He slowly leaned over and asked her to suck on his finger for a moment; she gladly did even though she wasn't quite sure what he was planning. He removed his finger and slowly increased his speed and he pierced her rear with his finger; causing her to moan and tense a little. Soon she was relaxed and started meeting his thrusts once more as her hand continued on her clit.

He smiled at how wet she was from her excitement; it aided him in doing what he wanted as he slid another finger into her butt. This time instead of tensing up she pushed back harder against him; this made him push his fingers a little deeper as he plunged inside her hot, dripping core.

He listened closely to her breathing to pick the right time to slide from her hot hole and into her ass. As he heard it he felt her tighten around him and he quickly slid out of her soaking hole and into her tight rear. He moaned as he entered her and he realised she had tightened up and was no longer relaxed with this new invasion. He quickly flipped her back over so that she was looking up at him and he saw the pain on her face as he slid in and out of her; he smiled at her knowing she wouldn't stop him no matter how much it hurt.

He slowly began to finger her hot slit; trying to relax her once more as he continued to slide in and out of her. She slowly began to moan and relax as he fingered her; making it a bit easier for him to slide in and out of her butt. He only got a few more strokes in before he began to tighten up; he slid his finger out of her and reached for her hand and brought it to her own wet slit and slowly she began to finger herself as he grabbed her hips and started riding her harder as he climaxed; she shuddered as she felt her final release for the night.

He slowly climbed onto the bed and dragged her body up to his. He kissed her for a minute savouring the feeling of her lips, even though she was falling asleep while kissing him he still enjoyed it. Her head found its way to his chest where she drifted to sleep with her arm draped across his body. "I love you my beautiful wife. No one could ever please me the way you do, my love."

She smiled as she heard his soft words and replied with a simple, "I know and I love you too." Shocked at the fact that she heard him he softly stroked her hair until he heard her deep even breathing and soon he himself joined in with her breathing.

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