Homelands Pt. 04 Ch. 04


Much as he loved Andy, he wasn't even sure he could say that such a class act would be beneath him. The past two years had not been kind to Andy. He'd been in and out of rehab, been kicked out of his house, and hardly ever seemed to have a job. Kenny's story wasn't as bleak, but he too would rank pretty far down the list of eligible bachelors from the point of view of the entitled bitches Eric brought home every other night at school.

Unless they wanted to go slumming, that was. To their credit, after all, both Andy and Kenny still looked like it was off-season in high school. They weren't in peak condition, but neither were they nearly as far away from it as he'd have expected.

Give them another five years, and that would be an entirely different story, of course.

But for now, they still had their youth and their looks.

So maybe, just maybe, some hot young thing really had been exchanging sexts with Andy. It struck Eric as unlikely, and he thought it suspicious that this "Downtown Abbey" had refused to send any pics, but he was perhaps a little less skeptical than he let on.

"So, remind me again, what exactly do you know for sure about this girl?"

"She's a freak," Andy said.

Which was exactly what Andy would say.

Eric scoffed at him, unbuckled his seat belt, and climbed out of the car.

"Dude, I'm telling you. She insisted, several times, that there be at least three of us."

"She looking to go airtight?" Eric asked.

Andy frowned. "Don't know. Didn't ask. Plus? Eww. No offense, bro, but I have no desire to get that close to you. Or Kenny."

"Me either. Just wondering what kind of freak we're talking."

"Banging three total strangers strike you as innocent?"

Eric shrugged.

He waited while Andy went in to the front desk. He came back a minute later, dangling an old-fashioned key in front of him. After all, this wasn't the kind of place that had upgraded to electronic locks and key cards.

"In the name she said it'd be under," Andy said.

"So far, so good," Eric said.

That wasn't really much of a revelation. If there wasn't actually a room waiting for them, Kenny would be standing out in the parking lot, waiting for them. If his car was here, but he was nowhere to be seen, there pretty much had to be a room.

At this point, there wasn't much reason to think they'd be stood up entirely. The other guys from the team were either too lazy or too broke to set up something like this just for a few laughs. And if it wasn't a prank, that meant there was a "Downtown Abby."

The question of whether Abby was a tranny, though, remained very much unresolved.

Andy opened the heavy red metal door and Kenny greeted them right there, hardly giving them room to step inside. "You guys aren't going to believe the body on this chick," he said as he pulled Andy in to a playful headlock.

Eric looked around the small room. It was exactly what you'd expect from the outside. Clean, cramped, and poorly decorated. A cheesy pastoral painting hung over the king-sized bed, which had a stereotypical floral patterned quilt. Of course, it wasn't really the accommodations he was most interested in.

"Those your friends?" a voice called from the bathroom. "Tell them I'll be right out."

Eric knew that voice.

It was his mother's.

Suddenly he understood why she'd giggled to herself just about every time she saw him the past couple of days. Why his phone had gone missing for an hour one afternoon, only to suddenly reappear while he was at the gym.

For a moment, he panicked, wondering what Andy would think when he saw his mother. Kenny had only been over Eric's house a few times, so he might not remember what his mother looked like. But Andy had been a regular for a while there. Especially when he'd gotten it into his head that Patty had a crush on him. Which she totally hadn't. There was no way he wouldn't remember what Gabriela looked like.

Then it hit him.

She obviously wouldn't have shown up wearing her mortal disguise.

It took a moment to arrive at that conclusion, because he was used to thinking that if they were outside the house, they had their masks on. After all, they weren't supposed to ever let anyone outside the family see their true appearances.

Then again, his mother's commitment to her own rules had been fading of late. So he really shouldn't have been too surprised. Even if they were about to break an even more important rule than the one about maintaining their disguises.

They could fuck each other as often as they wanted. And they were encouraged to keep up the illusion of having an ordinary sex life. Which meant sleeping with people outside the family from time to time. But the two were absolutely not supposed to go together.

If one of them happened to let their true appearance show every now and then, as they all knew happened, it wouldn't necessarily expose their secret. Especially if they only did so around people who wouldn't know the difference. So if Mom-Gee wanted to hook up with a few guys in their twenties while wearing the body of a woman no older than that herself, there was no real harm. But her son's friends? With him taking part?

That was really pushing things.

Of course, it wasn't anything Nick and Veronica hadn't done.

The fight between Mom-Gee and Mom-Jay that had followed that admission was one of the biggest Eric remembered them ever having. Granted, he got the sense that there was more going on than a disagreement about how to punish their children. It seemed like there were a few issues between the two of them that had been boiling beneath the surface for some time, waiting for something else to blow the lid off. But still. Sharing one another with mortals, especially mortals who they knew, was clearly a big fucking deal.

That as much as anything else had him hard as a rock.

His mother was so hot for him, so desperate to get him to pay more attention to him, that she was willing to throw all the rules out the window. That was fucking hot.

When she came out of the bathroom, he noticed that she hadn't actually broken the rule prohibiting them from showing their true selves to people outside the family.

She'd just opted to wear a different mortal disguise.

His mother wore a body that bore more than a passing resemblance to her real one, but was not quite as surreal. Her proportions were still, Eric suspected, biologically impossible. But they were right at the edge of what might occur in nature, rather than blatantly in defiance thereof. That made her less appealing, in his eyes, but she definitely did look good.

And way better than Andy or Kenny were used to, he was sure.

Her hips weren't quite as wide as he was used to, and her waist was more in line with what it should have been for a woman with such hips. Her breasts, while still large, were a little smaller, and a little saggier. Her skin was definitely leaning towards impossibly smooth, but she had just enough stretch marks, and in the right places, to create a sense of realism. In short, she appeared to be a relatively thin woman with some very generous curves.

The face she wore matched that image. She was pretty, but not quite gorgeous. The faint signs of maturity that helped remind him that he was fucking his mother were gone. And her hair had gone from blonde and curly to medium brown and straight.

It was a perfect disguise. She was hot enough to get Andy and Kenny worked up, but not so hot that they'd have any reason to suspect that she was in fact an immortal sex goddess. She looked enough like herself that there'd a faint hint of rebellion to it all. A sense that they were doing something they really shouldn't have been doing. Yet she looked different enough that even someone who'd seen pictures of her when she was younger, as Andy had, would have no reason to suspect who she really was.

"I'm Eric," he said, offering the brunette his hand.

"Abby," she said.

Like Gabby.

Maybe it would have clicked earlier if he'd ever heard his mother go by that nickname.

"Andy," his friend said, offering his hand as well.

"Well, hello, Andy. Nice to finally meet you."

Him, she gave a hug.

"So. What do you say we get you out of those clothes?" Andy asked.

Eric covered his face with one hand. Captain Subtlety, he was not.

"I was about to change, but I just had to meet you boys first," she said. Then she planted a kiss on Andy's cheek and disappeared back into the bathroom.

"Eh? Eh?" Andy said, looking at Eric.

"She's nice," he said.

"`Nice', he says." Kenny punched his upper arm. "Did you see those fucking tits?"

Eric shrugged. Best to keep up the act. "A bit thick for my tastes."

"You forget," Andy said. "Our boy here only accepts the finest ass UCLA has to offer."

"Well, yeah. Pretty much."

Kenny punched him again. A bit harder this time. "Dick."

By the time his mother rejoined them, they'd actually gotten around to talking about something other than sex. Which was depressing. In retrospect, Eric would have preferred not to know what his friends were up to these days.

In place of her loose-fitting khaki shorts and tank top, she now wore sheer black thigh-high stockings, red patent leather heels, lacy red panties, and a sheer black babydoll.

Damn, she looked good in it. Even with this more ordinary figure. How good would her actual curves look in that outfit?

As his mother put on a little show for them turning slowly in a circle and popping her ass out, it occurred to Eric that he'd just found himself wishing that his mother was curvier.

How long had he been trying to convince himself that he wasn't into curvy women? That Aunt Zoey was his his idea of perfect, and Olivia wasn't far behind?

Yet here he was, looking at an inferior version of his mother, and he was disappointed not with the slight bit of pudge in her stomach or her expanded waist or her stretch marks or anything like that. He just wanted to see her wear an outfit like with her hips and breasts at their fullest. Yes, he'd have appreciated the thinner waist, flatter stomach, and smoother skin. But that wasn't where his mind went first.

Andy and Kenny catcalled and whistled as she proceeded to do a little striptease. But neither she nor they had the patience to play that game for long. By the time she'd dropped her panties, Andy tackled her onto the bed. And she giggled and rained kisses down on him.

Eric had never had the opportunity to watch his mother work before. Not that he was getting the full effect now either, what with her divine form having been diminished. But it was captivating enough that he sat back and let his friends have all the fun for a while.

She was an absolute demon. In the very best sense of that term.

One of these days, he was going to have to get her to agree to let him watch her while she was herself. It wouldn't matter to him if it was Nick or Kurt or Uncle Wes who had the honor of seducing her in front of him. He just had to find out what it was like to watch her have sex. And then claim her as his own afterwards.

The way she worked her hips. The hunger with which she swallowed their cocks. The sounds she made as they did their best to pleasure her. It was all just so beautiful.

Watching his friends perform wasn't quite as uncomfortable as he'd feared either. In fact, there was something really fascinating about watching a bronze skinned beauty get skewered by a guy with skin as white as paper and one who was as dark as coffee. That Kenny was tall and built while Andy was short and lean only added to the study in contrasts.

If his mother seemed to favor Andy, that was probably because Andy was positively exuding desire for her. Eric got the impression that Andy might be willing to sell his kidneys to make this happen again. Kenny, on the other hand, was definitely enjoying himself, but didn't seem to be quite as overcome with excitement.

So after Kenny nutted in his mother's mouth, Eric relieved him.

"Think you can handle this?" he asked, waving his fat dick in front of her face.

It was pathetic that he cared, but he took pleasure in knowing that the meat pole his mother was about to suck was bigger than Kenny's. Of course, if he hadn't cheated, he wouldn't be getting the bug-eyed reaction from his mother that he was getting.

If the stereotype about black men was a myth, and he'd heard many times that it was, Kenny certainly wasn't proof of such. But what did it matter one way or the other anyway? He didn't really need to compete with the guy. And if he won any competition that he invented in his mind, it was only because he was an immortal sex god.

His mother tried to reply, but Andy was giving it to her so good that she couldn't manage anything but a sultry moan. Eric didn't wait for her to try again. Just guided his dick to her open mouth.

Fuck, but his mother knew how to give good head. Even distracted.

Granted, his cousin was a world-class dick sucker herself. But he'd actually told himself a few times before that one reason to prefer his cousin to his mother was that she was so good at oral sex. Now, he had to admit that he'd just been trying to rationalize his behavior. His mother might not necessarily be any better than Olivia, but she was definitely no worse.

Lest his friends get suspicious, he amplified his own sensitivity and made sure he shot a load into his mother's warm mouth after just a few minutes. And he made sure he went limp for a few minutes afterwards as well.

That gave Andy just enough time to finish up, pull out, and shoot his load onto her back. They all took a break after that, and his mother went and cleaned up. But as soon as she came back, Eric declared that he was ready for round two.

He loved taking his mother from behind. But she'd spent most of the time on all fours as it was. So he suggested that she ride him.

As she worked her hips, he found himself not just longing to be holding her real hips, but deeply frustrated that he wasn't. The hips "Abby" had were not modest. They were a good deal broader than Olivia's. But he still wished he was working with the real thing.

And her breasts?

Again, "Abby" was generously endowed. But it wasn't enough for him. He wanted Gabby, not Abby. In all her glory.

Thankfully, her face wasn't so different. And her eyes were exactly the same. He stared into them intently while his hands explored her assets. He couldn't believe this was happening. He was fucking his mother, while his former teammates watched. And they didn't suspect a damned thing. Had no idea that they'd just made all the jokes they'd told back in high school about fucking his mother come true.

It was so many different kinds of wrong.

And it was driving him crazy.

"You like this babies?" his mother asked, pushing his hands tighter against her breasts.

"A bit small," he said.

Andy laughed. Assuming it was a joke.

His mother smiled.

He burned up some more energy, ramping her sensitivity up a few notches. As he did, he stepped up his game. Thrusting up into her two or three times as fast as she was bouncing down onto him. The bed creaked wildly, protesting against the abuse. Any faster, and Eric would have his friends wondering if he was human.

Especially if he kept that pace up for long.

Of course, having ensured that his mother felt every stroke with twice as much intensity, he didn't need to. She started cumming less than thirty seconds after he began the assault.

At that point, Kenny rejoined the party. Eric still hadn't gotten off, but he was content to let his mother finish him off orally.

After "Abby" brought first Kenny then Andy to climax for a second time, they decided the party was over. Everyone declared that they'd have loved to keep going, but couldn't have even if they tried. And two of them even meant it.

His mother told them that she was going to take another shower before leaving. So they all kissed her goodbye and left.

Eric texted his mother from the parking lot, telling her to stay there because he was going to come right back over after Andy dropped him off. She didn't reply until just before they pulled up in front of the house. Apparently, she really did take a shower.

And she'd played with herself while she did. Thinking of him all the while.

Or so she said. But he saw no reason to doubt her.

When he got back to the motel room, he found his mother, sans disguise.

Neither of them spoke a word. Just rushed into each other's arms and locked lips.

"You are an evil genius," he panted when he finally came up for air.

"Is that so?" she asked, giving him a wicked smile.

"I had no idea," Eric said.

She fretted at her lower lip. "The look on your face was exactly what I was hoping for."

He gave her fat ass a good slap, then left his hand there to squeeze it. She whimpered and gave her hips a shake, making her beautiful cans jiggle delightfully.

Yes, delightfully.

Fuck it.

He'd been in denial until now. Had wanted not to be attracted to her, out of some misguided belief that guys like him should prefer their women nice and petite. But he simply couldn't resist it any longer. His mother had the sexiest body he'd ever laid his hands on. And he wasn't going to take her for granted any more.

"So you had fun with `Abby?"'

"Not as much fun as I'm about to have with Gabby."

She looked like she was going to protest. But he didn't want to hear it. And something told him it would only have been because she felt like she should anyway. So he covered her mouth with his before she could say anything.

While still kissing her deeply, he picked her up and carried her over to the bed. After he'd laid her down, he progressed from kissing her lips to her neck and ears then on down to her breasts. The big beauties that had been his sole source of nourishment as an infant.

To her surprise, he managed to bring his mother to climax while sucking on her nipples.

Then, to his, he decided to go down on her. For a good, long while. He didn't normally perform cunnilingus. And when he did, it was only in a perfunctory way. But he took his time eating his mother's pussy, relishing in her sweet taste. She had to give him a few pointers, reminding him that he hadn't put enough effort into figuring out what worked for her in the past. But with her guidance, he helped her experience an intense orgasm. One that gave him his first exposure to female ejaculation.

Eric gave his mother some time to recover.

Then he ordered her to get on all fours.

He didn't often give her orders. Not quite like that, at least.

But this time, it was definitely an order, and not a request.

She wasted no time in complying.

Before getting in position, he took a moment to drink her in. What the fuck was wrong with him, that he'd needed so long to admit to himself how incredibly attractive he found his mother? It wasn't that his preferences had done a complete 180. He still found Olivia more than a little attractive, and wished Zoey was more interested in him. But he could no longer tell himself that they were in a league of their own. Theirs was a different type of beauty. Neither better nor worse than his mother's.

Well, maybe worse, actually.

He gave his mother's ass a firm but not harsh slap, and watched the ripple travel across her impossibly smooth skin. The effect was hypnotic.

Finally, he crouched over her and slowly worked his throbbing member inside the place he'd begun his existence. She was so warm and moist and welcoming.

"Ungh, yeah, just like that," she moaned. "Mommy needs you inside her."

He tried to respond. But her warm embrace took his breath away.

Reaching down and forward, he cupped her huge breasts and held them gently, leaving them the freedom to sway as he slammed into her. Which he did. Fast, hard, and often.

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