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Homecumming Queen


Jenny sat in the back bench of the van, stretched across Brad's muscular thighs as he kissed her long and thoroughly. Tonight was special. She had been crowned the Homecoming Queen, and Brad was voted Homecoming King. And to top it off, their football team had trounced the competition.

They were the envy of every student at Riley High. She was the head of the cheerleading squad, and Brad was the football captain. They had been dating for nearly their entire senior year. Jenny was on top of the world. Little did she know that her world was about to change dramatically.

Jenny's father was the pastor of the largest church in town. She had been raised in the church, and it was important to her to keep her virginity until marriage. At eighteen, she sometimes felt like the world's oldest virgin, but Brad had respected her wishes. When they went on dates, she allowed him to kiss her, and once she had allowed him to even put his hand down her blouse, but she always put a stop to things when he started to get too worked up. She knew Brad was impatient, but he always stopped when she asked. She had heard rumors that he was getting sex on the side, but she didn't mind. Jenny knew he had needs, and if some other girl could fulfill those while Brad remained her boyfriend, Jenny was happy to turn a blind eye.

Brad explored her luscious mouth and worked his hand under the waistband of her cheerleading outfit to cup a firm, full breast in his palm. He grinned to himself when he heard her moan softly into his mouth as he flicked a thumb repeatedly across her hardened nipple. Jenny pulled back from the kiss and pushed against his wrist, trying to make him remove his hand. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder to the other occupants of the van before turning back to Brad.

"Brad, stop," she whispered. "They'll see you."

"It's okay, Jenny. They're talking and not paying any attention to us. Come on, just let me have a little fun."

Jenny glanced nervously over her shoulder once more. Brad's older brother Matt was driving, and Nick, his buddy from college was sitting in the passenger seat. They were engrossed in discussing the football game they had just seen, and Matt was enthusiastically recounting his younger brother's prowess on the field. Brad's best friend Will appeared to be passed out on the middle bench. He had snuck a bottle of booze into the football stadium, and Jenny had seen him taking long swigs from it earlier.

"Come on, Jenny. Let me have a peek at those pretty little titties," Brad whispered, his hot breath fanning the side of her neck as he nuzzled her ear. "Haven't I earned a reward tonight?"

His hand continued to fondle her, and Jenny felt her resolve weakening. After all, they loved each other. The thought that Brad found her so desirable caused her to shiver with excitement. She released his wrist and gave a tiny nod of acceptance.

Brad cupped her breast more boldly, kneading the ripe flesh and feeling its weight in his hand as he squeezed her nipple. His grip on her nipple became progressively tighter, and he rolled it between his thumb and fingers. He grinned as Jenny's lips formed a surprised 'oh', and her breath came faster as she leaned into his hand.

Brad kissed her deeply, using his lips to distract her from the fact that he had located the front fastener on her bra. She gave a tiny yelp of surprise when he flicked it open, but Brad pulled her against him and kissed her until she once again relaxed in his lap. He pinched her nipple even more firmly, inwardly grinning as he felt her breast swell in his hand. He had known for some time that she would be a hot little slut, if only he had the opportunity to get her going. Tonight was the opportunity he had been waiting for, and he didn't intend to waste it.

Jenny was thoroughly enjoying the sensations she was experiencing. Brad's fingers on her nipple were sending shockwaves of pleasure down to her belly, and she writhed and clamped her thighs together, trying to ease the ache that was growing between her legs. When Brad removed his hand from her breast, she let out a whimper of disappointment.

Brad quickly unzipped her top, and before she knew what he was going to do, he had it whisked over her head. She was naked from the waist up and sprawled across his lap.

"Brad, what are you doing?" she hissed in an urgent whisper. "Give my top back to me."

She glanced over her shoulder again, but the other three occupants of the van were not paying any attention to what was going on in the backseat. Jenny shivered from a combination of nerves and the chill in the air. Her nipples were standing stiffly erect, and she turned back in time to see Brad eyeing them hungrily.

"It's alright, Jenny. I just want a small taste."

Brad cupped one breast and suckled it into his mouth. The shock of his hot tongue on her nipple made Jenny gasp and tense, but she couldn't seem to find the will to push him away from her. Instead, she gave a small groan and threaded her fingers through his hair, arching her back to give him better access.

Brad suckled progressively harder, enjoying the feel of Jenny writhing in his lap. When he clamped his teeth firmly onto her tit, she nearly went crazy. Her tits were heaving as she panted and sighed, stroking her fingers through his hair while he toyed with her nipple. He turned her body slightly away from him and latched onto her other nipple, repeating his attentions on that breast.

Jenny was overwhelmed with sensations, and she closed her eyes to savor them. Her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were parted as she struggled to draw a deep enough breath. She bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out as Brad devoured her breast greedily. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized that she should have stopped him long before now, but for the life of her, she couldn't find the will to ask him to stop. Through her haze of lust, Jenny realized that Brad had slid a hand to the waistband of her uniform panties and was sliding them down over her hips.

"Brad don't," she gasped, grabbing his hand and trying to stop his actions.

Brad ignored her protest, and despite her wriggling, he managed to slide her panties off. She was left wearing nothing but her short, pleated cheerleading skirt, and that was tangled around her waist. Her entire lower half was exposed and vulnerable. Brad wedged his arm between her clenched thighs and pried them slowly open.

"Come on, baby. Open up those pretty legs and give me a look. I want to see how wet your tight little pussy is."

Jenny's shock couldn't have been any greater. Brad had spoken in a loud voice, certainly loud enough for all the others in the van to hear. She turned red with shame and began to tremble.

"Brad, what are you doing?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder. All three of the others were watching them with matching male grins. Jenny crossed her arms protectively over her breasts and clenched her thighs even harder against Brad's invading hand. "Brad, stop it!"

"Not this time, Jenny. I've had it with your teasing. Tonight, you're going to give me what I want, and you're going to be begging me for more."

Jenny shook her head in denial and tears began to well in her eyes. "Let me go," she cried, struggling to get off Brad's lap.

Brad held her easily, and he laughed at her efforts. Jenny's breasts bounced violently, as she wrestled with him, and she realized with horror that Matt, Nick and Will were all leaning over the middle bench, eyeing her nudity. She twisted vainly, trying to get her skirt to fall down over her hips, but all she accomplished was to get Brad even more aroused.

It registered for the first time that the van was stopped, and Jenny glanced around, trying to determine where they were parked. All she could see was dense forest, and it suddenly occurred to her that they had been driving for a long time. "Where are we? Take me home!"

"We will...eventually. But first, we're going to have some fun," Brad said with a grin.

The sliding door opened, and the overhead light seemed to glare down on Jenny. She had never felt so humiliated. Here she was, completely exposed in front of four horny guys. A quick glance confirmed that every one of them had a raging hard-on, and Jenny gave a frightened groan.

Brad tossed her over his shoulder, and held her easily as he climbed out of the van. Jenny felt the cold night air blowing over her exposed ass, as she was carried into a rough cabin. There was a fire in the fireplace, and a large mattress lay on the floor in the middle of the room. Clearly, the guys had planned in advance to bring her here.

Brad set her on her feet, and before she even had a chance to catch her breath, he whisked her skirt down over her hips, leaving her totally naked. Four pairs of male eyes devoured her. Jenny stood 5'4" high. She had strawberry blonde hair that reached her shoulders and was pulled back into a pony tail. Her breasts were full and firm, tipped by dainty pink nipples that pointed upward. Just then, the luscious mounds were heaving in her distress, and their quivering caused all four men to grin.

Jenny was very athletic, and her activity had resulted in a nicely rounded, smooth ass that topped the curviest pair of legs imaginable. She could easily do the splits, and Brad's grin grew even wider as he imagined her tight little hole. It wouldn't be so tight after tonight!

"Brad, please. Just take me home," Jenny whispered. Her voice was shaky with emotion. "You can't do this. This is sinful."

"I tell you what is sinful. It is sinful for you to lead me on, teasing me with your body but always denying me. I've had enough."

As Brad spoke, he began unbuttoning his pants, and he slid his jeans off before tossing them on a nearby couch. His underwear did nothing to hide his erection.

"Brad, please. You know I'm a virgin. You can't do this."

"You want to keep your virginity?" Brad asked with a raised eyebrow. At her hesitant nod, he reached out and yanked her down onto her knees before him. "Then if you don't want my cock in your pussy, I suggest you put it in your mouth."

Jenny was horrified at his suggestion, and she shook her head in stunned disbelief. "I can't do that! Please, I just want to go home."

"You've got me all worked up, Jenny. You are going to satisfy me one way or the other. Which is it going to be?"

Jenny glanced around at the others, her eyes pleading for one of them to help her. They looked back at her with open lust, and she realized she would not be getting any help out of her predicament. She jumped when Brad spoke again.

"Some time tonight, Jenny."

Jenny's face flamed, but she reached up with trembling hands and pulled Brad's underwear down over his hips. She gasped as his erection sprang free. She had never seen a naked man before, and his penis looked huge as it curled up along his lower belly, surrounded at its base by curly black hair.

Jenny's whole body began to shake as Brad stepped out of his underwear. She was scared and nervous, but surprisingly, she was also aroused. She bit her lower lip, feeling moisture beginning to pool between her thighs. She gasped in surprise when Brad grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face close to his groin.

"Open up," he ordered.

Jenny meekly complied, and he shoved his cock into her mouth. Her first reaction was to gag as he rocked further back into her mouth. Brad didn't seem to mind, and he shoved himself even further inside her, the tip of his penis sliding down her throat.

"Suck me," he ordered, even more harshly than before. "Suck my cock and find out what you've been missing these past months."

Jenny began to get the hang of it, and she sucked for all she was worth. Brad tasted salty and hot in her mouth, and she couldn't suppress a moan as he fucked her roughly while holding her head still. Despite everything that had happened tonight, she loved him, and she found herself trying her very best to please him. When she flicked her tongue along the underside of his cock, Brad groaned and caressed her cheek in approval. She repeated the maneuver, wanting to make him happy.

"That's it, Jenny. Now spread your knees wide so the guys can have a look at your pretty little pussy."

Jenny froze, remembering that they had an audience of three other men watching her. When she didn't immediately comply, Brad reached down and gave her nipple a vicious pinch, twisting it cruelly in his fingers.


Jenny whimpered and opened her knees. She realized that her pussy was fully exposed, but Brad didn't give her any time to dwell on that fact, as he began pumping into her mouth once again.

"Look how wet she is," Matt said with a grin. "You're right, Brad. She is a hot little slut."

Matt slid his fingers over her wet pussy lips, exploring them and grinning at Jenny's whining protests. He pushed her knees even wider apart and began teasing her clit, rubbing and squeezing it rhythmically in time with Brad's thrusts. His grin widened as he saw her juices beginning to run down the insides of her thighs.

"The little slut is about to come. She's sopping wet!"

Jenny squeezed her eyes shut and her face flamed. She wished she could just crawl up and die at that moment. She flinched when she felt hands on her breasts. Her eyes flew open, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Nick fondling her breasts, squeezing them roughly. She tried to push his hands away, but Brad yanked hard on her hair. She met his eyes as tears overflowed and slid down her cheeks. His cock filled her mouth, making it impossible for her to speak, but she implored him with her eyes.

Brad ignored her pleading look and fucked her mouth even more roughly, ramming into her with increasing force. Jenny moaned again, feeling her body beginning to respond against her will. She felt Brad's cock swell in her mouth, and her eyes widened in alarm.

"You'll swallow every drop," he growled, tightening his grip in her hair and shoving her face firmly against his groin.

Brad shot his load deep into her throat, groaning with delight as he spurted repeatedly into her mouth. He grinned as he watched her swallowing frantically, trying to keep up with his flow. At the height of his orgasm, he nodded to the others.

Matt squeezed hard on her clit and Nick squeezed hard on her nipples, twisting them until she cried out. A massive orgasm hit Jenny, and she shuddered as she tried to cope with so many sensations. Brad was still spurting into her throat, and she felt like she couldn't breath as she tried to swallow.

Brad waited until she had sucked every drop out of him before he abruptly withdrew from her mouth and gave her a shove that sent her sprawling onto her bottom on the mattress. Jenny's head was spinning.

"Did you get all of that?" Brad asked, looking behind her.

"Yeah, every bit of it," Will replied with a grin. "I even got a close-up of her pussy while she was having an orgasm. Those pretty pink pussy lips were twitching and oozing."

Jenny glanced up, horrified to see Will holding a video camera, still trained on her. "What's going on? What are you doing?" she cried.

Brad answered her with a mocking brow raised. "We're making our own little porn film, Jenny, and you are the star. Now unless you want dear, sweet Daddy and his entire congregation to see the film, you will do exactly as we say. Understand?"

Jenny felt like she might throw up, as she sat staring up at him. How could she have been so wrong about Brad? She thought he cared about her.

"Now who wants their cock sucked next?" Brad asked with a grin.

Will handed the camera to Matt and stepped forward. "I do. I haven't even gotten to touch her yet."

Jenny watched in stunned amazement as Will quickly shed his clothes and fondled his erection. "Come here slut and suck my cock," he ordered her harshly.

Jenny choked back a sob. "Please, don't make me do this," she whispered, her eyes pleading with Brad.

Brad crossed to a nearby couch and dropped onto the cushion, obviously waiting to see his girlfriend suck his best friend's cock. Seeing no help there, Jenny choked back another sob and got onto her knees in front of Will.

Will's penis was smaller than Brad's, but it still felt huge when he shoved it into her mouth. He grasped her head firmly and plowed into her face, groaning with delight as she sucked him. Jenny felt Matt's hands forcing her knees apart again, and she was vaguely aware of someone moving several lamps closer, so that her pussy was fully illuminated for the camera.

Jenny was horrified by the realization that she was getting increasingly wet between the thighs. Having all these men staring at her and forcing her to suck their cocks was making her incredibly horny. Maybe she really was a hot little slut, just like Brad had said!

Matt fondled her pussy again, his fingers exploring her while he zoomed the camera in on her swollen pussy. Jenny gave a mortified groan, hearing the sloshing sound of his fingers in her wetness.

"Be sure not to put your fingers into her pussy," Brad warned from his position on the couch. "I intend to be the one to pop her cherry, and I want it on tape when I do it."

Jenny couldn't believe what she was hearing, but she was given no time to think on it, because Will groaned and began shooting his cum down her throat. She struggled to swallow fast enough, and she managed to catch all of his seed before Will withdrew from her mouth.

Jenny didn't even have time to catch her breath before Nick shoved his cock into her mouth. His cock was not quite as long as the other two, but it was much thicker, and her lips felt stretched to accommodate it. Jenny moaned in agony as he shoved it roughly down her throat and started fucking her face ruthlessly.

Matt renewed his assault on her clit, and Nick reached down to squeeze her tender nipples. Jenny moaned helplessly, feeling her body respond against her will. She arched her hips back against Matt's hand and sucked harder as another moan escaped.

"Look at her, man! She's begging for it," Matt said with a laugh.

The fact that all four men were laughing at her barely penetrated her mind as Jenny sucked and rocked her pussy against Matt's hand. She was too far gone to care. All she knew was that she was desperate for relief, but she had no idea what to do about it.

Nick came in her mouth, shooting more sperm than either of the others down her throat, and Jenny couldn't swallow fast enough. Some of the hot, gooey cum dribbled down her chin and landed on her breasts.

Matt passed the camera to Will and stepped out of his pants. "Now that's a shame," he said with a grin. "Look's like I have to clean off those tits."

Before Jenny could protest, Matt was licking her breasts, cupping their fullness in his greedy hands. He pulled one nipple into his mouth and suckled sharply, causing Jenny to gasp. He cupped her buttocks in his hands and feasted, alternately nipping and sucking her tits until the nipples were sore and throbbing. Jenny felt her pussy throbbing too, and the tension in her belly was becoming unbearable.

Matt stood up and without preamble, he shoved his cock into her mouth, forcing a groan out of Jenny. Matt was huge, longer than Brad and thicker than Nick. She struggled to take him down her throat without gagging, and she gripped his thighs for support. It didn't occur to her that Matt had let go of her head several minutes before, and she was bobbing up and down completely on her own until she heard him speak.

"Be sure to get a close-up of this little slut deep-throating my cock of her own free will," he said with a grin. "I'm sure her Daddy would love to see that!"

Jenny felt her face flame. Her mind was screaming at her to stop what she was doing, but her body was loving it. She had never felt more alive than she did at that moment. Something about having four men drooling over her was driving her insane with pleasure. She sucked even harder, clenching her fingers into Matt's thighs as she pleasured him with her mouth. Finally, Matt couldn't hold out any longer, and he shot a load of cum down her throat. He threw his head back and groaned as his cock throbbed and twitched, loving the feel of her tongue as Jenny sucked every drop out of him.

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