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Home Invasion of Drugged Wife


It was our eighth wedding anniversary and we had planned a special dinner and night together. Earlier in the day we went to a local adult book and novelty store and picked out a special little outfit for Angela to wear to bed tonight. We looked at all the movies laughing and having a good time. Finally after trying on several pieces of lingerie we had found the perfect outfit to celebrate our anniversary.

Angela looked perfectly stunning in the little white lace sheer nurses outfit. Angela was attractive looking but not a porn star looking beauty. She had brunette hair that went about two inches below her shoulders, deep brown eyes and a pretty little smile. She stood about 5’4” and weighted 135lbs. Her belly had a little bit of a pudge to it and her ass was firm with just enough cushion to really play with. She like all the women in her family had a small chest at 35A. She had great nipples that when properly excited would stand out firm. For 31 years old she looked great and I think most men would enjoy seeing her naked. Angela had a great personality and was a lot of fun to be with.

We never really engaged in any real outwardly kinky sexual activity but had a decent sex life. She would let me go down on her and enjoyed having her pussy ate. She never really got into giving me a blowjob and on the occasion that she would had never let me cum in her mouth or on her face. She had let me try anal on her and maybe several times a year we would try it.

We had planned a romantic quiet evening at home and let our wild side come out when Angela agreed to go to the bookstore to pick out an outfit for tonight. Initially we were both self conscious and embarrassed to be in the store, but after a little while we realized that most of the other patrons looked pretty much the same as we did. We noticed a guy really watching us as we looked at the lingerie and thought he may have even followed us outside as we got ready to go. I never really made eye contact with him. We left and laughed all the way home about our voyage into the other side.

We grilled out some steaks and baked potatoes and enjoyed a candlelight dinner out on our patio around the pool. We shared a bottle of wine and swam until we decided to get ready for bed around 10:00. Angela had put on her outfit in the bathroom and I sat on the couch watching a game on TV. Angela came out wrapped in a white silk robe that went barely to mid thigh and sat next to me giggling. As I turned off the TV the doorbell rang.

I answered the door and there were three men at the door. “Good evening sir, my name is Ray” said a tall lanky black man.

“What can I do for you guys tonight?” I inquired.

Ray continued “We are demonstrating our revolutionary new carpet cleaning system in your neighborhood tonight sir and we wondered if we could show you our product?”

Angela had joined me at the door as I replied “It is really pretty late and we really are not interested.” I went to shut the door.

Ray again spoke up and said “I know it is sir, but I am training these two gentlemen with me and they need one more demo before they can begin on their own tomorrow. If you could just give us 30 minutes of your time.” Before I could respond Ray looked to Angela and continued “We know this may be inconvenient for you folks and you don’t have to buy anything. If you help us out we will give the lady a $500.00 gift certificate to the local shopping mall for your trouble.”

Janet was now intrigued and stepped forward asking “What stores is the certificate good for?”

Ray smiled and said “Your certificate will be good at any of the retailers in the Florida International Mall.”

Angela looked up at me with a smile on her face and said “Oh, please Mike, it will only take 30 minutes and I could really use the gift certificate.”

I thought for a minute and decided what could it hurt, they would be done by 10:30 and then we could continue with our special night. I told Ray they could come in. thinking to myself the $500.00 gift certificate would really make Angela hot and excited.

Ray introduced his two associates as Juan, a medium build mid 20’s Cuban man and Jose a large, heavy set dark skinned Mexican man who looked to be in his early 40’s. Ray asked if I could help them carry in their boxes to which I agreed. The faster they came in and got finished the faster they would be out of here.

I walked with them out to their car in our driveway. It was an old model Cadillac with trash and fast food bags all over the floors. As we went to the trunk and Ray opened it up a Polo Tropical bag fell to the driveway. As I bent down to pick it up I noticed there was no license plate on the car. This made me a little suspect but I helped carry in 3 wooden tote boxes.

Once inside we set the boxes in front of the couch and I sat down next to my wife in a love seat. Ray asked “Could we bother you for a cold drink, we have been out all day and have not even had time to stop and eat. I hate to be a bother.”

Angela looked to me and got up walking into the kitchen hollering back “All we have is some orange juice, water, and Samuel Adams. What would you all like?”

Ray smiled and replied “It’s late and we should be off work already. If it’s no bother to you we will take you up on the Sam Adams maam.”

A few minutes later Angela returned with five bottles of beer and 5 large beer glasses. She gave each one of the men one and then handed me one. The men all seemed really appreciative and thanked her.

As we each had a drink Ray began “Let me tell you about our complete carpet cleaning system and then we will show you how it works in your living room.” Ray continued looking at Angela “What type of vacuum cleaner do you presently use?”

Angela replied “We have an old floor model sweeper that we received eight years ago as a wedding gift from Mike’s family.”

“Great” Ray replied “We will show you how your cleaner matches against our machine.”

I sat back looking at these three men waiting for them to finish as Ray and Angela talked about our old sweeper and our carpets. I finished my drink as did Juan and Jose. They both sat fidgeting around as Ray spoke to Angela. Ray seemed convincing but something in the pit of my stomach just didn’t feel right looking at the other two men sitting there. I though I recognized one of them but could not be sure. Both seemed to intently stare at Angela. In her robe nothing but her outline was revealed but she still looked hot. I felt a tinge of jealousy seeing the two of them looking at her.

Ray asked Angela to get our sweeper out and bring it to the living room so that they could try it on the carpet as our family room was tiled with ceramic tile. Angela agreed and as we rose Jose asked to use our bathroom. I felt irritated but directed him to the guest bathroom down the hall away from the living room. Ray quickly spoke up “Hey, Jose, why don’t you get us a fresh drink when you’re done and then join us?’

Just make yourselves at home guys I thought to myself as we walked into the living room. Angela retrieved our sweeper from the closet and pulled it to the middle of the floor.

Ray again addressed Angela and said “Why don’t you hook it up and show us how it works, Angela?”

Angela went over to the sweeper and bent over to connect the hoses to the base unit. As she did her robe rose up displaying her thonged bottom. Her ample black pubic hair was in clear display as well as her puffy pussy lips and tight but crack. Angela was unaware of the scene she had just displayed and stood up straight saying “Ok.”

Ray grabbed the handle to the vacuum head and looked at Angela saying “Go ahead and plug it up for me maam.” Jose had just walked back into the room.

I was ready to speak out as Angela walked across the room to the outlet. Looking for another free show I thought. Angela didn’t disappoint them as she bent over to grab the plug and place it into the wall socket. Again her robe rose up exposing her most private parts to full view of her all male audience. As Angela stood back up her robe was kind of displaced from all the bending and maneuvering and the top of her tits were clearly visible beneath the sheer lace fabric of her nurses’ outfit that was showing through the top of her open robe. I was certain Angela did not realize the compromising position she was putting herself into as she had never dressed like this before even in private. She normally wore granny pajamas around the house or a pair of sweat clothes.

Ray did not seem to notice the show from his demeanor and started the vacuum and did a section of the floor about 5’ X 5’. I thought maybe I was a little overprotective as Ray seemed to be professional and very courteous while staying focused on demonstrating his product. Ray turned off the vacuum and said “Let’s go back to the family room and continue.”

As we walked back into the family room there were freshly filled glasses of cold beer sat around. Angela and I both grabbed our and drank them down. I sat back thinking of the exhibition show Angela had put on and how I was going to take her after these guys leave. Ray continued on about carpets and vacuums and talking to Angela about details of the art of housework. I started feeling funny as my mind raced thinking of how hot Angela looked bent over the vacuum and how I may have her do a little housework for me after our guests leave. I could see Angela face had flushed and she was sweating lightly as she sat mesmerized by Ray. I tried to sit up to go and get another beer but could not move my arms or legs. I tried to speak but could not utter a word. I felt that I was fully alert but my body was asleep.

Ray looked over at me and smiled big. I knew something was wrong but could not respond. He looked to Angela and asked “Are you feeling a little hot sweetheart?”

Angela looked at him and in a low voice and replied “I am so hot I feel like I am going to burn up in here.”

“Why don’t you remove your robe and cool down a bit.” Ray responded.

I watched in horror as Angela under some type of spell stood in front of these men and slipped her robe from her hot body. She stood in the sexy white completely see thru outfit as if not noticing her condition of undress. Her breast nipples stood out at attention and her unshaven pubic hair splayed from around the thin white thong bottom of her outfit. The front of her thong was noticeably wet. I tried to get up to put a stop to the actions in front of me but hard as I tried could not move.

Ray continued smiling as Juan and Jose began making lewd comments about my wife. Ray walked over to me and sat beside me holding his own beer. “You see here Mike, I saw your lovely lady today down in Homestead and I knew I had to have her. I invited two of my friends to join me. I used to sell vacuums but quite to take up a much more lucrative operation.”

I was trying to fight, trying to yell out at them but could not.

Ray continued “You have been given a drug to put all but your mind to sleep; you cannot move or speak Mike. In 12 hours you will begin to regain your bodily functions but for now you just can sit and watch your hot wife gets fucked.”

I fought the thoughts that ran through my mind; I tried to make sense of what Ray was telling me. My mind raced for an answer of how to stop this before it went any further.

Ray continued “Angela has been given a strong Jamaican aphrodisiac that will drive her crazy if she is not satisfied and does not get sexual release. Before the drug wears off in 24 – 36 hours she will beg to be fucked in every hole by as many men as she can get. She cannot resist.”

Ray walked over to his boxes as Angela began rubbing her own crotch with her hand and her tits with the other pulling her erect nipples with her fingers through the revealing fabric of her outfit. Ray opened the box I thought to contain a vacuum and produced several sex toys. He brought out a set of fleece lined ankle and wrist cuffs with long strings attached and a huge dildo. Ray spoke to Angela saying “Angie, you are my little cock slut, tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.”

Angela began moaning and saying “Yessss, I need your big cock in me, I need you to fuck me hard, I need you now!”

Juan picked Angela up off the coach and placed her against the back of the love seat next to me. Ray placed her hips on to the top of the back of the seat as he bound her hands and tied them to the back legs of the seat. He then moved to her legs and spread them out spreading her wide open then tying her ankles to the corner legs in front of the seat.

Jose had taken a hammock looking contraption from the box and began drilling a hole into our ceiling. Juan removed his pants and shirt standing in front of me with a huge bulge in his boxers. Slowly he slid his boxers down revealing an enormous 11” cock with a fat head that was leaking pre-cum as he gripped it. He walked around to the back of the seat and stuck it to Angela’s face saying “Here slut, take this cock and suck it dry in that pretty little mouth.”

Angela was moaning and rubbing her hips against the seat as she looked up and smiled taking the tip of Juan’s cock head into her sweet mouth eagerly. With little effort Juan was soon driving his cock deep into her little mouth that was stuffed to capacity. I could hear her gag each time he hit the back of her throat. Juan was really getting into the action saying “Ohhh shit, this little slut has the tightest mouth and is a master cock sucker, suck me bitch.”

Jose was twisting a large lag screw into our ceiling as Ray removed his shirt and pants. Ray stood about 6’3” and weighed probably 190lbs. He was lanky and god looking. He had a monstrous black cock hung between his legs that had to be at least 13” long with a huge set of balls sagging from the bottom. His ball sack hung a good 8” down from his cock and looked to contain two oranges. He continued smiling at me while stroking his cock. He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the thong from Angela’s crotch. “Gaud, what a fuckin hairy pussy and ass. Don’t you ever buy this bitch a razor Mike?”

Ray buried his face into Angela’s crotch. Jose began hooking up the contraption to the hook now in the ceiling. I sat hearing my wife at the brink of her own orgasm as Ray manipulated her pussy with his mouth and Juan fed her his huge cock. I could hear Juan breathing hard and deep suddenly he yelled “I’m going to cum down your throat bitch” as he began heaving with His own orgasm. Angela was gagging on his cum as he finally pulled out shooting torrents of hot sticky cum over her face and hair.

Ray was now working the huge dildo on Angela’s clit as he continued licking and sucking her hot pussy and ass. She was writhing with yet another orgasm of her own. Ray backed off pulling pubic hair from his mouth. He took the large dildo and began really working her pussy that was already wet enough to help accommodate it easily. “I’m going to get you loose enough to take my big fat black cock bitch; do you want my big cock rammed inside you?”

“Oh shit just fuck me you bastard, I need your cock now.” Angela groaned while still trying to lick Juan's cum from her face.

Ray drove the fat dildo into Angela’s starving pussy without mercy as he continued talking dirty to her. “You’re a black cock slut, you piece of shit bitch.” “After you’re stretched with these cocks small cock will not satisfy your cock hungry holes.”

Angela was again climaxing as Ray continued to trash talk her and ram the dildo into her dripping pussy. “Ohhhhh, fuck me fuck me, fuck me hard you mother fucker.” Angela screamed.

Ray pulled the dildo from Angela’s stretched gaping pussy replacing it with his own fat long monster cock. In one quick thrust he buried himself into her slapping her clit with his huge ball sack. He began pumping in and out of her at a fast speed making a slapping sound each time he buried himself into her. Angela was screaming with her own pleasure as Ray continued his assault on her engorged pussy. It looked as if he would pull her insides out each time he withdrew only to drive back in with full force slapping her ass cheeks with his hands as he brutally fucked her deep and hard. Angela hollered out “I need a cock in my mouth you fucking bastards, fuck my mouth while you fuck my pussy.”

Jose quickly finished hanging his swing contraption and stripped his own clothing. Jose stood about 5’10” and weighed about 325lbs. He was fat and very muscular in his arms and legs. He had a small cock that only stood about 5” but was very fat. He quickly walked around to Angela’s face and placed his cock against her lips. Angela quickly took him inside and began shaking with another raging orgasm. “Oh fuck that feels good, damn bitch what a little white fuck slut you are, suck my balls.” Angela quickly obliged and took Jose’s fat high balls into her mouth.

I still could not move totally focused on what was happening to my sweet little wife on our special night.

I could see Ray’s scrotum begin to tighten and contract as he continued fucking Angela doggy style. Suddenly he and Jose both announced they were going to cum. Both pulled out spraying huge loads of cum all over Angela’s face, back and ass. I didn’t think they would ever stop Angela was completely covered in their hot slimy sticky white goop. Angela was still coming down from her own massive orgasm as she hollered “Fuck you, I need you cum inside me you bastards.”

I sat back hoping it was over. Ray looked at me and said “Shit Mike, your little slut is one hot bitch. Juan and Jose just got out of prison yesterday and haven’t had any pussy for 10 years. I think they might be able to keep up with this slut the rest of the night.”

I noticed Juan was already hard again stroking his long fat cock eying Angela and looking to Ray for approval. Angela was begging for more cock as I looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was only 11:30.

“You boy’s untie this slut and lets get her out of this outfit so we can really have some fun here.” Ray announced as he walked over and opened the other two boxes.

To be continued.

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