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Hologram Hijinx


Rod awoke to find himself bound to a chair. The last thing he remembered was enjoying a glass of wine with his life mate and now he was here. She must have drugged him, the minx. The question is now that she had him immobilised what was she going to do with him. He was naked, he could feel the cool metal of the chair on his skin, his arms and feet secured by metal rings. As his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw the room was small and shadowy, the walls covered in screens. He noticed beside him a small bench, with what looked like a helmet on top with a tinted visor.

Suddenly the screens were turned on, the strong white light causing him to blink. Sexy images of a woman flashed up, a different one on each screen. Images of the woman dressed. In various states of undress and even unclothed. Each image designed to arouse, based on his own personal taste. Butts stuck out, turning to look at him with that look that only she could do that well. Her in a pair of jeans, hands in the back pockets, perfectly rounded arse and her in a mini skirt, just short enough to show a small amount of the butt cheeks.

The images caused him to subconsciously tense his body, causing the muscles in her arms to tense, the metal digging into his skin, extra noticeable in his aroused state. Different clothes, different hair styles, but all the same sexy woman. His sexy woman. "Dee, what are you about?" he called out, hoping she would take mercy on him but all there was, was the sound of her raw laughter, each image mimicking the motion.

A metal hand folded out of the wall, picked up the helmet and he felt it being placed on his head. Through the visor, he saw one of the images appear to pop out of the screen and walk towards him. She wore a wet white dress, that clung to her breasts and hips, showing a shadow of dark, where he desperately wanted to put his hand and mouth. He felt constricted, his skin was hot every part of his body was hard and tense. The image gave him a cheeky smile, and bent down to his helmet as if to kiss him. Though her lips could not touch his, his lips tingled as if they had been kissed. The hologram moved downward with her mouth, his chest, his belly and each time her tips stopped just before touching the skin and yet electric shocks stimulated the feel of tongue and mouth. He went to shout out to show herself, that he needed the real her, that he was going crazy with the need but all that cam out was a moaned, "Please, baby, please" like a prayer.

The hologram faded out like a ghost, to be replaced by the real thing. Warm legs wrapped around him and breasts grazed his chest, as the helmet was lifted from him. "Enjoy?" she asked and he showed his approval by yanking her head down for a crushing kiss and slipped into the velvety centre of her as she manipulated herself onto him, her silky hair skimming his face, the smell and feel of her soon finished what the hologram had started.

"Now free me and get what is coming to you," he demanded and she gladly obliged opening the clasps one by one. Watching her naked body move in the dark, was arousing him again and she knew it as well. This was still part of the show, the game, the dance. She knew he role well. He would show her his true appreciation. After he was loose and had shaken the circulation back into his arms, he reached for, indulging his need to feel her body. One hand, went to around her back, gently stroking the lower back as he kissed her. Teasing himself, teasing her. The other hand was moving in smooth circles around her breast, playing with the nipple, while she scratched his back and nibbled on his ear, softly moaning her pleasure. His hand went to her arse and gave it a gentle slap, before grabbing her and forcing her into the chair in which he had been captive

"Your turn now," he said, holding her down not worrying about the restraints. While continuing to hold her arms, he began to kiss down her body, tasting her, her sweat and then burying his face between her legs, until all he could smell was the musty scent of her, gently exploring with his tongue, questing every inch, her thighs pressed against his ears, holding him there, until her cries and the wetness leaking into his mouth showed she'd arrived. He then pulled her onto the ground with him, and they slowly made love again on the floor, his hardness entering her wetness, drawing him into a slow warm rhythm which ended with an explosion of warmth through his veins.

"Top that," she said to him, as she lay on top him him.

"You know I never can," he replied, "But I always try."

"And your efforts will always be rewarded." She said, leaning in for another kiss. Slow and tender and ever so sweet.

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