tagIncest/TabooHome For Mom's Birthday Ch. 03

Home For Mom's Birthday Ch. 03



Far into the early hours, after yet more drinks and showers, dad puts mom on her hands and knees on the bed and fucks her in her ass. I stand before them masturbating and watching before mom beckons me over. She doesn't have to ask, I know what she wants as she opens her mouth and I send my cock once more to the back of her throat. Mom's eyes are rolling in her head as she once again finds herself on the receiving end of a good long spit roasting. The bedroom is filled with the noises of our carnal desires, the decibel levels rising to a crescendo, then dying, then rising again.

Soon dad and I are both treating mom to what she likes best, a long double penetration with dad and I fucking her simultaneously, first with me in her cunt and dad in her ass and then switching roles with me taking up the cudgels in her ass and dad replacing me in her cunt, her screams awakening the night-time air. Thank fuck my parents live in the country with no other houses nearby!

Cumming in mom's ass is just as pleasurable as when I came in her cunt earlier, the very same cunt that was now rapidly being filled with dad's spunk. I fall on the floor, both exhilarated and exhausted, as mom smiles down at me and the three of us start to come down from our latest orgasms. Mom's cunt is now full of the combined spunk from her husband and son, just as her mouth was earlier in the evening.

We sleep for awhile after this and when we awake, the first light of dawn is starting to appear through the windows, bathing my parents' bedroom in a small lake of sunlight. I slide off the bed, trying not to disturb mom and dad, feeling an urgent need to relieve my bladder. Dad, however, is more awake than I thought for I hear him slide off the bed as well.

"I need to take a piss," I say as I start to walk towards the door leading to the bathroom.

"Me too," says dad as he follows me to the bathroom, patting my ass as he comes up close behind me and then sits down on the toilet seat. "Give it to me, son," he says, "unleash your hot pee all over my chest."

I stand in front of dad and take aim and within seconds an opaque stream of my hot pee is splashing down all over dad's chest and nipples and seeping into his navel.

"Feels great, son," dad says and then when I finish, "want some as well?"

I shake the last drops of piss from my prick and then sit down on the toilet seat. I don't even have to answer his question before dad is relieving himself over me, just as I did over him moments ago, sending rivers of his hot steaming translucent urine all over his son's chest and tits. The air in the bathroom is pungent with the acrid aroma of freshly produced piss.

"I think we both need a shower," dad says, as our short sharp watersports escapade comes to its end. "Maybe get your mom to piss over us later, too."

"That'll be good, dad," I say, "and us over her, too, of course."

"Naturally," dad replies as he steps into the shower unit and starts the jets running. I join him under the steaming cascading water, closing the curtains to prevent the water running onto the bathroom floor. Our hands entwine around cocks, balls and asses as our lips join for a long incestuous gay kiss. Then dad drops to his knees and quickly takes my cock into his mouth. Like mom, he is also a superb cock-sucker and it feels even more sensational being blow-jobbed as the hot water of the shower continues splashing down on us.

Eventually, though, we get down to what we are there for, a good wash! I am first to finish and step out and begin towelling myself down.

This is a great party, eh son?" dad asks from behind the shower curtain where he is busy washing his hair.

"Bloody fucking is, dad," I agree. "Mom's a real pro the way she takes it in her ass and cunt like she does. She's such a fucking cock begging whore."

Dad sticks his head through the shower curtain and smiles through the steam, his eyes going straight to my rock hard cock as he watches me stroking it as I stir it back to life. Dad's head is covered in shampoo and dribbling down his face, just missing his eyes.

"We're all whores here, son," he says, "and I could say the same about you too," he continues before disappearing back behind the curtain to resume showering.

"I think it's high time we fucked each other's asses, don't you, dad?" I say, shouting to make myself heard above the noise of the shower.

"Sure fucking do, son," dad replies, sticking his cock through the curtain, "and I'm gonna ram this up your ass just as hard as you rammed yours up your mom's cunt. That'll prove it to you what a lot of sluts we are."

"I don't need any proof, dad," I reply, "I love being a slut, just as much as you and mom are."

The truth is, I don't really regard the enjoyment of sex as being slutty nor sleazy at all, it is a completely natural part of life but talking dirty does help to enhance the excitement which is why I go along with it.

"Great, son," dad replies, his voice breaking into my reverie. "Give me a minute or two and I'll be ready for you."

I smile back at dad's shadow silhouetted through the dripping curtains, knowing full well what he means. He turns the shower off and steps out, his cock hard and quivering with the anticipation of fucking me, his own son, and getting my cock up his ass as well. I wait for him to finish drying himself off and then we go back to the bedroom, our throbbing cocks leading the way. Mom has woken up and gone downstairs to make a cup of tea. We both know she won't mind if we get started again without her.

Dad lies down on the carpet and looks up at me. "Sit on my face, son," he says, "let me lick your asshole first before I fuck you."

I place my legs either side of dad, giving dad a good view up in-between them, and spread my cheeks as I slowly start to lower my ass to meet dad's enthusiastic tongue, crouching down as I sit on his face. The moment of contact makes me gasp as dad slides his warm wet tongue in-between my cheeks and starts its loving journey in and around my anus. I begin bouncing up and down on dad's face as his tongue darts in and out of my hole. We both smell nice and fresh from our joint shower together.

"Oh yeah, dad, that feels so great," I say, as he lets his tongue loose on my asshole.

"Damn son," says dad, as I lift my ass off his face for a brief moment, my gaping hole suspended above his mouth, "you have one really hot ass."

"Eat my fucking asshole, you little daddy slut," I say, huskily. "Don't stop."

"Eat mine, too then, you sleazy mother fucker," dad implores, both of us enjoying the dirty talk. I am only too eager to comply with dad's request as I lean forward placing my knees on the floor as dad lifts his legs up around my sides, enabling my own tongue to make contact with his asshole as we start to rim each other sixty-nine style, rocking together as our naked bodies join as one.

Our snorts of excitement bring mom hurrying back to the bedroom, eager not to miss out as a spectator to dad and I going gay with each other. She almost drops the tray she is carrying on which she has arranged, in a neat little pattern, a pot of tea and three cups -- her best silver tea service -- and a plate of digestive biscuits, just managing in time to prevent spilling them all over the small, very good Turkish rug which rests on top of the shagpile carpet.

"Oh my word," she says, putting the tray down quickly and positioning herself on her knees in front of us so she can watch the double ass licking, "didn't take my boys long to get going again after their sleep. I can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?"

I look up from licking dad's ass and smile across at mom. "Like what you see, mom?" I ask.

"Sure do, sweetheart," mom replies, "but what I really want to see is the pair of you taking it in turns to fuck each other."

Dad and I sit up from our sixty-nining and dad smiles at me. "Looks like your mom wants us to put on one of our gay shows for her," dad says.

"Great, dad," I reply enthusiastically, "let's fuck each other."

"Sure thing, son," says dad, "get on that bed and spread your cheeks."

I climb onto the bed on my hands and knees, clasp my buns and spread them wide, opening up my asshole which winks and twitches in anticipation of receiving dad's prick.

"Fuck me, dad," I say. "Stick that big cock of yours in my asshole while mom watches."

"Yeah," mom says, "give it to him good and hard. Fuck him, fuck our son's lovely tight asshole."

"Better give him a bit of lubrication first," says dad, starting to work up a wad of saliva in his mouth and then spitting it into my asshole. He gives me another rimming for good measure and to help loosen me up in readiness for my asshole taking all eight inches of the fat hard daddy cock ...


Mom opens her mouth and sends her tongue scurrying towards my hole to join dad's in a simultaneous ass lick, the second time they have licked my ass in this one evening of hardcore forbidden sex. I am in a complete and utter world of red-hot raunchy sex as I enjoy the simultaneous double-edged rimming from my parents' hot expert tongues. I stick my cock and balls through my legs and mom begins to suck on the hard tool, leaving dad to once more have exclusive access to my asshole. Mom sucks my cock and licks my balls for a good five minutes or more, then she stands up and goes across to a drawer in her dressing table. Sliding it open, she takes out a tube of KY and squirts a blob of it onto her hand. Then she smears it into my asshole and I am now well and truly ready for a good man-on-man fuck.

Once sufficiently lubricated, dad sinks his cock into my manhole right up to his balls. I gasp as I take all eight inches of dad's fat prick deep into my asshole. Mom sits down in the armchair on the other side of the room and fingers her fanny with one hand while fondling her tits with the other as she watches her son taking it up the ass from her husband. Her gaze never wavers from the spectacle of some hot and horny gay incest taking place right in front of her.

Dad fucks me doggie style for several minutes, mom continuing to pay close attention, as I sway my hips in time to the rhythmic fucking while moving my ass backwards and forwards to meet every thrust of my father's beautiful cock. Then we decide to change position as dad momentarily takes his cock from my ass and returns to lie on the floor.

"Sit on it," says dad. "Let's put on a really good show for your mom's birthday."

I once again stand over my father and start to lower my ass, only this time, instead of to his mouth, towards his jutting fuck pole and slowly impale myself on it, letting out a contented sigh as I feel dad plough deep into my ass, my back to him and spreading my legs to give mom the best view of the incestuous penetration. She stands up and grabs the camera again and takes some photographs as she continues watching dad and I in action. I start posting up and down on dad's cock, my cock in my hand and my balls dancing as, incandescent with excitement, dad continues pumping his cock in and out until, ten minutes or so later, he reaches up with one final thrust to plant his hot spunk in the tight receptacle of my asshole. I am starting to feel exhausted by now but I am not quite through yet. I jump off the bed and grab dad gently round the shoulders. Dad, as complacent as ever, doesn't need my help as he rolls over onto his back and lifts his legs, waiting for me to return the favor. As I said earlier, this is dad's favorite position when he is on the passive end of a gay fuck. My cock is standing rigidly to attention as I kneel down and place the throbbing tool at the entrance to his asshole.

"Aaaagh!" cries dad as he feels the cock of his own son pushing up hard against his sphincter, "fuck me hard, lad. Deeper!"

"Push it right in, sweetheart," says mum, "fuck your daddy's ass like you fucked my cunt."

I lay across dad's body as I slide my cock deep between the walls of his asshole, mom stretching out a hand and stroking my ass at the same time. Just like mom, I pause for a moment to let dad acclimatise himself to the penetration and then begin the fucking motion in earnest, pistoning my father's asshole for ten minutes or more until I once again feel the cum start to bubble up in my balls.

Mom is still stroking my clenching buttocks as I pull out of dad's ass but quite prepared to enter him again should he so desire.

"D'you want it inside or over your cheeks, dad?" I ask.

"Cum inside my ass, son," dad says, "flood that hole with your nice hot creamy spunk." Almost before dad finishes speaking, I have only a few seconds to re-insert the rigid pole in dad's ass as my sperm comes hurtling along the shaft of my prick and out through my piss slit like a high speed train emerging from a tunnel, deep into my father's bowels. Mom is almost apoplectic as she watches the boiling hot gay incestuous sex act between her husband and son taking place right in front of her eyes.

As I've said before, it is a good job mom and dad don't have any neighbors otherwise we will be charged with causing a breach of the peace, the amount of noise we are making with all the grunting, groaning and screaming!

Neither dad nor I have time to catch our breaths, however, before mom stands over us and orders us onto the bed. "Get on your hands and knees and stick yourcum-filled asses in the air," she says, "I think it's high time you have a little attention from me. Spread your cheeks, both of you. Now!"

Dad and I do as she says, kneeling on the bed with our asses on show and leaning across to kiss each other as mom, now well and truly in fem dom mode, licks first dad's ass and then mine, tasting the remains of our spunk, before going over to the closet where she keeps her array of butt plugs and strap-ons. She chooses one of her favourites and fixes it around her waiste. I look over my shoulder, smiling with expectation. Mom looks just so fucking incredibly sensational with her rubber cock standing out hard in front of her cunt while her gorgeous tits bounce away below her neck.

"You gonna fuck me with your cock, mom?" I ask.

"Don't ask stupid questions," mom replies jokingly as she stands behind me, poised and ready to insert the strap-on. Dad has reached his right hand round his back and is fingering his own asshole in expectation of his wife fucking him after she has finished dildoing her son. Mom pushes one of her butt plugs up dad's ass to satisfy him while he waits to be fucked, then just as dad did a few moments ago she really goes to town on my asshole, slamming the strap-on deep into the puckered opening between my spread ass cheeks. Again, I ponder how many sons are privileged to be fucked not only by their father but their mother as well? I think I am one of the luckiest men alive, in fact I know I am.

"Oh yes, mom!" I cry as the strap-on pushes hard up against my sphincter, "fuck me, fuck your son's tight asshole."

Beads of perspiration are breaking out all over mom's face from her over zealous exertions. Mom is an excellent fem dom, especially when she puts her mind to it, as she is doing now. Her big tits are bouncing rhythmically up and down as if they are on string as she moves her hips backwards and forwards with every pump of my ass. Dad stands up, still with the butt plug up his ass, to photograph his son getting fucked by his wife.

Mom fucks me for a good ten minutes before pulling out and moving across to dad. She removes the plug from his asshole which is now a deep shade of red and, pushing him down on the bed, plunges the strap-on into his bum until it is buried all the way in up to mom's fake balls.

"You like this, don't you, darling?" mom says, legitimately fucking her husband after incestuously fucking her son.

"Fucking well do, honey," dad replies.

"Does it turn you on knowing its just been up our son's hole?"

"Sure fucking does."

My bum hole is quite sore from having been penetrated by both dad's cock and mom's strap-on but I can't let another photographic opportunity pass by. I rise to my feet and, rather awkwardly, walk across to the table and grab the camera and began to snap mom fucking dad. Then I put the camera down and masturbateas I stand back to watch my parents in action. Mom is fucking dad's ass so hard that his cries, a mixture of pain and pleasure, can be heard throughout the whole house ...


As I watch mom fucking dad, my excitement once again reaches fever pitch. My well-rounded knob head, greasy with more layers of pre-cum, literally flies in and out of my foreskin as I begin wanking again for all I am worth. In spite of her vigorous pumping of dad's ass, mom manages to smile across at me as she watches me tugging on my prick.

"You look great, sweetheart, standing there wanking your nice big cock," she manages to say, before giving all her attention back to dad's ass.

Dad's cries of pain and pleasure reverberate around the bedroom as mom continues to ram his asshole with her strap-on. After having cum such a huge amount over mom and dad earlier in the evening and then another just now in dad's ass, I was not expecting to feel my balls bubbling up again but that is exactly what they are doing.

Mom suddenly slows down from fucking dad doggie style and pulls out of him for a moment as he manoeuvres himself onto the bed on his back, throwing his legs over his shoulders and spreading his cheeks since he is not through with being fucked just yet. Mom has to virtually lean over him to re-insert the strap-on so that her fine well-rounded ass sticks right up in the air. I can't resist kneeling down behind mom and, parting her cheeks with my hands, I begin to slowly slurp my tongue into her asshole.

Mom's ass is bumping up and down as she resumes fucking dad. I rim her ass for a few moments to get her well lubricated, then without saying a word, I stand up and push my cock deep into her hole. My parents and I are now completely joined as one with mom sandwiched in-between her husband and son, fucking dad's ass while I fuck hers

With my cock swallowed up inside mom's ass, I reach round under her chest and begin to fondle her tits. Dad is making little whimpering sounds as the strap-on pleasures him just as it did me a short while earlier. He is tugging hard on his cock and, after ten minutes or so, he lets out a loud cry as the jets start flying, landing on his tits and matting his hairy chest.

I had not been expecting to cum again quite so soon after cumming in dad's ass, and also especially after the stupendous orgasm I enjoyed much earlier in the evening when I creamed myself all over mom and dad's faces. But to my great joy, the bubbling up comes to a head, quite literally, and I spew another load deep into mom's ass. That makes two loads from her son up her rectum in one scintillating sensuous night of hot passionate incest.

The three of us are now well and truly fucked, the perfect finale to what has been the best ever birthday party for mom and our greatest threesome since we started our forbidden love way back five years earlier, of that we are all agreed. I feel very proud of myself at having given both my parents a thoroughly good seeing to, to show them how much I love them, in one scintillating evening of hard raunchy taboo sex while also getting fucked myself by them in return. Again, how many caring sons get to experience all this from the very people that sired them? We are one happy horny fucking family and are always considerate of each others' needs to ensure we all receive the maximum amount of sexual satisfaction ...


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