Home Alone


I woke up this morning to find that I was alone again in my large bed. I glanced over at the empty bed space where my wife once lay. Her shifts at work have been starting earlier and lasting longer just lately, leaving me bored and alone at home.

Just thinking of being alone caused a stirring sensation down below. My cock had developed into a semi-hardon and my instinctive reaction was to reach down and gently stroke myself. It felt so good. My free hand also knew exactly where to go now, and it began to tease my nipples. Wicked thoughts and ideas filled my mind as I played with myself. I was after all, alone in this big house and feeling very horny.

Just then, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve this morning. The very thought of it brought my cock to full hardness and I began to jerk myself off. I could feel my cream being produced by my balls with each stroke, filling my sack, such a wonderful feeling. I wanted to produce and produce as part of my wicked plan. I was almost at cumming point with my balls feeling full of milk. My god it was hard to break off but stop I did. My heart was pumping and my mind was racing ahead to the bedroom scene I had in mind.

I headed for the shower room and began to give myself a hot soapy cleanse. As I did so I began to imagine what delights lay in store for me within my wife's lingerie closet. I began to play with myself once more under the hot steamy water jets. I lost sight of my feet under the soapy lather that cascaded down my long frame. Once again I was at climax point but stopped. I was a little too late in stopping this time around and I saw the tell tale sign of pre-cum ooze from my purple headed cock. I quickly swabbed it away with my finger before it was lost. I ordered myself to bring that finger to my mouth, where I sucked it clean. I let the rich flavours flourish within my mouth and gave the order to swallow. 'Mmmm, delicious, but that's just the starter,' I told myself.

I returned to the morning coolness in my bedroom and stripped the duvets from the bed, leaving just the cool sheets. Standing naked, clean and dry in front of the closet, I pulled on the double doors and stepped backwards as they opened towards me. Through the dimness of the closet my eyes were drawn to the middle shelf where the soft and shiny lingerie lay. I felt so naughty. There was a gap in the curtains of my ground level window but that was not important right now. I concentrated on what I would wear for the next twenty minutes or so.

I stepped into a pair of black, silk French knickers and pulled on a black, silk chemise, and lay myself down on the cool bed sheets, looking upwards to the high Edwardian roof. I reached down for my cock and began to work myself over very slowly. The chemise on my nipples felt cool and smooth as I teased them through the silk. They were standing proud and erect causing a slight crease in the lovely black silk. 'Mmmm, what a feeling, and so naughty too dressed like this. I remained focused for my objective for this morning – namely to taste a mouthful of my own cum, just for curiosity. Why do women love it so much? I was about to discover why very soon. My balls were full to bursting and as I stroked, images of women I'd love to fuck entered my mind. I was at the brink of cumming. I ordered my free hand to go below and wait open, like a short-stop's glove ready to catch the semen. I climaxed strong and powerful sending a jet of warm sticky semen into my 'gloved' hand. 'Bring it to my mouth I demanded,' and as I did so I licked my hand clean and swallowed it all. I shot more and more cum each time cleaning off my hand.

Will there be an end to the amount of cum I was producing? I hoped not. It tasted of a delicious sweet and salty COCKtail. I should have done this long ago. I must have swallowed ten handfuls before my sack emptied completely. How naughty am I? I thought.

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