tagFirst TimeHomeschooled Ch. 01

Homeschooled Ch. 01


It would have never happened if not for her tutor. Or, better to say, it would have never happened if her parents had not hired the particular tutor that they did. Becky Herson had been schooled by tutors all of her life, a sheltered only child, daughter of rich but insular parents. She never attended any public school or belonged to any teams, she was kept at home on a carefully monitored computer and television. Her best friend was her cousin Margaret, because Aunt Cecily also did not approve of her daughter being exposed to the world. They didn't really have any choice but to be best friends, because they never got to meet anyone outside of their family. Even on Sundays, they would gather together as a family and Becky's Father would lead the prayers.

When she turned eighteen, Becky's parents quietly started talking about looking for a nice young man to introduce her to, the kind of young man that they could approve of and who whose parents had similar views to theirs. They didn't mean for it to be an arranged marriage of course, Becky would have to meet him and fall in love, but how could she not if they chose the right young man? In the meantime, there was the question of her continued schooling, and for that a new slew of tutors was hired, one of them was Mike Troy.

What Becky's parents didn't know was that Mike Troy, a fairly handsome man in his thirties, had a penchant for seducing his students - those that were of age at any rate - and while he was a first class tutor of biology, he had also never failed to seduce a student that he desired. In setting him over Becky, a complete innocent when it came to men and yet also a total romantic because of all the movies she'd watched, her parents set up an explosive situation.

It didn't take long for Mike Troy to realize exactly how innocent and sheltered Becky was, and to realize how easy it would be to take advantage of the very shelter that her parents had kept her under. For Becky's part, she was already intrigue by Mr. Troy's dark charismatic eyes and the slightly predatory gleam in them as he looked at her. Mr. Troy was the youngest tutor her parents had ever given her, although she'd had male tutors before they'd all been in their fifties or sixties, hardly the thing of female fantasies.

But Mr. Troy... although he was older than her, he was handsome. Maybe not movie star handsome, but certainly more handsome than any of the men she'd seen in real life, which mostly consisted of her father's business partners who occasionally would come to dine at the house. When he was tutoring her, and would lean over her shoulder to look at her work, she could feel her pulse beating faster as his breath touched her neck... sometimes he would lay a hand on her shoulder and she felt sure that something more was supposed to happen, but it never did.

His lessons were her favorite.

For Mike Troy's part, he realized exactly the effect he was having on the wriggly little blonde, and marveled that her parents could have kept her in such a perfectly sheltered state, absolutely the prime condition for getting whatever he wanted from her. Although it had been suppressed by her upbringing, there was passion and curiosity filling her young body, a dangerous combination even for a girl who knew what she was doing. And Becky certainly didn't.

It all came to a head one day when her mother was out shopping and at the spa, and no one was home during her school day, they were discussing the reproductive systems of animals.

Becky found it incredibly boring, but at the same time she couldn't help wondering why her parents never let her learn about anything to do with humans, only plants and animals. She gathered her nerve and asked the same question she had of her prune-faced biology teacher that she'd had when she was fifteen.

"Mr. Troy, what about the human reproductive system?"

He paused, his fingers resting lightly on the diagram of a pig in front of her, "What about it?" he asked back.

Feeling slightly more confident, since he hadn't just slapped her down for the question, Becky persisted, "We've talked about plants, and animals, and now we're talking about a pig, but I know nothing about humans. Other than what I've seen in the movies."

Mr. Troy sat back with a slight smile, "Well, there's a lot of similarities between all mammalians, especially when it comes to the reproductive system. The biggest difference between human and mammal is that humans will engage in sexual behavior for pleasure, rather than just for reproductive purposes."

Becky blushed, "I've seen that in movies. I just don't know what happens, it always fades to black."

He laughed, "The same things happens as does with animals."

"But I have different body parts than an animal," Becky persisted, "And like you just said," she blushed ever harder, "humans engage in sexual behavior for pleasure, and I don't know anything about how that's different from animals."

Mike Troy paused for a moment, letting silence hang in the air as the young blonde's blush deepened. Although he never let his eyes linger on her chest, he could see that she was breathing heavily, her breasts straining against the buttons of her blouse.

"I'm not sure that's the type of thing your parents would like you to learn from me," he told her, "We're much better off sticking to learning that won't get me fired."

"Mom's not home," Becky said in a rush, hope rising in her chest that for once she might actually learn something interesting, "And I won't tell, I promise. I would never get you fired, you're my favorite teacher, and especially not for something that I asked you to teach me."

"Ah." he said smiling at her, getting to his feet, "Well as long as you're sure."

"I am," she responded, eagerly, her heart fluttering impatiently inside her chest. She felt for sure she was going to burst with her eagerness.

"Stand up then," he told her, still smiling, the predator was in his dark eyes, and she immediately came to her feet at his command. Mr. Troy walked around the desk, still smiling at her and she felt her breath catch in her throat as he came to stand in front of her.

"We'll start with the basics," he said, and he reached up and cupped her breasts through her blouse, squeezing gently, "I don't have a diagram for humans so I'm just going to have to use ourselves. These are breasts."

"I know that," Becky said quietly, her eyes slightly glazed as her body registered the feel of hands gently massaging her breasts, making her shudder slightly. It felt very strange to have someone else touching her there, and yet so good too. Completely different then washing herself in the shower.

"Hush," he told her, "I'm teaching." and he started squeezing and rubbing her breasts a little harder, making the girl take a deep shuddering breath as she thrust her chest out a little further at him, "Breasts produce milk which are used to feed babies, however, they are also used in sexual stimulation to ready the female for sex."

Becky let out a little moan as his hands squeezed harder, it was true, as he massaged her breasts she could feel an ache growing between her legs even though he hadn't touched anywhere near there. It felt odd to be looking up at him when he was so close, and the gleam in his eye scared her a little even as it sent tingles through her body, so she closed her eyes. Then there was nothing but the sensation of his hands on her breasts, massaging, and she moaned a little louder.

Mike Troy let go of her left breast, trailing the fingers of her right hand across the swell of her mound, even as his left hand continued to squeeze and massage. He reached the top button of her blouse and started to undo them. Becky's breath caught, in fear and excitement as she realized that he was undressing her. She almost wanted to stop him, but his fingers brushing against the bare skin of her collarbone as he unbuttoned her top buttons made her knees go weak and she realized that she didn't want to stop him at all.

With her blouse half unbuttoned, he dipped his hands into her shirt and bra, pulling her breasts free of confinement as he continued to squeeze and stroke them. Becky thought she would die from the pleasure of his hands on her bare skin, a much more intense feeling than through the layers of clothing. She didn't even realize that she was now leaning back against the table, gripping it to keep her balance, legs spread and chest thrust out, the very picture of a desirous slut.

"These are nipples," Mr. Troy lectured, as he pinched the delicate buds, and Becky gasped as electric shocks seemed to travel through her, straight to her groin. Mr. Troy started to tug and twist gently, making her roll her hips and moan, all unknowingly, "They are used for feeding young, however when engaged in sexual activity they are also used to pleasure the female. While young suckle to gain nourishment, the nipples may also be suckled for enjoyment."

And to make his point, he leaned forward and pulled one rosy bud into his mouth, continuing to pinch and twist the other with his fingers. Becky's body jerked as his lips closed over her nipple, his tongue flicking against his as his teeth bit down gently. Her long sighing moan was accompanied by her hips thrusting forward, her body aching for more, until she couldn't even think anymore. She was an unfulfilled creature of sensation, desperately yearning for something she didn't recognize. Mike Troy rolled the nipple between his teeth, feeling the pulse of her body, the sexual heat rising from her. With her legs spread, she practically humped the air, pushing her chest into his face.

Pulling back he switched nipples, his mouth engulfing the other as his fingers played with the slickly wet one he'd just teased with his tongue. Becky's head fell back and shook back and forth, her breath coming in pants as he bit and sucked at her nipple, her fingers dug into the desk in frustration... she knew there was more but she didn't know what.

It took her a moment to realize that Mr. Troy was no longer sucking on her nipple, instead his fingers were sliding down her belly, her blouse now completely unbuttoned, as his lecture continued. He knelt down and slid his hand up her inner thigh, making her want to squeal as she gripped the desk for support.

With her skirt around her waist, he stood up, sliding his hand into her panties as the other continued to toy with her nipple.

"You can tell that a woman is ready to engaged in sexual activity by the secretions of her body, which lubricate the entry and allow for easy passage by the male. However, at this point, intercourse is not actually necessary for pleasure. There are other ways of enjoying sexual pleasure, such as manual masturbation."

And to prove his point, his fingers slid between the slick folds of her vagina, the heel of his palm pressing against her clit, and Becky let out a low keening sound as she shook with the effort of standing. Releasing her breast, Mr. Toy wrapped his arm around her, holding her up by her waist as his other hand started working between her legs. One finger slipped easily inside her body, followed by a second, and Becky gave a groan at the intrusion.

They felt so strange, but so right, her entire body was on fire, and she was holding onto her tutor, with her eyes half closed, as his fingers pushed in and out of her, in a steady rhythm. His breath was hot on her neck, as his palm pressed against her clit, rubbing while his fingers moved inside of her. A crescendo of fiery need bubbled from between her legs, up to her aching breasts, and out of her throat as her body tightened, she gripped his shoulders hard, clinging as sanity and conscious thought fled in the face of pulsing physical ecstasy.

Mr. Troy's arm was like a bar around her middle, holding her as wave after wave of pleasure ran rampant through her entire body, the kind of which she'd never experienced before. Her pussy locked down on his fingers, she shook with fluttering shocks of intense electricity, and it went on and on and on.

Finally Mr. Troy let his fingers slow, and Becky let out a low groan in her throat, sagging in his arm as he slid the digits from her body, wiping them on her soaking panties.

"And that is one way that sexual pleasure can be achieved," he said, as he helped her to her seat. Becky sat there dazed. Although his cock was aching in his pants, he knew now was not the time to press her further. Let her come to him. "I think that's all for today, I know you have a lot to assimilate. I'll see you on Wednesday."

Becky just stared blankly up at him as he smiled down at her, her body still heavy in the afterglow of the first orgasm of her life.

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