tagIncest/TabooHomelands Pt. 04 Ch. 03

Homelands Pt. 04 Ch. 03



Author's note

Part Four takes the story to a new setting. It is not necessary for you to have read Parts One, Two, and Three to enjoy Part Four, though it would probably help.

The Homelands will eventually consist of fifteen parts, broken up into three trilogies. The first three parts were set in Autumn. The next three will be set in Summer. Then there will be three each set in Spring and Winter. The final three will tie everything together.

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me. Or leave a comment. Either way, I'll try to respond in a timely manner.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex and anal.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.



Cast of Characters

Gabriela : Wife of Jennifer. Mother of Eric and Patty. POV character.

Jennifer : Wife of Gabriela. Mother of Nick, Veronica, and Annie.

Eric : Gabriela's son. POV character.

Nick : Jennifer's son. POV character.

Patty : Gabriela's daughter. POV character.

Veronica : Jennifer's daughter. POV character.

Annie : Jennifer's daughter.

Wes : Gabriela's brother. Father of Olivia and Kurt.

Zoey : Wes' wife. Mother of Olivia and Kurt.

Olivia : Wes' daughter. Cousin to Eric and Patty.

Kurt : Wes' daughter. Cousin to Eric and Patty. POV character.



Scene 1

Setting: Nick's apartment in Los Angeles. Later the same night as the events of Chapter 2.

POV: Veronica


"So. Turns out Glenn's not falling for the brother-sister story," Nick said.

"Is that so?" Veronica asked with a chuckle.

It was a story, was it?

Could anyone look at them and doubt that they were related? When they were kids, they were sometimes mistaken for twins. That had happened less often after puberty. But there was still more than a passing resemblance between the two of them. They looked more alike than Patty and Eric, or than either of them did to Annie.

Of course, in her experience, men didn't have as keen an eye for such matters as women did. Whether that was genetic or cultural, she couldn't have said. But maybe Glenn really didn't see it. She'd only known him for a few hours, and she already had the impression that he might be even more clueless than the average guy.

About most everything that guys tended to be clueless about.

Either way, it amused her. And excited her. It was like an opportunity for role-playing. Better still, since she hadn't requested that they pretend to be a couple, she could experience what it was like to be Nick's girlfriend without appearing clingy or anything.

"Are we that transparent?" she asked.

Her brother massaged her shoulders. "It would appear so."

Glenn stared at her, grinning, and for a moment she thought he had no right to intrude on their private moment. But then she remembered it wasn't anything of the kind.

It wasn't fair that a simple back rub could feel that good. Especially since he wasn't even trying to seduce her either. Just Nick being Nick. Damn, but his hands felt so good. Strong, yet gentle. And they knew exactly where their touch was most welcome.

Just like when they were in bed.

She forced herself back to reality. Made herself acknowledge the man staring at her, rather than getting lost in fantasies about the one standing behind her.

Her stomach fluttered, and she realized she wanted to feel his touch as well.

The truth was that Glenn wasn't even that cute. Not that he was bad looking.

But he wasn't remotely in the same league as Nick.

Of course, how could he have been? He was a mere mortal. And her brother was a god. She'd thought so for a while, and only seemed to be getting more convinced of it with time.

Before Veronica knew what they were, before she'd seen Nick's true appearance, before she'd discovered what sex with her own kind was like, she'd definitely have gone for a guy like Glenn. He was a bit too impressed with himself, and she was eating that up. She wished she wasn't, but there was no sense denying it. Confidence was sexy as hell.

Besides that, he was a bit shorter than she preferred her guys, and a bit ordinary looking. Not ugly by any means, but nothing special either. Yet he had great hair, a nice smile, and he carried himself in a way that suggested his bravado wasn't all talk.

Partly, he was having an effect on her because she'd never been the kind of girl who got that kind of attention from guys as often as she'd have liked. Not while wearing her mortal guise anyway. Which she wasn't, at the moment. But that make it any less flattering.

Of course, what was really} getting her worked up was the way Nick was reacting. Her brother was jealous. And that was good. He was curious to see if she was really willing to take on two guys. And that was even better.

Nick needed to see that other guys thought he was lucky to have her. And he needed to know how open she was to doing whatever it took to please him.

Their mother would never agree to something like this.

"I spend most of my time in the lab," Glenn said, "but even I couldn't help but pick up on the chemistry between you two. Brother and sister my ass."

"Got us there," Veronica said with a shrug.

"I know we said we'd rather pick up some random guy we'd never see again," Nick said.

Oh, boy.

That really was where things were going.

The prospect excited her. But it made her nervous too. If they actually had} discussed it beforehand, like they were pretending that they had, she'd have agreed to it. Now that it seemed like it was about to happen though, she found herself feeling like she might vomit. Or just needed some air. Or something to prepare herself.

Two guys at once.

Her head spun.

What do you even do with all that?

Well, she had a few ideas. It wasn't all that puzzling. But it was} a little overwhelming.

On some level, she was aware that it was really absurd that she found the idea depraved. What was fucking your brother, then? Virtuous? But even so, it did feel like crossing a line. She'd never had sex with a guy she wasn't romantically involved with before.

Except she had, of course. She wasn't involved with Nick.

Or Eric for that matter.

But that was different. She wasn't dating either of her brothers, obviously. But neither was she some random lay to them. Some disposable piece of meat. They cared about her. Loved her, if not in the way a boyfriend might.

What was about to happen would be straight up fucking. No strings attached. Devoid of any emotional attachment or affection. Pure carnal desire.

And she was okay with that.

A little nervous, yes. And feeling guilty already, even though it hadn't happened yet. But still, overall, it was definitely something she wanted}.

"That's okay," she said, patting her brother's hand.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, staring Glenn in the eyes.

What would it be like to stare up into those gray irises? They seemed almost blank compared to her brother's dark orbs. Would she be even more aware of the lack of any deeper connection? Would it be like staring into chips of flint?

The grin her brother's roommate gave her should have made her feel dirty.

And perhaps it did. But mostly in a good way.

Veronica couldn't wait for it to happen, and yet also wished it was already over. She hadn't been this much of a mess the night she'd lost her virginity. Nor the first time she'd slept with Nick. There had to be way more women out there who'd allowed two guys to double-team her than had slept with their brothers. Why was she freaking out like this?

Nick leaned down and whispered, "It'll be okay," before giving her a peck on the cheek.

And just like that, all her anxiety melted away.

It didn't make sense. They were just words.

Yet, coming from Nick at least, they were't. He wouldn't let her go through with it if he thought she'd regret it. If he didn't trust Glenn, he'd never have played along.

She nodded.

That seemed to be all the approval Glenn needed. A moment later, he had his hands on her thighs and he was leaning in for a kiss.

He wasn't as gentle as Nick. Perhaps not quite overbearing. But his tongue plunged into her mouth shortly after their lips met. And his hands didn't stay on her legs for long. They slid up under her shirt, seeking out her breasts. Groping at them awkwardly.

Awkward as that was, Veronica was too horny herself to care. She simply returned the favor. Her hands fumbled with his belt, rubbed at the bulge in his pants, then turned their attention to unbuttoning his jeans. He couldn't be as big as Nick, but she was still eager to see what she was working with. Would it be short and thick? Long and thin? Curved or straight? Veiny or smooth? Thick at the head, like Nick, or tapered, like some guys?

Did he have any idea what he was doing? Or were the hurri efforts on display at the moment a sign of what was to come?

It didn't really matter though. Either way, she was going to let herself go. Completely. Let them do whatever they wished with her.

And it would be okay.

Nick had said so.


Scene 2

Setting: Wes and Zoey's home in Los Angeles. The same night as Kurt's scenes in Chapter 2.

POV: Kurt


Kurt instinctively covered himself with his hands. "Mom!"

"Relax, sweetie," she said, slipping inside the bedroom and easing the door closed behind her. "I've come to join the party, not break it up."

Olivia laughed, pointing at him as she said, "You see the look on his face?"

Their mother offered a faint grin in response. But it faded as quickly as it appeared. Then she said, "I'm sorry, baby. Mommy didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay," Kurt said, blushing. He let his hands fall away.

And watched as his mother's eyes took in what he'd been hiding. They went a little wider for a moment, and the faint grin returned, but she didn't offer quite the reaction he'd hoped for. No more so than Olivia had.

What exactly were they used to dealing with? Was his father hung like a horse?

"Happy birthday, sweetie. Mommy's got something special for you this year. Though I gather that Liv beat me to the punch."

"Yeah, sorry about that," Olivia said, with a smile that said she wasn't sorry at all.

Kurt felt like he should have said something himself. But just at the moment, he was at a complete loss for words. All he could do was stare at his mother.

Olivia had explained that their mother and father wore real disguises. Not like the two of them. Without even realizing it, he and his sister had worn masks most of their lives, subconsciously altering their appearance to better conform to mortal expectations. But the difference between their true appearances and the ones they presented to the outside world were relatively modest. Which explained why he hadn't even be sure it hadn't been a figment of his imagination the few times he'd caught a glimpse of his real self in the mirror. Their parents, though, put real effort into suppressing the truth. Their mortal guises bore relatively less resemblance to reality. At least in comparison to him and his sister.

There was, of course, no reason to doubt her claim. But it still wasn't easy to believe.

Not just because of how outlandish it was. There was something to that, for sure. But he was starting to get used to taking the impossible for granted.

No, what really made it hard to believe that the woman he saw when he looked at his mother was but a shadow of her true self was that, even in this form, she was damn hot.

How much better looking could she get?

She had fair skin, yes. But even though Kurt preferred his women bronzed, like his sister, he couldn't bring himself to describe his mother's complexion as pale or pasty. And though she wasn't nearly as pretty as her daughter, most women her age would kill to have her skin. To say nothing of her figure. She was several inches taller than his sister too. In fact, his mother was pretty close to being of a height with him. Kurt typically liked shorter women, but he'd always wondered what it would be like to be with a tall woman. Her long legs practically went on forever. He could only imagine what it would feel like to have them wrapped around him.

The loose silk robe she wore hid most of her body, but there was more than enough of those beautiful stalks on display to get him excited.

As if he hadn't been already.


This was his mother that had him hard as steel. His mother}.

Of course, he'd just spent the past hour violating every one of his sister's holes. There were some lines that a man simply shouldn't cross. And he'd jumped as far past them as he could. There was no sense growing a conscience now.

But it still seemed like this was uncharted territory. It wasn't like society approved of brothers and sisters getting it on. But he hadn't entered the world by crawling out of Olivia's womb. In a sense, incest was incest. But at the same time, nothing could ever be as profane as sex between a mother and her son.

They stared at each other, grinning awkwardly, without speaking a word.

"Come on, already," Liv said.

Both Kurt and their mother laughed awkwardly at that.

"So," his mother said, licking her lips. "Why don't you lie down?"

Kurt did as instructed.

Olivia slipped out of bed and went over to their mother. She untied the older woman's robe then went up on her tiptoes for a kiss.

When Liv pulled their mother's robe off and let it drop to the ground, he heard himself gasp. It was just an instinctual reaction to the idea of his mother being naked in front of him though. He couldn't even see anything yet. His sister was still in the way. But the mere thought of her, in his bedroom, wearing nothing, and being warmed up for him by his sister, was almost more than he could handle.

Finally, they broke away from each other.

To his disappointment, he found his mother didn't have quite the body he thought she did. Her breasts, though full, were saggy. Her nipples were small, as were her areola. Stretch marks marred her midsection as well as her breasts. Her thighs were plagued by cellulite to an extent that he hadn't anticipated, given how thin they were. He only got a brief glimpse between her legs, but it looked like her lips were more gray than pink. And her bush, which was dark despite her blonde hair, was overgrown.

Still, this was his mother slowly approaching the bed, bending down, and getting ready to give him a birthday blowjob. That thought alone kept him nice and hard.

Just before her lips met his glistening helmet, she pulled back, laughing nervously.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"Yeah, really," Olivia asked as she went and sat atop Kurt's dresser. "It's a lot smaller than Dad's. And I've never seen him give you any trouble."

Kurt winced at that.

"It's not that," their mother said, tucking a lock of platinum blonde hair back behind her ear. "It's not every day that a woman gets to be with her son for the first time."

"Didn't know you were so sentimental," Olivia said.

"Shut up, Liv," Kurt said.

His sister sneered at him.

Olivia had a distinctive way of sneering. She held the expression for a few moments before quickly sticking her tongue out at him. It slipped past her lips, made a brief cameo appearance, and then retreated. It was like someone had forgotten to tell her that when you stick your tongue at out someone, you're supposed to leave it there for a second or two.

His head spun. In some ways, everything felt so familiar. That was exactly} the face his sister had always made when teasing him. It was the goofiest, cutest, least effective taunting face he'd ever seen. And the tone in his mother's voice, the way she seemed on the brink of tearing up, was absolutely characteristic of her, no matter what Olivia might have said about not knowing that their mother to be sentimental.

But when his sister made that face at him, she usually wasn't sitting atop his dresser, stark naked. And during precisely none of the previous times his mother had gotten misty and nostalgic like this had she been kneeling before him, holding his erect cock in her hands, ready to take him in her mouth.

The contrast between the familiar and the unthinkable was positively intoxicating.

Kurt ran a hand through his mother's hair. "Not an everyday experience here either."

She grinned at him. Then took a deep breath, nodded, and slowly descended again.

This time, she didn't stop. Her soft lips parted, sliding over the tip of his member. Gradually, she opened her mouth wider and wider as she took more and more of him in. He let out a nervous laugh as he realized she was going for the full length all at once. She neither stopped nor even slowed until the pointy tip of her nose was pressed against his pubes.

He moaned as his mother pumped her tongue against the underside of his cock. He was so deep in her throat that only the very base felt her tongue. But it was still nice.

"Atta girl," Olivia said. "Tree doesn't grow far from the apple."

Kurt was too busy keeping himself from crying tears of joy to tell his sister how stupid that sounded. Not that she'd have cared anyway.

He'd have liked it to last forever. That wasn't possible, of course. He'd have gladly settled for five minutes, given the choice.

But even that was not to be.

Unfortunately, it took his mother all of twenty seconds to bring him to climax.

"How was she?" Olivia asked before his mother had even finished licking him clean.

Kurt sighed and gave his sister a thumb's up.

"Damn straight," Olivia replied. "Next to me, there's none better."

"Liv, honey, why don't you go wake your father up," their mother said. She still held Kurt in her hand, and her face hovered a mere inch from his still hard cock. He quivered in anticipation, hoping for an instant repeat.

"Fine, whatever," his sister said as she hopped down off the dresser. "I'm aching to have a real man inside me again anyway." She waved goodbye to Kurt before tossing the door open and striding down the hall towards their parents' bedroom.

"Just you and me," his mother whispered.

The door closed itself.

"For now. In a little while, we'll go join them. But Mommy's not done wishing her baby boy happy birthday just yet."

Then, as he'd hoped, she sucked his dick a second time. And he lasted long enough to properly enjoy it too.

When she finished, she stood up, pressed her hands flat against her chest, and ran them down her body, like she'd spilled flour on her shirt while cooking. Only what she wiped away was her old body. Before his very eyes, his mother changed from a reasonably attractive older woman with ample charms yet noticeable imperfections into something that would have made any goddess that man had ever dreamt up jealous.

His heart nearly stopped.

Her skin had been pale, ashy, and riddled with wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite. Now it was smooth, flawless, and the color of burnished gold. Her hair was thicker, shinier, and straighter. Her blue eyes, once the color of the sky, took on an electric hue. He had no doubt that if he turned the lights off, those beautiful orbs would remain visible.

Kurt still wouldn't quite say that his mother was prettier than Olivia. But that was a high bar to cross. She might not have a face that could eclipse that of her daughter, but she was exquisite all the same. Her features were delicate. She had prominent cheekbones, a cute little nose, a heart-shaped face with a pointed chin and delicately arched brows. Her lips were soft and full. And those eyes. Kurt could stare into them forever. It wasn't natural for eyes to shine like that. But he found the effect intoxicating.

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