure thing." I said

I gave Maria the sugar, her smile was magnetic.

"I tried it for awhile, I kinda liked it but it gets boring. Maybe you should hit the pool, you're all sweaty."

"Yes, good idea. Thanks."

I went outside to the pool, it was certainly luxurious, that's for sure. There were dark colored stones framing it and the water was crystal blue. I could see an inflatable boat propped up on the side and what looked like a Jacuzzi tub built into the corner. I striped off my shirt and jumped into the pool. The cold water was a bit of a shock at first but much needed. I swam a few lengths then just floated on my back, watching the sun slowly come out from behind the clouds.

"Hey, lawn boy!" I heard Maria call

I stood up in the pool.

"I'll leave your drink here, come on inside when you want to."

"Okay, thanks!"

As Maria walked back into the kitchen I could see the sunlight shine through the thin material of her sun dress. Either she wore the skimpiest underwear imaginable, or...nah! I dismissed that idea. Wearing no underwear, yeah right, I've been reading those old Playboy issues a little too closely!

I swam around a bit longer then climbed out. I looked at my watch, it was a little after 1 PM. Bonnie had gone to visit her grandmother and would be getting back home soon.

"I'll bet the water felt really good." Maria said as I entered the kitchen

"Yes, this is great iced tea. It's not from a can or something is it?"

"Far from it luv, special blend, my sister sent me a case for Christmas and I keep it up here."

She stood by the sink and was washing some dishes.

"So, I used to come up here as a kid?"

"You sure did, I think my husband taught you and your sister to swim a little. Your parents were always great friends of ours. They were always so nice to me when I first came up here. We used to have these epic barbecues long ago. Oh, Those were the days!"

"It's so strange to hear about me as a kid sometimes."

"You were always the cutest thing." She said with a big smile "And I'm glad to see you still are."

"Thanks." I said with another sheepish grin and a quick look down.

"I remember your sister got married not long ago, what about you? Are there any lovely ladies in your life right now?"

"Me? No, no one special right now."

"Come on! I find that a little hard to believe." She said with a laugh. "You're what? Eighteen?"

I nodded in response.

"I haven't really had the time." I replied, then added "Well, there is someone I'm sorta seeing while I've been up here."

"Ah! The truth comes out! Who is it?"

"Well, you probably wouldn't know her."

"Try me."

"Uh, girl I knew long ago. We used to hang out a lot as kids, Bonnie Matthews?"

"Bonnie? Bonnie Matthews..." she said as she thought about the name. "Come with me."

I followed Maria into a huge family room loaded with books, photos, and antiques of all shapes and sizes. My eyes zeroed in on a huge stereo system built into the wall and an equally huge music library that ran the length of the room.

"Wow! Now that's what I call a system!" I said as I looked at the gear, it was all high-end material. "Bose, McIntosh, Yamaha...wow."

Maria was looking through the bookshelves for something.

"Oh! You like that, huh? My husband and his brother put it all together last time they were here. I think they want to outdo the Baldwin boys."

"Outdo them?"

"Oh yes...they're still competing with those guys after all these years. I'm not allowed near it. Maybe you can show me how to work it."

"Sure, I'd just love to look at all the albums you've got."

"Ah! Here it is!" Maria said as she pulled a book from a shelf. "Speaking of albums..."

We went back into the kitchen and she plunked the book down on the large wooden butcher block table and started to flip through it. It was an old photo album. She finally came to a page and pointed to one photo.

"Is that her?" she asked

It was a photo of me with Bonnie from long ago. We were sitting poolside with a woman I didn't recognize.

"Who is that?" I asked

"I think that's Bonnie's Mom, I only met her once. Now look at this photo."

She now pointed to a shot of a younger me wearing a Red Sox t-shirt sitting next to a smiling, attractive woman. The woman looked awfully familiar.

"Uh, is that...?" I said hesitantly.

"Uh-huh, that's me." She said smiling "Probably not long after I got married."

"How old was I?"

"Hmmm...I got married when I was 24 and I'm 34 now. You're 18, so that would make you about 8 years old."

"Man..." I said shaking my head.

"And you were just as cute then as now!" she said with a giggle and a little hug.

"Thanks, this is a real time trip."

"Oh, I love all this reminiscing." She said as she idly flipped through the book. "So many stories here."

Just then the phone rang and as she got up to answer it, I began to flip through the pages of their Holiday photos, cookouts, baseball games, vacations. I suddenly stopped at one page. It was the same woman seen with the younger me, only she was with another man and an older looking man in a silk bathrobe. The photo was faded but the resemblance was there.

It looked like, nah, couldn't be!

Hugh Hefner?

That's impossible.

And was that Maria with him, in a rather low-cut dress?

Impossible, or was it?

Maria hung up the phone and came back over to the table having refilled her tea glass.

"Uh, I hate to ask, but is this...who I think it is?" I asked

Maria nodded.

"That's Hef, all right. And there's my husband, when he was a little younger. We met him at a party for the magazine."

"Wow! That's incredible!" I was amazed to discover this. "When was this?"

"Just before we got married."

"What was the party for, I mean was there some special occasion?"

"Um, if I tell you," she said hesitatingly "You have to keep it a secret from your folks."

Now I was confused. My family had known hers for many years. I doubt there's that many secrets they've kept hidden.

"Sure, I'd never tell."

"Okay, I was in the magazine, without any clothes on."

"You were a Playmate?"

"Not quite, luv." She explained with a smile "It was a photo feature, the girls of Australia. And I was part of it. I didn't use my last name though. I just used my first and middle name, Maria Anne."

Holy shit! Maria Anne! I was dumbfounded at this moment. What do I do? Play it cool, yeah, that's it!

"I knew if I used my last name my parents' would freak out. Not to mention my future in-laws. And it wouldn't look good to my Dad's bosses, either."

When I said "play it cool" it didn't mean stare at her tits you idiot!

Which I was doing at that moment!

"Let me get you a refill." She said taking my glass.

My mind was racing now; I've got a classic Playboy girl in front of me. What are the chances of that? What should I say? What should I say?

"I've got your issue." I suddenly blurted out.

Oh no! WRONG choice of words, Jimbo!

Maria's eyes suddenly widened.

"No way!" she exclaimed "You're kidding me?"

I was stone silent.

"You've really got the issue? I don't think I've even got a copy!" she continued

I nodded slowly.

"So what did you think of it?" she asked leaning against the counter slowly stirring her tea.

"Uh, I l-l-liked it." I said in a forceful stammer.

"Did it, um, turn you on?" she now asked.

I nodded again.

"You're eighteen, right?"

"Um, y-y-yes."

"Ah, well...seeing me topless earlier probably wasn't your first glimpse of a girls' boobs, huh?"

I wasn't sure what to say at this moment.

"You've probably seen Bonnie's for all I know."

Like an idiot, all I could do was shrug my shoulders.

"Oh, come on! You can be honest with me!" she said

Maria was standing against the counter in her flowery sun dress, her legs looked rather nice.

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