tagErotic PoetryHoney Delight

Honey Delight


Pleasant dreams awake me,
in feverish jolts
silent promises
of endless nights,
the flow of my seed
astonishes me
it appears to have
a life all its own

Who makes me shiver
in this burning fire?
who comes to me
unnerving my soul?
she's my longing,
all my desire,
fantasy riding,
a wild dark horse

Passion inspired,
compells me to explode,
I just cannot take it,
some nights it's so strong...
beautiful baby,
sweet child of my heart,
you reign in my pillow,
I wish you were mine...

Past chagrins are buried
who cares? now they're gone...
this day I just cherish
each word from her lips

When she talks to me
no clouds in my dreams
will darken the sky
oh sweet fantasy!!

Bejeweled bare skin
no need of a garment
you shine in your beauty
flesh tender and warm

This is overwhelming!!
I need be relieved...
please, darling, I beg you:
be mine, I need thee!

... In the afterglow of midnight
she comes softly to me,
I embrace her lovingly,
we're attuned, that I see!
... same sweet melody...

No wonder I've fallen ...
I long for her loving...

Her kiss of ambrosia
is paradise taste
her tongue, lips, saliva,
all conspire in her spell:
What a kiss of vertigo!!
no contest: It's swell!

I worship her body's
every single curve,
I murmur lover's things
softly in her ear

While kissing her belly
she archs in advance
her hips lose control
when my tongue
draws a line

A bold kiss below
pretends to seduce
the humid spot
where her essence does lay

No mercy, my dear,
the fortress I want,
your pearl is defenseless
I reach and devour...

... caressing your legs
I enjoy your scent...

Exquisite amber cradle
my Honey Delight
you blush in surrender
hush, baby, no fear...
I'm feeding my hunger
pink lips seek for me
like flower in blossom
your secret is here...

I wish my dream
into a real fairy
each page a joy story
for our blood to hear,
your hand holding mine
forever no tear

A magic our own
a lover's true pact
one realm beyond
everything we act...

Other dream I have
I'm affraid I'm in love...
I wish you'll become
my bride beloved...
my Honey Delight...

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