tagIncest/TabooHome Sweet Home Ch. 02

Home Sweet Home Ch. 02


Derrick was the first one to the indoor pool eager to hide from his family. He smiled as the pool was deep enough to dive in and he wasted no time. The chill from the water slowed his raging hormones and he smiled as he could finally begin to think clearly. His Uncle Eric and father jumped in and began to lightly swim around; talking again about life and the times they had spent at work. Derrick swam another lap and relaxed at the deep end of the stairs. He closed his eyes and relaxed as the sight of Courtney dancing naked made him smile. He thanked his luck that the water was cold enough to stop him from getting hard again.

"Make some room." Derrick opened his eyes and looked up to see his sister standing over top of him wearing a flattering yet sexy red bikini that barely held her in place and just enough bottoms to cover her. Derrick stared up at her and she smiled as she slid into the water with elegance. "Thinking about me?" She asked quietly as her parents waded around in the mid to shallow waters.

"You gave me the biggest case of blue balls I've ever had." He growled back and she giggled before sitting beside him. Derrick watched as the water dripped between her breasts, making him horny yet again. He didn't know how long he could withstand the torment of being so horny without some sort of release.

"I'm really sorry but there wouldn't have been enough time." She replied and leaned in to his ear. "Besides, if everything goes well we'll have the house to ourselves tonight. Mom and Dad are thinking about renting a room in case they drink too much." Derrick looked at his parents and could tell that they were nearly too drunk to drive home upon their arrival. He grinned at his sister, eager to see her naked once again. She glided out into the water and Derrick watched her ass before leaping through the air and attacking. Courtney laughed as Derrick grabbed her waist and pulled her close, his groin firmly pressed against her. Before she could playfully get away to show their parents that nothing but sibling fun was happening, Derrick wrapped his left arm around her waist and ground against her harder before letting her go. Courtney playfully pushed him away and tried to get away but Derrick was quick to follow.

Their parents cheered them on, enjoying the fact that they were close even at their age. Before long, Courtney and Derrick were in the hot tub with the bubbles masking their hands under the water. They watched their parents attempt to play volleyball as their hands lightly travelled down each other's legs. Courtney lightly bit her bottom lip as Derrick's hand found her outer lips and rubbed them lightly before trailing his fingertips down her inner thighs.

"I can't take much more of this. I'm so going to rape you." Derrick whispered and Courtney blushed.

"How would you rape me?" Courtney whispered back and Derrick grinned before cheering when their dad spiked a point.

"I would rip your clothes off and make sure that not a single part of your skin was untouched. I would ravage your tits before devouring your pussy until you begged me to stop. Then, once I was satisfied, I would slam my cock inside you and plough you." Derrick whispered back. He looked at her and she grinned momentarily, taking the thrill of what he would do to her. "And that's just a sum up." Courtney shivered as she pictured her brother stripping her bare before taking her. She instantly felt hotter than the hot tub and wanted release. Derrick could see that his words were having an effect on her and he leaned in to her ear. "And I would take you all night long." Courtney stiffened as his words drove her wild. She nearly jumped onto his lap and ripped his trunks off but couldn't, but she wanted to, oh did she want to. She looked at Derrick and had a lustful, serious look in her eyes.

"We're leaving now." She whispered and stood from the tub and rushed into the woman's changing room. Derrick laughed and stood from the water once he was calm enough to conceal his semi hard on.

"Courtney and I are going home. Will you be coming back tonight?" Derrick asked as he approached the pool.

"You just got here." His father replied and Derrick smiled and caught the volleyball that was hit his way.

"It's been a long trip and I would like some rest before Christmas Eve. I want to be awake for the festivities." Derrick replied and his father nodded and waved for him to go. He handed the ball to his mother and promptly left the pool. As he exited the hotel, Courtney had the old van sitting at the front steps. He slipped in and Courtney instantly kissed him hard, holding his face as her tongue danced with his. She broke the embrace and shivered with excitement. She drove safely as she could home and Derrick grinned as he slid his hand under her pants and cupped her sex. Courtney gasped as Derrick rubbed the outer lips lightly before finding her clit. Derrick chuckled as he pressed and rubbed her nub with his fingers, causing her to moan and spread her legs wider.

"I have to focus on the road or we'll have to pull over." Courtney said and groaned when Derrick continued to rub her. Courtney did her best to keep the van on the snow covered road as Derrick slipped one finger inside. "You're making me look like a bad driver." Courtney said between light moans as Derrick worked his one finger in and out of her.

"Then you had better get us home because I'm not stopping." He answered back and continued. Courtney pinned the van and Derrick instantly pulled his finger out of her, much to the protest of Courtney. Derrick held the dash as Courtney weaved through traffic. Derrick was certain that they would be in the ditch but they were in luck as Courtney got them home in record time.

Courtney parked the van in front of the house and both bolted for the door. Courtney searched through the keys, trying to find the house key, her mind completely distracted by Derrick rubbing her ass and kissing the back of her neck. She rammed the key into the lock and slammed the door open before grabbing his collar and pulling him inside. Derrick kicked the door closed as Courtney pulled him downstairs. They kissed passionately, their hands running wildly all over each other's clothed bodies. They parted their kiss to breathe, both panting excitedly, their lust driving them over the edge. Courtney instantly grabbed Derrick's pants and fumbled with the buttons. Derrick could only watch as she undid his dress pants and stripped him down. His dick instantly sprung to attention and Courtney wasted no time in wrapping her hand around his hard member.

"We shouldn't be doing this." Derrick whispered as his last vestiges of sanity seeped through. Courtney kissed him hard, nearly burying her tongue down his throat. Derrick returned the hard kiss and his hands slipped under her tube top and he squeezed her tits before pulling her top up, releasing the mounds of creamy flesh.

"Just shut up and fuck me." Courtney answered back between kisses. "I know it's wrong but I want your cock in me so bad. Ever since you saved me at the mall six years ago I've wanted to be yours." Courtney added before pushing her pants off. "Besides the debate hasn't been settled, you could only be my brother in name." Derrick once again stared at his sister's body and she led him to the sofa and made him sit. She ripped open his shirt sending buttons skittering across the carpet. She straddled his lap, her hands running across his bare chest. Derrick ran his hands down her back to her ass and pulled her in close and sucked on her left nipple. Courtney moaned quietly and held her breath as her brother suckled on her breast. She smiled as he moved to her right breast. His hand played with her now sensitive left nipple and Courtney gasped as his right hand once again grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. He pulled her down and kissed her again, laying her on the sofa. She watched as he spread her legs open and kissed down her neck, between her breasts. He grinned as his tongue passed over her belly button and travelled further south. His tongue ran across her outer pussy lips and she bit her bottom lip as he kissed and began to suck on her clit.

"Don't you dare stop." Courtney moaned and grabbed his head to keep him down. Derrick moaned as his tongue forced its way into her wet depths. Her pussy was hot and the tangy taste made him crave more. Courtney spread her legs farther as Derrick moved his right hand down and gently slipped two fingers into her. He leaned down and sucked her clit into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue, driving his sister mad.

"Don't stop!" Courtney screamed and Derrick rammed his fingers as deep as he could into her and wiggled them. Courtney felt the building orgasm explode and rip through her, her entire body tensing up. She screamed out in passion as the exhilarating feelings washed through her. Derrick licked up the pussy juice that appeared and with each lick he did, Courtney squirmed against him, wanting to feel more. Once her orgasm subsided, she grabbed his head and pulled him up the sofa and kissed him. She pushed him to the ground, nearly hitting the small coffee table before dropping between his legs and taking his aching dick in her hand. She licked the top, causing Derrick to close his eyes and she giggled when she could tell that her brother desperately needed the release.

"So, any doubts that we shouldn't do this?" She asked, mocking his small voice of reason. Derrick smiled and looked down at his sister stroking his cock.

"Less talky more sucky." He replied and Courtney smirked before taking his cock into her mouth. Derrick closed his eyes again and moaned quietly as she worked her tongue around the mushroom head before taking more into her mouth, almost touching the back of her throat. She moaned with him in her mouth and Derrick ran his hands through her soft black hair, trying not to grab her head and fuck her mouth. She bobbed up and down, her hand pumping from his balls to her mouth. Derrick could feel the tingling in his toes and knew that he would be cumming soon.

"How?" He moaned and Courtney moaned back before taking her mouth off his dick.

"Does it really matter? Just lay there and enjoy it. Let the passion flow. Think of the time that you saved me from the thieves at the mall. I want to do this." She replied and returned to sucking his cock. Derrick looked down lustfully and she stared back with the same lust and love. She grinned and pumped his cock and Derrick felt the orgasm building. She saw that her brother was about to cum and she opened her mouth. Derrick moaned and felt his cum building, begging to be unleashed. He came hard and Courtney choked momentarily as his cum shot to the back of her throat. She quickly adapted and swallowed the several quick streams. Derrick relaxed on the floor and Courtney lifted her head from his groin, licking the last small waves of seed that leaked out. Derrick let out a shaky breath before sitting up and kissing his sister. She moaned against his lips and as they broke the kiss he pulled her back to the sofa and kissed her puffy pussy lips. Courtney moaned and watched her bother through glossy eyes as he worked his fingers and tongue inside her.

"Derrick, oh my god so good." She gasped and gripped the top of the sofa, spreading her legs wide for him. He quickened his work and before long Courtney was squirming on the sofa, her mouth open, sucking in air and gripping his head. Derrick felt his cock return to form and he lifted his head from her pussy and stared into her eyes, his hand holding his dick inches away from her. Their looks were a mix of pure passion, love and lust and Courtney moaned with passion and grabbed his head and pulled him to her lips. They kissed hard and long until their lungs felt like they would burst.

"Please put your cock inside me." She said lustfully and Derrick leaned in and licked her earlobe before nibbling on it, sending shivers through her.

"Promise me you'll tell me when you're about to cum. I want to cum with you." He whispered passionately in her ear and Courtney felt as though she could explode at that moment.

"I'll do whatever you want, just put that in me now." She demanded, her hands finding his hard ass. She tried to pull him so that he would slide inside her but he held back momentarily before letting his cock rub against the outer lips. He smirked before sliding inside her.

"Finally." Courtney said breathlessly as six years of planning came to fruition. Her hands gripped the top of the sofa as Derrick slowly rocked inside her, letting her body get used to him. Derrick started slowly and Courtney moaned quietly and her mouth fell open as his pace quickened. "Is that all you got?" Courtney demanded and Derrick rammed his cock deep and quickened his pace. Their moans and screams filled the house as Derrick pounded her eagerly. Courtney gripped his sides and screamed as her next orgasm was about to rip through her.

"Gonna cum soon." She blabbered out between moans. Derrick suddenly stopped when he felt her lips clamp down on his cock. He wanted to drive her to a plane that even he thought didn't exist. He pulled out and Courtney's eyes flared open in anger, sadness and confusion. Her protesting moans covered her breathing as Derrick kissed her and let his cock rest against her stomach.

"What? Why?" She asked in disappointment when he denied her the ability to touch him. He leaned to her ear and Courtney gasped as her build up for her orgasm wouldn't subside.

"I want you to remember this moment." He whispered as his hand reached down and cupped her sopping pussy. Courtney groaned in frustration as he toyed with her outer lips. She knew it was out of childish revenge but found it extremely hot. It didn't take long and Courtney lost herself in her sexual desires and pushed Derrick to the floor and grabbed his cock.

"You're mine." She growled before impaling herself. Derrick grinned as Courtney bent down and rode him as fast as she could, her ass and legs slapping against Derrick's hips. The sound of their skin nearly drowned out her screams as Courtney rode her brother for all she was worth, wanting a release that she couldn't comprehend.

"Come on, ride me." Derrick panted and Courtney groaned and slammed herself harder and faster.

"I'm trying."She mumbled between screams as she felt her orgasm continuing to build. Derrick grabbed her hips and pumped her fast, sending Courtney to the brink.

"Oh my god." She groaned deeply and stiffened on his cock, her orgasm tearing through her senses. She screamed out in bliss and collapsed on her brother panting heavily and in a deep sweat. Derrick lifted her head and kissed her lips before sitting up. Courtney's eyes could barely focus as he lost his control on his own primal urges. He picked her off the floor, and rested her against the sofa, her back to him. Courtney moaned in pleasure as she knew what was coming for her.

"Come on Derrick, fuck me good. Fuck your little sister. I want to feel you cum in me." She said and Derrick rammed his hard cock into her, nearly knocking the sofa over. He gripped her hips and pounded harder, finding another gear in his primal nature. Courtney squeaked with each thrust as Derrick became relentless, giving her no time to recuperate.

"Oh my god I love you." Courtney screamed as Derrick moaned louder, his orgasm building. "Come on baby, cum in me. I need your cum in me." She quickly spat out in bliss as her body was rocked with another orgasm.

"I'm going to cum too." Derrick growled and Courtney gripped the sofa hard as another orgasm ripped through her from his words.

"Come on, fill me up." She gasped as her body was in a state of continuous orgasms, as one ended the next stepped up, stronger than the previous. She was certain that she was going to die of bliss. Derrick hunkered down and pulled her hips hard into him, pressing his cock as far as he could into her. He groaned deeply as the burning tingling of his impending release moved through his body. Courtney screamed as the first wave of semen splashed inside her. Derrick looked to the roof as he came hard, his entirety trembling. He collapsed onto her and Courtney collapsed under his weight, unable to hold them up. Derrick slowly pulled himself out of her, much to the whining protest of his sister. He watched as some of his cum slid out from her full pussy. Courtney wiped the combined juices from her inner thigh and licked her lips. She looked into Derrick's eyes and sucked her finger clean, drawing a deep groan from him.

"That was amazing. Aren't you glad you came home?" She whispered between pants. Derrick slid onto the sofa and pulled her onto his lap. "I love you Derrick."

"I love you too Courtney. And just think I'm still here for another five days." Derrick replied and licked the sweat trickling down the side her left breast. Courtney lightly gasped from the coolness of his tongue on her chest before kissing his forehead. It was going to be a great Christmas.

He held her tight and glanced at the clock on wall, 3:30am. He grinned and held her tight against him. She sighed in his arms, believing that the evening festivities were finished. He kissed her breasts and Courtney held his head close to her chest, still panting. He stood from the sofa and sat her down nicely and Courtney ran her fingers through her hair, feeling the knots that had formed. Derrick looked at her nakedness and as his eyes took her in, his cock, like a flag being pulled up a pole, came to attention. He sat down between her legs and kissed her thighs gently. Courtney smiled and licked her lips as he made his way up her thighs, but around her labia. She giggled and bit her bottom lip as he kissed up her stomach, giving attention to each breast by gently curling his tongue around the nipples and sucking them. She suppressed a moan as Derrick lightly bit her shoulder before sinking his teeth a little harder. She tilted her neck so he could bite more and he sucked on her collarbone, leaving the beginnings of a hickey that would forever remind her of their first evening. She sucked in a breath as his hands touched her cunt and played with her already sensitive clit while the tip of his tongue found her earlobe. He slowly left her ear and kissed her gently at first before his lips became demanding.

"My, you are horny aren't you?" She gasped between kisses. Derrick chuckled before sliding two fingers inside her stretched pussy. She moaned and leaned back as Derrick worked his magic on her again.

"I told you what I would do to you." He whispered, his eyes turning from a loving partner to a lustful horn dog. "I want you, all of you, all night long." He whispered and Courtney's eyes brightened up. She instantly looked at the clock and smiled.

"Like hell you are!" Their eyes shot open in pure panic as their father's voice bellowed through the basement.

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