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Two life-altering things happened while Tara was away at school.

The first was a tragic occurrence, her mother died. It was not unexpected as she had been sick for quite some time but it was still a heartbreaking event. The worst part was the way it affected her dad.

He had gone into a deep depression and seemed to loose all interest is almost everything in his life. Almost everything but his daughter, his only reason left for living. Daily he went to work in the electrical contracting business he and his brothers owned but his heart wasn't in it anymore. They understood and left him alone most of the time. They could run the business fine without him.

The second was far more enjoyable for Tara, at the tender age of 18 she lost her virginity. Sure, it was a groping session with a grubby finger in her pussy in the back of a car, but the mind-blowing orgasm it brought made her know she had discovered something that would affect her for the rest of her life. An attractive, tall, blue-eyed blond, she had no problems getting young men to help alleviate this hunger and assist her in exploring her sexual goals further. The thrill of having a penis or tongue caress her clitoris was something that brought her the greatest of pleasures. She also liked the feel of a warm cock in her hand or mouth and even savored the taste of semen.

By the tine summer break came, she was an old pro, having had sex with quite a few of the jocks in the sophomore class. She was a good student and applied herself to her academic studies. She used the same diligence in learning all she could about sex.

She was looking forward to seeing Mitch, her dad, but couldn't help but wonder who she could find in their small town to satisfy her carnal appetite and desires. She also wondered what her dad did to ease his needs. She knew that Mitch and Peg, her mother, were sexually very active before she got sick. Many a night she heard moans of passion emanating from their bedroom.

When Mitch met her at the airport, she was surprised to see that he was still a tall, handsome man, physically unaffected by the loss of his wife. She suddenly realized that he really hadn't changed, but her impression of him had. He was no longer her safe, comfortable dad, now he was an attractive, virile man, someone that could excite and perhaps ease her voracious sexual appetite, someone with all the necessary tools; hands, fingers, tongue and of course a penis.

She threw her arms around his neck and pushed her ripe body tight against him. "Oh, Daddy, it's so good to see you. Give me a big kiss and hug."

He held her tight and smelled a hint of the perfume that his wife used to wear. He was embarrassed that the fresh clean aroma of her body caused a stirring in his groin that he hadn't known since before his wife died. "Mm Tara, you sure smell good," he said as he pulled away from her.

The swelling of his penis, pushed momentarily against her stomach, was not lost on Tara. Standing there in the airport, she wondered if it might be possible to do things to him, with him, that would bring both of them pleasure. On the way home in his pick-up truck, she made up her mind to try.

Mitch was unnerved by the incident at the airport. His beautiful daughter not only looked like his late wife, she even smelled like her. For a fleeting moment he had been lost in the rapture of holding her in his arms. As he reflected on the feel of her body, he got an erection. Thank God, she was looking out the window so he took the opportunity to readjust his cock in the confinement of his short trousers.

The movement didn't escape Tara. She watched out of the corner of her eye while he pushed his hard cock first one way and then the other. She smiled to herself and thought, "This is going to be easy."

The first opportunity presented it's self when they got home and she exited the truck in the driveway. She misjudged the distance to the ground, twisted her knee and landed on her ass on the lawn. She was sitting there; legs out in front of her and mini skirt up high enough so that you could see her panties from the right position. Mitch rushed around the driveway to see what had happened.

"Ow, my knee!" Although it did hurt like hell, she was pleased when Mitch knelt in front of her and began to massage the tender area. She watched, mesmerized, as one of his hands, rubbing the sore spot began to wander away from the affected knee and gradually work its way up her inner thigh toward the white cotton panties. Suddenly, he shook his head and stood up. She heard him mumble something intelligible before he bolted for the house, leaving her to manage her luggage by herself.

By the time she got everything into the house, she could hear his shower in the master bedroom running. She wanted to say something to him, to see if there was any other reaction. She opened the bedroom door and realized that she could see him clearly across the room and through the opaque glass of the shower stall. He was masturbating! He was standing under the running water, head back, eyes closed and was pumping his engorged cock as hard and fast as he could, completely oblivious to anything else in his world. She watched for a few minutes before she quietly backed out of the bedroom and just as quietly closed the door. Then she heard the familiar, unmistakable sounds a man makes when he has an orgasm.

"Well, what's good for the Goose is good for the Gander," she thought as she rummaged through her luggage and found her vibrator. She lay down on her bed and started to insert this wondrous device into her pussy when she had a thought. She got up, opened the bedroom door just enough so that Mitch could see what she was doing if he passed by. She positioned herself in such a way on the bed that he would be able to see her fucking herself. She was using the tool and on the verge of enjoying the fruits of her labor when she heard a gasp from the hallway. She smiled, redoubled her efforts and had a hell of an orgasm.

Later, dinner at a little steak house across town was excellent but Mitch drank most of the carafe of wine that they shared. After dinner, as they walked back to the truck, she linked her arm into his and rested her head on his shoulder. Her full breast was pushed hard against the back of his arm.

"There's the truck Daddy. It's been a long day for me. I'm going to curl up on the seat besides you for the drive home."

True to her word, Tara was able to coil herself on the bench seat beside her father with her head on his lap.

"Daddy, if I ask you a question, will you give me a honest answer?"

"Of course sweetheart, what do you want to know?"

"Are you attracted to me, sexually?"

"That's not a proper question for you to ask me."

"You promised to answer me but I already know the answer." Her hand crept under her head, into his crotch and groped his penis. "See, you have a hard on."

"My God Tara, you shouldn't do that!"

"Why not? Don't you like it? It feels very good in my hand."

"Oh God Tara, please stop. This is something you should not do and it's driving me crazy." He slapped her hand and pushed it away.

In a huff, she moved to the far corner of the seat and pretended to pout the rest of the way home.

As Mitch opened the door, he said, "Tara, I'm sorry. It's just that you do things to me that shouldn't happen between a father and his daughter. I loved your mother very much and you remind me so much of her. I just haven't been the same since she died."

"I know, daddy." She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. The kiss slowly turned from a father/daughter show of affection to that of a lover ready to seduce or be seduced. She ground her lush body hard against the swelling in his pants. They stumbled into the house, still locked in each other's arms. Without a word, he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. In the bedroom, he still held her in his arms while he kissed her again. He carefully laid her on her bed but her arms encircling his neck kept him prisoner there.

She suddenly released his neck, sat up and grabbed his belt, pulling him closer to the bed. "Let me help you daddy." Her other hand was caressing the prominent lump in his trousers. "I can do all of the things mama used to do for you and more."

He just stood there as if in a trance while she released his belt and unzipped his trousers. She pulled them down past his knees to reveal his boxer shorts tented out by his erection. Tara smiled as she pulled them down and released his cock from its cloth prison. She marveled at its size and symmetry. It was much larger than most of the boys in school and was already seeping pre-cum. Without a word, she took it in her mouth, outlining the smooth head with her tongue. Her right hand under his testicles held him in place while she slid her mouth completely down the shaft, exhibiting her deep throat technique. She was in ecstasy, taking in her daddy amazing cock.

Mitch was lost in a fantasy. He was being revisited by his dead wife. He could smell her and, most of all; he could feel her lips enclosing his grateful cock. And, as he had done many times, he began to slowly slide it in and out of the moist vessel that emulated her pussy. Gradually the tempo increased until he was shoving it in and out with breakneck speed. He hadn't had sex with anything other than his hand in two years and it began to show. Finally, he grasped Tara's head and held it tight against his groin while he emptied the product of his loins into her greedy mouth. Not a drop escaped her. She relished the same seed that had created her many years ago and wondered if her mother had enjoyed it as much as she was enjoying it now.

His release was so complete that he was week in the knees. He stumbled and would have fallen if Tara hadn't quickly got up and supported him. To him, Pam, his wife was helping him to lie down on the bed. Tara got in bed with him and nestled herself close to his side with her arm across his chest and her head on his shoulder. He slept, only to be awakened by her hand caressing his once again erect cock. It was a dream as his Pam climbed up and settled across his middle, his stiff dick firmly embedded in her pussy. The ride began, slowly at first, with her sliding back and forth in a way that on the backstroke his fleshy meat was rubbing hard against her clitoris. It was as it had been years ago, Pam on top of him with his lance deep inside her warm nest. He was pounding her from below, each stroke progressively more violent and threatening to unseat her.

He could feel his impending orgasm creeping out of the hidden recesses of his body, waiting, crouching and gathering itself for the final eruption. In the meantime, Tara was savoring the feeling of his wondrous tool slithering in and out of her well-lubricated orifice. Her own climax was only seconds away. With her head down, she concentrated on the extraordinary sensual sensations in her lower body that seemed to increase with every plunge of his mighty spear into her. Finally, the erotic feelings overtook her and with a loud moan she experienced a magnificent, shuddering orgasm.

It was all Mitch needed. His own climax burst forth, spewing his bountiful seed into her soft, demanding pussy. She wilted on top of him, her head almost on his shoulder, her perfumed hair across his face and his generous but softening cock still embedded in her grateful vagina.

And so they slept, each with their own thoughts and dreams. She; secure in the knowledge that her summer would be all that she hoped. He felt pleased in the awareness that Pam had returned to him in the form of the gift she had given him so many years ago and knowing that they would enjoy each other many times in the future.

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