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Home Again

byMany Feathers©

At 21 years of age, Mark Bradford had been serving in the United States Navy aboard an aircraft carrier when he received word of his parent's tragic and untimely death. Mark had two sisters, Kathy, who was five years his senior, was married and living in New York. His younger sister Danielle, or "Danny" as he affectionately called her, was or rather had been living at home with their parents. Although still finishing her last year of high school, Danny had turned 18 just the week before. Mark remembered being fortunate enough to actually call and talk to her on her birthday. She'd been so excited, enthusiastic about being taken out to her favorite restaurant for dinner with their parents. It had been the last time he had spoken to her before the accident. Now, he could only imagine the sorrow and horror that his younger, "little" sister as he'd always called her; was going through.

Immediately granted emergency leave, Mark had already made arrangements to go home. A trip that would still take him the better part of two days to make. Luckily, his older sister Kathy had taken the earliest flight out from New York, arriving on the west coast where his parents had lived the following morning. It still meant that Danny had had to endure that incredible first night, lonely...and alone with no one there to comfort her.

It had been nearly two years since he'd last seen his older sister. She had made the trip from the east coast to the west to see him graduate from boot camp. It had been over a year before that when Kathy had married and moved with her new husband Frank to New York, where he'd been transferred. Mark had been fortunate enough to come home on leave for a week during the Christmas season the year previous, now nearly six months ago. It had been that long since he'd seen Danny, and the last time he would ever see either of his parents again.

The fact that it had turned into the worst month of his entire life was an understatement. He'd gotten one of those infamous "Dear John" letters from his high school sweetheart barely two weeks ago, something he had not even shared as yet with any of his family. Still carrying her good-bye letter with him in the pocket of his Navy pea coat, he fingered it, remembering the words she'd written him as she'd told him of her love for someone else. As shocking and as painful as that had been, it was nothing in comparison to the news of his parents death, nor of his immediate worried concern for his younger sister's welfare. With all that had happened, he let go of the wrinkled envelope, vowing not to mention to either one of his sisters that his future with Sharon wasn't going to become reality. Mark wondered briefly if Sharon would even bother coming to his parent's funeral. That thought immediately reminded him of everything that Danny must have initially gone through and had to deal with prior to his older sisters arrival.

Mark finally exited the departure gate after landing, looking hurriedly for his sisters, whom he knew would be waiting for him. They would not be so easy to spot, he was however... standing there searching for them in his finest Naval dress blue uniform.

"Mark! Mark!" he heard Danny, as it could be no other voice than hers, as she called out to him. Whenever she addressed him, she'd gotten into the habit of calling his name out twice. A point which he had often teased her about, telling her that she sounded like a hair-lipped dog barking at him.

"Danny! Kathy!" Mark answered back excitedly, spotting them as they stood just outside the barrier separating departing passengers from arriving ones. Pressing his way as politely as was possible, he finally reached his sisters, threw down his duffel bag and embraced them both. Almost immediately, as he stood hugging them, he realized how much both of them had changed in the reasonably short time since he'd seen either of them.

He'd expected a change, even anticipated it, upon first seeing his sister Kathy. After all, it had been nearly two years. But what he saw was even more drastic than anything he could have imagined. When he'd last seen her at his graduation, Kathy had worn her dishwater blonde shoulder length hair in the same style he'd remembered her wearing it all through high school. Now, she stood hugging him with hair nearly as short as his was, colored platinum blonde, almost pure white.

"Wow sis...your hair!" Mark said, stepping away from his older sister and taking his first really good look at her since their initial meeting. "New York has certainly had its influence on you," he stated mildly. But it wasn't just her hair that was different; she had a harder look to her face than he remembered seeing before. Perhaps it was the stress and trauma of recent events that had aged her slightly, hardened her looks and features. But not a topic that would go over very well should he comment on it now.

Danny, on the other hand, had changed very little. She still wore her hair long, styled with the same ponytail he'd always remembered her wearing. The only difference being that she had colored her own dirty-blonde hair so that it was now more of a strawberry blonde color, adding character, softening her features as opposed to hardening them like he saw in the eyes and face of his older sister Kathy. There was one more slightly noticeable difference too, a fact that he didn't dare comment on. Either Danny's breasts had decided to grow somewhat in less than a year's time, or she was enhancing their looks by the bra she was wearing. A point, much like Kathy's hardened features he wasn't about to bring up.

They hadn't even spoken of his parent's death. All that would come later, no doubt on the long drive home from the airport. For the moment, it was simply good to be standing there, hugging them, seeing them once again. He and Danny had always been close anyway. Closer in age to one another, Mark and Danny had often spent their time together while growing up, playing with one another, constantly getting into mischief. As Kathy had been their "older" sister, she had always been more distant, preferring to spend time with her friends, rather than any quality time with either of them the way they had. A fact, perhaps, that she had often resented, finding herself jealous of her brother and sister's close relationship.

Mark allowed himself the luxury of closing his eyes briefly as they drove home in near silence. The next few days would be at best hectic, as well as sad. There was a lot to do, but he didn't really want to think about that at the moment.

"Mom and Dad left your room exactly the way it was before you left." Kathy said reaching over, placing her hand affectionately on Mark's knee as he sat on the bench seat between his two sisters. He flinched, recovering immediately. The shock of having anyone touching him, even though it had been his own sister, reminded him how long it had been since he'd even been touched by a woman, intimately anyway.

He wasn't surprised by her comment, even after he'd hinted that he and Sharon might be getting married some day, his mother had left his room just the way it was, as though he would come home someday. And now he was, just not the way he'd intended.

Mark felt his sister's head leaning over to rest upon his shoulder. After everything she had been through, Danny was exhausted. Turning towards him a moment later to make herself even more comfortable, she snuggled herself up to him, quickly falling sound asleep. It felt good having her comforting herself on him the way that she was. It had been a long time since he'd spent any time with either one of his sisters, especially Danny. But it was in the very next instant that he realized something else too. Suddenly, those seemingly larger breasts of Danny's were pressed against him. The softness of her chest firmly wedged against his arm. No matter how he moved, even slightly, he could feel her touching him. Mark attempted to disentangle his arm, severing the forbidden sweet contact with his sister's tit. The maneuver simply making it worse, as he placed his arm around her shoulder. She in turn leaning against him even more comfortably, her breasts now firmly situated against his upper chest as she leaned into him. And it wasn't even this so much that alarmed or bothered Mark. It was the fact that, with one sister's hand still resting reassuringly on his leg, and the other, whose soft full breasts made themselves very well known as she lay against him,it had caused him to have an erection. One in which he had neither wanted, nor desired to have in the first place. And something which, he could do very little about in concealing as he sat there between them. Mark's only hope was in wearing the loose bellbottom's of his Navy blue uniform, which thankfully made room for his hard stiff erection. That fear however, came to fruition a moment later.

"She's exhausted." Kathy said looking over towards Danny who still sat with her head on Mark's shoulder, sound asleep. Mark felt Kathy remove her hand from his upper thigh briefly, taking that moment to try and reposition himself a little more comfortably, and a little less awkwardly.

Kathy glanced back towards the road as she drove, reaching just as suddenly to reposition her hand, resting it back on Mark's thigh just as he turned into her. The shock of her hand coming down to rest directly atop of his erection sent alarms ringing inside his head. Turning to face her just as she in turn took her eyes off the road, glancing down almost automatically at her hand which had not as yet removed itself from the obvious. Mark saw his sister's eyes widen, lighting up with the confirmation and sudden discovery of his aroused manhood.

"Oh god Mark...I'm sorry!" Kathy said, yanking her hand back and away from him as she did. Mark saw the blush on his sister's face spreading like wild fire.

"No sis...it's me that's sorry. Sorry I'm wearing this damn uniform!" Mark exclaimed.

The fact of the matter was, his cock had managed to worm its way through the opening of his boxer shorts in the first place. And secondly, the soft cotton of his uniform actually caressing his prick as he moved, even in the slightest, had added to his dilemma. Not to mention Danny's breast nuzzling against his body.

Mark's explanation only served to confuse his bewildered sister further. "What? What's wrong with your uniform...and why would it...would it...do THAT?" she questioned, now blushing even more furiously than before.

Mark decided the only alternative he had to try and dig him self out of this mess was to be honest with her. "I guess because I've been at sea for three month's is part of it," he began. "I haven't even been around any women in the first place, and just because the two of you are my sister's, the fact that I can feel Danny's boob's pressed against me and your hand on my leg, it just sort of triggered an unexpected reaction," he announced. "Which was made worse when my...well, you know...when 'it' poked up through my boxers and has been sitting here pressed against the material of my uniform. There...is that enough of an explanation for you?" Mark finished slightly angry, but far more embarrassed in actually having had to tell her anything.

To make matters worse, Kathy laughed.

"What's so funny?"

Kathy quit laughing out loud, but she did find herself smiling widely when she responded.

"Nothing Mark, really. It's just after what all's happened, it's kind of nice being able to laugh for a moment, you know...sort of like taking a fresh breath of air. We're all going to be doing a hell of a lot of crying over the next few days, so a little humor...no matter how strange the subject might have been, is more than just a little bit welcome at the moment."

Kathy placed her hand once again on Mark's leg, but purposely watched ensuring that she placed it more mid-thigh than upper. The fact she did so at all was just one of his sister's ways of maintaining contact with him emotionally. Though he'd never been as close with Kathy as he had been with Danny, they did have their own personal memories together. On the rare few occasions when they had spent anytime alone, they had discussed just about anything and everything. Something that Mark had really appreciated being able to do with his sister while growing up. There wasn't anything she felt uncomfortable discussing with him, or telling him about, whenever he had asked her. Which had included his curiosity about the female anatomy. It had been Kathy's boobs, not Danny's that he'd first seen. To his surprise she'd been very open about allowing him to see hers, just to satisfy a simple curiosity. It had also been Kathy from whom he'd sought advice when considering having sex for the first time with his then girlfriend Sharon. Many had been the evening when they had sat sharing ice cream together while having one of these rare private discussions.

"You are planning on seeing Sharon while you're home yes?" Kathy asked. It was inevitable of course that she'd come up somewhere in the conversation.

"No, in fact. She wrote me...a couple of weeks ago. Seems she's found someone else," he said softly, speaking more to himself than he had been to his sister.

"Oh Mark...I'm sorry," Kathy told him. "And not that this will help much, but Frank and I haven't been doing all that well either."

Mark shot his sister a concerned look. "Anything wrong?"

"Only that we're both starting to wonder if we made a horrible mistake," she said good-naturedly tossing him a reassuring smile.

"Sounds like we need one of our special evenings," Mark said, remembering past times. Kathy widened her smile, grinning. It was the smile he was used to seeing, taking the hardness out of her eyes momentarily. At least that explained the difference in her look, well at least a little anyway.

"Chocolate or vanilla?" she asked.

"A little of both I think," he responded, giving her the same answer he always had. The sound of her giggle from years back was refreshing. In some ways it was good to be home again.


It was late, very late by the time they arrived home. As Mark had expected, it was difficult entering the house, knowing full well that he would never see either one of his parents again. Danny however, was his focus of attention. Exhausted almost beyond sanity, he carried his sister in from the car and upstairs to her bedroom where Kathy joined him, helping to undress Danny, making her comfortable.

"Get her shoes and socks," Kathy told Mark after he had placed his sister down on her bed. He began unlacing them, watching as Kathy, much to his surprise, pulled Danny's tee shirt up and over her head. Though she was wearing a bra of course, and nothing remotely even sexy about it at that, it was still a little awkward for him when he saw his younger sisters bra-clad breasts suddenly revealed. Mark looked away purposely, but Kathy caught his sudden obvious reaction.

"What? You've never seen Danny's tits before?" Kathy teased. "I know you remember seeing mine," she added thoughtfully.

Mark laughed defensively. It was hard not to remember. "Yeah, but that was a long time ago, things change," he told her. "But no, in answer to your other question, I never have...no."

"You're kidding? I know for a fact that you and Danny played Dr. every once in a while," she told him candidly. "I even caught the two of you doing it once, though you never knew I did," she said, surprising him.

"You....you watched us?" Mark said shame-facedly. Once again Kathy laughed, throwing her head back as she did and guffawing loudly. "Oh come on Mark, you can't possibly be embarrassed or ashamed by that. You were just kids, curiously discovering yourselves. Hell everybody does, or did that. Even I was curious at that age. I just didn't have any brothers and sisters at the time to explore things with. Which is why I was a little more self-adventurous, trying to snoop in on mom and dad every once in a while whenever I heard them doing it. Or for that matter...a girlfriend of mine who knew whenever her brother was in his bedroom jerking off. She used to call me. I'd race over to her house and we'd sneak into her bedroom closet. Believe it or not, they had a connecting closet the two of them had to share. She had her clothes on one side, his on the other. But what her brother never did figure out was, we'd sneak inside, and stand there watching him jerk off while he lay on his bed. That's basically where I got my first exposure to the male penis."

"Holy shit sis, I never knew," Mark said bluntly.

"Well, I also saw you doing it once,"she told him, removing Danny's Levi's.

Thankfully, she was wearing panties, or he'd been forced to get up and leave the room for sure. Mark had just finished removing Danny's other shoe and stocking when Kathy had dropped that particular bombshell on him.

"You're kidding me! You did? When?" he asked, as Kathy pulled the blanket up partially over their sleeping sister.

"I'll tell you in a second. Here...hold this up while I take off her bra," she said. Mark dutifully stood there holding the blanket up so he couldn't see anything while Kathy fumbled with the bra clasp. Seconds later, she tossed it over where it landed in a nearby chair. Mark settled the blanket down in place, comfortably covering his sister.

"Come on, lets go dish up our ice-cream, we can finish up our conversation after we do that."

Mark followed his older sister back down stairs into the kitchen area where she immediately produced two cartons of ice cream from the freezer. One chocolate, the other vanilla.

"I kind of hoped we'd have a chance to do this again," she told him. "But I bought strawberry too. Just in case Danny wanted to join us one evening," she added thoughtfully. "Anyway...I was saying?" she asked, acting as though she had forgotten what she'd been about to tell him.

"You were saying, that you once caught me."

"Oh yeah...jerking off," she finished for him. "Yes...I did. Remember that summer we'd all gone up to the lake? That was the first summer that mom and dad let you invite someone to go with us," she said, reminding him.

"Oh yeah, I do remember. That was the year Sharon came with us," he said wistfully.

"Ah huh, that's the one." Kathy said, dishing out two large bowls of mixed chocolate and vanilla, handing him one. "I remember how the two of you kept looking at one another every time you thought no one else was looking. But I was. I think I had a sixth sense that the two of you were up to something. As it turned out, I wasn't too far off, though I realized later especially after our talk that the two of you hadn't done anything yet."

Mark was smiling as he remembered that day. "Sharon wanted to go up to the lake for a swim," he said remembering. "We told mom and dad we were going for a hike, but ended up going skinny-dipping instead."

"Figured you had. But I also knew later, much later in fact that nothing much must have happened. That's when I saw you sneaking off by yourself into the woods. I thought that was curious as Sharon was still sitting in camp, and you didn't go anywhere's near the outhouse's up there. I followed you, without your knowing of course, and came up behind you as you stood by a nearby tree, masturbating. You really must have been pretty horny to want to run off and do it that badly."

"So...you stood there and watched me jerking off, huh?"

Kathy smiled around her spoon of ice cream looking at him. "Yep...sure did little brother."

"Well I guess that's only fair then." he said leaving the statement open.

"What do you mean?" Kathy asked, now more than just a little bit curious.


"Nothing my ass!" she said menacingly, threatening to flip him with a spoon full of her ice cream. "Tell me, or you'll end up wearing this all over that beautiful uniform!" she warned.

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