tagIncest/TabooHome Sweet Home Ch. 03

Home Sweet Home Ch. 03


It had been three days, three days since Derrick and Courtney had the best and worst night of their lives. It was now Christmas Eve and Derrick was losing his mind, his head full of pictures and dreams of him taking his sister in so many ways that his mind had lost count only to have them dashed by his father when they came home unexpectedly. How they did not hear them enter the house let alone make it downstairs without their knowing tormented his sanity. It was a moment that they would never forget.

Derrick's cell phone rang loudly through the silent hotel room he luckily managed to snag so late in the season. He rolled over and squinted at the alarm clock. He could barely make out the faint numbers and dabbed his black eye with a damp cloth. He slowly answered his phone, not eager to hear who was on the other end when he saw her phone number. He took in a deep breath, expecting a verbal assault of epic proportions.


"Derrick, how are you?" Courtney whispered and Derrick stiffened at the sound of her voice. He sighed deeply as the number would be logged on the phone bill and would eventually come back to haunt him. He didn't care though, he was glad to hear her voice.

"I'm doing okay. How are you?" He asked and Courtney held her breath as her mother and uncle could be heard arguing in the living room.

"We need to talk. I want you to know that what we shared I would never trade for anything and if I could I would run away with you." She said and Derrick could only smile as he had finally heard the words that he needed to hear. Someone actually cared for him.

"Mom is trying to keep Uncle Eric away from you since you nearly put his brother-in-law in the hospital. I just thought you should know. Their argument is pretty one sided at the moment. Mom is really laying into him about not defending her husband." She whispered and Derrick groaned as the recollection of the fight, how brief it had been, came to him. His father was no match for him and the black eye Derrick suffered was the only wound sustained. His father however, suffered far worse.

"How is he?" Derrick asked and Courtney hid the phone. Derrick could hear the argument spill into the bedroom from her uncle tearing into her about her lack of morals and poor choices. He knew the man and the speech given sounded forced. Derrick wanted to reach through the phone and beat him but knew that he would be in no condition to go another round, let alone with the man that taught him how to fight. The yelling slowly subsided and soon after Courtney whispered back.

"He's doing okay, more pride than anything was hurt on that man. He'll have no scars on his face but you sure put mom in fear when you got on top and began throttling him. They've basically orphaned you now."

"I've been basically an orphan since I was born. Until our night, I never thought I would feel as loved as I did in that house. I wouldn't trade anything for what we shared either. If there was something we could do to be together, I would gladly do it. My fists proved that." Another moment of silence came and both knew what they wanted to say, but neither could bring the words forth.

"I miss you so much." Courtney whispered and sniffled. "They've basically isolated me to my room. Yesterday I couldn't even go to the bathroom without escort. Mom wouldn't let me see Dad and when she did he wanted nothing to do with me. He almost hit me." Courtney's tears began to fall and Derrick lowered his head. She loved her parents with every fibre of her being. Seeing the repercussions of their actions made him wonder if she was following blindly.

"Courtney, I'm sorry. Maybe we shouldn't have done what we did." Derrick said, taking on the role of big brother protector.

"Don't you dare end this." She snapped quietly. "I love our parents to bits but I love you more. I've always loved you more because." She stopped as the argument downstairs hit another decibel level. Courtney covered her free ear, not wanting to hear them while Derrick was lucky and couldn't make out the words through the phone. They shared a collective sigh as the volume slowly dropped with the agreement that they should be quieter for the injured. "I can't take much more and it has only been three days. God I can't wait to go to university. I finally see why you never come home."

"Where are going to study?" Derrick asked and another roaring argument ripped through the house.

"I've been accepted to two universities. The one you go to and another that mom and dad are ensuring I go to now. I'll be in California in the spring. They've pushed my acceptance and they've agreed to send me in a week instead of in the fall. Dad pulled some strings and got me in the dorm and accepted. I don't know how he does it sometimes. I guess he talked to his upper class friends." Courtney replied and Derrick was beside himself. She was going to the school that wouldn't give her the best degree in her field and she would be on the other side of the country.

"I can't stand seeing you go that far but it's a good university." Derrick replied and knew that Courtney was either glaring at the phone or on the verge of bursting into tears.

"I know but I don't want to leave you. I got to go." With that she hung up as a third rage filled argument spilled into her room. He stared at his cell before hanging up. Derrick went and had a shower before resting on the bed and watching TV. He could barely keep his anger in check as the TV only amplified the urge be with Courtney. After spending the morning and early afternoon staring at endless happy cartoons and specials, he turned off the TV. He rubbed his sore arms sat up as his hotel door was knocked on. He opened it and was met by the hotel clerk.

"Sorry to bother you, I'm just here to tell you that the indoor hot tub and swim area will be open until six, not midnight as posted." Derrick nodded thanks and closed the door. He smiled as the hotel was quiet, everyone with their families for the holidays, everyone but him. He never understood why his parents always kept him at a distance. It hurt him, scarred him, but liberated him. He sighed as he looked to the clock, 4:45PM. He didn't have any trunks but decided to test fate and try to sneak time in the hot tub. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom and rushed out into the night.

She stared blankly at the wall as her mother tore another strip off of her. She didn't care and her pacifism only spurred her on until she had nothing to yell about. Courtney watched her leave and sighed deeply, barely holding in her tears. She knew that it would only be a matter of time before either her or her uncle returned to lean into her once more. All she wanted was to be loved by him and after hearing his feelings, she could only smile on the inside as finally she found the perfect man for her.

She needed to see him. He was alone and she wanted nothing to do with anyone in her home. Her cousins alienated her after their father nearly struck her before leaving and her Uncle Eric was only staying around at his sister's request. She slid open her cell and dialed the only person she knew that could help her. After several agonizing rings and a silent plea for someone to answer, her wish was granted.

"Jasmine, I need your help so bad right now." Courtney boldly said, knowing that at anytime her mother or uncle could come in and blast another speech into her face. Jasmine, her childhood friend, pulled herself away from her family to deal with her call.

"Did it work? Did you finally get your answer from him?"Jasmine asked quietly and Courtney sighed deeply and looked at her door.

"Yes. But the price was." Courtney hesitated and Jasmine filled in the blanks. "He's gone now and never coming back. They got in a fight and now he's in a hotel. I assume he'll leave on Boxing Day." Courtney replied softly and Jasmine strained to hear her but caught the gist.

"I need to go see him. I need your help so bad right now. I was hoping that favour I did for you so long ago when you ran off with your boyfriend is still available."

"Of course, kind of an odd time to cash it in. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean the boy is your family. That's not something you want."

"I want it more than you can ever imagine. When I was with him it felt as though the world didn't matter. Our time together was so damn good that I can't stop thinking about him. Please you have to help me. Even if it's only for a couple hours."

"Okay girl calm down. I'll be there soon. You get yourself ready and I'll do what I can with your parents. Do I have to deal with your mom or dad?" Courtney heard Jasmine leaving her home she listened intently to the world around her, hearing nothing but the grumbles of her mother downstairs.

"Mom, Dad got his butt handed to him." Courtney replied quickly and a small smile crept out. "He really beat him down. Mom will have some scrubbing to do to get the blood out of the carpet downstairs."

"Along with other bodily fluids I'm sure. Pack your swimsuit, you never know." Jasmine added and Courtney blushed and the silence made Jasmine laugh. Jasmine's car turned over and Courtney could barely hold back her relief.

"Anyways, please hurry. Thank god you live so close. I can't stand another argument." Courtney nearly begged and hung up. She took in a deep breath and glanced at her alarm clock one more time. 4:50PM.

She took the bag from the store when she picked up her brother and put her swim suit and a towel with her gifts for Derrick. She left her room and bravely went to the coat closet as her mom and uncle watched her intently. She pulled out her coat and her mother stood and began making her way towards her.

"And where do you think you're going? This house is upset enough with the actions three days ago. There's no way you're leaving." Courtney stared blankly at her mother and as she took in a breath to reply.

"Where do you think I'm going? I'm leaving one way or another mother. This has been the worst holiday ever and the worst part. It could have been avoided."

"Yes it could have. If you had told your brother to find someone else to." Her mother stopped and looked back at her brother who sat silently. Courtney followed her eyes and shook her head before returning.

"You honestly think, wow Mom you really have a low opinion of your own son. He's much better than that. He would never force himself upon anyone. At least he learned respect from Uncle Eric. Sure as hell didn't learn it from you and Dad." Courtney snapped back. Before the argument hit full stride, the doorbell rang as though to signal the end of the round. Courtney opened the door and Jasmine smiled politely.

"I thought I would bring Courtney to my place for some fancy Croatian diner and partying. She'll be with me the whole time, you can check up on her whenever you like. My parents have already given the green light Mrs Bokker." Jasmine said sweetly and Courtney hid her smile as her mother sighed and waved for her to go. Jasmine turned and walked to her car and Courtney slid on her boots. She took her bag and before she left, her mother took her hand.

"You don't have to lie. I know where you're going. My question is do you think you love him that much that you'd risk everything?" Courtney stared blankly at her mother, not wanting to give away anything.

"You already know the answer to your question mother." Courtney replied coldly. She looked down at her mother's hand and she slowly released her daughter.

"You shouldn't go to him. Your father would have another fit." Courtney looked upstairs to her parents' room and smirked.

"Then he shouldn't stick his nose where it doesn't belong. I have to go. I don't want to be late to the party." Courtney walked briskly to the top step and as she took the first step, her mother stood in the doorway.

"Courtney please stop." Courtney reluctantly stopped and looked back at her mother. "You have until six. I won't tell your father but please use common sense and not see him. It will only make things worse." Her mother nearly pleaded. Courtney scoffed and shook her head at the request.

"How I feel right now, I don't see how they can get any worse and as for the curfew, you can shove it up." She stopped herself and took in a deep breath. "Just shove it. I'm nineteen years old. I'll be back when I want to."

"We'll talk when I pick you up." Her mother replied and Courtney ignored her and left. She got into the car and looked down at the clock. 5PM.

"I know where he is. I texted Jon and he found out for me." Jasmine said and Courtney nodded. She shifted the car into first drove off. Her mother closed the door and looked back at her brother.

"This is just." Eric nodded in agreement and stared out the window as Jasmine's sunfire turned and headed out. "For your sake this better not turn into another repeat."

"Jillian you shut your mouth. I died that day."

Jasmine parked in front of the hotel where Derrick was staying. Courtney looked around for him, wondering what room he would be in and sighed as the hotel was dead silent.

"You'll find him. You've come this far. Let your heart lead you or whatever you're thinking with right now." Jasmine said with a grin. Courtney shook her head and looked back at her friend.

"You know I'll miss those comments when I leave. We'll have to keep in touch." Courtney replied and Jasmine nodded and hugged her friend.

"We will, now get out there and find your man." Courtney took in a deep breath and left the car. She entered the lobby and swallowed nervously as she approached the front counter. The young hotel clerk smiled as she came up.

"I'm looking for Derrick Bokker. I heard he's here." Courtney asked and the man looked her over before smirking. "He's expecting me."

"Bokker, yes he came in just a couple days ago. Room 102. Would you like me to call?" She nodded and the clerk sighed as no one answered. "He might have gone to the pool. It closes in one hour." She smiled and silently thanked Jasmine.

"I'll take a look. Is there a change room?" He nodded and Courtney nearly raced out. She quickly made her way across the small parking lot and into the pool area. Her eyes rested upon the only soul in the room and everything in her being wanted to jump in right away. She kicked off her boots and went into the change room. After changing and taking her belongings, she took in a deep breath and left the change room. She sat her bag beside his shoes and grinned as she slowly came to the hot tub where he was relaxing. She tried not to panic when she saw his black eye, knowing he got it for loving her. She slid into the water and heard him sigh, still keeping his eyes closed. She smirked playfully and slowly straddled him without disturbing too much water. She sat down and smiled, finally sitting where she wanted to be.

His eyes jumped open to see Courtney straddling him, her smile infectious. He smiled as she kissed him softly, her hands running down his sides and she lightly moaned in surprise when her hands rested on his bare hips. She broke their kiss and smiled with a satisfaction that he had never seen before, as though she didn't think that he had it in him to be in a public place naked.

"Well I guess I'll have to join the party." She whispered and slipped her red bikini top and bottoms off, hiding them underneath her towel. Derrick was about to ask many questions and she kissed him again, getting his attention off the family and to her naked body sitting on his lap.

"I couldn't take another minute. Jasmine's covering for me but she won't be able to hold them off forever. It took some talking and with Jasmine's help I managed to get some time alone. Please don't ask for details." She said between kisses and Derrick couldn't believe the good fortunes. He smiled and tickled her sides, making her giggle. They held one another tightly, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest, kissing and giggling, loving the time they were sharing together. Courtney wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled as they parted their lips and breaths shaky with desire. They rested their foreheads together and smiled as Derrick's hands rested on her ass, pulling her closer to him. He didn't want to let her go again.

"I can't believe your here. Thank you and I'll have to thank your best friend when I see her." He said and Courtney smiled lovingly and ran her hands down his back.

"It's not fair what they've been doing to you. You deserve so much better. And besides, someone has to take care of my hero." She said lovingly and her hands ran down his sides again, taking his now semi hard dick in hand. Derrick shivered with excitement as she worked her hand up and down, getting him in the mood, if he wasn't already. Derrick's hands reached underneath her ass and parted her pussy lips and Courtney slid his cock into her. She looked around the pool area and sighed in relief before slowly riding him. Their world melted away as they were once again joined together. There was no sound, only the beating of their hearts in unison as she rolled her hips.

The hot water began to splash and neither heard the door open, only the sudden rush of cold air brought them back to reality. They had been caught once again. Courtney pressed her chest against Derrick, using his body to conceal her breasts while using the bubbles to hide the fact that they were having sex in the hot tub. They looked over to see the hotel clerk standing at the door, his pants tenting but angry at the same time.

"There are rooms for that type of behaviour. I don't want to be cleaning the hot tub tonight. Besides it is closing time for the pool area. You have ten minutes before I come back in here." The closing innkeeper announced and both Derrick and Courtney nodded an apology. The man left the room and Derrick got out of the hot tub and stretched, letting the water drip off him. Courtney licked her lips as her eyes stared at his bare butt and down his strong legs. He wrapped his towel around his waist and watched as Courtney got out of the water. He couldn't stop his feet as his eyes took in her glistening body. He instantly was at behind her and rubbing her pussy and playing with her nipples, making her gasp. Courtney looked around and saw no windows and thanked her luck that the innkeeper was gone. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, savouring the attention. She had different plans however.

"We can't do this here." She purred as her body betrayed her. She arched her back so Derrick would have an easier time pleasuring her. Derrick nibbled on her neck, sending Courtney into light moaning while her hands ran from his head down his sides.

"But I want you so bad. The hot water dripping off you is just so damn hot." Derrick whispered in her ear before sliding a leg between her legs, spreading her legs slightly, also losing his towel. She instinctively pressed her ass against his hard cock and ground against it, savouring the feeling of having him splitting her ass cheeks. Before Courtney could make another attempt to object, Derrick slid his cock between her legs and she shivered with anticipation. She wanted his dick inside her, he wanted to give it to her, but he needed the room. Courtney instinctively kept her back arched and Derrick slid his cock inside her. She moaned deeply as Derrick's hands rested on her shoulders.

Before he began to fuck her brains out, she kept her focus. There was no way they could finish and be dressed in ten minutes. As Derrick began to ram his cock home, Courtney gripped his hips from behind, stopping him. She couldn't believe she was stopping the man she loved, the man she yearned for.

"No, if we get caught doing this, you'll get kicked out." She said and pulled herself away from his grasp, barely able to control herself. Derrick groaned in frustration, knowing that she was right, but he wanted her so bad. He sighed as she shook her head when he took another step towards her. She pointed to the room and Derrick nodded, taking note that they had time. They dried, dressed and ran for the room. The heat from the hot tub gave them enough time and when they barged into the room, Derrick closed the door and turned up the heat. Courtney turned on the light and saw that there was only one bed in the room and smiled as she slipped the bag into the bathroom and closed the door.

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