Homesick For Mom Ch. 02


"You like, baby?" she asked him on occasion throughout the process. It was a minor torment, for him, but she knew that it would spike his arousal and increase the pleasure he felt when she finally triggered his release.

"God, you know I do, Mom!" he answered, nearly every time she asked. Other times, all he could manage was a deep groan.

"That's right," she cooed to him. "My baby just loves to feel his Momma's mouth on his hard, throbbing dick, doesn't he?"

On and on, she sucked, until at last she felt him swell and start to flood her mouth with his sweet sperm. When she had coaxed the last bit of his cum onto her tongue, she let him slip from her mouth so that she could open it and show him how filled it was with his seed. Then, slowly, she tilted her head upward and brought a finger up to direct his rapt attention to her neck, making sure that he saw every contraction of her throat as she let his seed slide home into her belly.

"God, I love the taste of your sperm, baby!" she told him as she slid her lithe form up along his torso, letting her nipples graze his flesh until her mouth was poised over his.

"Kiss me, baby?" she questioned him.

He knew that her lips and tongue were still coated with a thin remnant of his seed, but there was no way that he would refuse her request, not after the exquisite pleasure she had just given him. He raised his head, wrapped an arm around her, and drew her mouth to his. Their tongues intertwined, and he tasted himself on her, and it wasn't at all bad. He could certainly learn to live with that, in a hurry!

They lay there, for some minutes, kissing and hugging, their bodies rubbing gently against each other. After a time, though, Sue was ready for the next part of the 'present' she intended to give her son. Sitting up, she reached to her night table and slid a loose cigarette from the pack. As she brought it to her lips, she was surprised to find Eric's hand close by, with the lighter, waiting to offer her a light.

"Well, aren't you just the perfect gentleman, darling!" she smiled, then put the cigarette to her lips and drew on it as she lowered the tip into the flame. Inhaling the first puff, she levered her body upward and off of Eric's, then slid alongside him again until her face was just above his wilted cock. Drawing hard on the cigarette once more, she leaned her face downward and gently bathed the sagging phallus in a whorl of smoke. It stirred briefly, thickening as she thought it might, and so she repeated the process. A third time around brought his cock to life once more, and it began to stand up of its own accord.

"Aha," she giggled. "There's life in that monster, yet!"

Taking another drag, she inhaled the smoke and then inhaled his cock, deeper than she'd taken him at any time earlier in the day. Up and down she went, lower on him with each repetition, until she felt him hit the back of her throat and trigger her gag-reflex and his pubic hair tickled her nostrils.

"God, Mom," he whispered in amazement. "You took it all!"

"Every fucking inch of it, baby," she withdrew just long enough to get the words out. "I bet that's something that none of your girlfriends ever managed to do!"

She pulled another deep drag from her cigarette and engulfed his cock again, all the way to its root, her eyes not breaking contact with his as she slowly let the smoke out through her nostrils.

Her eyes held his, communicating with him wordlessly as she kept at it, working her lips and tongue on him until he was totally hard once more. Then, suddenly, she slowed eased up on him. Oh, she was still inhaling his cock all the way to the root, but she was doing it in slow-motion, now, taking her sweet time. It was almost as if she was trying to prolong this part of their foreplay. Could it be that she actually enjoyed sucking on him?

It didn't seem logical, really. The things he'd read, on various Internet sites, and the actions of the few girls he'd been with during his Freshman year, all pointed to the notion that women regarded cock-sucking as some sort of 'necessary evil' - a means to an end. They did it to get a guy hard again, for 'Round Two', or they did it as a quid-pro-quo in order to get their pussies licked. The six girls he'd been with, in the course of his Freshman year, had proved those notions correct. Or, rather, five of the six had done so. The sixth had been Jacqueline Jackman, whose parents had named her after a wealthy grandmother in an attempt to lock-in a big inheritance. He'd dated her for four months and, in all that time, she'd never once let his cock anywhere near her mouth, insisting on getting him ready with hand-jobs. Little wonder that she'd eventually earned the campus nick-name of 'Jackie Jack-me'!

One by one, then, he called up brief images of the other five, letting their faces briefly superimpose themselves over that of his mother as she continued her leisurely oral play. Only one of the five had really made any attempt to deep-throat him, and she'd failed on the first attempt and then given up. And not one of them had ever really looked at him, the way his mother did. They'd either closed their eyes or stared into his navel until his cock was hard enough for penetration, and then told him that it was time to fuck.

Susan? Man, what a difference! She stared into his eyes the entire time. Granted, she blinked occasionally, but that was just the body's normal reaction as it strove to keep the eye properly moist. Meanwhile, her eyes spoke volumes to him, telling him how very much she loved him and loved having him in her mouth. Her gaze made it abundantly clear to him that she was taking pleasure from having him there..

He groaned again, unable to contain himself against the sensations she was giving him, and then pulled herself away with a wistful smile -- as if to say that, though there were other pleasures to be had, now that he was fully hard, she was reluctant to part from the joy she got from sucking him.

"Now, baby," she told him, "I want you deep inside me. Are you ready for that?"

"I've been ready for that, all night, Mom," he informed her.

"Then, let's switch places again, and go for it!" she suggested.

Mother and son rolled over each other on the king-sized mattress, until Eric was hovering over her, the tip of his cock scant inches from the entrance to her pussy.

"Take it slowly, to start with, honey," she cautioned him as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and guided it to the moist opening of her long-unused pussy. "It's been a long time since I've had anything bigger than my fingers in there. I'll let you know when you can start to really move and thrust harder."

Eric inched forward, feeling the tip of his cock slowly become enveloped by his mother's pussy, the place where he'd longed to put it for the last several years, and the sensation was beyond description. Thanks to a year away at college, he was no stranger to the pleasure of coupling with a woman, yet none of the women he'd been with had ever felt like the one he was with now. None of them had been this hot, or this tight, or this wet. He wanted to tell her so, because he knew that -- at her age, and with her already having given birth to a child -- it would be a huge compliment. Still, he was enough the proper young son that he was somewhat afraid to hint to her that he was 'experienced'.

"You feel better than I imagined you would, Mom," he murmured into her ear as the last of him sank into her. "God, you're so tight and hot, and wet!"

"You mean, Mom's pussy is actually tighter and hotter and juicier than all those sweet young pussies you had, while you were at college?" she murmured back, a light chuckle in her voice.

"Mom, I -- er, uh -- "

"Relax, baby," she giggled, gently pushing his face away from her enough so that he could see that she was only amused. "I know you've had other lovers. Nobody learns to eat pussy as well as you just ate mine, without a lot of practice. I'm just happy to get the benefit of what you learned."

"I'm glad, Mom," he smiled at her. "And, thanks for not getting upset."

'Why should I be upset, baby?" she laughed at his confusion. "Whoever those girls were, they obviously taught you well, and I get to reap the benefits. If they taught you as much about fucking a pussy as they did about eating one, I'm going to be one very pleased woman in another couple minutes, aren't I?"

"I hope so," he told her.

"I will be, baby," she smiled and pulled him close for a kiss. "My son is about to fuck me. How could I not be pleased?"

"That sounds good enough for me," Eric agreed, gently allowing his weight to rest on her body for a moment.

"So, are you going to fuck me, or what, darling?" she prodded him.

"Of course, Mom," he nodded, sighing. "It's just that, even though I've been with other girls, and you've at least been with Dad - "

"And a couple others, too, baby," she confessed.

"Well, this is my first time, with you, Mom. It's only ever going to happen once, and I want to remember it forever. I'm also hoping that I can make it live up to whatever sort of expectations you've had..."

"It... will..., honey," she told him, punctuating her words with soft wet kisses. "My strong, handsome son is about to make love to me, about to fuck my brains out. It will be everything I've hoped for, everything I've fantasized about. Even if we make love to each other another million times, this night will always be special, and it will be the one I remember most of all."

She looked up at him, silent for a moment, and then...

"Eric, darling?"

"Yes, Mom?"

"My pussy's had time to get used to being stretched by your monster cock. Why don't you start fucking me with it?"

"My pleasure, Mom," he said, and began slowly stroking his length within her.

"No, baby," she corrected him. "It will be OUR pleasure."

Gradually, Eric began to pick up speed in his stroking, watching in awe as the look of pleasure stole across his mother's face and drove all other emotions far away from her. It wasn't very long before she was moaning and writhing beneath him, her heels digging into the cheeks of his ass as she tried to meet his body halfway with every stroke.

"Harder, baby! Fuck me harder! Pound it into me!" she begged and goaded him, and he obliged her.

"Yeah, baby," she groaned. "That's it! Pound your mother's pussy! It was made to be fucked hard! Fuck it harder -- it won't break!"

Though Eric had been fortunate enough to have a few lovers in his year at college, none of them had been at all fond of swallowing cum, and so he had never before been placed in a situation like the one he found himself in, now. Because he had just cum in his mother's mouth, he was nowhere near ready to cum again. He'd never lasted this long, in a woman, before, and the knowledge thrilled him. He picked up his pace, hitting a sort of rhythmic 'stride' and began to pound his mother's pussy in earnest, feeling the tip of his cock touch his mother's cervix at the bottom-end of every stoke.

Every time he hit that sweet spot, Sue would jerk and shiver beneath him. Her face was a mask of sheer ecstasy, something that he'd never seen on any of the other women he'd been to bed with. That knowledge only goaded him to fuck her faster and harder.

"Oh, yes, Eric!" she moaned. "Fuck me with that magnificent cock of yours! Fill me up and make me cum all over it, baby! I can't believe how good you're making me feel!"

He risked a second to glance at the digital alarm clock on his mother's night-table, and was astonished to find that they'd been fucking for fully half an hour. He'd never lasted even ten minutes, before! Now, though, he could feel the waves of sensation building within him, warning him of his impending orgasm.

"Cum for me, Mom!" he commanded her, his voice harsh and ragged from panting. "I want to feel you cumming for me!"

"Oh, god, baby!" she moaned, opening her eyes and looking up at him. "You got me, already! I've been cumming and cumming for you, for awhile, now. Can't you feel it?"

He opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say, and so she wrapped her arms and legs around him, dragging him tightly to her so that his movement ceased.

"Feel it, baby," she begged him. "Feel me cum for you!"

He could feel it, now that his own movement had stopped -- the clutching and throbbing as the walls of her vagina alternately clamped and loosened around his cock.

She held him close, but angled her face so that she could look into his as she explained it to him.

"That's... what it feels like... when a woman... cums all over your cock, baby!" she told him. You made me cum for you, and keep on cumming. Now, fuck me hard, again, and let me feel you fill me with your sperm, before it fades!"

Eager to please her, he immediately began hammering away at her pussy, and the sudden surge re-ignited Sue's orgasm, taking her to a peak even higher than before. In the midst of it all, she felt Eric's cock begin to swell and throb, signaling that his own orgasm was at hand.

"Yes, baby! Yes! That's it!" she urged him, reaching up with both hands to caress his face and wipe away the huge droplets of sweat that clung to his forehead and the tip of his nose. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me and fill me with your seed, and make me yours forever, darling!"

The sound of her voice, the words she chose, and the look on her face all conspired to send him over the edge, and his cock erupted deep inside her. He screamed as he came, and so did she, as she felt the first blast of his sperm hit her cervix. She clutched at him and held him close as his pounding grew less, until they were just holding each other tightly. The last spurts of his orgasm came and went, and he collapsed on top of her, exhausted.

"Oh, god, baby," she groaned some minutes later, when sense and sensibility began to return to both of them. "No man has ever fucked me like that!"

"Does that mean you'll keep me?" Eric asked, jokingly.

"You bet your life it does, baby," she smiled at him. "You're mine, now, and I'm never going to let you get away from me!"

They stayed there in silence, just holding each other as the reality of what they'd done began to fully sink in -- and as a bit of strength returned to their exhausted bodies. After awhile, they rolled apart and Sue reached toward the night-table for her cigarettes.

"Mmm," she sighed blissfully, venting the first exhale through her nose as she rolled slightly to face her son. "The two best cigarettes of all are the one after an excellent meal and the one after you've just had the living daylights fucked out of you!"

"I wouldn't know," Eric smiled back at her.

A devious expression crept across Sue's face, and she inched closer to him.

"Wanna find out?" she asked mischievously.


"Baby, if you're man enough to fuck your mother into the middle of next week, you're man enough to share a cigarette with her, afterward. Now, breathe out through your nose when I lean toward you, and then in through your mouth when our lips touch."

She took a long drag, inhaled, and leaned toward her son, feeling the breath slip out of his nostrils. When their lips touched, she opened her mouth and gently flooded his lungs with her smoke. Then she pulled away from him enough to watch with amusement as he exhaled and saw the cloud of smoke leave his lips.

"Well?" she asked him.

"Different," he told her, cocking his head to one side. "Kind of cool, but it's just a first impression..."

"Wanna try again?" she giggled, not at all surprised to see him nod in response. She took another drag and repeated the process.

"One more time?" he asked her when he'd finished his exhale. His response to this bit of kinky play intrigued him, since he basically considered himself to be a non-smoker. He'd tried smoking, a few times, back in his high school days. It hadn't done anything for him, so he never made a habit of it. These 'smoky kisses' that his mom was feeding him though, were something entirely different. A guy could get 'addicted' to something like this.

She repeated the move yet again, this time noticing that his cock was stirring rapidly back to life.

"A-ha!" she crowed, tapping the head of his thickening cock with a fingertip. "You like Mom's smoky kisses, don't you, baby?"

"More like 'love', Mom," Eric admitted with a wry grin. "You can kiss me like that whenever you want!"

"Like now, baby?" she chided.

"Like anytime, Mom," he grinned again.

She gave him another smoke-filled kiss, and then pointed to his rampant cock.

"Whatever will we do, with this thing?" she asked him. "I don't think I have the strength to withstand another fucking like the last one -- at least, not until morning."

"Then, I don't know," he shrugged. "I guess if we leave it alone, it could go away on its own?"

"A hard cock is good to find, baby," she told him. "When you find one, you can't let it go to waste, because you never know when the next one may come along."

"Well, it's all because of those kisses, Mom," he shrugged. "There was a song on one of Dad's old record albums -- something about a kiss to build a dream on? Those kisses of yours are the kind a guy could build a wet-dream on!"

"No more wet dreams for you, honey," she shook a finger at him. "I plan on keeping you drained enough that your sperm never reaches that large a back-log!"

"Mmm," Eric murmured. "Sounds like an excellent plan, to me, Mom!"

"Still, that leaves us with the problem of this nice hard cock," she mused. "Well, I do usually get a drink of something, before heading to bed..."

With that, she slid down between his legs and took him into her mouth, sucking him until he coated her tongue with his seed for the third time in a day.

"I love the taste, baby," she informed him. "I'll do that whenever you want me to!"

Eric sat up and stretched, then slid to the opposite side of the bed and put his feet to the floor.

"Where are you going?" she asked him.

"I figured I'd hit the bathroom and clean up a little, then head for bed," he replied.

"You can go to the bathroom," she nodded, "but then you come right back here. You're sleeping with me, tonight, darling!"

"I am?" he asked facetiously.

"Yes, you are," she answered. "Tonight, and every night from now on."

As she watched the smile light up her son's face, she rose and left the bed as well.

Fifteen minutes later, she extinguished her last cigarette of the day, turned off the lamp on the bed-side table, and rolled over to cuddle into Eric's enfolding arms. Less than five minutes after that, they had both drifted into a blissful sleep.


Susan awoke the next morning as the patch of sunlight streaming through the window gradually moved across the bed and fell on her face. She laid there, eyes still closed, recalling the dream she'd been having, one of making love to a strong, handsome, virile young man. The transition from sleep to wakefulness continued, and she began to sense the presence of someone else in bed, next to her. Rolling slowly to her side, she opened her eyes and saw the face of her son, Eric. As her gaze slid down along his body, she realized that he -- as she -- was totally naked. His arm was casually draped across her chest, a hand lightly cupping one breast.

"Oh, my God!" she whispered, then, as the events of Monday came streaming into her consciousness in a burst-transmission from the back of her brain. "It was all real! I made love with my son!"

It was summer, and so the morning light was warm, not cold, but it was no less sobering as she watched the memory spool out in her mind's eye, replaying everything the two of them had done with, and to, each other.

"What have I done?" she murmured, suddenly stricken with terror.

Slowly, carefully, she slipped out from under his arm and slid gently from the bed, trying not to awaken Eric. Blessedly, the hinges on the closet door were well-oiled and did not squeak as she reached for the light silken robe that hung on a hook inside. Donning it, she tucked her cigarettes and lighter into her pocket, picked up the ashtray and the empty wine glass, and padded quietly out of the bedroom, pulling the door closed behind her.

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