Holy Shit Ch. 01


"Hey, that doesn't mean I knew she would do that to you! I was just as shocked as you were!" I told her forcefully. Then I loosened my hold on her wrists as I much softer said, "I am really sorry she did that and if I could rewind time and make it never happen I would! What Mandy did to you wasn't right."

By then I was VERY aware of my sister's firm 34C tits pressed against my chest so I released her and quickly went to the kitchen and pulled two Cokes from the fridge. I handed her one and returned to the family room as Becky followed right behind me silently. I flopped onto the couch and she surprised me by sitting right beside me.

I took a swig of soda then looked at her and asked, "Now what? Do you still hate me? And DON'T call me an 'ass hole' again!"

A smile flashed across her face then she said, "Yeah, I know you aren't! But shit! I was so pissed that she did that. And I was really pissed that SHE was able to do it!"

I quickly looked at her and saw her biting her lower lip lightly. "Um sis, just what does that mean?"


"Bull shit! If you didn't want Mandy to be able to do it, just WHO would you rather could do it!"

"Oh god."


"Never mind."

"Bull shit...WHO!" I glared at her and nearly shit as her face and neck slowly turned redder than I had ever seen them. "Oh my god sis!"

"Oh all right!" she nearly yelled as she turned in her seat to face me. "Yes I was shocked when I realized what was on that sucker. AND I was even more shocked that I liked it!"

"You liked it?"

"YES!!! I mean, yes I did. But I shouldn't because it was yours and you are my brother and I shouldn't crave more of your stuff!" A pained look covered her still blushing face and she dropped her face into her hands as she started crying buckets.

I placed my Coke on the end table as my other hand stroked her back while I said, "It'll be alright sis."

Becky dove into my arms hugging me tight while rocking our bodies gently even as her tears flowed faster. "NO it WON'T! Don't you see it CAN'T! Oh my god how can it when I CRAVE your cum? My god you are my brother and all I can think about now is sucking your damned cock and getting more and more and more of your tasty sperm! Jesus I am sounding like the biggest slut on earth!" She let out a huge sob as her hand gently smacked my chest then dropped straight down landing on my cock. "OH MY GOD!" she cried out jerking her hand back instantly.

My horny teenaged balls coupled with my realization that I had always thought Becky was HOT made me push the envelope as I gently took her hand and placed it right back on my cock as I said, "Don't stop, it felt really good!"

"But..." she said as she briefly tried to move her hand once more. Becky's eyes found mine and she stared right into me as her fingers slowly gripped tight to me and then gave my shaft two or three slow jerks. "Oh god Ron, you're my brother! I'm your sister!" My cock jerked in her grasp and she groaned out, "Oh my god you cock is SO hard!"

"Your hand feels real good on me, sis."

Becky moved fast as a cat and was between my legs kneeling on the floor in about one-half second. Her hands grabbed my sweats and boxers at the waist and she tore them from me in incredible lust! My rock hard cock bounced wildly before me making her eyes bug out as she licked her lips.

"Oh my god Ron, it's beautiful!" Becky grabbed my cock with both hands and marveled that there was about two inches showing on either side of her hands. "Wow you are so much bigger than Ricky is!"

"You've given the neighbor boy a blowjob?!?"

"Well, yeah, once because I was curious and he was willing." My sister looked at me for about five seconds before asking, "Why, does that make you mad at me?"

"No, I'm not mad. But I sure as hell am surprised!" I looked at her sitting on her feet before me holding my cock in both hands as I waited to see what she was going to do next. Finally I broke the silence with, "Well, what next? Are you just going to admire your handful or do what we both know you want to do?"

"Can I?" I nodded that she could and she devoured my first four inches in no more than a tenth of a second as she groaned, "Oh god!"

"Holy shit sis!" I cried out as she sucked harder than I thought possible making my chest lurch forward on the couch. Her eyes were locked on the base of my shaft as her face bobbed on and off of me while her tongue worked me cock like mad. After about two minutes she pulled off of me and sat back and looked at me.

"Damn Ron that is a mighty fine cock you've got there! Am I doing you better than Mandy did?"

"Well, you were but then you stopped." I lied. "Mandy NEVER stopped till she made me cum."

"Holy shit! Alright buster, you asked for it!" Becky dove back onto me as her lips and tongue attacked my first four inches with gusto. After about a minute or so she looked up at me -- finally -- and pushed her face forward. She didn't stop until her nose was pressed tight against my abdomen and my balls nestled against her chin.

"Holy shit! Fucking hell, Sis!" I cried out as her eyes bored deeply into mine. After she remained motionless for about 30 seconds while her throat muscles massaged my shaft my younger sister pulled slowly off of me until just the very tip of my cock remained inside of her mouth.

Keeping my tip just within her lips she asked softly, "How was that? Could Mandy do that?"

"Oh god sis, that felt wonderful! And Mandy was just as good..." Wham, my sister slammed her face onto me once more this time working her tongue and throat muscles frantically as she tried to outdo her friend. I could tell she wanted desperately to be better than Mandy was so wickedly I said, "Oh my god sis that feels real good! You're almost doing it as good as Mandy did!"

I heard a soft groan come from around my cock as my sister stepped up her efforts. My god, I could not believe how fantastic this felt and that Becky was doing it to me! Sis worked the entire length of my cock as she pushed my pleasure higher and higher. I had never felt anything like this...it was SO much better than what Mandy had done earlier.

Becky slowly pulled her face back, letting her tongue slither wildly on the underside of my throbbing cock until just the tip remained inside her mouth. "Now how am I doing?" she asked before she pushed three inches of my shaft back into her mouth as she sucked me hard while her tongue really went to work on me.

"Oh god sis, you're really doing much better now!" I told her. "It's pretty much a tie right now!"

Another groan escaped her lips then she stepped up her efforts on the beginnings of my cock. Every few seconds she would push forward all the way to my base and bounce there about three times before slowly pulling back until I exited her incredible throat. God this felt so fucking good and I knew I would be cumming soon so I said, "Oh yeah, you're doing me so good now! Oh god sis, this is a little better than Mandy did!"

Becky's eyes bulged out as she stepped up her efforts even more as she wanted there to be no comparison between her blow job and that of her best friend. She cradled my balls in her left hand as she worked feverishly at sucking me shaft. I saw it in her eyes that she felt my balls churn in preparation for my second ever blast into a female's body. Both of us groaned as incredibly she stepped up her efforts even more.

"OH MY GOD SIS!" I cried out as her right hand stroked my shaft while her tongue swirled round and round my first two inches. "Holy shit! Oh my god I'm nearly there!"

The moment I said that Becky began jerking my cock with both hands as her suction on my shaft tripled in intensity! Her eyes still bored into mine and her tongue felt it was as fast as the wings of a bumble bee on speed! She surprised me when her lips followed right along with her hands as she took me fully into her throat.

"Holy shit!"

"Um hmmm."

"Oh god sis!"

"Um hmmm!"

"Oh jeez..."

"Um hmmm!"

"Holy shit! Oh fuck! Oh god! Oh my god sis, I'm going to cum!"

"Um hmmm!!"

"Oh shitttttttttttt yesssssssssssssss!" My hips tried to fuck up into her mouth as the pressure in my balls reached my boiling point. Sis never wavered in her efforts and her eyes never left mine as with a huge groan I fired my first blast into her mouth! Luckily my hands were on the back of her head thus preventing it from being dislodged from my pulsing tip.

"Um hmmm, um hmmm, um hmmm, um hmmm!" Sis looked like a woman possessed as she moaned and frantically worked at draining my fully loaded balls.

"Oh god that feels so GOOD!" I cried out as she took my seventh blast deep into her hungry mouth and then swallowed quickly in preparation for my next rope. Rope number eight wasn't as huge as the previous ones and not nearly as powerful so Becky didn't swallow it down right away. Her hands were jerking hard on my shaft as she desperately tried to get more cum out of my balls.

My balls pumped a small rope for number nine and then only managed to dribble the tenth one into her mouth as Becky looked up at me with more love in her eyes then I thought existed in the world! I was groaning in incredible pleasure/pain as Becky tried to find more of my seed but there was none left. Her head slowly pushed forwards all the way to my root making me lurch once more before her as she watched my eyes.

My eyes fluttered as she bobbed fully on me and I groaned "Oh my god." Obviously this was what Becky was waiting for as she tightened her lips around my shaft and once more tripled her suction as she slowly pulled off of me until just the last half inch or so of my tip remained within her super tight lips. She flicked her tongue onto me super fast for several moments until I shook and somehow shot one medium sized rope into her mouth as I groaned, "Ho-ly shit!"

Becky leaned in about three inches letting her tongue go everywhere on my cock where it reached into her mouth before she finally pulled off of me and sat back onto her feet with a huge grin on her face.

I slumped back gasping, "Oh my god sis...I've never felt anything like that! Holy shit!"

"My god you taste so GOOD! God I LOVED doing that for you!" I leaned forward and pulled her to me for our first ever passionate kiss. That was when I found out why her words had sounded funny. She pushed the last of my cum into my mouth and then blocked my returning it to her. Hey, if two teens could swallow it down hungrily today then why not me? After all it was mine to begin with! The moment I swallowed Becky pushed her tongue into my mouth and frenched me hard for several moments.

Finally we parted and she looked up at me expectantly. I didn't disappoint her as I said truthfully, "My god sis that was so much better than what Mandy did earlier! Shit, there is absolutely no comparison! How many cocks have you sucked anyway?"

Before I even started my question she squealed in glee and lunged at me as she hugged and kissed me lustily. By then my question filtered into her brain and she looked sad as she said, "Wh...why, do you think I am a slut or something?"

"No! It's just that, oh my god, that was so good I still can't believe how good it was!"

"Oh, okay then. I just don't want you thinking that I am a slut that goes around blowing everything in pants! You were the second guy I've done that to. Was I really that good? I wanted it to be, but I didn't think I was doing it good enough for you!"

"Trust me sis when I tell you that was the most incredible thing I have EVER experienced!" Her eyes were still blazing with desire so I said, "How about you, do you need me to return the favor?"

"YES!" Becky nearly screamed as she jumped off of me and grabbed my hand pulling me with her. "MY ROOM NOW!"

I don't think I ever saw her move that fast before as I scurried to keep up with her. Even though I thought I was right on her tail I was surprised to see her naked and on her back on the bed when I entered her room.

I stopped in my tracks as my eyes beheld her incredible beauty. "What? Is something wrong?" she asked with a nervous waver to her voice.

"Yes there is Becky." I said as she got a worried look on her face. "It's wrong that I have NEVER seen you like this before! Oh my god sis, you are so beautiful! Simply incredible!"

She let out a whoop of joy as she pulled me onto her bed and kissed me passionately once again. It took some doing but finally I pulled away from her and slid down her body to her super aroused pussy. I kissed her right above her clit where her landing strip of pubic hair stopped and she gasped as her hands grabbed my head tightly. My lips hopped over her clit and then slid up and down her slit as I sucked on her tiny little flaps.

She was moaning ardently as I licked and sucked on her perfect gash for several minutes. I moved back up her slit all the way to her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth. "Oh my gawdddddd!" came from my sister and then I sucked onto her harder as my tongue flicked rapidly at it and she started bucking her hips at me crying out, "Holy shit! Oh my god yes...yes...don't stop! Oh my godohmygodohmygodoh my god!" I sucked onto her really hard as my head pulled back stretching out her clit as her back arched high while she screamed "FUCKING HELL I'M CUMMING ALL READY! FUCKKKKK!" Her hips dropped back to her bed as I followed right with her, my tongue gently stroking her suddenly much larger clit.

Becky pushed me away from her sex as she gasped in shock, "My god, what the hell did you do to me?! Holy shit, I've NEVER felt anything like that before!" My face rose up and she looked at me then started laughing as she managed to say, "My god I really made a mess out of you!" I grinned at her and then slipped out of her view. "Ron, what are you going to do? You all ready made me...OH GOD!"

Becky stayed silent for the next five minutes as I alternated between fucking her pussy with my tongue while my fingers massaged her clit before they would switch places. The first time I slid my finger into her hot sexy pussy I nearly shit when I pressed my finger up against her hymen. Shit, the way she was acting I never expected my sister to be a virgin! Maybe I really was only the second cock she had blown! After that I kept my finger real shallow and just rubbed her slit with my fingers.

All of a sudden Becky started shaking and her body tensed every where. I pushed my tongue as deep into her fuck hole as I could while my fingers really worked over her pulsing clit. That was all it took as my face got coated once again with her essence as her body shook hard and she arched her back up high once more. She was trying to scream but it seemed to catch in her throat and nothing really came out.

Becky's hips crashed to her bed and she gasped for breath for about 15 seconds. Suddenly she reached down and grabbed me by my head and pulled me up and over her body! Shit, when did she get so strong? Her face looked possessed as she cried out, "Oh my god! I need you inside of me! Fuck me Ron! Fuck me now!"

She was trying to get my cock inside of her pussy but I tried to stop her saying, "I can't! You're my sister! And you are a virgin...you need to save that for that special man that you want to take your cherry."

"Damn it Ron, I want YOU! Oh god I want you and your wonderful cock to make me a woman!" As she spoke her legs pulled up and wrapped around my ass as her hands placed my tip right at her opening. "Fuck me Ron! Oh my god I need you so bad! Oh god please don't make me beg! Oh god fuck me! OAPH! OH GOD YES FUCK ME HARDER!"

I hadn't expected to enter her; guys don't fuck their sisters! But her legs were pulling hard on my ass and suddenly she loosened and then TIGHTENED her legs HARD and my hand slipped! That was it, my sister and I lost our virginity at the same instant! "Oh god sis!" I groaned as I pulled back thinking 'what the hell, what's done is done' then I slammed my cock home as I buried my entire shaft inside of her. "Oh shit you feel so good!"

"Oh my god Ron! Fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours! Oh my god this feels SO DAMNED GOOD!" Becky was using her legs around my ass and her arms under my arms to help power me into her making her body shake with each thrust of my cock.

'Amazed' is the only word that describes how I was by my sister's attitude! She really wanted to fuck me and she was making certain that our intensity level stayed high. I really loved how her pussy felt around my pounding shaft along with her looks of extreme pleasure each time I pushed into her. Just four minutes after I burst into her virginal body Becky pulled my face to about three inches from hers and stared into my eyes as she cried out as she had her first cock induced orgasm.

My hips slowed as she came down from her spectacular climax while she gasped for breath. "Holy shit........that was......oh my god......that was so good! Oh my god Ron, I want us to do this forever! Oh my god, my stud brother makes me cum on my first time fucking when NONE of my girlfriends have EVER cum from sex! Oh my god I love you so much!" She silenced herself by leaning up and kissing me. First she gave me the most gentle, loving kiss I had ever had. Slowly this morphed into a passion filled deep tongue kiss that curled my toes and helped charge up my balls.

Becky finished the kiss and pulled back to look into my eyes once more. I slowly began increasing the speed and power of my thrusts as I pumped my cock deep with each stroke. Her hand reached up and stroked my cheek and I smiled down at her. "I still don't know if we should have done this sis, but now that we have, I really love how your pussy feels around my cock! Don't worry; I won't cum inside of you! I'll pull out in time!"

"Oh god Ron, I love your cock! You feel so good moving inside of me, I don't ever want it to stop!" She kissed me briefly as her pussy muscles tightened around me making each of us groan. "And by god you'd better cum in me! That's the best part!"

We had been fucking for nearly ten minutes and my balls were getting riled up as I pounded into her with harder and harder thrusts. I gasped then said, "But sis, I...don't want to get you pregnant!"

"Oh god you are the best brother, but I'm on the pill so don't worry about it! I just want my super wonderful big brother to fuck the shit out of me and shoot his big load deep inside of me!"

"Oh fuck sis!"

"You are."

"No, I mean..." Becky kissed me cutting off my words as she started really fucking back at me, our bodies moving together in perfect sync.

"You are so funny for a stud! God I never knew how much I loved you!"

"And I love you, my virginity stealing sister."

"No I gave you my virginity, I didn't steal...wait...do you mean...oh my god you're this good on your first time! Oh my god now I know we have to do this forever! Shit you feel so good in me! Fuck me and make me cum on my brother's cock!"

I gave her another powerful thrust and her head hit the head board so I pulled her tight to me over and over as I backed down the bed. Becky moaned in approval with each of my movements. My hips resumed pumping into her and in just a few moments I felt my cock grow in readiness. Becky's eyes shot back to mine as she said, "Oh god, I can feel you growing inside of me! OH my god do it! Fuck me and give me your cum!"

"Oh god sis, I'm nearly there!" I cried out as my hips stepped up pounding into her.

"Oh god fuck me harder! Don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop! Oh my god I'm going to cum on my brother's cum shooting cock!"

I kissed her quickly then groaned "Oh fuck yes sis, I'm almost there!"

"Do it!"

"OH god here it..."




"Oh Holy shit sis!"

"Don't stop! Oooof....oh god....umph....oh god I'm....oaph.....still cumming!"

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