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Elise and I have been married for six years. I consider myself extremely lucky. Elise has long brown hair, is five feet 6 inches tall, 130 pounds, and has a great figure that’s been my delightful playground for the past several years. Elise enjoys sex almost as much as I do. She's romantic and athletic, playful and passionate and sensitive both physically and emotionally. A passionate kiss and Elise is ready to roll. Give her a few drinks and she's hot and horny in no time. Elise has learned to love having her clit and pussy sucked and has mastered a great blowjob. Nothing makes her happier than having her first orgasm with my face buried in her snatch before being fucked to a second orgasm. She keeps herself in good shape, dresses in a flattering manner, conservatively in public but more provocatively when we're alone.

Like many other husbands, I’ve encourage my wife to explore her sexual side even more. While that coaching and encouraging has produced lots of bedroom fun, her behavior outside our bedroom have been bounded by a pretty conservative upbringing. I hadn't had any luck with my efforts to encourage her to be a little bit more of an exhibitionist or consider a little fling – my favorite fantasy. My progress had been limited to some sexy additions to her wardrobe that show off her beautiful 34 C boobs and great figure.

Since college I have managed to stay in pretty decent shape but gradually gained weight to the point where I was 40 pounds over my ideal weight. At 6'4" I was hardly fat but nonetheless, was getting frustrated with my inability to get back down to my college weight. I had tried a few diet and exercise routines but with my work schedule and stress, and lots of entertaining for work, I wasn't having much luck. Last year I mentioned I needed an incentive to get my weight back down to where it belongs. Elise teased me about setting unrealistic goals and said no way was I going to get my weight down 40 pounds as 20 pounds was a more realistic goal. Provoked by the tone of her voice and my reluctance to resign myself to a less athletic figure, I insisted I could lose that much weight.

She said no way and I said, “I’ll bet I can.”

Elise chuckled and said. “I'll bet you anything you can’t lose 40 pounds.”

I said, "It’s a deal."

Over the next few months, in fits and starts I begin exercising and watching my diet much more closely. The progress was slow but steady, 5 pounds, then 10, in a few months 15, and 20. I was pleased and Elise was encouraging. At six months I hit 30 pounds but was struggling to make more progress. Elise thought I looked great and encouraged me to just hold that level. I told her my motivation wasn't to get 10 pounds lighter but to hit my target weight so she would have to help me fulfill one of my fantasies. She looked a little puzzled as I reminded her that she said she would do “anything” if I lost 40 pounds.

I told her, "The anything I have in mind involves your beautiful body getting a little more attention."

Elise giggled at my comments saying “I shouldn’t have much to worry about now.”

Nothing else was said for the next few months as I slowly progressed to a 35-pound weight loss with Elise occasionally checking my progress. I plateaued at that level for a couple months and found it virtually impossible to make much headway. I had a five-week out-of-town assignment coming up that usually meant lots of eating out and weight gain. I decide instead to turn that into an opportunity to get lots of exercise and do whatever it took to break the 40-pound goal.

I returned home in the best shape of my life. I had hit my goal and couldn't wait to see Elise. That evening as we were catching our breath after a third round of catch up sex, I ask Elise how she liked my lean 200-pound body. She realized I'd hit my goal and congratulated me on my success. Nothing else was said about it for the next several days. A few weeks later as I lay on my bed with Elise on top of me impaled on my cock and with my hands massaging those beautiful tits I mentioned to Elise that I was looking forward to her acting out a fantasy of mine as payment for losing the bet. Elise was glistening from sweat and breathing deeply as she bounced to climax. She smiled but didn't say a thing. It wasn't clear if she was avoiding the topic or just enjoying the fuck.

The next day I mentioned to Elise I made arrangements for us to spend a long weekend to attend homecoming activities at my old university frat house. Elise had never been to my university and thought that sounded like fun. I told her to plan on doing some serious partying. I explained that our fraternity house had a guest room for alumni in exchange for chaperoning parties and mentoring the young men. When I told her to pack her miniskirts and sexiest lingerie she knew I expected a hot weekend.

Friday night we attended the pregame rally then a bonfire and had a great time meeting all the folks and getting excited about the game. The Saturday game was great and we headed to the frat house for a cookout before we moved inside for drinking and dancing. I explain to Elise that my job as chaperone was to make sure there was no underage drinking which meant I was to man the beer tap for the evening. I told her I expected her to dance and party with the rest of the crowd. Since guys outnumber girls I expected her to get a lot of attention especially since I had her leave her wedding ring at home and most folks were unaware she was my wife. I handed Elise a beer and sent her off with instructions to have fun. She stood out from the crowd, not so much because she was 8 years older than most of the other girls but because her tight red miniskirt and stretch white top were dressier and sexier than the blue jeans and T-shirt outfits of the other girls.

For the next hour I kept busy serving beer while Elise was the center of attention for several young men. As various guys came for refills I encourage a select few to try and get Elise to dance and suggested she might be more cooperative if she had a few more beers. Elise seemed relaxed and giggly and enjoying the attention. I encouraged her to make sure the boys enjoyed the party. She admitted she was having fun with all the attention and teasing the young men. She danced with half a dozen guys and put on quite a show doing her best to out dance the other younger girls. Her cute ass in that tight mini-skirt had captivated several guys.

I asked the DJ to play some slow dance songs hoping to see Elise get some closer attention. In the meantime I encouraged a few guys to try their luck with the “hot woman in the red miniskirt.” As midnight had come and gone and most of the crowd had downed several beers, the mood was pretty mellow including Elise. The first guy to slow dance with her hugged her so tight she could hardly move. The next guy slid his hands down her waist and soon had one hand on each ass cheek grinding their bodies together. Elise showed no resistance so the other two guys alternating dances with her followed suit by fondling her ass. One of the guys, Charles, an athletic young man with wavy blond hair and a nice smile looked like he was humping her on the dance floor. Jeff the dark-haired music major with an engaging smile was next. He snuck in a few kisses. Elise appeared to be putty in their hands as she giggled and flirted with each of them. When the DJ called “last dance” two guys sandwich Elise for the final dance. Tony was pressed against Elise’s front and cleavage while Charles was behind her, hand on her hips and groin grinding into her ass to the rhythm of the music.

It was about 2:00am and the crowd had dwindled as the music ended. Elise walked over to the keg. From her look and body language, say nothing of her aroused nipples visible through her bra and blouse, I could see she was hot and horny from the beer and close dancing.

With an air of pride she said, “Did you enjoy seeing your wife tease the young guys?”

I answered, “I did, and you seemed to enjoy having three young studs lusting after your hot body?”

Elise respond, “It was fun and they were sweet.”

I said, “But my fantasy is seeing my wife please the young guys, not just tease the young guys.”

Elise giggled her half-drunk giggle then stared at me with a contemplative look as she took a glass of beer and chugged half of it.

In a challenging tone Elise questioned, “And which one did you have in mind?”

I responded, “Who said anything about one.”

By now Charles, Tony, and Jeff who had been helping the DJ pack up, approached. I handed each a beer and asked if they would like to move the party to the guest room and help me polish off the last pitcher of beer from the keg. Elise was still thinking about my comments as the guys coaxed her to come. They were still unaware Elise was my wife. Elise giggled, then with a coy smile headed to the guest room.

Once in the room I turned on the stereo and some low lights. I suggested more dancing and did a slow dance with Elise while the guys watched. I gave her a passionate kiss while my hands roamed unrestricted over her body. Seeing Elise’s lack of complaints from what they assumed was nearly a stranger, each guy then took a turn at what might have best be described as making out to music rather than dancing. There were deep passionate kisses and fingers treaded on every inch of Elise’s blouse and skirt. Jeff went so far as to untuck and start to slide his hands under Elise’s blouse before the song ended. Elise stepped back and grabbed her glass of beer taking a big drink. Then she asked the boys if they would help her finish her beer. Tony said sure.

Rather than hand Tony the rest of her beer Elise very deliberately poured the half glass of beer over her breasts and down her cleavage leaving her standing in a beer soaked top, nipples straining through the wet fabric waiting for attention. She grabbed Tony’s head and smashed his face to her wet cleavage commanding him to suck up the beer. Tony sucked the beer from Elise’s blouse and bra as he smothered his face in her cleavage like a starved man.

Elise’s attitude had shifted with each beer of the evening; first coy, then flirtive, then accommodating and now she was playing the horny slut role.

Not wanting to be left out, Jeff quickly took it upon himself to walk behind Elise, first rubbing her ass then deliberately pouring his glass of beer over her back. Elise squirmed as the cool liquid ran down her back and soaked her tight skirt and panties. Jeff kneeled down and started kissing and sucking beer from the skirt on Elise’s ass. Tony was now passionately kissing Elise and his hand was cupping her breast. Charles joined Jeff on his knees huddled around Elise’s ass rubbing and sucking the beer from her skirt.

As I watched my heart raced with excitement and I grinned at Elise. Then Charles slid his hands up Elise's legs till they reached her skirt hem. He hooked his fingers under her tight skirt and slowly lifted her skirt toward her waist. As the tight wet skirt inched up, Elise’s sheer white, beer-soaked panties were exposed. Elise started to say something but Jeff quickly kissed her and only a little moaning could be heard as Jeff’s tongue probed her mouth. With Elise quieted, Jeff gently pulled Elise's blouse shoulder strap down revealing her right breast cradled in her skimpy lace bra – which incidentally matched her now visible panties. The bra strap was next, revealing Elise’s bare boob and aroused nipple. Tony soon had a mouth full of tit and was suckling at it like a newborn calf.

Charles’ success was evident a few moments later as he had Elise’s skirt bunched around her waist and his hands reversed direction and were now peeling her panties down her legs. Meanwhile, Jeff managed to unzip the skirt and was anxiously waiting to slide it down. In moments Elise's cute bare-naked ass was just inches from Charlie’s face. Her nicely trimmed pubic mound was briefly visible before Charlie’s hand was fund its way there. Jeff pulled down Elise's other bra and blouse strap baring her other tit and leaving her bra and top bunched around her waist. Jeff unhooked her bra and looked to be contemplating how to remove the remnants of her blouse and skirt without interrupting Charles who had resumed kissing Elise’s ass and exploring with his hands. Tony was in seventh heaven alternating his mouth between Elise's tits. Elise’s panting and moaning were continuous. Jeff looked at me and invited me to join them. I told him I was content to watch and would get my turn latter.

When Elise made a sharp whimpering sound it was clear that Charles’ fingers had found her slit. Jeff had stepped back and begun to take off his own clothes. Elise's right hand was fondling Tony's crotch and her left was wrapped around Tony to steady herself. Charles was quite a specimen, about 6'5" tall and in great shape. His briefs had a huge bulge in the front as he approached Elise. He firmly told Tony it was his turn. As Tony backed away and began removing his own clothes, Charles feasted his eyes on Elise's near naked body. He carefully lifted her blouse over her head and pulled her skirt to the floor while complementing her on her hot body and letting her know she he was looking forward to enjoying every inch of it. Charles kissed her briefly before running his hands over the curves of her body. Jeff had backed off to remove his cloths. Tony had gone over to the king size bed. Jeff urged Charles to bring Elise over to the bed. Charles deftly picked Elise up and carried her a few steps to the bed before placing her in the center. In moments Elise's body was covered with lips and hands as all three went to work enjoying her body. Charles soon released his cock from his briefs revealing a rock hard and good sized tool. He climbed between Elise's legs where he quickly kissed his way to the target and buried his face in her pussy. It appeared he wasn't a novice as he quickly honed in on her sensitive parts and had her squirming and squealing in no time. Tony was contently feasting on Elise's breasts, suckling one while fondling the other. In the meantime Jeff had removed his shorts and positioned himself so his rock hard six-inch cock was dangling in front of Elise’s face.

Elise briefly glanced at me before grabbing Jeff’s cock and kissing and licking the head. In moments Jeff was pumping several inches of hard cock into Elise's willing mouth. Jeff established a rhythm and soon had two-thirds of his cock pulsing in Elise’s mouth. Her cheeks bulged with each thrust and her hands grabbed at his balls and ass. Elise's hips were bucking spontaneously from Charles' oral probing and Tony had learned exactly what tit manipulations created the most response. Elise's senses were overwhelmed as her body responded to the actions at both ends.

The three guys worked Elise over for about ten minutes. Then Jeff grunted signaling he was about to cum. Elise valiantly kept swallowing as her throat was pumped full of Jeff's cream. Jeff finally pulled out as his cock went limp. Charles said it's time to fill her other hole and after confirming she was on the pill, he moved between her legs. Hiking her legs in the air he quickly slid what looked like 7 inches of hard young cock into a very soaked cunt. In a matter of moments he was pounding away and slamming into Elise with the sexual energy of a teenager. Elise whimpered under his thrusts as Charles raved about her hot tight cunt. Her tits bounced with each thrust and her skin glistened from the heat of their coupling. Her free hand found its way to Tony's cock, which she fondled as her pussy was being stuffed with cock. The hectic pace continued for with lots of animalistic sounds of pleasure. Tony was first to come. Elise aimed his spurting cock at her tits as he pumped several streams of hot seed. That's scene brought Charles to the edge and he unloaded deep in Elise's cunt. The three collapsed on the bed as they caught their breath.

In the meantime Jeff had recovered and replaced Charles between Elise’s legs. He quickly went to work repeating the scene from a few moments earlier. His cock plunged into Elise warm wet hole and his athletic young body showed tremendous stamina as he developed a rhythm and pumped away. After several minutes he rolled Elise over and mounted her doggy style. Jeff also reached around and began fingering Elise's clit. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing as he soon had Elise panting and squirming and slamming her ass to accept each thrust. Jeff continued servicing Elise until she erupted in orgasm squealing with pleasure almost in perfect unison with Jeff unloading his cum.

Elise was still trying to catch her breath when Tony pleaded with her to climb on him as he lay in the center of the bed. Tony's cock stood straight up as Elise climbed on. Her well-fucked pussy slid easily over Tony's rod. Tony began to bounce on the bed driving his cock deeper into Elise. He fondled her proudly displayed breasts as she pumped away. Elise had her fingers in her own crotch as she worked on Tony. Before long they both grunted with pleasure as Tony unloaded and Elise collapsed. All four of them lay on the bed for about 30 minutes regaining their energy. One by one they freshen up in the bathroom and returned to the king size bed with that contented well-fucked look on their faces. Finally Elise broke the calm by saying, “God, that felt good.”

Tony looked at the clock and said it was 4 am and he had to work in the morning so should be going. Elise asked the guys if they would do her one last favor, smiling sexily at each and gently fondling then one at a time until they each agreed. She asked them to gather around her as she kneeled on the floor. As they stood around her she sucked each cock to a full erection. Then she called me over and insisted I join the group. She deep throated each of us and used her hands to pump or fondle the others as we took turns getting blowjobs. She coaxed everyone on and told us she wanted each to unload on her. It wasn’t long before I neared climax. Elise said, “Give it to me.” as she stroked away. That dirty talk was all it took as I let loose first landing a huge load on Elise’s tits. Jeff and Tony then Charles responded. Tony also unloaded several streams on Elise’s tits. Jeff let lose targeting Elise’s face and was followed by Charles who sprayed her face and hair. It looked like a scene from a porn movie as Elise was plastered in white cream and collapsed to the floor.

The guys left and I cleaned Elise enough for bed.

Elise, who had previously resisted my attempts to get her to wear sexy clothes in public, had managed to completely exhaust three previously unknown men in the most outrageous sexual experience of her life. In my wildest dreams I hadn’t imagined Elise fucking and sucking three college guys to exhaustion to repay a bet.

Exhausted, Elise climbed slept for 9 hours. We fucked like rabbits the next day with vivid memories of how Elise had satisfied three guys on that same bed the night before. Even when fully sober Elise showed no remorse or anger at me for encouraging her sexual exploits and admitted it was quite a unique experience. I told her every forgone calorie and every drop of sweat had been well worth it to win the bet and have the pleasure of seeing her get sucked and fucked by three horny college guys. She was sore for a few days and a little embarrassed when she ran into the guys the next day. However, they were perfect gentleman thanking her for the great party.

Ever since that weekend Elise knows any mention of the frat party will bring me to immediate attention and get her soaking wet as well. Last month I told Elise to mark homecoming weekend on her calendar for next year. She smiled and then said that Charles, Jeff and Tony had emailed and said they had a keg of beer and 20 inches of hard cock on tap for spring break if she was interested – and that I could come and watch if she wanted.

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