tagFirst TimeHomeschooled Ch. 02

Homeschooled Ch. 02


On Wednesday Becky didn't know what to expect. She nervously changed her clothes about 14 times before her lesson, finally settling on a button down shirt and a skirt that wasn't too short. Just above her knees. Feeling incredibly naughty, she decided not to put any panties on.

However, the beginning of her lesson was an extreme disappointment. Mr. Troy didn't refer to anything that had happened on Monday, in fact he didn't seem to even look at her in the same way. He just blandly lectured on and on about zygotes until she wanted to scream at him. All she could think about was the way his hands had felt on her breasts, the way his fingers had felt inside her, and she squirmed in her seat wishing that she'd worn panties because she could feel fluid on the very tops of her thighs and knew she was getting wet.

If she'd known the thoughts going through Mike Troy's head she probably would've felt much better, he was nowhere near as indifferent to the buxom young blonde as he was pretending. On the other hand, he wanted to make sure there was no way that she was going to tell her parents, and that meant that she had to be complicit in their trysts - he needed her to start this one.

"Any questions?" He asked, as they finished the chapter in her book.

Becky shook her head. He smiled at her, "Then go ahead and start the work on your workbook."

She ground her teeth as she bent her head to her work, wishing that he'd do something. It was as if Monday had never happened, and she wasn't learning anything interesting! Mr. Troy walked around behind her, looking over her shoulder as she worked. It wasn't the first time he'd done that, but it was certainly the first time she was so aware of him behind her, she could practically feel the heat from his body reverberating through her.

What she didn't know was that his position was also giving him a wonderful view of her cleavage, teasing himself almost as much as she felt she was.

Becky wanted him to put his hands on her shoulders and slide them down the front of her shirt and make her feel all the things that she'd felt on Monday. She wanted him to pull her from the chair and turn her around and kiss her passionately, to press his hand between her thighs and slide his fingers into the wetness that was making her squirm. And all he did was stand there! Looking over her shoulder at her schoolwork!

Finally she couldn't take it anymore. Setting her pencil down she looked up at him, direct and forward, "Actually, Mr. Troy, I do have a question."

"Yes Miss Herson?" he smiled down at her, his lips curving in a way that made her heart beat faster as she remembered them wrapped around her strawberry nipple.

"I'm not sure I understood all of the lesson at the end of Monday," she said, heat filling her cheeks as she blushed, "Especially when you said that manual masturbation was just one way that humans achieve sexual pleasure, does that mean there are other ways?"

Mr. Troy smiled at her, "Absolutely, there are many ways, but I'm really not sure this is appropriate for me to be teaching you."

"Please," she pleaded, the word falling from her lips, and then she blushed even harder to realize she was begging, but that didn't stop her, "I really want to learn everything you have to teach me."

He stepped back and Becky immediately stood, heat filling her cheeks and between her legs with excitement, her eyes glowed with anticipatory pleasure.

"Let's start with a review," He said. Without him even doing anything, Becky fumbled at the buttons to her blouse, Mike Troy smiled at the young woman's eagerness. This was even easier than any of his other conquests, there were sexual depths to Becky Herson that he very much looked forward to awakening. As she started to reach behind her back to undo her bra, shirt open to display the pale pink curves of fabric wrapped around her luscious breasts, Mike Troy stepped forward and she froze.

He gripped each breast in a hand, rubbing his thumb along the top edge, just barely touching her skin. Becky took a quick inhale, pushing her chest out at him, trying to feel more of his fingers against her skin. Quick as a whip, Mike Troy had his hands inside her bra and scooped her delectable breasts out, so that they were propped up on the bra. His hands caressing her bare breasts, rubbing against her nipples, made Becky feel like swooning, and she leaned back against the desk, head back as she panted with pleasure.

With her legs slightly spread, breasts held on perky display like her bra, blonde hair falling down her back, and her blouse hanging open she was an incredibly display of young sluttiness. Mike Troy couldn't believe his luck that she was a complete innocent, her reactions to everything he did made her a born whore. Cupping her breasts he leaned forward and licked at her nipples at Becky made soft mewling sounds, her ass rubbing against the table and she shuddered with pleasure.

Seductively he lowered one hand to the hem of her skirt and started the slide it up the inside of her thigh. He was absolutely shocked to find wetness before he was even within inches of her pussy... the little minx wasn't wearing panties! His cock surged in his pants, wanting to burrow into the downy wet softness between her legs, demanding to be satiated immediately. It was obvious that she wanted it, he thought she would probably open her entire body to him already, but he always thought it better to play safe than sorry.

Pinching her nipple he began to tease his fingers along her folds, Becky moaned and gyrated her hips with his movements, clutching harder at the desk to keep her upright as her weak knees threatened to crumble. She felt like she was on fire between her legs, sweet wet loveliness that allowed his fingers to slide all around her innermost parts. Mr. Troy slid two fingers inside of her, twisting her nipple at the same time, and she gasped and shuddered at the alternating waves of pain and pleasure that collided and mingled in her body, thrusting her hips and breasts forward with her need.

"There is manual manipulation for pleasure, when practiced on a female it is usually referred to as fingering," Mr. Troy's smooth voice seemed to coat the exposed parts of her body, as his fingers moved back and forth inside of her tightness, spreading her open while cooler air pressed against the heated folds of her vagina. She whimpered as his other hand switched breasts, rubbing and playing with her neglected nipple, further manipulating her body in heady rushes of sensation.

"And sometimes," Mike Troy continued, "Two parties will exchange pleasures." He slid his fingers back out of her pussy, and began to rub them along the outer rim of her labia, teasing her clit, "Would you like to exchange pleasure, Becky?"

Lost in her need, feeling herself close to the peak of her hot need, Becky nodded, she wanted to do anything! She felt keen disappointment as Mr. Troy stepped back, moving away from her body, and then a thrill of excitement as he started to undo his pants.

"Get on your knees, Miss Herson," he gently ordered her, as he pulled his throbbing cock from his pants. Her eyes were wide as she obeyed, locked onto her first example of a penis, "This is a penis," he said as he fisted it, slowly moving his hand up and down the length of it, "Also known as a dick or a cock. There are many euphemisms for it, but those will do for now."

He stepped forward so that his cock was in front of her face, the large hard looking hot, red and angry. Becky almost wanted to blow cool air onto it, just to see what would happen.

"See what I'm doing?" he asked her, "That's manual masturbation for a man, but a woman can do it as well for him. Go ahead, place your hand here and do just what I've been doing." Hesitantly Becky lifted her hand up and placed it on Mr. Troy's shaft, wrapping her hand around his cock. Her eyes got even wider as she began to move her fist up and down the length of flesh, it was so hard and yet so soft at the same time. It felt like iron under her hand, but the skin was smooth and soft, especially around the end of it.

Mr. Troy groaned a little and pumped his hips forward, and Becky felt a small surge of power rush through her. She was hot and bothered between her legs still, but maybe now she was making Mr. Troy feel that way too! Squeezing a little harder, she pumped a little faster, running her fingers all the way from the tip of his cock to the base and back up. Groaning he wrapped one of his hands in her hair, the other reaching down to squeeze and twist her nipples again. She whimpered at his finger's sharp pinch, much harder than he'd been doing before, but it felt good too, electricity running from her nipple to the center of her vagina.

Her own hand began to move faster, in time with his hips and the tugs he was giving her nipple, she looked up at him, watching mesmerized as he moaned and moved above her. She was doing to him exactly what he'd been doing to her! It was power and his fingers that fueled her lust now, knowing that she had such control over his body and how he felt, that she could do this to him.

For his part Mike Troy was a little surprised at how fast she'd gotten the basic idea, pleased with how good her hand felt as it moved up and down his shaft, and a little frustrated because he wanted to get off NOW and her inexperienced hand wasn't quite sending him over the edge.

Moving his hand off her breast, he gripped the hair at the very back of her head, right above her neck, tilting her head back as he whispered, "Open your mouth."

Shocked, Becky unthinkingly did as she was told, his hand grasped his cock below hers and pushed hers off of it, he started jerking off much faster and harder than she had been doing for him, the head of his cock pointed unerringly at her mouth. In that moment Becky realized that she had much less control over the situation than he did, her brief moment of power over him was an illusion. Now he held her head securely in place, her mouth was open for no reason other than he'd told her to, and her own hand was between her legs, rubbing her vagina in the same rhythm he was fisting his cock.

With a grunt, Mike Troy's hips jerked forward and he began to shoot ropey streams of cum on and between Becky's lips. She tried to jerk back in surprise, but his hand wrapped in her hair at the base of her neck held her tight in place as spurt after spurt of cum fell onto her tongue. Convulsively, she swallowed the sweetly bitter stuff, her mouth still wide until his grip on her hair loosened.

Looking down at the surprised and confused young blonde, kneeling in front of him, one hand pressed underneath her skirt, Mike Troy smiled and said "Very good."

Becky felt a rush of pleasure at his compliment, and a rush of tingling excitement when he said, "Now it's your turn."

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