tagLoving WivesHome Invasion Ch. 02

Home Invasion Ch. 02


I was standing buck naked in the moonlight on the sandy shore of Lake Kabetogama in northern Minnesota with a throbbing hard on. My best buddy had just fucked my wife while I watched. Actually I had done more than watch. I had held her up out of the sand and spread her legs for him while he fucked her, because a sandy pussy is far from user-friendly!

This unlikely story began with a home invasion during which two young guys raped my forty-year-old wife, as I watched while tied to a post. Actually, they raped her for about three minutes and then received her enthusiastic cooperation for the next hour. It seems that my wife Donna had been very dissatisfied with the way I performed my husbandly chores.

Her rediscovery of pelvic pleasures led her to invite my friend, Roger Adler, to join us at our cabin on the lake. She and Roger had been mutually attracted to each other for several months, during a time when I had been distracted by helping my son deal with a serious juvenile misadventure.

This had been their first opportunity to fuck and they had enjoyed it immensely. And to my surprise, so had I! Watching them fuck was a new and unexpected erotic experience for me − an experience that I hoped to repeat several times in the next few days. Fortunately, my wife and my best friend seemed eager to assist me in satisfying my newfound viewing pleasure.

After we untangled ourselves from our complex, but very rewarding, fucking position, we began a slow walk from the beach up to the cabin. Roger and Donna, still naked and holding hands like lovers, walked ahead of me. I followed them carrying our robes.

Roger leaned close to her and whispered something in her ear, which caused her to break out in roaring laughter. It sounded like obscene laughter. She whispered something back.

They stopped, embraced, he kissed her passionately, and then he patted her naked ass possessively like he owned it. At that moment, quite obviously, he did! I could see her sucking on his tongue. I suspected she might be sucking on something else shortly.

I paused behind them on the path and watched one of his hands creep up and jiggle her large tits. She laughed again – an intimate and soft laugh – and reaching down, she took hold of his flaccid penis and began to play with it. Then holding him by that sizable phallus she pulled him up the path giggling. Roger had been extremely well endowed by his creator, I suspected at my expense.

"This damn thing is long enough to be a leash," she said.

He did not come erect at her touch but somehow that thing looked larger. Yeah, it was big, really big. I looked down at my own penis. Shit! I had another erection! The damn thing keeps popping up tonight. My little five-incher looked smaller hard than his thick cock looked soft with her hand pulling on it.

They were lovers. I did not exist for them. I guess that's the way couples feel after their first fuck. They reached the cabin and paused on the porch, turning to admire the moonlit landscape leading down to the lake. They stood naked together, illuminated by the moon and the light from the kitchen. They kissed again, she sucked his tongue, and he held her close, their naked bodies merging into one.

"I'll remember this night always, darling," she whispered.

"So will I," he said." Why don't you go in and get us some drinks. I need to talk to your husband."

"Okay," she replied, "but you be nice to him. Remember, this is his first time and it can't be easy for him. So you be real nice."

She turned and in the light from the kitchen I saw his creamy seed running slowly down her inner thigh as she went into the cabin.

"Take your time," he said as she closed the screen door.

Turning to me he said, "Shane, we need to talk. Have a seat. I've dealt with embarrassed husbands before but this is new to you so I'm sure you need a little help. We've been friends and business associates for years, but this is quite different. First a lesson on talking about it."

We sat down on the porch in a pair of rustic wooden chairs next to a similarly rustic table and two more chairs.

"Did you enjoy watching me fuck your wife?" Roger asked.

It was a simple question and he already knew the answer, but how do you talk to a guy you just watched banging the woman you loved. In the heat of the action I had talked to him, almost like someone else using my voice, but now I didn't know what to say. There seemed to be no words. I nodded yes.

He looked down at my turgid erection, smiled and said, "It looks like you're still enjoying it. Pictures in your head?"

Then he laughed softly.

That helpless embarrassment that began when he first arrived a few hours ago seemed to sweep over my body again in waves. It was joined by intense humiliation at my reaction to what I had seen him do to my wife. And yes I did have very arousing pictures in my head. But I didn't know what to say. We worked together on a daily basis in business. But this was something I couldn't handle.

"Back to my question. Did you enjoy watching me fuck your wife?" he said again.

I nodded again.

"Look Shane, I'm gonna fuck her again tonight. If that bothers you, you can go into the bedroom and sleep. Which do you want to do, watch us fuck or go to sleep?"

Again that wave of humiliation! Shit! I can't seem to talk! I wanted to watch them fuck of course but I couldn't say that! I just nodded my head yes.

He laughed. "Shane, I'm gonna be fucking your wife a lot. She wants to fuck as much as I do. You're gonna have to talk about it. Just nodding your head won't work!"

I seemed to stutter as I mumbled, "I ... want to ... I want to watch."

"We're making progress Shane. One more step. What do you want to watch?"

Shit! There was no way out! A friend I'd known for years had just fucked my wife! I had to talk to him.

I looked down at the floor. Softly and slowly I said what he wanted to hear, "I want to watch you fuck my wife."

Roger nodded his head and chuckled.

"Okay Shane, another step. Look me in the eye and say it again. The more you talk about it the easier it gets. Trust me. I've dealt with husbands who felt humiliated and helpless before. I want to help you."

I did what he told me. It felt a bit easier, but embarrassment was joining helplessness in the emotions that were sweeping my body. I remained intensely sexually aroused, covertly glancing at his enormous flaccid cock that my wife had just enjoyed.

"Shane, Your wife wants to fuck. We're a threesome now and we have to talk to each other. We have to be comfortable with each other. I know that deep inside you want to watch us fuck. Just talk about it."

I sat there trying to get control of myself. He was right of course. I wanted to watch him fuck her.

"Talk to me Shane!"

Well I've got to talk to them about it, I thought. If I'm gonna watch it I ought to be able to talk about it! Pulling myself together I spoke out.

"You can fuck my wife as much as you want from now on," I said and realizing what his next question was going to be I added, "and I would like very much to watch you do it."

Roger smiled. "That's much better Shane. I know it's hard to talk to a guy who just pounded your personal pussy while you played with your dick. It's very humiliating. But you did well tonight − much better than the average husband usually does the first time he watches his wife enjoy a big one."

"Your wife even paid you a compliment," he said. "Would you like to know what it was?"

Shit! This was embarrassing! My wife and he had talked about my reaction to what I had seen. I looked him in the eye – no easy task – and nodded.

"As we were walking up the path from the lake," he said, "I whispered to Donna that most husbands would have been shocked the first time they saw their wives spread their legs for another man. But you actually helped her spread 'em."

With that he started laughing. I knew instantly that this was what they had been talking about on the path up to the cabin when Donna broke out laughing.

I thought about the humiliation and shame I felt when I supported her while he fucked her. She had even called my name while they fucked. I could still hear her voice in my head, "Spread me Shane! Spread me wide!"

"What did she say?" I asked.

Roger chuckled, "Your wife has a genuine sense of humor Shane. She said 'I told you my husband was very supportive.'"

Shit! She'd joked about me holding her up while he fucked her! That's humiliating! Oh my God I enjoyed this perverted thing and I'm so ashamed.

"All right Shane. Is it okay with you if I fuck your wife regular? And, do you want to watch us fuck?"

Damn, he said it so easily and naturally. I dropped my head and stared at the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Donna's feet just inside the screen door. How long had she been standing there listening? What humiliating things had she heard me say? Shit! That didn't matter any more did it?

"A simple yes or no will do," Roger said.

I looked at him, then turned my head and made eye contact with my wife standing there with a tray of drinks in her hand. She would hear my response. There is no reason not to talk to them both now. Not to talk to them in a normal way about this abnormal thing I have.

I looked back at Roger, nodded my head and said, "Yes Roger it's okay if you fuck my wife regular and I would appreciate your letting me watch you do it."

Donna opened the screen door and walked out with a broad smile. She set the tray of drinks on the table. She handed me a scotch rocks, passed another to Roger, took the third for herself, and sat down. Three naked people around that rustic table.

Looking at Roger she said "Sounds like you're making progress Roger. Did you treat my hubby nice like I asked?"

Roger chuckled, "I treated him real nice and he's gonna be able to talk about us fucking. At least I think he is.

She burst out laughing and said, "You're a real bastard Roger but you're also a really nice guy. I know you had fun doing it but thank you anyway for loosening him up."

Turning to me she said lovingly, "Honey is it all right for Roger to come over to our house, say about once a week for a threesome?"

I felt a strange sexual exhilaration as I said, "I would like that very much darling."

Donna held her glass up in a toast, "To our new threesome."

Then she became very serious. She looked at Roger and said, "Let's get everything straight from the beginning Roger."

This was her office manager voice. She spoke in a controlled way like she was taking charge. Just like she took charge of the people working for her in my office.

"You know this story Roger, but I'm gonna tell it to you again because I love my husband very much. Twenty years ago this wonderful man met a confused young girl in college and he rescued her and he married her and he gave her two wonderful children and a fine life together. No woman could have asked for more."

"Two years ago when everyone said our son was finished – down the tube – Shane never gave up. He tore himself apart to save that boy and it cost him almost everything he had including his sex life. He got depressed and couldn't satisfy me in bed, the doctors gave him drugs. He almost lost his business. He almost lost it all."

"And how did his loving wife repay him for that sacrifice? She betrayed him in her sexual thoughts every day for almost the entire two years that he was depressed and working to save our son! And not always just in her thoughts as you damn well know Roger from last summer."

What the hell did that mean? Last summer? Roger talked about playing with her pussy when he was fucking her just now. I need to ask her about that. She continued to speak calmly, but forcefully. She was in charge!

"Now our son's in college doing well and my husband is back and it turns out that he likes to watch me have sex. I don't know why or how that happened. He wasn't like that before. But, I guess I'm lucky that he doesn't want to have sex with guys or want to leave me for some younger bitch. I can think of at least two divorced young gals at the club who would find him quite attractive."

"So, Roger, you and I are gonna fuck. You're gonna fuck me like a whore. We both will enjoy doing that and we've wanted to fuck since last summer. We will let Shane watch us do it. You will treat him with respect, not like a cuckold. You won't tease him like you teased Rick Taylor. I'm not gonna have the man I love sitting outside a locked door listening to me getting fucked and begging to be let in so he can watch. That is a humiliation I will not impose on the man I love, even if it turns him on."

What the hell was this about Rick Taylor? And locked doors? The Taylors had moved to Colorado last year. Shit! Other things I gotta ask her about.

Donna continued. "Think of yourself as a marital aide, Roger − a dildo. A very large and attractive dildo to be sure, but a dildo all the same. A dildo that I will throw in the garbage if the motor quits working. My husband loves me! I'm able to give him pleasure and I intend to provide that pleasure no matter what! I'd fuck a jackass if it amused him!"

Roger grabbed his huge, soft cock and waved it like a Polish sausage. "This is about donkey size, I think, but I'm gonna have to grow longer ears."

Three naked people broke out in hysterical laughter. I loved her so much that, as I thought of her in charge of our threesome, my helplessness just seemed to melt away. I felt more relaxed and friendly and I said to myself she's gonna fuck because I want to watch her do it. My wife is a strong woman!

"Yeah Roger," I said, speaking out now with a new confidence, "I DO want to watch. My wife was really looking forward to this fuck tonight. You did a damn good job on her and I turned on watching her enjoy it. I was happy to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to watching you fuck her a lot. I really appreciate what you're doing for us Roger. Thank you very much."

"There!" Donna said. "Did you hear that? That's the way one gentleman talks to another gentleman who's fucking his wife. You may be fucking me Roger, but Shane is the man I love and don't you forget it."

Roger smiled. "You're lucky Shane. Your wife really loves you. She wouldn't fuck until she was sure it was okay with you. She was careful to check out that little dick of yours down on the beach to be sure she had your permission. That's better for me you know – it makes her much better pussy."

Donna chuckled. "Maybe you're right, Roger. My husband certainly enjoyed watching me lust after that oversized dick of yours tonight."

We sat there sipping our drinks and thinking about our new relationship.

We finished our drinks and sat silently together all three of us thinking the same thing: we'd rested, had a drink, talked, and now was the time to fuck some more. Or more correctly for THEM to fuck and ME to watch. My mind began to get excited. I looked down at my peter. I was erect! Shit! Had I been soft at all? I felt a strange erotic humiliation about my desires.

Donna looked over at my erection and smiled. Then she stood up and took Roger's hand and pulled him to his feet. She reached down and fondled his heavy testicles.

"You're still full Roger," she said. "Do you want to go inside and pump out some more of that stuff? I'm ready to take it."

Roger led Donna over to where I sitting in my chair. He stroked his fingers through her thick, curly haired beaver, and then rubbed her clit with his index finger. Then he put that wet finger under my nose and spoke to me like an alpha male to an underling.

"Smells good doesn't it Shane," he said. "Give your wife's pussy a kiss for luck before I fuck it for your viewing pleasure."

Donna pulled his finger from my nose. "Don't ask him to do that. You just pumped a load into me!"

"He's gotta start sometime baby."

Then Roger put his hand behind my head and pulled my face into her very hairy beaver with my lips right on her clitoris. I took in a deep breath and smelled it. There was that classic pussy smell of anchovies that I always liked, but there was also something else – a musty smell and a slight smell of ammonia. That had to be the cum! Well, I thought, Roger was right, I gotta start sometime.

I licked her clit and took it into my mouth and started to suck the juice off of it. I felt that big clitoris become rock hard. The taste of anchovies and ammonia and that musty taste of cum were all mixed together. I licked the curly hair at the top of that wet pussy and got more of those tastes and my cock throbbed in my groin. I was tasting creampie! And it tasted delicious and it turned me on. I moved down to put my tongue into her vagina.

"That's enough baby," Donna said, pulling my head away from her bush. "I need to fuck now. Come with us and watch us fuck − watch your loving wife take a big one. It'll paint a picture in your head that you'll remember with pleasure and both Roger and I will have a lot of fun painting it for you. Won't we Roger?"

"Yes we will darling! Go turn the lights up high," said Roger. "Shane couldn't see us very well in the moonlight on the shore. I want him to see that wet pussy drip!"

As Donna walked into the cabin Roger grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear.

"There's always a first time Shane. You just now had a taste of cum flavored pussy and I think you liked it. I'm gonna fuck her missionary and when I roll off her you'll have just seconds before that creampie comes gushing out. Get down there quickly and take her open vagina in your mouth and start sucking out the juice. You'll love the taste. Don't hesitate, don't think, just do it."

He laughed, and then added, "Trust me Shane. That vagina will be wide open when my thick dick comes out. If you wait too long my cum will run down to her asshole and form a puddle. Doing an asshole is advanced muff diving so get it before it drips down there."

I nodded and I was aroused by the humiliation I felt at what the alpha-male had told me to do. A wave of emotion swept over me as I thought of him laughing at me when I sucked out the mess he'd made.

The room was brightly lit – more than when she fucked those two guys Monday. He was gonna do her on the floor in the same place they did her. I pulled a chair into what I figured was the best viewing position, remembering as I did so, being tied helplessly to that post right behind me, and watching her fuck those kids. I felt my arousal grow intense from that memory and from my anticipation of tonight's "show" as she had called what I had watched Monday night.

Roger led Donna onto the rug and said with a smile, "Wanna fuck some more?"

Jesus! That's the same thing that kid said to her as she lay on this rug with her legs spread wide anticipating he was gonna fuck her again. Suddenly my mind started to spin with fantasies and pictures of Donna getting fucked by Roger and Mike and Duke and then by guys with no faces, just big, hard cocks! Humiliation and embarrassment swept over me at what I wanted to see. My arousal was mounting. Shit! This is fun! How come I never discovered it before?

Donna laid down on the rug and spread her legs. It did not escape me that she positioned herself so that I was looking directly at the wide spread lips of her moist pussy. My loving wife wanted to give me the best view for my pleasure. Roger kneeled between her legs and she sat up, peeled back that heavy foreskin, and started to suck his dick. She got that big purple head into her mouth but not much more.

She kept on sucking the head of his cock and in a few moments I saw it get big and hard with a dripping wet head. As she spread her legs for him, a sudden helplessness grabbed my gut – my wife was gonna fuck him − there's no stopping her now, I thought. She was guiding him into an eager, wet pussy. Roger was right. I could see the wetness of her inner lips glisten under those bright overhead lights. I could see the blue veins twisting down the shaft of that massive meat.

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