tagIncest/TabooHome Sweet Home Ch. 06

Home Sweet Home Ch. 06


Derrick grinned as the last few days of school came into view. He couldn't wait to see her again and hold her in his arms. He needed the release and the pictures she had sent of herself and Daphne didn't help him. Derrick rubbed his temples as he stared at his computer once again, trying to finish another project. Jon and Okusa were out preparing to have a party on the town while Victor quickly left after his school year was finished to see Jesse. Derrick smiled as Victor had quickly fallen for the Californian beauty.

He glanced at the clock on his computer and wondered when Courtney would arrive or when Jon would return. He shook his mind of the unnecessary thoughts. He knew where his friends would go. They would head to the campus bar before hitting the nightclub hoping to find some college girls who would sleep with them. Okusa was never good with women but with Jon around, he could never end up alone. Okusa spent more time letting the college girl sleep than actually doing anything.

Derrick typed a line in his paper before the beep of his msn came. He opened the note and it loaded a picture of the main doors of his campus. Derrick looked to who sent the note and saw that it was Courtney. Under the picture said 'guess where I am?' Derrick loaded the main page of the campus website and saw the same picture. He shook his head and sent a reply back, telling her that he wasn't pleased with her teasing antics.

He returned to his studies and as soon as he finished another line in his project, another message came from Courtney. He opened the letter, expecting an apology but was met with another picture of his dorm building. He once again opened the university website and found the same pic as the one he was sent. Derrick growled in anger before composing himself and sending another message back, telling her that her teasing wasn't nice and that if she was at school that she should just knock on his door. Derrick figured that the message he sent would send the point home. He missed her terribly. He relaxed in his chair, thinking about the report as another message popped up on his screen, showing him his room number. Derrick stared in shock before his door was knocked upon. He stared at his screen momentarily before jumping and running for the door. He swung open the door and was tackled by Courtney. Derrick grabbed her tightly and they kissed, their hands instantly running down one another's sides.

"Can't... Mom and Dad... are downstairs with Uncle Eric." Courtney mumbled between deep kisses and Derrick broke their embrace before he would be unable to be presentable. "They insisted that they come here to check out the school where I'd be transferring to. For some reason they're now okay with me attending this school while you're still here." Courtney explained and Derrick looked over his shoulder at the open window. He fell into thought as to why the sudden change.

"Derrick, they know that I'm visiting you so I can't do anything right now." Courtney added with a long sigh and Derrick sighed as the old wound they had created hadn't healed.

"It was the only way I could see you without them freaking out. I'm surprised they let me come up here without escort." Courtney looked down and smiled before rubbing his tenting pants. Derrick groaned as Courtney brought him to full attention. "We came down to pick you up since you're last project is due tomorrow. They want to take us for dinner and to talk about what happened."

"I'm not done my project." Derrick replied and Courtney pouted sticking her bottom lip out. Derrick smiled before taking her in his arms and closing the door. He pulled her into his room and Courtney giggled as he sat down on his chair, making Courtney straddle his lap. Courtney held his head as Derrick buried his face in her chest. He wanted to fuck her so bad and his aching cock was only too willing to oblige in his desires. Courtney began breathing heavily as Derrick pulled down her purple tank top to reveal her large breasts.

"Derrick, not now. We can't, they're expecting us." Courtney moaned, barely able to keep her will to stop her brother. Derrick lifted his head from her chest and stared into her eyes. She could see the raw passion littered across them and she wanted dearly to give in and let him ravage her, but their parents would get suspicious and catch them. "Besides, they want to talk to you more so than me." Derrick huffed as Courtney fixed her shirt and sat up from his lap. "I'll tell them that you're not done your project and we'll come back. How long?"

"Not too much longer. I only have to finish up the math and write the summary. Give me another half hour and I should be done." Derrick replied and Courtney ran out of the room. Derrick watched her ass bounce under her black skirt until he couldn't and looked down at his crotch and sighed, wanting nothing more than to have her impaled on his cock.

"Well dude we dropped the ball on that one." Derrick said looking down at his groin. He sighed as his rigid member reluctantly fell back into dormancy. Derrick slowly returned to his project and as promised to his time, he finished in half an hour. Just as he saved and sent his report, another knock came to his door. He opened it to see his entire family standing there. He cautiously greeted them, keeping a sharp eye on his father and the man that taught him how to fight, his uncle. He saw some light scarring on his father's face and held back his smile as there would be a reminder every time he looked in the mirror to not mess with him.

Nothing was said as their parents drove them to a small diner on the edge of campus, Derrick telling them that the place had good Chinese food. Okusa recommended it and Derrick wasn't going to call him a liar. They entered the diner and sat down and quickly ordered. Courtney stood and went to the washroom and before Derrick could say anything, his father spoke.

"You are one sick mother fucker." Derrick and his mother choked on their drinks and Derrick glared at his father. "We know you've been fucking Courtney after the incident at home. The inn told us at Christmas time and I can only assume since she came down unmolested that you saw her during the school year. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you? You've always sent me away at holiday time, even on my own birthday you sent me to a hotel because of the family. The only man that has ever included me in anything is Uncle Eric." Derrick replied coldly and pulled out a piece of paper in his pocket. He handed it to his father and waited until they both read the page.

"Yes that is a record of Jillian's accounts dating back 22 years and yes that is an adoption paper with my name on it. I took the liberty of looking into my past. You two left a really easy paper trail to follow. I barely had to ask anyone for permission. Those papers tell me one thing, you two adopted me." Derrick said quietly so no one would hear them. "I now know who my true father is. So with that note I can go to him and actually have a real father."

"That's impossible he doesn't want you. He had enough shame when he lost you." Derrick's father replied and Derrick smirked before staring at his Uncle. "And after the holiday season, I'm certain he wouldn't want you back in his life."

"Is that so Uncle Eric, father?" Derrick said and Eric stiffened in his chair before slouching. Derrick lowered his eyes and focussed his attention on the man that shared his blood.

"Yes Derrick. It was a day I'll never forget and always regret. I could not raise you as my own since I wasn't prepared financially. Your mother had put me through the grinder after I took custody of you. She made it known that there would be no way I could raise you with no money. I had to give you up. Grant took you in to keep you in the family. I didn't know how to be a father so with that in mind I don't know if I would want you back." Eric replied and Derrick leaned back in his chair, finally hearing the answer to the age old riddle in his family.

"Courtney is your cousin, not your sister."

"Why bring this up now when you're trying to stop Courtney and I from being together? You can't stop us forever. We will find a way to be together." Derrick replied with a wide smile. Grant's face reddened with rage and his wife tried to silently calm him down with no luck.

"That's disgusting. You are nothing but an abomination in this family. It's that attitude that your mother had that nearly ruined Eric and now it's ruining us again."

"Since when have I cared about what you think? You have never shown me what a true family holiday is. You always sent me away to whomever would take me. I spent more times staring out a window wondering why I couldn't be with you instead of enjoying the moments. You blame me for what I've become. You made me this way. I am the creation of your hatred." Derrick growled and lowered his anger glazed eyes upon the man he called father all his life.

"You are to blame. You are the disgrace for not doing what any caring father should. You are the abomination. You failed in your fatherly duties." He finished and stood from his seat as Courtney returned. She stood defensively as the mood of the table hit her hard.

"So you two can go fuck yourselves. I'm going to do what I want and you can't stop me." Derrick looked at Courtney and his eyes gave a silent apology before leaving the restaurant. Courtney watched as her brother, the man she loved, stormed to the front till. Courtney stared down at the papers on the table and quickly read the fact that Derrick was adopted. Her anger flared as Derrick left the restaurant. She took her and Derrick's drink and splashed her parents with them, purposely avoiding her Uncle. She slammed the cups down with frothing rage.

"He's trying so hard. He bled his heart out for our family. He gave up every holiday with us to keep you two happy. He was never there, not in any of our pictures, movies, or memories." Courtney hissed, disdain deep in her words.

"Yes I love him. I will always love him. What did you think coming here with this would accomplish? Do you honestly think that we care what we are in society?" She snapped and stared at each man before glaring at her mother. She looked away quickly and Courtney saw all the answers she needed. "You three make me sick." Courtney snapped and without hesitation, she ran after him, leaving their parents to ponder their next move.

Courtney weaved through the crowds of students, but as hard as she tried, she wasn't as good as Derrick and soon enough, she lost sight of him. Courtney stood at the east end of the campus, staring at four directions. She looked around, nearly frantic as she was lost herself.

"Hey there gorgeous, don't tell me you've come to see me so soon?" Jon announced and Courtney smiled as she recognized a familiar face. Her smile never appeared though. "Why so glum chum?"

"Jon, have you seen Derrick? He ran off after telling mom and dad to fuck off." Courtney asked quickly, her eyes betraying her emotions. Jon looked to Okusa and smiled.

"So you're the one he saw at Christmas. Oh this is complicated." Jon quickly surmised and Courtney ignored his thoughts.

"Jon, I don't have time to explain. I don't even know all the details. Where did he go?" Courtney said with annoyance. Jon started to look for someone else other than Derrick and Courtney shook her head.

"The man is swifter than I thought." Jon replied and Okusa nodded in agreement. "I'll have to shake his hand. I didn't think he had it in him. He's such a hopeless romantic." Courtney glared at Jon as he looked around the intersection. His eyes fell upon Courtney's parents and he quickly pulled her close to him, shielding her from their eyes. He hastily pulled out his dorm room key and pressed it into her hand.

"This is the room to the dorm. Go to Derrick's room and wait for him there. I'll stall your parents as best I can." Jon said and Courtney looked around and saw the glimpse of her parents. She began panicking as the group around them began to disperse. Another wave of people soon followed and Jon nearly shoved her to move with the mass. He quickly turned his back and took in a deep breath while Okusa stood patient.

"Jon, well aren't you a familiar sight." Grant shouted and Jon turned and acted surprised to see them.

"Mr. And Misses Bokker, pleasure to see you as always. You're looking ravishing Jillian, and is that a new perfume I smell." Jon said, playing the part of the surprised young man.

"Down boy." Jillian replied with a light blush spreading across her pale face. Jon smiled and looked to her husband who slowly wrapped his arm around her. "We're looking for Courtney, have you seen her?"

"Courtney's here? I haven't seen that lovely young woman. I thought you were here to take Derrick home?" Jon asked, stalling them.

"There have been issues that have made Derrick leave. We're here to look at this university for Courtney since her major is better suited here than in California." Grant replied and momentarily glared at Jon. "Jon, you're lying to me again."

"I would never do such a thing Grant. You're my best adult friend. Hey look over there." Jon pointed to a group of young college girls, walking around with a map of the university. "Ten bucks says I can get a kiss and phone numbers from each with one conversation."

"Jon, stop please." Jillian snapped surprisingly. "We know that you have a thing for women. All we want is our daughter." Jon sighed as she was straight to the point. He had done all he could.

"Sorry haven't seen her. If I do though I'll let her know that you're looking for her. Anywhere in particular you want her to meet you?" Jon replied politely.

"Just have her call our cell." Grant nearly growled. Jon nodded and let the parents pass. Grant and Jill hastily walked past him without goodbyes. They knew he was lying to them and wouldn't tell them the truth.

"Anyways my friend, it's 4 pm and we are without dates for tonight." Jon announced and Okusa stared confused at him. "My friend you have a lot to learn. We are hitting the clubs tonight and as you know, Long Jon can't go single." Okusa shook his head again as they headed for the campus bar.

Derrick sat on a rock, looking over the river that looked calm, but held all the undertones of power. He grabbed a rock and skipped it across the top, his mind fighting with the urge to do the unthinkable. Just as he grabbed another stone, his attention was caught by a couple rafting down the river. He smiled as they passed, their paddles gently breaking the water. He could see their love and wished that he could share the same openness. Before long, silence returned and he lowered his eyes to the rock in his hand.

"You're a hard man to track down." Derrick turned and saw his father standing at the forest line. Derrick looked back to the water as the greying man came up and stood beside the rock Derrick sat on. "That was quite the show you put on. Been planning that for a long time?"

"Yes I have actually. Ever since that debate began I've wanted to look into things. It's one of the main reasons why I went into accounting and banking. I wanted answers and no one would give them to me. So I took steps." Derrick replied, sharing a chuckle with his uncle. "Why are you here? Are you here to bring me to them? Or do you want to settle this right here." Derrick asked and looked up at his biological father. Eric shook his head in reply, not wanting to cause more trouble.

"You are so like me it's not even funny young man. For the good and worse." Derrick looked up at his true father and Eric lowered his eyes to his son.

"You and I aren't much different. My first partner, your mother, was actually my cousin. She sadly developed cancer after bearing you. She left, took everything out of spite and left me dry. I had to go back to the military to get some money in my pockets. That is why I had to put you up for adoption. I didn't want you living out in the elements or stationed with me. I did what I thought was right."

"That's why you kept showing up all the time. I thought it was for the family." Derrick said and looked out over the water.

"You were the only reason I came by so often. I taught you how to fight and by the looks of Grant after you fought, you held back which is smart but I taught you better than that. He shouldn't have hit you and you shouldn't have fought him." Eric replied fatherly and Derrick smirked.

"I was busy at the time. Didn't see him coming." Eric laughed as the story was remembered. Derrick shook his head and tossed another rock in the water.

"I know."

"Where's my mother now?" Derrick asked and Eric looked out over the water and sighed. He licked his lips in thought before answering.

"Last I heard she had beaten the disease and was living somewhere in Europe. She doesn't want to see you. She told me as soon as she found out she was diagnosed. Your mother had a selfish streak in her but I thought she could have matured through it." Eric explained and Derrick nodded.

"Sorry for yelling at Courtney. I didn't want you to go through the pain I did. Derrick I was never there for you when you needed it and Grant made sure that when I could be that you were out of reach as a reminder to me what I did to his family and his precious reputation.

"What about your current wife Janet?" Derrick asked and Eric smiled as he thought about his current wife.

"I met Janet sometime later and the rest they say is history. She understands my past and has always wanted to get to know you. We just never had the chance to seize."

"Why didn't you take me back after you met Janet and got on your feet?" Derrick asked and sighed deeply. It was so much to understand and take in suddenly.

"You were of age to decide yourself but too young to understand the complexity. Grant, how much of a jackass he is, does love you and could give you the best possible future. Janet and I were just getting a house and settled in. Having you would have been a blessing but a potential curse in our newly minted marriage." Eric replied and Derrick looked away in disgust. "I did what I thought was right. Grant is just an odd man when it comes to feelings like love. He just has an awful way to show it. He helped you get good grades and a solid future. Yes your drive for the truth helped but you couldn't have done it alone." Eric said and Derrick reluctantly nodded in agreement. He hated to give the man credit.

"Yet look what they did during each family event." Derrick shot back and Eric nodded in agreement, unable to defend the man that raised his son. "He gave all his attention to Courtney."

"He just wants what he believes is the best for Courtney. Without the problems that will arise if you stay with her. He was scared that somehow my actions would be bred into you so he kept you at a distance enough to include you but nothing more." They sighed together at the truth. Eric looked down at his son and smiled weakly. "I couldn't endure the pain that came and neither could your mother Desiree. I died the day she blamed me for everything and ran."

"Courtney and I are different. I know we can endure whatever comes our way." Derrick answered back. Eric smiled and looked down at his son.

"I'm glad to hear that. If you have any doubts you need to leave her because the fight you're getting into is going to be long and hard." Eric replied and a cough startled them.

"That's good to hear Derrick." Jon announced. "Sorry for breaking up the family reunion." Derrick and Eric stared in surprise at him and Jon crossed his arms and chuckled. "Please, I've never met the man but saw pictures. I've always known you were never Grant's kid."

"You're smarter than you look boy." Eric said and Jon nodded thanks before turning his attention to Derrick.

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