tagIncest/TabooHomecoming: Kyle's Arrival

Homecoming: Kyle's Arrival


Now, it is necessary to provide some additional background. Kyle, my 20-yr old son has been off to college for the past year and a half, returning home on most breaks and the summer. Kyle is a chip off the old block. Standing 6’5” tall, about 230 lbs, he got his size and stature from my side of the family. Where I had size and an athletic build, Kyle had massive athletic build. The old song, “wide at the shoulders, narrow at the hip” described him perfectly. He had a 50” chest, with a 38” waist, and with all his weightlifting, had about 20” biceps. He definitely was a massive fellow for 20-yrs of age. The best part I believed, this was all natural, without any body enhancing drugs.

When he left this past August for fall semester, there was no indication of the events that were to occur. He attends an ivy league college back east, and had not been home since August. He went to his girlfriends’ home over the Thanksgiving break.

I could not have foreseen the chance encounter with my daughter Kim, her best friend Sara, or even contemplated Lynn moving into our home. All these events had started in October, beginning with the Homecoming dance attended by Kim and her friends. All Kyle knew was what he got over the phone and by email. He was surprised how quickly Lynn and I became lovers, and the situation with the soon to be ex-husband. He did accept the changes, and had not really said much one way or the other.

Kyle knew both Lynn and Sara well. He knew Sara better, because she had been around the house since the kids were little. And the teasing began at an early age. Boys tend to tease, and younger sisters often want to tagalong with their older brothers. Many times over the younger days, I had seen Kyle harassing both Kim and Sara, pulling pig-tails, soaking the girls with water pistols and water cannons. Kyle often wrestled with the girls, taught sport skills, and was often involved in doing things with them. Sara was just one of the family.

I can’t say whether Kyle had noticed the subtle changes in the girls over time. One day, they were little girls, and overnight, they blossomed into magnificent young ladies with all of the female attributes. More than likely, they were fodder for his late night fantasies. Between guy talk, internet porn sites, girly publications, and hormones, I had to believe that he had noticed the changes. I surely had!

The four of us all piled into the Suburban and retrieved him from the airport. Even though it was cold weather outside, the girls dressed somewhat sexy under their coats, and displayed their wares at the concourse waiting area. With the new security measures, arriving passengers had to migrate to the terminal to meet their respective parties. The girls drew quite a crowd in their short skirts, high heeled shoes, and tight, revealing tops. They pranced, bent, and did all they could to cause a buzz. I believe they succeeded.

As Kyle approached, they ran to him, each grabbing him by an arm. Kim hugged him tight, pressing herself tightly against him. He definitely was surprised. Sara danced around like a youngster, jabbering constantly about how glad she was to see him. I and Lynn watched. As they approached, I stepped forward to hug him as well. “Welcome home son,” I volunteered.

“Dad, Mrs. Blaine.” Kyle said. He was glad to see us. He kept eyeing the girls. “Wow,” he stammered. “I do believe that Kim has missed me as well,” he grinned. “And Sara, good grief,” he continued. He laughed softly.

“Kyle, please call me Lynn.” Lynn simply stated. “A lot has occurred since you went off to school in August. You will need to catch up,” she continued.

“I’m your new sister Sara!” Sara interrupted. She laughed loudly as she pulled him along by the arm. Kim grabbed the other arm as we headed to baggage claim.

The trip back to the house was uneventful. We chatted about the weather, skiing, school break, what he wanted to do while he was home. Nothing any different than normal. The girls had placed him between them in the second seat, so he had to listen to them talk back and forth across him. This way, they kept him involved in their discussion as well. It was really funny, and he played along just fine.

Arriving back at the house, I told him we converted the guest room into Sara’s room, keeping all of us on the one level. His room was at the opposite end of the upstairs from the master suite, down at the end of the hall. The girls rooms were across the hall from each other.

“Unpack your stuff,” I told Kyle. Kyle tromped upstairs with the girls following in his footsteps.

“Kyle, how do you like college?” Kim asked. “Have you met any new girls this semester?” she continued. “I bet the girls are all hot huh,” she giggled.

“Nobody like you girls,” Kyle retorted. “Most are stuck up snobs, east coast girls that think just cuz they go to a good school and daddy has money, their poop don’t stink,” he continued. “I met Jessica in a class, and we have been dating all semester,” he said. “She’s pretty hot!” he finished.

“Oh,” chimed the girls. “Did you sleep with her?” Sara asked. The look from Kyle ended the conversation. The girls giggled, and headed to Kim’s room.

Later, Kyle and I were watching one of the bowl games, the girls came down to help Lynn fix dinner. A big spaghetti feed, garlic bread, wine, and ice cream afterwards. It was decided that the evening would be a lazy one, watching the second Lord of the Rings movie at home.

About 9:00 p.m., we all headed to the media room to watch the movie. The girls had spent the evening upstairs, and showed up to watch the movie in their night shirts. Each had brought a comforter to cover themselves with if the evening grew cool. Having radiant heat in the floor, the thick carpet and pad would make a great place in which to lay and watch the movie.

Kyle definitely noticed the girls and the amount of leg shown under the length of the night shirts. While he started the movie in the DVD, the girls got drinks and started popcorn. The girls took a strategic positions on the floor, Kyle, Lynn, and I took the chairs. To start the evening, both girls threw the comforters over their bodies as they lay on the floor. Getting covered up was a process in and of itself. The girls made big productions out of getting covered just right. Twisting, turning, raising a leg to kick the cover down, adjusting pillows, positioning popcorn and drinks made the few minutes to get settled a full production. On several occasions, we were treated to quick glimpses of both girls’ covered bottoms, flashes of panties, and legs. Finally settled, we got heavily involved in the movie.

Part way through the movie, Sara threw off the comforter, rolled to her side, and sat up facing us. She crossed her legs in front. “Pause for a minute. Too hot for the comforter right now,” she whispered. She leaned back, arching her tummy, breasts towards us as she put her hands back on the floor. She made stretching sounds. Her night shirt did not hide her pussy. Sitting upright, lifting the night shirt up slightly, she turned back to the wide screen and let the night shirt fall to the floor behind her butt. Sitting cross legged, the night shirt rode down her thigh, exposing all of her leg. Kyle noticed! I believe he even saw a great glimpse of her panty clad pussy when she first sat up to chat with us. Sara rocked side to side gently as she watched the movie. While sitting, she reached to rub Kim’s back and butt through the comforter. All was done with a great deal of subtle movement, but done for us and Kyle to see. I do believe Kyle adjusted himself several times during the movie.

At the end of the movie, both girls’ sat cross legged facing us. “Daddy, you promised that you will take us to see movie over break,” Kim said. While sitting facing us, Sara grabbed the bottom of her night shirt, pulling it down between her legs. She would lift the shirt up without releasing the hem, clasp her forearms together in front of her chest, and repeat the motion. When the shirt was up, you could clearly see her panties. She watched Kyle while tugging on her night shirt. She spread her legs wider, allowing Kyle to have a good view of her panty clad pussy. She licked her lips seductively, discreetly, but directly at Kyle.

“Ok, ok,” I responded. “We will go sometime over the next several days,” I continued. “Now, off to bed the bunch of you,” I told them.

I stood as each girl came and hugged me and Lynn. Time stopped briefly. Kim looked at Kyle, jumped to give him a big hug. “Good to have you home big brother,” she said.

Sara, not wanting to be left out, jumped to him. “Me too big brother,” she repeated. She hugged him tight, and gave him a quick peck on the mouth. Giggling, she headed upstairs to bed. “I think he was glad to see me,” she quipped glancing over her shoulder directly at Kyle. “Or was he happy to see Kim,” she continued as she bounded up the stairs. She reached to swat Kim’s ass as she followed her up the stairs.

I turned to look at Kyle. I thought he was going to die. Quickly, he adjusted his growing problem. I chuckled. “Good to have you home son,” I grinned.

“Good night,” I yelled down the hall as Lynn and I retired to our room.

“Night Daddy, Night Mom,” both girls hollered back. I laughed, realizing that we sounded just like the Waltons. “Night Kyle,” Sara said. “Come see me,” she continued.

“Night Sara,” Kyle stammered. “Ah, night Kim,” he continued.

Kyle retired to his room. Undressing, he had crazy thoughts were dancing around inside his head. The girls had looked fantastic lying on the floor during the movie. Both had long legs, nice asses. He moaned to himself when thinking about the beaver shots given to him by Sara. Had Kim actually meant to have her panties show too? Did Sara really lick her lips? Suddenly, he stopped. Wait dick brain he thought to himself. Kim is your sister. Sara, yes Sara looked great. Had she really felt his stiffening cock when she got a hug? And how could she say something so open to Dad and Lynn? Boy, she was good looking! What if she loved sex? Without thinking, he reached to stroke himself. All this thinking about the girls was making his cock stiff. He stroked harder. Lying back on his bed, he pulled down his boxer shorts to his ankles, reached to his cock, and stoked softly. Yeah baby, you want it don’t you he thought to himself. See how big it is? Have you ever seen one so big? He groaned out loud. In his mind, he was having Sara play with his balls and cock. He wanted her to suck his massive cock. No girl had been able to swallow all of his big dick. Yeah baby, try he thought to himself. He squeezed tighter, stroking long and hard on his expanding cock. Eyes closed tightly, mind lost in his lust for Sara, he was unaware of his bedroom door opening.

“Jesus,” said a startled Sara.

“Christ,” followed Kim without missing a beat.

Kyle froze, eyes flying open, reaching to cover his cock. “Shit,” whispered Kyle in surprise.

Both girls jumped on the edge of the bed. “Kyle’s got a rather big problem,” Sara said, looking directly at Kim. She reached to Kyle’s hip, resting her hand gently. “Nice butt ya got there Kyle,” she continued.

“I think he has a nice cock,” Kim stated. “See how it takes two hands to hide it,” she continued.

Kyle was frantic. “Get the fuck out of here! You should not have come in,” he whispered loudly at the girls.

“But Kyle, I want to suck your cock big brother,” Sara said.

“And I want you to eat my pussy,” Kim continued.

Sara reached to Kyle hands. She grabbed a finger and started pulling his hand away from his crotch. “I want it, I want it,” chanted Sara. “Come on Kyle, let me have it,” she sing sang. “I want to taste it, lick it, swallow your cum,” she whispered huskily. She pulled hard on Kyle’s finger, pulling his hand away momentarily. Her other hand grabbed the head of his cock. Kyle gasped as she closed her fingers around it. He freed his hand, swatted her hand away, again covering himself.

Kim reached inside her panties, ran her finger along her slit, stuck her finger into her wet cunt, covering her finger with her juices. Quickly, she removed her hand, reached to Kyle’s face and stuck her finger into his mouth. Surprised, Kyle jerked his head back. “What the fuck are you doing,,” he asked Kim?

“Don’t I taste good big brother,” Kim asked. She reached again to her cunt, buried a finger, and offered it to Sara to suck. Sara grabbed her wrist, and slowly guided the finger deep into her mouth, sucking her finger clean. “Oh fuck Kyle, did you see that?” Kim asked him. Kim leaned to kiss Sara on the mouth, deep and passionate. Sara returned the kiss.

Kyle released his cock, watching the girls in surprise. Upon completion of the kiss, Sara returned her attention to Kyle. Reaching quickly, she again grabbed his throbbing cock. This time, Kyle groaned with appreciation. Sara pumped her hand up and down on his big cock. “It’s as big as your father’s,” Sara said quietly. She grasp the large organ with both hands, leaned forward slowly, staring into Kyle’s eyes. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, reaching for the head of his cock. Kim reached to the back of Sara’s head, pushing her face down to Kyle’s cock.

“Suck his big cock Sara,” she said. “Show Kyle what you can do,” she finished.

“Watch this Kyle,” Sara replied.

Kyle propped his body up on his elbows. He held his breath as Sara licked the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue around its’ monstrous head. Quickly, she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. He could feel her forcing her tongue into his slit. She was sucking hard. Velvet, her mouth was so soft, yet she was sucking his cock into her small mouth. He watched her lips wrap tightly around his shaft. Her eyes sparkled at him as she popped off the head and started licking the sides of his cock clear down to his balls.

Kim watched momentarily, stripped off her night shirt, exposing her tits to the cool air. Her nipples were rigid, extending upwards. She reached to pull on her nipples. “Kyle, I need you to lick my pussy,” she told him urgently. “I need it now!” She reached to his head, grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled him toward her pussy. She raised a leg, opening her cunt for his view. Wet, glistening, her slit welcomed him. Her clit was hard, poking from behind her lips. “Now!” she growled, pulling her face deep into her cunt. Sweet, muskiness filled his nostrils. His sister’s cunt was on his face, with Sara sucking on his cock and balls. Kyle reached around Kim to her ass and pulled her tight against his face. He sucked her clit deep into his mouth. Kim began pumping her hips against his tongue. She straddled his face, clamping both legs to his ears.

Sara returned to the head of Kyle’s cock. Swiftly, she offered her mouth to his cock, sliding the head between her lips. She felt Kim pushing her down hard. Opening her mouth wide, relaxing her throat, she slid down his cock. She felt it hit the back of her throat. Hesitating, she relaxed, opened her throat, and slid down hard. His pubic hair was tickling her nose.

“Oh shit!” moaned Kyle, pushing Kim off his face. He had to see Sara sucking his cock. Sara began humping his cock, assaulting it with a vigor he had not experienced. “Jesus fucking Christ,” exclaimed Kyle. “Never,” was interrupted by a deep moan escaping Sara.

“She’s good Kyle” Kim whispered. “Takes it all,” she continued. “Lick my cunt,” emphasized Kim as she straddled his face again.

Sara grabbed his ball sac, squeezed gently as she drove down on his massive cock. He could feel his nuts churning and knew he would blow his wad any second. Thrusting his hips upwards, he started cumming. Spurt after spurt erupted down Sara’s throat. She continued sucking his cock, draining his fluids from deep in his crotch. He dove deep into Kim’s cunt, sticking his tongue as far as it would go in her hole, savoring the taste, the fluids dripping in his mouth, and her thrashing on his face. He was lost in lust, oblivious to all but sucking her clit and licking her cunt.

“Oh big brother, you are tasty,” Sara told him as she softly pumped his deflating cock. “God I need a hard cock right now,” she shouted. She leaned to suck one of Kim’s nipples into her mouth, nipping the bud firmly, pulling on her tit with her teeth. “I need fucked sis,” she whispered huskily.

Kim leaned over Kyle as Sara moved to the edge of the bed. Swiftly, she grabbed his deflating cock and stuffed it in her wet mouth. A deep, guttural groan escaped Kyle as he increased the intensity of eating Kim’s cunt.

Suddenly, and to Kyle’s surprise, a cock was entering Kim’s cunt just above his face. Startled, he watched as the cock quickly disappeared into her cunt with one shove. He moved in panic, wondering what was happening. Getting slightly aside Kim, he saw Lynn pressed tightly against Kim’s ass. She was pumping hard into Kim with a strapon. As Lynn buried the plastic cock deep in her cunt, Kim attempted to suck Kyle’s cock off his body. He arched his hips, and felt his nuts tightening as she sucked deeply and pierced the ring of his asshole with her finger. Gasping, he pulled himself back to Kim’s cunt and sucked her clit into his mouth.

Within seconds, Kim started humping his face hard, twitching her cunt and clit on him, begging for completion. As Lynn hammered her cunt hole, Kim froze, drove her cunt down to Kyle’s mouth and started cumming. Pulling off his cock, she started screaming loudly. Her orgasm lasted forever or so it seemed. Soon, her body relaxed as she fell down on him Softly, she licked his cock and balls. She sucked his cock back into her soft mouth.

Kyle could hear Sara groaning very loudly. The bed was shaking hard. Pushing Kim off his face, he turned to see Dad fucking Sara doggie style next to them. Sara was flat chested on the bed, her ass high in the air, with her hands buried between her legs. He could only imagine she was fingering her clit rapidly. Her breathing was raspy, deep, and often quick. With each stroke, Sara would grunt loudly and shout “Oh fuck Daddy”. With his hands on her hips, he was thrusting his cock repeatedly into Sara. Forcefully, he hammered he sweet pussy. Kyle watched in amazement. His cock grew immediately.

“Dad,” Kyle interrupted. “Can I fuck Sara?” he asked.

“She’s yours son,” I said. I hated to give up such a sweet pussy, but I would now do Kim or Lynn. Kyle jumped up, strutted to Sara’s ass end as she turned and watched.

“Fuck me good big brother! I need to cum!” she told him. Grabbing her hips, he placed his cock at her hole, and pushed gently. Wet with saliva and some prior drilling by daddy, his cock entered her easily. It was tight, wet, and eager to be fucked. “Fuck me hard,” shouted Sara. Kyle felt obliged. He started hammering her wet cunt with hard strokes that took all his energy. He wanted her to scream with pleasure. He felt her fingering her clit below his balls as they slapped her cunt. She would grab his nuts as he buried his cock deep in her cunt.

Kim moved to the edge of the bed, positioned herself for being fucked doggie style next to Sara. “Daddy, please,” she called out.

“Sure baby,” I said as I stepped behind her. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her swiftly back on my hard cock. Watching Kyle, I matched stroke for stroke with Kim receiving my massive cock.

“Oh God Daddy, fuck you girl hard,” Kim hissed at me. With renewed vigor, I started faster strokes, pounding her ass as I buried my cock deep in her cunt. Kyle matched the intensity of my strokes, filling Sara with his cock.

Suddenly, Sara started quivering, convulsing almost as her orgasm ripped through her body. Feeling her cum, Kyle forced his cock deep in her tight cunt, froze pulling her hips tight against him and started shooting his jism deep in her cunt. “Oh fuck!” shouted Kyle. His knees buckled as he started little, quick humps to drive his cock quickly in and out of her cunt.

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