tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHomecoming Revenge Part Ch. 3

Homecoming Revenge Part Ch. 3


Terri was thrown onto her back. No sooner had she landed did she feel the groping begin as hands grabbed and tugged at her huge 36 DD tits. She watched as Ashley was released from the chair and shoved down between her mother’s legs.

"Lick you momma’s cunt you whore!" She was ordered. Terri closed her legs.

"Either she licks you or we force junior to shove that big cock in her ass next." Terri was told.

Terri realized that Ashley was going to get fucked as well. There was just no way around it. The guys had enjoyed her but Ashley was even prettier. She wished there was some way to escape it but she knew it was going to happen. But she could at least try to avoid forcing her two kids to have sex with each other. And she was afraid that Mark’s huge cock would permanently injure Ashley’s rectum. Accepting the reality she let her legs fall apart and whispered, "It’s ok, Ashley."

"Get down there and lick all that cum out of mommy’s pussy!" One of the guys ordered as he shoved Ashley’s face into her mother’s gaping pussy. Ashley began licking. She could taste the cum mixed with her mom’s juices as she began licking. Terri jerked her hips at the first stroke of her daughter’s tongue. Her pussy had been abused by so many cocks that the first hint of a soft delicate touch had it responding.

Seeing the cameraman taping every moment Terri tried with all her might to hold still so that it wouldn’t look like she was enjoying it. But no matter how disgusted she was she knew full well that she was going to climax again. And all too soon. When Ashley’s tongue found her clit Terri spasmed. The orgasm came without warning and she began rocking her hips as Ashley brought her into a series of multiple orgasms. She cried out without realizing it. Only to regret it when the gang cheered her orgasm.

As soon as Terri was finished spilling her womanly fluids over her daughter's face Ashley’s gang bang began. One of the guys jumped behind her and began shoving his cock into her tight pussy. As he began fucking her from behind another guy pulled her head to his lap and shoved his waiting cock into her mouth. Ashley was forced to suck and fuck the two guys as another took his turn atop Terri.

Ashley cringed at the taste and smell of the cock in her mouth. Still, she was glad to replace the taste of her mother's pussy. The guy behind her pounded like a jackhammer showing her no mercy. Ashley felt as if her pussy was going to be torn apart by the savage strokes. After several minutes the guy in Ashley’s mouth pulled out and released his load into her face just as the one behind her began filling her pussy with his man-seed. Then Ashley was pulled off by another pair. This time she suffered the double penetration humiliation that she had watched thrust upon her mother. Ashley was shoved onto one guy’s lap and impaled on his hard cock just before the second guy began forcing his way into her virgin asshole. Ashley screamed for mercy as the head began working it’s way into her anal ring.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She cried out as it popped through. Ashley thought that she would be killed by this brutal attack. The twin cocks began ramming her insides. Meeting together in her belly to rub harshly against her thin inner-wall. Ashley went limp as they continued to fuck her without mercy. Ashley's cries for help went unanswered. Only lewd jeering from those watching her latest rape came in return. Along with stray hands reaching in to molest her bruised tits. She felt like poles were being shoved through her entire body as the two men enjoyed their twin assault on her pussy and ass. The thrust continued on and on until both men shot their loads into her.

Terri watched Ashley's dual rape as another of the punks sat atop her chest fucking her 36 DD tits. His filthy hands squeezed her boobs tightly together as he slid his dick back and forth in her abundant cleavage. Terri could still feel the agony she experienced at her own double penetration not so long ago and had the greatest of sympathy for her daughter. Only when the kids spunk began shooting out, splattering her neck and face, did she turn back to the cock between her tits.

Ashley was shaking when the cock in her ass was removed. She had no strength to lift herself off the one in her pussy. She felt hands grab and lift her and was fully expecting yet another attack. But she was appalled when she found herself dragged over to where her brother lay tied up and thrust onto his lap. "Time to fuck your brother." She was told. She settled herself onto Mark’s large dick. It filled her insides like nothing ever had before. And the moment she began rising and falling on her brother’s cock it began growing stiffer. Mark had long given in to what was happening.

Without even thinking he realized that he was enjoying his twin-sister’s pussy and began thrusting at will. Ashley was disgusted by her brother’s reaction but didn’t dare strop riding him. She was only glad that she had been spared having his cock in her ass. But it became worse as Mark’s thrusts began stimulating her clit more and more. Ashley lost control and began having an orgasm on her brother’s cock. Her eyes opened wide and her head flew back as the pleasure took over her body. Mark cried out as his balls tightened and he unleashed his load into his sister’s pussy. Even as he was going limp under her Ashley rode away having yet another orgasm. Then when it was over she began crying in shame as yet another guy grabbed her and dragged her aside to take his turn.

As Ashley was taken by one man after another so too was Terri. Mark remained tied in place to watch the continuing rapes of his mother and sister. Nobody in the room rested until they had done both mother and daughter at least twice in one hole or another. Most had far exceeded that. Throughout it all the guys took turns with the video camera or the polaroid camera taking vivid pictures of the family rape.

Ashley had passed out several times only to awaken with someone else banging her. Terri wished that she could have passed out. Her pussy and ass were stretched beyond belief by cock after cock. And several of the guys had gotten into fucking her massive tits once her holes became too sloppy to enjoy. And every time she looked she saw Ashley suffering the same fate.

When the guys were finally satisfied the trio were bound together and left blindfolded for some time. They tried to struggle free to no avail. Then after awhile they heard the men return. Everyone feared that this was the beginning of a new round of abuse, or worse. But they were carried outside and tossed into a car. The storm had died down some but the rain continued. They were driven in silence to an unknown location. Then pulled free from the car and dragged off into the woods where they were finally untied and their blindfolds removed. Six of their attackers were there, two of them holding shotguns. Terri was afraid that they were going to be murdered.

"Your car is parked just over the hill." The ringleader informed them. "The keys are in it and we fixed your tire. Here are your clothes." He tossed a plastic bag at their feet. "Give us five minutes then get dressed and get out of here. And remember, we have plenty of tape of you having sex together and with us. Imagine how your friends would like to see you all fucking and sucking each other. If you report this to the cops we’ll make sure that copies get distributed all over your town and school. And we got your names and address from your ID’s, so we know where to find you if necessary."

Terri’s stomach sank. She knew that there was no way she could let her kids suffer that kind of humiliation. She would never report this to anyone.

"And remember one more thing," He continued. "Next time you play our school you had better make sure to find a way to loose or else we might come back for more."

The six guys rushed off into the night laughing. Terri, Ashley and Mark grabbed for their clothes and began dressing. Terri's torn shirt had been replaced with a man’s flannel shirt. They dressed and ran to where the car waited. Once inside Terri started it and took off down the road. At the first turn she saw a sign pointing towards the highway going north.

"What are we going to do, mom?" Ashley cried.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Terri replied. She just hoped that they could manage to keep this ordeal from her husband and prayed that the bastards kept their word not to release the tape.

To Be Continued...

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