tagIncest/TabooHome Ch. 02

Home Ch. 02


"Linda, do you have any clothes?" Glenda asked her completely naked daughter who entered the kitchen on her toes.

"Dad likes it," Linda giggled jiggling her tits.

"I know he does," Glenda chuckled giving her a playful slap on the butt.

"Ya know mom, you should go nude...that way dad wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of taking stuff off," Linda said getting juice.

"Honey, I don't have a body like that," Glenda chuckled.

"Jeff seems to like it," Linda giggled.


"O' come off it mom," Linda said leaning against the counter. "I know you and Jeff have been doing it."

"How? Did Jeff tell you that?" Glenda wondered.

"Jeff didn't have to tell me anything," Linda said. "He's been coming over more than he use to and he's not coming to see me. Besides, you're a real screamer....O'Jeff! O'Jeff! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!" Linda laughed.

Glenda blushed.

"Jeff is good...better than dad, isn't he?" Linda giggled.

Glenda was speechless.

"See, if he wouldn't have married that little bitch, you could have him everyday," Linda said.

"Don't start Linda. It was his decision and we need to respect that," Glenda said.

"You don't know, do you?"

"Know what?"

"The real reason Jeff married Sarah," Linda said making breakfast from the food her mother had prepared.

"What do you mean, real reason? He married her because he loves her," Glenda said defending her son.

Linda laughed sarcastically. "Buy a clue mom? He only started dating her so that nobody would figure out how hung up he is over you...and he only married her and moved out to make you jealous," Linda said laying a hand towel in the seat of a chair at the table to sit on.

"That's not true," Glenda said totally unsure.

"Ok, if you want to live on de-Nile," Linda said as she began to eat.

"That's crazy," Glenda said sitting down with a cup of coffee.

"Think about how much Jeff use to hang all over you, and I remember the night he crawled in the bed with you. The boy is crazy about you...and look. Every since you decided to finally giving him some, he's been over here more than he's at home with his wife," Linda giggled. "He loves you more than as his mother."

"This can't be true," Glenda said feeling the realization wash over you.

"Mom, I love dad and all, but I only started screwing him because Jeff asked me to. He figured that if dad is screwing me then he would have a better chance with you," Linda said.

"My poor baby, what have I done?" Glenda asked herself.

"I wouldn't worry to much about it mom," Linda said refilling her plate. "She's been getting pissed that he's spending so much time over here, and he told her that he would divorce her if she tried to come between him and his family. Mom, he doesn't love anyone else but you."

"What am I suppose to do?" Glenda asked.

"Just ask yourself this. Do you want your son married to someone he doesn't care about? What if she gets pregnant?" Linda said.

"That would be horrible."


"But, your father."

Linda laughed. "Dad doesn't know a thing. He doesn't even know that you and Jeff are screwing. He thinks that me and him are sneaking around behind your back."

"What am I suppose to say to him?"

"Just tell Jeff that you want him to come home, and I bet you that he will divorce her in a heartbeat," Linda said.

"How could I have missed that?" Glenda said. "I thought he just wanted to have sex with me."

"I can't believe how slow you are. He asked me to show him how to do nails, so he could paint your toes. Dad never remembers your birthday, its Jeff that always reminds him and picks out your presents. Mom, we use to screw so that he could pretend that he's making love to you," Linda said.

Glenda was totally dumfounded.

"I told him that hooking up with Sarah was a bad idea," Linda said. "I want my brother back home where he belongs. Mom, I can take care of dad."

"I don't doubt that for a second," Glenda said holding her head higher. "This is all so crazy. I mean, it's bad enough for me to be having sex with my own son, but to have him in love with me?"

"He's always been in love with you mom," Linda said. "Look, here's what we can do. I'll take care of dad, and you tell Jeff that you want him to move back home."

"Just that simple, huh?"

"Just that simple," Linda said. "I've already been screwing dad. The only thing left for me to do is to move into your bedroom."

"You mean, for him to move into your bedroom," Glenda said.

Linda giggled. "Ok, for dad to move into my bedroom."

"When did I cause all of this?" Glenda asked.

"I'll tell you when," Linda said getting another piece of bacon.

"How can you eat like that and not gain a pound?" Glenda smirked.

Linda giggled getting a few more pieces of bacon. "Jeff walked into your bedroom and saw you naked. He started saying that he was in love with you then, and you haven't done anything to change that." Linda laughed. "That night he snuck in your bed, I never heard you scream out so much."

"I thought he was your father," Glenda protested.

"Mom, remember...I've screwed him too. I know how good it feels," Linda laughed seeing her mother blush. "Don't worry. It'll all workout. Just call Jeff and tell him. He's at work now. Call him." She got up and got the phone and handed it to her mother.

Glenda was nervous when she dialed the number to her son's job. She almost forgot to say hello when her son answered the phone. "Hey sweetie...I've been thinking, and I want you to move back home...alone," she said biting her bottom lip like a school girl.

On the other end of the phone, Jeff told his mother that he had been thinking about that too and that he and Sarah had not been working out. He added that there way no reason he should drag it out any further. He would call her and tell her that he wanted a divorce and he would go by and pick up his things after work.

Glenda's eyes widened as she listened to her son. "I think you're right by not dragging things out. I'll see you when you get here," she said.

Jeff told her that he could hardly wait before hanging up the phone.

"Well?" Linda asked impatiently.

"He said he's coming home tonight!" Glenda said jumping up and down with joy and laughter holding on the Linda.

"I told you didn't I," Linda said.

"O'my guad, what is John going to say?" Glenda said.

"Chill out, mom," Linda said. "Dad told him not to marry that bitch in the first place."

"He did?" Glenda looked surprised.

"Dad knew that Jeff was rushing into it," Linda said. "Dad told him to make his own decision, but he was clear that he didn't want Jeff to marry that girl."

Glenda started blushing thinking about having her son, her lover home again.

"Mom," Linda laughed. "You're getting horny."

"I am not," Glenda chuckled.

"Liar," Linda laughed and pinched her mother's hard nipples. "You are getting horny."

"So what if I am," Glenda laughed.

"I can tell that it's going to be a whole lot of fucking going on," Linda giggled wiggling her hips.

Glenda laughed shaking her tits.

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