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This story was inspired by a fellow writer that I've gotten to know who incouraged me to write and was edited by a fabulous woman and Author MistyMorgan


Climbing out of her car Maria gave a slight groan as the pain in her legs reminded her of the fucking she had just received. Her blouse is tied around her waste, all the buttons having been ripped off. Reaching into the car for her purse she saw the cum stains on the leather interior; wiping it up with her fingers she sucked the cum juices off of them smiling to herself. “Good to the last drop”, she giggles and heads into the house, her high heels clicking on the pavement. Giggling again as she hears her sloppy pussy making gassy noises, quaffing.

Tossing her keys down on the table next to the door, she pads through the dark house up the stairs, which makes her pussy and ass really sing, giggling all the way, not even noticing the trail of cum drops she’s left on the floor in her wake. Not bothering to turn on the light opting to move about the bedroom by the dim light coming from the open bathroom door. She heard a flush in the bathroom, and then the door opened as her husband came out.

Marcus had come home from work to any empty house, finding only a note on the table saying that dinner was in the oven and to not wait up for her because she wouldn’t be home until late. He didn’t know where she was only what she was doing.

Trying to keep his mind off of what Maria was out doing he did some chores around the house and ate his dinner. Looking at the clock every so often, the time creeped by, after cleaning up the dishes he went and watched the news then the basketball game that was on. This made the time go by a bit quicker; when the game finally ended, he went upstairs to go to bed, glancing again at the clock he saw that it was now past eleven.

Something woke Marcus, rolling over he looked at the clock with blurry eyes, the time glaring two-thirty. Rolling over he saw that Maria still wasn’t home yet. Getting up, he padded to the bathroom, relieved himself, washed his hands, and was about to shut off the light and try to get back to sleep when he looked up hearing something.

There she was, his gorgeous wife standing there in the shadowed light of the bathroom. Her normally well-groomed hair hung limply around her face looking dirty and unwashed. The silk blouse tied up under her ample breasts exposed her flat tanned stomach and the diamond pendant that he had given to her last year for her fortieth birthday.

Walking across the room, Maria reached up and pulled her husband down for a deep passionate kiss. Driving her tongue deep into his mouth as her hands trailed down his back pushing his boxers down freeing his less than adequate cock, it always amazed her that such a good looking muscular man could have such a small cock.

Groaning into her mouth as her hand grabbed his cock, Marcus accepted Maria’s kiss sucking on her tongue tasting the distinctive flavor of salty cum. His hands grabbed at the back of her head holding her close, kissing her passionately, his fingers tangling in her hair and feeling the slimy residue matted there. As they kissed, Maria lead her loving husband of twenty-three years back to their marital bed shoving him down with her hands and watched him flopped back, smiling up at her he lay there passively.

“I hope you're still hungry baby. Mommy brought home desert for you.” she cooed.

His only response was the gleam in his eyes and his tongue snaking out to lick his lips.

Kicking off her high heels, Maria climbed on the bed straddling his legs, spreading her legs causing her pussy to dribble and drip on his limb. Looking at him with passion and lust Maria scooped up the cream and held it up to her husband's lips. His tongue darted out to lick it then he raised his head to suck on her fingers, wrapping his tongue and licking all around it.

Suddenly shifting positions, Maria spun around and straddled Marcus’ head; staying up on her knees she kept her open and well-fucked pussy out of his reach. Reaching down, she pulled her tight black skirt up over her hips exposing her shaved and inflamed pussy. Lying on his back, Marcus could see that it was still open and it's were lips swollen from the hard fucking she’d gotten tonight.

Lying there passively, knowing he'd be punished if he moved, Marcus let the cum drip into his open mouth. Feeling Maria's hot breath on his stomach as she leaned forward, laying her head on his thigh she trailed her finger up and down on his other leg. She finally ended her teasing of him by sinking her drooling sex into his waiting mouth.

As his talented tongue scooped up the thick cum on the surface of her sensitive pussy lips Maria started her tale.

“Your brother called me today and asked if I could come over to his dorm room and help him with his economics.”

Her hips jerked a bit as his tongue passed over one of the many bruises on her inner thighs, “Easy baby I’m a bit sore.”

“Mmmm, that’s better.” She moaned.

“I was going to go see Tommy today for lunch, but Derek sounded so panicked, he doesn’t want to fail and loose his scholarship, you know.”

“When I got there, Derek wasn’t around, but his roommate let me in saying that Derek was in the shower, cleaning up after practice.”

Shifting a bit, pushing her love nest over her husband's mouth, Maria continued with her story.

“Shane had just gotten back to the room from his shower; his body was all wet and steamy. God honey, I couldn’t help myself; you know how I get around a black cock.”

Hearing his wife start to talk dirty as she unfolded her triad caused Marcus’ cock to twitch and slap at his stomach.

“You love how your prim and proper wife is a slut for big hard cock don’t you baby?” Maria breathed hard as she watched his precum drip onto his stomach.

The only response Marcus could give while trapped between her thighs was to groan as he shoved his tongue deeper into her stretched pussy and scoop out the sweet salty tastes of her nectar mixed with her young lover's juices.

“I couldn’t help myself; I just had to have it, so I tore off his towel and dropped onto my knees right there. Even soft he was huge; I didn’t think I would be able to take him but I had to try.”

Grinding her hips down onto his searching tongue, Maria continued to tease and entice Marcus with her story of giving the young college soccer player one of her patented blowjobs. She shared with him how she took him into her throat and licked his balls even sticking her finger in his ass bringing him to the edge, then making him hang, loving the control and power it gave her.

The entire time Marcus cleaned out her pussy, his own small cock twitched and dribbled pre cum all over his leg.

“That’s when your brother came into the room. I didn’t turn around I just kept sucking that big, fat, black cock.”

“UH, that’s it baby make me cum.” Maria pushed her pussy down hard as Marcus’ ministrations made her cum. Not even touching her clit yet, she was saving that for later. Her pussy spasmed then pushed more of her lovers cum out and into his open, sucking mouth.

Panting and breathing hard Maria continued, “He didn’t know it was me and pulled up my skirt........Uh baby, that was good I think there’s more.... He must have been watching for a bit because his cock was already hard.”

“He must not have gotten any from that skank of a girlfriend because he was an animal! Grabbing my hips and slamming his cock into me..... Yeah right there, baby, just like that...He’s not like you at all. If I didn’t have that wonderful black cock in my mouth the whole dorm would have heard me as I screamed. He bottomed out slamming into me.”

“Neither one of them lasted that long; Derek fucked me hard cumming deep in my pussy...MMM taste him honey don’t we taste good together???....” Feeling him fucking her pussy with his tongue, Maria ground down more “You do taste him don’t you? You like it, oh yeah you like it..... That’s it make me cum again...”

Pushing up and arching her back Maria grinded down as her passions took over. Her eyes rolling up into her head as her hips quivered and shook. Marcus’ hands reached up and wrapped around her hips keeping her steady not wanting to miss a drop.

Slumping over again Maria continued, “Jeremy filled my mouth with his sweet tasty cum, pulling out before he was done and sprayed my face with his cum, he called me a whore and a slut. That just made me cum all over your brother’s cock, my pussy pulsing and squeezing his cock; that set him off filling me with his fuck load.”

“I had to see the cock that just fucked me so well. I turned around and his cock was so big and good looking I just had to taste him.”

Continuing her story, Maria related how Derek was shocked that he’d just fucked his hot looking Aunt and tried to pull away but being the greedy slut I am, I wouldn’t let him out of my mouth and even threatened to bite him.

From here down, you are telling the story to Marcus, not your audience. You need to make it all quoted dialogue.

"Not having any reserves about it, Jeremy watched this hot older woman sucking his roommate’s cock and quickly regained his wood. Taking it in his hand he to sunk his cock deep into my willing pussy, filling me with his hard young cock. His cock bumped into my cervix causing me to moan in pain and pleasure. This round went slower as the two young studs got a rhythm fucking both my pussy and mouth."

“The love triangle didn’t notice that, in his haste to fuck me, Derek had left the door open for the rest of the dorm to see. I lost count to how many young college studs fucked me; the day turned into a blur of orgasms and cocks.”

"Feeling another load fill my pussy, I flopped over onto my back to see the last stud using my discarded ruined blouse to clean his cock off. Looking around I saw Derek and Jeremy sitting back drinking a beer their cocks only partially hard after the hours of fucking,” Maria related breathing deeply.

"Amazed that this sex Goddess over forty aunt had just worn out the entire first string of the soccer team; fucking them all dry draining their balls until they had nothing left. Derek and Jeremy bowed down to me!" she giggled.

"Getting up from the trashed bed I crawled over to our nephew and took his cock again into my mouth. My tongue swollen and jaw sore, I sucked him to full hardness,"

A grin crossed her sore mouth, as Maria shifted her hips pushing her open rose bud over Marcus’ mouth letting him lick that clean also.

“I want you last, got one last load for Aunty?” I whispered.

"Climbing up I straddled him and sat down on his hard cock, my used and open pussy taking him easily this time. Rocking my hips slowly I fucked him in ways he’d never imagined. Even after all of those hard cocks he could feel my gripping and squeezing his sore cock, causing him to groan in pleasure."

"Looking over my shoulder I saw Jeremy stroking his hard ebony cock. “Stick it in my ass again I want to really feel full.” I instructed him.

“Do you taste him baby? Do you taste the hot black cum in my ass?......Yeah that’s it lick me deep..” Maria’s hips start to move and grind on his chin as he tongues her open ass.

"Not wanting to disappoint me, Jeremy walked up and stepped between the our spread legs and aimed his hard plum shaped head at my open and dripping ass, pushing in surprisingly easy, the loads of cum lubing her up."

"Feeling Jeremy filling my ass as my nephew’s cock filled my pussy, my hips started to move in tight circles grinding my clit. My hips picked up speed as I felt the cocks colliding through the thin wall separating them, their combined fucking sent me quickly over the edge."

"Groaning my hips slammed into my fucking nephew, my tits slapping him all over the face. His hands grabbed them, leaving fingerprints in my soft flesh as he sucked and bit on my nipples further marking me, my movements and orgasm milked the last refuge of cum from their now shriveled sacks."

"Jeremy falls back into his chair panting and catching his breath, I bent and kissed Derek on the lips. “I’ll be back Monday to help you with your studying”

"Rising from his now soft cock, my pussy and ass stretched and used, I looked around the floor and find my blouse. Tying it in place and pulling down my stained skirt, which stayed on amazingly I left the two worn out and well fucked boys to recover. Then I left the dorm room to return to my loving husband."

With a loud scream Maria came again as Marcus scooped the last of the cum out of her ass licking her rim clean Her sweetness pouring out of her treasure again dripping down Marcus’ neck and adding to the already large pool under his head.

Slumping down, worn out, Maria looks eye to eye with his hard purple angry cock. Taking it in her hand she squeezes it hard at the base knowing that he’d cum if she’s not careful. Shifting she took him to the root his small cock nothing like the cocks she’d had that day.

Letting go with her hand she sucked hard causing him to bellow as his cocklette as she calls it erupts into her mouth filling her mouth yet again with the salty cream that she craves.

Keeping his shrinking member in her mouth she licks at the head causing him to moan even more. Feeling him fall back onto the bed she releases him with a pop. Turning around she lays down next to him and kisses him pushing the last bit of his cum into his mouth.

Kissing passionately the loving couple passed the cum between there mouths each savoring the taste of their love. Finally breaking the kiss Maria pulls Marcus from the bed moving to the bathroom to shower together, washing their passion and sweat from their bodies. His hands soft on her skin cleaning her lovingly, being careful of all the bruises and marks marking her flesh.

As the loving couple climb into a clean bed and curl up in each others arms for much needed sleep the sun tries to peak through the pulled blinds.

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