Home Business


"I'm still in a state of shock. I guess I'm naive or something but I never imagined that there were sites like yours. Oh, I mean I know all about hardcore sites, XXX porn and all that but I'm knocked out to learn that some sites are owned and operated by regular people, people like you and Anne, people like me and Brooke."

"Most sites are highly commercial. They use lots of different women but as I told you, there are many sites like ours."

"How do you get your customers? There must be a lot of competition?"

Ray smiled and said, "you're right. Attracting and keeping members is what it's all about. There are a lot of free sites that allow us to post a few stills and some even let us load a teaser clip from a video. Then, you try to get them to your site. The free stuff is just bait, even the free section of our own site. Not everyone who visits us joins, as a matter of fact most don't but enough do to make it worthwhile."

They drove in silence for several minutes. The skyline of Seattle was coming into view as Ray said, "Scott, you seem very interested in what we're doing, in our home business."

"Beyond interested, more like fascinated, I would say. " Scott readily acknowledged.

"Is this something that you would like to get into?"

"Let's face it. I have to do something soon. I guess I thought this kind of stuff was illegal."

"You have to be careful. You have to make every effort to keep those under age away from the site. Credit cards and checking accounts for payment helps with that. Also, we just handle the content as you know."

"I'd have to find a gal to do what Anne does. I wouldn't have a clue how to go about that."

"A beautiful woman, willing to do what Anne and the other wives do, will demand most of the profits. Also, you can't hire actresses and get away with it. You'll find that members get to know the woman and they won't settle for anything but the genuine article. A housewife who really gets off with different men and doesn't hold back anything."

They dined at one of Ray's favorite restaurants on the wharf. Scott remembered that the seafood was wonderful, the company interesting and the subject that they discussed engrossing. "I'd really like to do something like what you're doing. I think I can handle the e-mails, new member acknowledgments, stories and all that from our home. I just don't see any possibility of providing the content."

Ray had been waiting for this moment. Both of them had been talking around the obvious solution to Scott's dilemma. "If you're going to do what we did, what Nina Black and her husband did, what Jon David and Cherie Monroe at Wetlands did, what Jason and Jackie did, what Cathy, Anny and their husbands did, then your wife is going to have to do what our wives do."

Scott shook his head. "Not a chance. Not a snowball's chance of Brooke doing what I saw your wife doing."

"Why not. Isn't she pretty?"

Scott smiled. Her looks sure weren't the problem. "She's beautiful. I couldn't exaggerate about her looks. Gorgeous face, fabulous body, wonderful personality. The problem is she has never been with another guy. I can't see her ever warming up to this idea."

"Does she like to fuck?"

Scott might as well have been kicked in the stomach. "Hey Ray. I don't talk about what goes on between my wife and me. What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom."

"I don't want to argue with you Scott. It just seems kind of silly to me that you're introducing fidelity and morality into our conversation. It wasn't very long ago that you got a raging hard- on watching my wife with a couple of black bucks. But, if your wife is a cold fish and hates sex, obviously this idea can't go anywhere."

Scott hated for someone, almost a stranger, to think of his wife as a ‘cold fish.' "Brooke's not a cold fish, she doesn't hate sex, our sex life is just fine thank you."

"If she's as beautiful as you say, and I'm sure she is, and she really likes to fuck, then I'm sure you can talk her into it. Hell, it might take a few weeks, but if you handle things just right, take her to our site and some of the others, tell her about meeting me and what you saw in our room at the hotel, I'll just bet you can bring her around in time."

There it was. Everything was now out in the open. If Scott and Brooke were to have a business like Ray and Anne had, then Brooke would have to provide the content. Just thinking about it caused his cock to swell again. Thankfully, this time he was sitting and the white table cloth covered his lap.

Nothing more about Brooke--her willingness or reluctance--was said during the meal or during the drive back to the Marriott. The two men spent the time discussing details, operating details of owning and operating a website. A list of Do's and Don'ts was developed as Scott asked questions and Ray answered them. By the time they arrived at the hotel they had agreed that if Brooke were willing, then Ray would take care of all the billing and site maintenance through his third party suppliers. More important, he would allow surfers, and even his own members, to link to Scott and Brooke's site when it was up. Ray also agreed to help arrange the first shoot, or two, by putting Scott in touch with several sources. In return, Ray would receive 20% of the revenues for the first year and 10% for the second year. If it didn't work out, if Brooke refused to cooperate, then nothing would be lost.

In the lobby of the hotel, Ray said, "I'm going back up to the room to check on Anne." This time he didn't invite Scott to join him. "We'll be here for two more nights," Ray said, "then back to Boise for another month. Let me give you my e-mail address and cell number. Also, let me have your e-mail address, I think we can handle almost everything by e-mail. It's all up to you my friend. If you can talk Brooke into this, then I would guess the money can start rolling in within a month."

"I sure hope I don't regret this," said Scott. "The idea really turns me on, not just the money part of it but the idea of Brooke with guys like Anne's with." He sighed, took a breath and said, "I just hope bringing this up doesn't destroy my marriage."

Chapter 3

Brooke greeted him as if he were returning as a conquering hero even though he had called her the night before and told her that he didn't get the job. He tossed his bag in the back seat of the Blazer and she drove home. On the way he said, "I met a very interesting guy at the bar in the hotel last night."

"Really," she smiled at him, looked back at the road and then said, "what was so interesting about him?"

"You might say, in some ways, he was a kindred spirit. He hadn't lost his job, but he and his wife . . . they live in Boise by the way . . . started a business out of their home. They've been at it for over a year and it's quite successful."

"What kind of a business?" She asked with real interest.

"An Internet business."

"That's fascinating." Then, she frowned and said, "I thought you told me that most of the Internet businesses hadn't done very well."

"Theirs seems to be doing very well. His name is Ray. They're about our age and have been married nearly as long as we have. No kids, though."

"Tell me more."

"Ray and I went to dinner and we talked about what they were doing. He thought we could do the same. He had to develop relationships with companies that maintained his site, billed for his services and allowed him to link with other related sites." He took a deep breath and said, "Anyway . . . anyway I worked out a deal with him for a modest, fair percentage of year one and year two revenues." She didn't say anything but seemed to be listening intently so he continued. "We can work out of our home most of the time." Then, to set the hook, knowing how much she liked to travel, he said, "once a month we would have to fly to Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angles, Las Vegas, really any large city. I'm sure that they're making much more than I've ever made."

"Oh honey. That sounds great. I'd love for us to get away a few times a year. You know how I get when we travel," she reminded him with a mischievous look.

Oh shit, thought Scott. If his plans were successfully implemented, then the way Brooke had gotten when they traveled in the past--extremely hot and horny--would pale when compared with what would be expected of her on these trips.

"So tell me. What is this business all about? Do you think it's something we can do?"

"I know we can do it. The question is, will we do it?"

"You've lost me, honey. If we can do it, make a lot of money, travel and do it all from our home, then why on earth wouldn't we just do it?"

"Their site is an adult site, Brooke."

"Oh, you mean like a porn site?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I mean, a porn site."

"That is a problem," she said. Then after being lost in thought for a minute, or so, and just as they were pulling in the driveway she said, cheerily, "I don't see why that would be a problem. I guess it would be like . . . oh just getting photos and stories and posting them on the site and then people would pay to see them, is that about right?"

"Yeah, that's about right. It's getting the photos and videos that's the challenge. Look, baby, let's go in the house and peek at Ray's site. I think that will answer a lot of your questions."

Scott put away the clothes that were in his bag and changed out of the clothes in which he had been traveling. He had to admit that he was really stalling, avoiding the inevitable.

"Come on slow poke," Brooke urged playfully. "I turned on the computer and already dialed up. We're connected." She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the den.

Scott didn't know why, but he closed the door and locked it even though they were home alone and wouldn't be disturbed.

His hands were shaking as he sat in the chair in front of the computer. Brooke said, "let me sit on your lap." She actually straddled his right leg and leaned back against him. He typed in the address that Ray had given him, entered the user name and password and was welcomed as a VIP member to "Anne's Sexcapades."

A photo that nearly covered the entire screen featured Anne looking over her shoulder, smiling at the camera. A huge black cock was embedded in her wet pussy. They saw that members could choose between ‘still photos,' ‘videos,' ‘updates,' ‘e-mail--contact us--' ‘ about me' and ‘links.'

Scott felt Brooke stiffen, then she sat up abruptly. He heard her catch her breath. "What should we watch?" He asked.

"Oh, I don't know. I guess maybe a video," she said almost timidly. This was a foreign world that they were entering and neither of them knew exactly what to expect.

Scott clicked on the video bar, selected the most recent one and waited several minutes for it to download. There was an awkward silence as they waited. He realized that their dial-up service would have to be replaced with broadband or DSL if this venture were to be pursued.

Finally, the screen filled with Anne inside a typical hotel room walk to the door. If Scott was correct, it had to be a room in the Marriott in Seattle. It was very much like the room he had slept in the previous night and nearly identical to the one in which he had last seen Anne with a black cock in her mouth, one in her ass and a third stiff black member searching for an orifice of its own to enter.

In the video, Anne was wearing a short red dress and red high heels. She opened the door and welcomed two black men into her room. There really wasn't any plot. Within a few seconds the men were kissing her and then they were undressing. It didn't take long for the trio to strip off the bedspread and occupy the center of their adult playpen.

As Anne took hold of one of the giant black cocks with her left hand, the camera zoomed in for a closeup. Brooke noticed the wedding band and engagement ring on her third finger. "Scott, look! That woman is married."

"Yes, I know she is. I thought I told you that Ray's wife was named Anne. That's Anne."

"I can't believe it." Then things started to sink in. "So their site is not just a porno site, it's a site where she screws different guys and people go there to watch, is that right?"

"That's right." Scott didn't know if she would sit there and watch the video or storm out of the room. "Are you okay with this Brooke?"

"It's a shock, that's for sure."

She didn't get up off his lap. She didn't know what was happening to her but she found the images moving on the flat screen monitor very exciting. "Did you meet Anne?" She asked.

"You couldn't say that I met her, exactly."

"Well, what exactly do you mean, then?"

"I saw her. She was in a room in the hotel. Ray went to check on her and had me go with him. She was very involved and probably didn't even know we were in the room."

"They say curiosity killed the cat. You've got my curiosity. What was she doing?"

"Exactly what we're watching her do right now. The men were different, I mean they weren't the same black men but they were black. I guess they had been going at it for a couple of hours when we got there. She was cumming constantly."

They didn't talk during the remainder of the video that must have lasted for ten or fifteen minutes. When it ended Scott said, "it takes too long to download, let's take a look at the still photo section."

Each set consisted of fifty or more pictures presented as thumbnail sheets. By clicking on one of the thumbnails, nearly the entire screen was filled with a high quality image of Anne and one or more black lovers. After checking out several sets, Scott said, "Ray told me about a few other sites. Because they're all pay sites, we won't have access to the member's area but we can get an idea of what they're all about.

For the next half hour, he clicked the mouse and moved them around the sites that Ray had told him provided the inspiration for his site. Nearly all of the sites had a page explaining how things started for otherwise average couples. Together, Scott and Brooke read the introduction sections. The first site was the "Wetlands." They read the following:

"What started out as a simple personal home page of Jon David and Cherie (Cbaby) Monroe has turned into the largest most highly regarded adult oriented community on the Internet.

The Wetlands has received unprecedented attention and notoriety from the media including NBC Dateline, 20/20, Hard Copy, Extra, Inside Edition, Howard Stern and many many more . . . There is even a MOVIE about the Wetlands folks that debuted at the Cannes film festival!

All this fuss over a site that features REAL amateur men, women, and couples doing the things in front of a camera that should ONLY be done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!"

"That was pretty straight forward," said Brooke after she cleared her throat.

The next site that they visited was called "Nina's Bed." Together, they read the following:

"My name is Nina Black, I am 35 years old, petite 5'0 and 115 lbs. It wasn't until I met my current husband, that I blossomed and became a woman. In fact, before I met Tom I did not even like sex. That was 14 years ago. Since then, not only have I become fond of sex, I have turned into a real live true slut . . .

Please keep in mind, I am an amateur in all sense of the word. I am a housewife, mother, and homemaker.

My husband had a fantasy about me cumming home with a fucked pussy . . . He had me call a guy that he used to work with . . . We had some hot phone sex and I told him to meet me in 15 minutes down the road at this strip mall parking lot . . . I met this guy and we fucked in my van for about thirty minutes. When I got home it was the best sex I had ever had my husband made love to me and sniffed and cleaned every inch of my body and fucked me about five times in three hours."

"Are you finished?" Scott asked. When she nodded her head he clicked the back button and saw a pretty blonde who obviously was exclusive to black cock. "She seems to be enjoying herself," he said.

"She does, but so did Anne and the other woman, I think her name was Cherie, or Cbaby," said Brooke.

The next site was named "Hot Wife Hotel" which linked to another site called "My Hot wife." There they read about Jason and Jackie:

"My husband Jason and I are excited to have our Hotwife Hotel site up . . . if actual footage of my life existed, the first 35 years would not hold any one's interest . . . Although I was somewhat flirtatious as a teenage girl . . . Sometime in my thirties I had an epiphany and realized that I wasn't getting any younger and as far as sex was concerned, maybe I wasn't getting much out of it because I wasn't giving much . . . I became determined to learn to be involved and make sex a lot more fun for Jason and myself.

My husband was all for nurturing my new sexual interest. He rented X-rated films for us to watch together, bought a variety of dildos to try out on my, began talking dirty while we were having sex and then he became even more daring, taking pictures of us as his big dick slid in and out of my ever more wet and excited twat . . .

"Yeah," you may say. "Lot's of folks take pics but what about you fucking other men? How did that happen?"

. . . It began as a curiosity and has developed into a full-blown obsession. Sometimes I wonder if possibly I'm addicted to fucking men other than my husband, men I barely know . . . For anyone who may be interested here are a few basics about me; I'm 5'7", 118 pounds of well-toned and worked out flesh and muscle, fighting 40 with tooth and nail, 36-25-36, with legs to dies for (or so I've been told), long brown hair and brown eyes.

I hope I haven't babbled on too much! I'm constantly turned on by the excitement of finding a new lover and posing for pics of my naughty hotwife adventures for all to enjoy. I hope you get half as much out of it as I do! Thanks for taking the time to visit our site! Luv, Jackie."

This site was a little different from Anne's and Nina's. Jackie, who was very beautiful and looked a little like Brooke, was shown with white men and blacks. Also, she seemed to share her site with other women, like at the Wetlands site. The next site Scott clicked to was called "Cathy Craving." The introduction page, that had a photo featuring an attractive blonde with glasses, read as follows:

"Hi! I'm Cathy . . . Welcome to my Website!

From the very first time I saw a Black cock in the flesh I was hooked. Even before I felt it or sucked it or had it inside me I knew I wanted more and more of them.

This is a 100% real amateur site showing you everything about my wild, wicked and insatiable interracial sex life.

The site is owned, designed and operated completely by me - if you e-mail me or chat to me online, you can be assured you are talking to me!

On the following pages you'll find a selection of samples that I've taken directly from my Members area. All my photos, mpegs, erotic stories etc. are totally exclusive to my site and you will not find them anywhere else.

I'm a highly sexed, very horny woman/housewife/mom who really does get off on having sex with Black men! If you want to see a whole lot more, why not become a member, I'd love to have you inside:-)"

Scott's leg had gone to sleep with Brooke sitting on it. Though he loved the feeling of her ass on his thigh, he had to call uncle. "Hon. I don't have any feeling left in my leg."

Brooke had been so engrossed reading about the sites that she had forgotten how long she had been sitting on her husband's leg. "Oh, I'm sorry." She stood up, pulled a chair as close to his as possible and continued reading at the last site called "AnnyXXX." Anny was a pretty red head with short hair and a great body. They read the following in silence:

Here is my short "411": I am 5'9", about 130 lbs, won't say anything about my age- I'm young, fair enough;) My eyes are gray, hair's brown. I am a real amateur housewife who loves sex.

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