Home For The Holidays Ch. 04


"Ohhhhh, Danny, this is so much better than the old days," she purred, placing both hands behind my head to pull me tighter against her muff. I continued my assault on her pussy with my tongue until she began moaning loudly and humping my face; I knew she was almost there. I held her cunt wide open with my left hand while inserting the middle finger of my other hand as far as it would go, all the while continuing to suck on her deep pink, elongated clit.

"Uhhh... I'm... I'm gonna cum, Danny, please don't stop; you're driving me wild."

And then it hit; Laura reached her climax and a torrent of cream was released from her cunt as I drank it all in, never once removing my mouth from her pussy. She held onto my head to keep her balance; her legs were weakening and I thought she might fall off the chair. At last, when she was drained, she pushed me away, saying, "Ohhh.. stop... I can't take any more... "

After a few minutes, she regained her composure and climbed off the chair, saying, "Uhhh, Danny, I'd like my chance to see you now."

"Do you want to watch me pee?" I asked.

"If you want to, that would be fine."

I backed away from Laura and stood there holding my hard-on in my hand. I joked, "Hummmm... I'm not sure if you know it, but I can't pee when my pecker is like this."

"Oh, then what CAN you do with it when it's like that?" she asked.

"Why don't you play with it for a while and see for yourself."

She sat on the chair as I moved closer to her. She continued the game by grabbing my cock and running her hand along the length of the shaft, slowly jerking me off. "Hummm... it seems to get bigger and harder as I move my hand back and forth like this. Oh... and there's a drop of fluid forming right on the tip of it, coming out this little slit here."

She whacked me off for a few minutes, alternating between her left and right hand, before I said, "You know, if you suck on it for a while, you'll get even better results."

"Oh, is that so," she replied, looking up at me and licking her lips. "I've never done that before so you'll have to tell me if I'm doing it right, okay?"

Laura put my fat prick between her lips and starting moving her head back and forth. From the way she was sucking and running her tongue all around the head, I knew she was no beginner. I held the back of her head and nudged my groin closer to her face as she started to deep throat my cock. I didn't know if I wanted to cum in her mouth or try to get into her pussy but I wasn't to have much choice; she released my prick from her mouth and stood up after a minute or two.

She continued to hold my boner in her hand as she backed up, getting ever closer to the couch. When she felt it touching the back of her legs, she lowered herself on to it. Then, letting go of my cock, she slouched down so that her snatch was hanging off the edge of the cushion and she raised her knees, spreading her legs. The entrance to her love tunnel opened wide for me as she said, "Okay, Danny, let's play another game... it's called 'hide your penis in my vagina'," she said.

I kneeled on the carpet in front of her and wasted no time in placing the head of my dick against her hole. Lunging forward, my prick slid all the way in with one thrust and I felt the walls of her cunt gripping my dick so tightly. She was very wet, and my precum added to the mixture, allowing me to slide in and out very smoothly. I was rock hard and close to my own climax, after having her hot mouth sucking on my dick so soon before.

"I hope you know what happens next, Laura... I'm getting very close..."

Laura knew very well what was to follow and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me even closer as she replied, "Yes, you're going to shoot your thick, white semen deep inside my cunny... I'm ready for it, Danny... anytime you are."

Moments later, I felt my orgasm building and then, ropes of cum were shooting into Laura's twat as the feeling overcame me. She humped her pussy at me as I pounded my cock in and out of her cunt ever faster until, at last, my sperm was all inside her. When I finally stopped moving and opened my eyes, she looked at me and said, "Well, that's been a long time coming, hasn't it?"

I pulled my limp dick out of her snatch and sat on the couch next to her, totally drained. She sat up next to me and leaned over to kiss me again. "You know, I've always wondered what it would've been like if we continued to date as we got older."

"Well, now you know," I replied.

Laura got up and gathered her clothes, saying she needed a shower. I sat for a few minutes before getting up and walking toward the john myself; I really had to pee now. The door was open and the steam was heavy from the shower spray of hot water but I could see Laura's wet, naked body through the textured glass door. I stood at the bowl and aimed my prick until the stream began and my urine splashed into the bowl. As I was peeing, the shower stopped and Laura opened the door to see me standing there with my dick in my hand, the yellow fluid running from its tip.

"Wow, just like the old days, huh Danny?"

I laughed a bit as my bladder emptied and she walked over to where I stood. Her body was still glistening with the water from the shower as she reached out and took my dick, saying, "Would you like me to shake it for you... I know now that's what guys do next."

Without waiting for an answer, Laura held my prick and shook it a few times, allowing the last drops of urine to fall from the tip. Of course, she didn't stop after that; she again started running her clenched hand along the length of my shaft until I was growing hard again. Although I had just cum a little while before, my erection quickly grew to full state and she seemed to relish in the fact that she was able to get me hard again so soon. She kneeled down in the bathroom next to me and started sucking on my cock once more.

"You weren't satisfied with the first time?" I asked.

She removed my prick from her hungry mouth long enough to say, "Well, I couldn't see what happened last time 'cause you were inside my pussy. Do you think you can cum again so I can watch this time?"

"It's not so much if I can do it but more a case if YOU can do it," I replied.

And at that, she set out to give me such great head that I knew it would be no problem. She alternated between sucking the head while running her hand along the shaft, and then forcing the entire length into her throat and nearly gagging on it. Whenever she'd do that, she used one hand to pull me closer to her face while the other played with my balls. I knew I would have no problem fulfilling her wish as my second orgasm quickly built to a peak.

"If you want to watch it shoot, Laura, this is your chance... I'm... gonna... "

My mind was overcome with the dizziness of my second climax as Laura pulled me from her mouth just in time for the first jet of cum to splash against her face. She continued to jerk me off, watching as the cream spurted from the tip, landing on her nose, lips and chin. When, at last, my cum subsided, she took me back in her mouth and held her lips tightly around my shaft, slowly removing it and milking the last drops of semen from my loins.

She looked up at me, the cum still running down her face, onto her breasts, and then stood up and kissed me. I tasted the salty cream on her lips as we held each other tightly again, her slippery skin touching mine, until she said, "It's time for another shower, lover."

I arrived at mom's house before everyone else; grandma and grandpa were sitting on the back porch when I got there. Dad and Uncle Joe got home shortly after me and we had a couple of drinks in front of the TV; I managed to grab a fast nap before the ladies walked in. They put their packages down and their coats away before starting to prepare dinner. Grandma sat in the kitchen with the other ladies and grandpa took a walk outside.

"Hey, how did you all make out? Were the stores crowded?" I asked.

Mom, Aunt Joan and Chrissy all looked at each other and laughed, acting kind of giddy. Chrissy replied, "Oh, it was a fun day, wouldn't you say, mom?"

Our mother smiled and continued busying herself with the dinner preparations; I could swear she was blushing but I couldn't imagine why. Chrissy walked over to me and said, "Hey, bro, I got a new CD today at the mall; come on into my room and I'll let you hear it." I got up and followed Chrissy into her room; she shut the door after we were inside and immediately placed the disc in the player, turning up the volume.

Chrissy sat on the bed and motioned for me to sit next to her. As I laid back with my head on a pillow, she said, "Danny, you'll never guess what happened at the mall today."

"Probably not," I replied, "but I'm sure you're going to tell me, right?"

"Bro, I was looking for gifts for everybody; you know, typical Christmas shopping, when I found this beautiful dress that was on sale."

"A dress... you mean, for yourself?"

"Yes; I've been looking for a dress I could wear to cousin Lucy's wedding this coming spring and I found this gorgeous piece that the price had been reduced on, twice, and then a fifty percent 'sale' on top of that," she said, seeming very excited.

"I was in a dressing booth, ready to try it on when mom knocked on the door. The store was so crowded, there was not enough dressing rooms and there was a long wait to get into one. I heard mom's voice outside my door and when I opened it, she was standing there with a dress as well; she was wondering if we could share the dressing room. It was plenty large so I sid, 'Sure'.

We stripped to get out of our street clothes and we were both standing there in our bras and panties. I started to put the dress on, to see if it fit, when I felt mom's eyes on me. I looked up and said, 'What... is something wrong?' Mom just smiled and replied, 'Chrissy, I can't believe how large your breasts are... I know you didn't get them from me.'

I said, 'Are you kidding? Your tits are just as big as mine.' With that, I let the top of the dress fall loose, unhooked my bra and took it off. I said, 'Go on, take your bra off and let's compare.'

'No, they're not even close', she added, 'and I think you should put your bra back on.'

'Why? What's the big deal? No one can see me like this, except you... and you're not embarrassed, are you?' I asked. I placed my hands under my tits and held them up, rubbing them all around; it always feels so good to do that after they've been confined by a bra all day.

Mom watched me for a moment but didn't reply; she looked down to open the zipper on the dress she had selected so she could try it on. I reached over and grabbed her bra straps, quickly tugging them off her shoulders as she tried to stop me. I grabbed the cups in front and pulled her bra all the way down so her tits fell loose and I could see them; they were really big, almost as big as mine. She tried to grab the bra and put it back into place but I pulled it all the way down to her waist. Her jugs were shaking all over; she's really got a fabulous shape for a woman her age.

'I knew it,' I said, 'your tits are fine, mom. I'm sure dad must enjoy squeezing them and sucking on your nipples... look at them, they're getting really hard as I'm talking about them.' Mom stopped trying to cover herself up now and got kind of quiet; a sad look came over her face.

'Chrissy', mom said in a low voice, 'you shouldn't talk like that. Besides, your father doesn't seem to have much sex drive anymore. It's been so long since...'

Mom didn't continue her sentence but I knew what she was leading up to. 'So dad doesn't show any interest? I hope you're taking care of yourself in other ways, mom.'

'Don't even think of that, Chrissy,' she replied, 'I could never have an affair with another man.'

'I wasn't referring to that, mom,' I said, 'but, you could pleasure yourself in other ways.... you know what I mean?'

'I... I don't know...

'What, mom; don't tell me you've never masturbated?' I asked.

'Chrissy, please keep your voice down,' she said, 'someone could hear us...'

I stepped closer to mom and held her tightly; I thought she needed a hug right about then. Next, I stepped back and took off my panties, leaning over and watching my hand, I began rubbing my pussy in a circular motion. Mom looked at me with her mouth open, not believing what I was doing.

'Chrissy... stop that, please... we're in a store dressing room, for god's sake.'

I spread my legs a bit and held my cunt lips open so mom could see me holding my clit between my fingers. 'That makes it all the more exciting, mom,' I replied. I proceeded to insert a finger up inside, before withdrawing it, wet with my juice, and rubbed my pussy some more.

'Go ahead, mom,' I said, 'touch yourself like this.'

'I... I can't.' she replied. 'I've never done anything like that.'

'Okay, then; allow me...' I said, as I moved closer to her and pulled her panties off her waist and down her legs. She made a feeble attempt to stop me but I think she really wanted to see what I was going to do. I reached down and started rubbing her cunt, waiting until she stopped trying to push me away.

'Chrissy, really... I don't think you should be doing this..." She said.

'Mom,' I replied, 'I KNOW I should be doing this...'

She was getting wetter as I continued to massage her twat; I dipped my fingers in her groove before locating the opening to her vagina and poking around inside. She was oozing a lot of juice from her pussy now, so I used it to lubricate my fingers and started playing with her clit. The more I touched her, the more she relaxed and started to give herself over to me.

I stepped closer to her, placing my other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partially open when I surprised her by placing my lips upon hers. Her eyes opened for a moment and then closed again, her inhibitions completely gone now, and we had this really long, sensuous kiss. I slowly inserted my tongue in her mouth and, much to my surprise, she actually tongued me back. Danny, it was so fantastic!

Mom's breathing became labored and I could tell she was actually going to cum for me. I dropped to the floor before her and held her cunt lips apart so I could stick my tongue up her snatch when..."

"Don't tell me; she had her orgasm and came all over your face?" I asked.

"Well, not exactly," Chrissy replied, "Someone knocked on the door and shouted, 'Is anyone in there?'

Of course, mom was startled and couldn't say a word. I continued to rub mom's pussy and massage her clit as I called out, 'Yes, I'll be out in a minute.'"

"And then, mom had her orgasm?" I again asked.

"Yes! Mom had the most violent orgasm I've ever seen anyone have. She was breathing so hard, groaning and making so much noise, that I thought the whole store could hear her. I had one finger up her hole and was rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand when she melted completely in front of me. I thought she was going to collapse on the floor right then and there."

"Wow!" I said, "And then what happened?"

Someone began knocking on the door again; I said, 'Yes, I'll be right out...' But I heard Aunt Joan say, 'It's me... open the door.'

I opened the dressing booth door just enough for her to squeeze in. Mom held her dress in front of her naked body, trying to cover up; Aunt Joan just grinned at her.

I asked how she found us; how she knew which dressing room we were in. She replied, 'Are you kidding... I heard someone moaning and squealing and I just knew you'd be involved, Chrissy. I followed the sound until I found the right door.'"

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